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2021 Elections
2021 Elections

2021 Elections

GOP candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin won a solid victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday, winning 50% to 48%. It would have been an even larger landslide were it not for persistent mail-in voter fraud in this state, which diminished Youngkin’s margin of victory—the same massive fraud that robbed Donald Trump of his win there in 2020. The media is using the GOP win to say it proves that the election was fair, but that’s not true at all.

Partisan mainstream media personalities were having a meltdown on Tuesday evening as the results trickled in. Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow were in shock, and very depressed.

Republicans won all three competitive Virginia races on Tuesday, with Winsome Sears winning the lieutenant governor contest and Jason Miyares securing the Attorney General spot. Women in the suburbs went for Youngkin in larger numbers than for Trump in 2020, and support for Democrats dropped in blue strongholds in the big cities where the attack on parents protesting at left-leaning school boards drove them to the GOP.

The mainstream media intensely followed this off-year election in Virginia as a potential harbinger of what may happen in the mid-term elections of 2022, which will certainly be a referendum on the radical Biden policies. The Democrats only hold small margins in the House and Senate and they could possibly lose those majorities if the backlash going forward is strong enough to overcome the fraud. It wasn’t enough in New Jersey where Democrats hold a much more commanding lead. Voter fraud there made sure that Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy eked out a narrow reelection victory against Jack Ciattarelli.

In Virginia, Youngkin played a smart campaign, sticking to the issues that mattered most to Virginians: inflation, high gas prices, vaccine mandates, abortion, shortages, and critical race theories in public schools. He played to the Trump supporters but didn’t openly court Trump’s support. He declined to have Trump come to Virginia to campaign for him. He professes to be a Christian but promised not to obstruct or overturn any of the laws protecting gay marriage, or abortion, but will support a proposal to protect girls sports from transgenders.

In contrast McAuliffe, like Biden in 2020, was so confident in winning due to Democrat control of the election machinery that he even put out ads encouraging people to “vote in your free and fair election.” Why would that even be necessary to say if it were really free?

McAuliffe even doubled down on excluding parents from their children’s education. He agreed with AG Merrick Garland’s demand that the FBI investigate concerned parents protesting Critical Race Theory (CRT) at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, which didn’t go over well with most parents. He even walked away from a televised interview because he didn’t like the questions, acting like he had the contest all sewed up and didn’t have to tolerate opposition. The Federalist added this:

So if the McAuliffe campaign feels nervous, it’s likely only over the slight possibility of not generating enough fraud. First, make sure enough leftist operatives (like that guy in Fairfax County) are taking care of the business of generating unverifiable fraud. Second, keep propping up the illusion of “free and fair.”

Maybe that’s how you get a dog-and-pony show with Stacey Abrams stumping for McAuliffe by warning against voter suppression. Maybe that’s the point of Vice President Kamala Harris’s video to 300 black churches during Sunday morning services to get out the vote for McAuliffe. The in-your-face illegality of Harris’s “Souls to the Polls” action adds to the hubris.

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In Virginia, Youngkin sensed that there was a groundswell of backlash against the Democrats and worked to make sure the steal of the election was reduced by having some 100 lawyers working all over the state to help keep fraud in check. But there’s only so much poll watchers and lawyers can do. Here is a run-down of some of the fraud observed:

A persistent type of mail-in ballot fraud is where Democratic operatives use voter mailing lists from the state to falsify requests for mail-in ballots for Republican voters and then fill them out for the DemocratThis happened to several Republicans on election day as they were not allowed to vote because records showed they had supposedly already voted by mail-in ballot.

In the 2020 election I covered a very important story about how mail-in ballots that are normally all processed through the postal system get shuffled and combined so there should be a constant percentage of Biden to Trump votes, regardless of where they were mailed.

In every one of the states that stopped counting in the early morning hours, the tally of ballots opened during that period show a marked change in the ratio, showing a huge boost for Biden. This is not possible with ballots coming through the postal system unless someone is dumping illegal ballots into the mix—which is what happened.

Virginia was one of those states which showed a 10% increase in Biden mail-in ballots during the night. I never understood why Virginia was never considered a disputed state, when it clearly was. It’s no wonder that Trump is saying the results in this Virginia election prove there was massive fraud in 2020, which showed Trump way ahead before they stopped counting for the night–as in Georgia, Pennsylvania and every other jurisdiction which closed down for the night.

Perhaps the sole embarrassment for Democrats in Blue NJ is that a Republican truck driver who spent just $153 on his campaign and ran for office after he was denied a gun permit secured a stunning victory against the longest-serving NJ Senator leader. But not so fast. This powerful NJ senate president is refusing to concede and claims “new ballots” have suddenly appeared in the race. Can anyone smell fraud?

Voter fraud is legendary in NJ, as the Conservative Partnership Institute writes,

New Jersey has a long history of criminal convictions for vote-buying and absentee ballot fraud by Democrats. It blocks voter ID, allows ballot trafficking and ignores signature matching laws on mailed ballots. It is easy to wonder what the margins and the winner would be absent ingrained, institutional fraud.

Project Veritas was busy documenting how NJ poll workers allowed a non-citizen to vote:

In the video released tonight on Instagram, a poll worker is seen telling a man who identifies himself as a non-resident and non-citizen that he can fill out a ballot and cast a vote in the election. The poll worker is then seen handing the man, presumably a Project Veritas reporter, a ballot.

There was even a visible piece of vote flipping caught on screen as Youngkin was even winning in blue Bergin County, NJ and then it was reversed.

The Democrat Response

Like all good socialists, when socialism fails they always blame it on “not enough socialism.” In like manner Democratic leaders are not admitting that voters are rejecting their radical agenda, but that it was because Democrats failed to pass their bloated legislation totaling nearly $5T in new spending, as the AP put out:

Democrats controlling government need to produce results voters can feel. “People want us to get things done,” President Joe Biden told reporters at the White House.

Biden said he was pushing Democrats to end their months long gridlock over the two pillars of his domestic agenda — a 10-year, $1.75 trillion package of social and environment initiatives and a $1 trillion collection of roadway and other infrastructure projects. House progressives have blocked the infrastructure measure, which passed the Senate in August with bipartisan support, in an attempt to force party moderates to back the larger measure.

Biden had intended that the House would have approved the infrastructure measure before Election Day, but the price tag is too high and the list of spending too radical. But even though it is claimed that,

Three-quarters of Virginia voters said the negotiations over Biden’s agenda were an important factor in their vote. Those voters were more likely to back Youngkin, according to AP VoteCast, a survey of the state’s voters.

I think that’s typical of skewed polling. If you put this kind of question before voters, they are likely to respond to it, but they don’t really think it is more important than inflation and gas prices which are impacting people’s pocketbooks right now. VA representative Connolly (D) said, “Had we passed the infrastructure bill last week, it would have given us some fuel for the narrative in the closing days of the campaign that I think would have helped.”

I don’t think so. The only ones that view this massive spending as beneficial to the country are those already on the benefit-laden government gravy train. Republicans who understand where all this inflation is coming from (government stimulus checks and spending) are against it.

Summary comments: The contrast between the results in Virginia and NJ indicates that vote fraud can swing votes at least 10%, which wasn’t enough in Virginia but it was, barely, in heavily blue NJ. Because the backlash against the Biden agenda will only increase as it is implemented, Democrats and the Deep State will have to resort to increased and less obvious computer fraud in the coming mid-term election to keep conservatives from regaining the majorities in congress.

Lastly, I don’t trust Youngkin to be a strong conservative. First, he’s a member of the globalist CFR, and Second he was a co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, which is part of the Deep State, running many secret operations for government and mercenaries. He’s also pandering to the LGBTQ movement as noted in this tweet from 2019:

Once again, we are proud to have achieved a perfect score on the @HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. We know there is much work to be done and look forward to continuing the progress for our LGBTQ colleagues.” – Carlyle Co-CEOs, Kewsong Lee & Glenn Youngkin

Source: World Affairs Brief November 5, 2021 (Subscribe for only $48/Yr)

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