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Actress Brittany Murphy, Set to Testify on the DHS Harassment of Whistleblower Julia Davis, is Found Dead
Actress Brittany Murphy, Set to Testify on the DHS Harassment of Whistleblower Julia Davis, is Found Dead

Actress Brittany Murphy, Set to Testify on the DHS Harassment of Whistleblower Julia Davis, is Found Dead

Actress Brittany Murphy and Julia Davis were friends. Brittany Murphy was a witness in Julia Davis’ litigation against the Department of Homeland Security in response to the DHS harassment and attempts to discredit Julia Davis. Brittany Murphy was very supportive of Davis and Brittany Murphy being a famous celebrity made this a big deal.

After Brittany Murphy’s support of Julia Davis became legal and public the DHS started targeting Brittany and her Husband. The couple claimed they too were subjected to wiretaps and visual surveillance. People wrote them off as being paranoid or eccentric famous/wealthy people out of touch with reality.

On December 20, 2009 Brittany Murphy was pronounced dead:

At 08:00 (16:00 GMT) on December 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to “a medical request” at the Los Angeles home Murphy and Monjack shared. She had apparently collapsed in a bathroom. Firefighters attempted to resuscitate Murphy on the scene. She was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:04 after going into cardiac arrest.

Shortly after her death, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press: “It appears to be natural.” An autopsy was performed the day after she died. Her death certificate listed the cause of death as “deferred”. On February 4, 2010, the Los Angeles County coroner stated that the primary cause of Murphy’s death was pneumonia, with secondary factors of iron-deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication.


…and only 5 months later her husband, Simon Monjack, was also found dead from similar circumstances:

On May 23, 2010, her widower Simon Monjack was found dead at the same Hollywood Hills residence. In July 2010, Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter stated that the cause of his death was acute pneumonia and severe anemia. It was reported that the Los Angeles County Department of Health had considered toxic mold in their house as a possible cause of the deaths, but this was dismissed by Ed Winter, who stated that there were “no indicators” that mold was a factor. Murphy’s mother Sharon described the reports of mold contributing to the deaths as “absurd” and went on to state that inspecting the home for mold was never requested by the Health Department. In December 2011, Sharon Murphy changed her stance, announcing that toxic mold was indeed what killed her daughter and son-in-law.

So Brittany’s mother originally called the idea of mold being a cause of her daughter’s death “absurd”, but then the next year changed her stance, and going so far as to say ‘that toxic mold was what killed her daughter’ That’s somewhat suspicious. What’s even more suspicious is the thought of that house having mold. It was a huge $3.85 Million dollar home and only 13 years old. A home that Brittany Murphy purchased from Brittany Spears.

Brittany’s Father Angelo Bertolotti also found the death of his daughter and son-in-law suspicious. He “claimed that the tragic ‘Clueless’ actress was poisoned to death by after offering her celebrity backing to a whistleblower fighting the government,” according to the Daily Mail. Brittany’s father campaigned to have a separate toxicology test conducted on the star and the new report found rat poison may have caused the shock death – in stark contrast to the official coroner’s report that concluded it was natural causes.

In a report for Examiner.com, Ms Davis wrote that scientists at independent Carlson Company laboratories found ten heavy metals in Brittany’s system which were several times higher than World Health Organization high levels at the time of her death. Heavy metals are found in most rodenticides and insecticides meaning the actress could have been slipped rat poisoning or bug killer. At the time of her death, Brittany displayed all the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning including: headaches, dizziness, abdominal cramps, coughing, sweating, disorientation, wheezing, congestion and pneumonia. Mr Monjack, Brittany’s husband, also exhibited similar symptoms before his death, leading some to believe he too was poisoned.

Julia Davis debunks the many lies about Brittany Murphy on her website:

Brittany Murphy’s death continues to be the topic of rumor, innuendo and outright fabrications, even years after her untimely demise. Let’s examine some of the most outrageous lies surrounding this ongoing saga.

The Daily Mail claimed: Brittany Murphy “was addicted to prescription drugs and was in a sedated state,” “the combination of drugs in Miss Murphy’s system might have contributed to her death.”

In reality, Brittany Murphy’s autopsy revealed that prescription medications were present in her body in therapeutic and sub-therapeutic levels and did not contribute to her death, as Coroner Craig Harvey admitted in THIS INTERVIEW.

If Brittany Murphy was in fact a deeply sedated drug addict, blood analysis would have shown high levels of medications/narcotics in her blood. That was clearly not the case. Brittany Murphy’s autopsy reflects that she had “no history of alcohol or drug abuse.”

The Huffington Post speculated that Brittany Murphy had an “eating disorder” and opined that her “scarily low weight” contributed to her “fatal heart attack.”

In reality, Brittany Murphy’s autopsy described her body as “well-developed, normally muscular and slim but not excessively thin.” She did not die of a heart attack, nor did she pass away because of anorexia or bulimia.

Embarrassingly bad unauthorized Lifetime biopic about Brittany Murphy misrepresented numerous facts. For example, it claimed that Brittany contracted pneumonia during her Puerto Rico trip. To the contrary, Brittany traveled to Puerto Rico 6 weeks prior to her death and did not get sick on the trip. Only Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, and her husband Simon Monjack got sick during that trip.

The Daily Mail claimed: “Murphy was so frightened of the paparazzi outside her home she had turned into a social recluse and was reluctant to receive medical help when she first started having trouble breathing.”

This claim is patently false. Brittany Murphy never refused medical treatment. In fact, she made an appointment with her doctor, but died one day before the scheduled visit. Furthermore, Brittany Murphy was never “frightened of the paparazzi,” in fact “she thought of the tabloids and paparazzi as a family member, a weird cousin.” Brittany was also extremely friendly and receptive towards her fans.

Brittany Murphy’s and Simon Monjack’s legitimate fears had absolutely nothing to do with fans or paparazzi.

The Daily Mail claimed: Brittany Murphy “turned into a social recluse.” Brittany had given her last interview shortly before her death, did not shy away from anyone and certainly did not appear “sedated.”

The Daily Mail claimed: “there is evidence the poor condition of her home” – “a place of unhealthiness,”“poor housing conditions like that is likely to have had a debilitating effect and contributed to her infection and death,” “she was apparently living in appalling conditions.”

To substantiate these lame claims, The Daily Mail used blurry photos of Brittany’s bathroom, where various beauty products were displayed in plain sight. The photos were taken 4 months after Brittany’s death and aren’t sufficient to conclusively determine how the bathroom looked when Brittany was alive.

In reality, Brittany Murphy did not live in squalor, or in “appalling conditions” that could cause her to get infections and die. It’s worth mentioning that Sharon Murphy (Brittany Murphy’s mother) is a two-time cancer survivor. Sharon did not get any infections from the allegedly “dirty” house, where she continued to live for quite some time after Brittany and Simon died months apart.

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack lived in a multi-million dollar mansion she bought from Britney Spears.

Brittany loved trying out different beauty products, but having too much shampoo or make-up doesn’t equate to “the poor condition of her home” that could cause two healthy young people to die within months of each other.

Contrary to the false allegation that Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack were living in appalling conditions, County of Los Angeles, Department of Coroner Investigator’s Narrative states: “The home is nicely kept.”

Best Daily went an extra mile and falsely claimed that Brittany Murphy “boarded up” her windows. This claim is patently untrue.

The Daily Mail claimed the presence of “fungi in the mould growing on her walls and poorly ventilated rooms.” The house was inspected not long prior to Brittany Murphy’s death and no mold was found. In fact, The Daily Mail previously reported that the house was inspected and found not to have a mold problem.

Other media publications also reported that a professional inspection found no sign of mold in the house.

The Daily Mirror posted a video, entitled “Brittany Murphy hoarder exposed,” wherein Linda Monjack described the state of the house she witnessed upon arriving to the U.S. for her son’s (Simon Monjack) funeral. The racks of clothes she described and Radar Online videotaped were placed in various rooms after Brittany’s death. Sharon Murphy (Brittany’s mother) gathered up Brittany’s belongings to be placed in storage.

Sharon Murphy subsequently had Brittany Murphy’s clothes, personalized jewelry, used underwear, swimwear, passport, her first SAG card, personal correspondence, shoes, watches and other items auctioned off. Some used items that were auctioned off included photographs to prove that Brittany Murphy actually wore those particular garments. Sharon Murphy was able to sell all of Brittany Murphy’s belongings, as the sole beneficiary of her daughter’s will, which specifically excluded Simon Monjack.

Sharon Murphy is also the sole beneficiary of Brittany’s film/TV royalties and the Screen Actors Guild Health and Pension benefits. During press interviews, Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack claimed that Simon purchased Brittany’s clothes, luxury items and even her home.

In reality, Brittany’s bank account was being actively pillaged, repeatedly going into overdraft by thousands of dollars. Brittany Murphy openly admitted that she never learned to drive or balance her own checkbook. It was well known that Brittany’s bank accounts were managed exclusively by Sharon Murphy.

Just as Brittany Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti repeatedly reiterated, means, motive, and opportunity lead directly to Sharon Murphy. The Daily Mail claimed: Brittany Murphy exhibited “paranoid fear she was being watched.” In fact, there was nothing paranoid about Brittany Murphy’s and Simon Monjack’s fears, as they were in fact under surveillance. After Brittany was named as a witness in a whistleblowing case involving the Department of Homeland Security, the couple was subjected to extensive surveillance.

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack recounted ongoing surveillance to The Hollywood Reporter.  The DHS arrested and attempted to deport Simon Monjack.  The Department of Homeland Security was also in process of initiating a prosecution of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack for alleged “marriage fraud” (the same bogus charge the DHS unsuccessfully pursued in the related whistleblower case).

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack were not paranoid, but factually correct in asserting they were subjected to wiretaps and aerial surveillance. In fact, in the whistleblower case where Brittany Murphy was set to testify, the Department of Homeland Security admitted to aerial, land and vehicular surveillance, wiretaps and OnStar intercepts. One of the DHS agents involved in the whistleblower case in question describes aerial surveillance utilized by the agency in this video:

The Hollywood Life falsely claimed that the author of this blog accused the U.S. government of poisoning Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack.

In fact, the interview (contained within the article) does not contain any such allegations. To the contrary, it states: “We believe that she was poisoned by somebody,” Julia told us. “We’re not pointing figures at who but we would like investigators to look into. We’ve submitted formal demands to reopen the case.”

Best Daily falsely claimed: “Julia and Brittany’s dad Andrew believe she was poisoned by Homeland Security.” Brittany’s father’s name is Angelo (AJ), not “Andrew” and no such “beliefs” that Brittany was poisoned by the government were ever publicly stated. These outrageous fabrications continue to be introduced by the media in an attempt to discredit the ongoing quest to determine the true cause of death for Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, by writing off legitimate concerns as crazy conspiracy theories.

Channel 5 (an ICTV production) did a hatchet job with its show, “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Brittany Murphy.” Without revealing any new information, they dragged Brittany Murphy’s name through the mud. Channel 5 rehashed old rumors, which have long been dispelled, and presented them as a sensational news story. This so-called “documentary” took an old autopsy and had it “analyzed” by the same pathologist whose performance in covering up homicides was already brought into question.

Dr. Richard Shepherd claimed that murdered spy Gareth Williams may have zipped himself into a bag that was padlocked on the outside.  Other experts disagreed. In fact, all 400 attempts to do so have been futile. Shepherd was involved in the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, claiming their deaths were caused by being terrified of the paparazzi. Shepherd provided hotly contested input with regard to the alleged suicide of Dr. David Kelly C.M.G., who was also conveniently labeled a “recluse.” It’s hard not to notice parallels with the accusations leveled at Brittany Murphy by Dr. Shepherd.

Shortly after Dr. Kelly faced the spotlight with respect to the British government’s dossier on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he was found dead. Shepherd claimed it was a suicide, when other prominent experts disagreed. Evidence related to Dr. Kelly’s death, including the post-mortem report and photographs of the body, will remain classified for 70 years.

Whenever there is a high profile death that requires a clean-up, Dr. Richard Shepherd seems to act as such a “cleaner.” He attempted to do the same to Brittany, claiming that she was addicted to drugs and lived in squalor. Dr. Shepherd apparently has a habit of blaming the victims for their own deaths.

For example, Shepherd claimed that while anemia is common in heavy metal poisoning, Brittany Murphy’s severe anemia was caused, instead, by her heavy periods. At the same time, he failed to explain why Simon was also severely anemic. Dr. Richard Shepherd additionally claimed that the “cocktail” of medications contributed to the demise of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, while failing to mention that medications were detected at therapeutic or subtherapeutic levels and most likely did not contribute to these untimely deaths.

Another important detail that was never mentioned by Dr. Richard Shepherd is that Simon Monjack was dead for approximately five (5) hours, before Sharon Murphy called 911. In fact, Simon’s mother repeatedly pleaded with Sharon Murphy to take him to the hospital or to call 911, as she could tell he was dangerously ill. Instead, Sharon reportedly told Simon she was calling for an ambulance, but instead dialed Simon’s own telephone number and handed him the phone. Simon’s voice can be heard on tape, saying “I need to go to the hospital.” Sharon Murphy’s voice directs Simon, “Tell them you have a … fever.”

Sharon later claimed that Simon refused to go to the hospital. She told the Coroner’s Office of sitting on the bed with Simon, “wiping the stream of brown fluid that continued emitting from his mouth,” but did not call 911 until hours after he died. Similarly, Brittany Murphy told her mother, Sharon Murphy: “Mommy, I’m dying” at least an hour before her mother finally called 911. Sharon Murphy was vehemently opposing an autopsy for her deceased daughter for reasons she was unable to articulate.

In an apparent bid to prevent Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, from demanding a thorough autopsy, Sharon Murphy falsely claimed that he is not her [Brittany’s] real father. Roger Neal, Sharon’s previous PR representative, initially claimed that according to Sharon, Brittany’s real father is deceased. Neal later stated that, according to Sharon, the real father was actually alive. Neal subsequently proceeded to allege that, according to Sharon, blood tests have shown that Angelo Bertolotti is not Brittany’s father.

Sharon made the same misrepresentations on Brittany’s death certificate, listing her father’s name as “Unknown.” This willful and deliberate falsehood was refuted by Mr. Bertolotti in court, who was able to successfully prove his paternity and obtained an order to have the death certificate amended accordingly.

As the writer of this blog previously reported, Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, never believed the conclusion of the LA Coroner that both Brittany and her husband Simon Monjack died of natural causes (pneumonia and anemia), five months apart. During the autopsy, the Office of the Los Angeles Coroner admittedly did not test Brittany Murphy’s or Simon Monjack’s remains for any poisons or toxins. Mr. Bertolotti sued the Coroner’s Office and the LAPD.

The settlement reached by all parties allowed Brittany Murphy’s father to obtain access to the specimens of her hair, blood and tissues, which were submitted for independent testing. Two independent laboratories detected ten (10) heavy metals at unusually high levels, including the following observation: “If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

Famed pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht and other prominent experts have joined Brittany Murphy’s father in his quest to determine her true cause of death. Dr. Wecht has worked on controversial cases including President Kennedy’s assassination.

In reference to Brittany Murphy’s untimely demise, Dr. Cyril Wecht noted: “I’ve never seen anything like this – with such heavy metals of significance in a body – nothing like this at all in my life… it is impossible to rule out murder.”

ABC’s Chief Legal Affairs anchor Dan Abrams concurred: “It seems incredibly suspicious. When you think about the notion of two young people dying within months of each other of similar types of ‘natural causes’, it’s a little hard to believe – and yet the Coroner’s office would tell you, “Look, we looked into this, we came up with the conclusion that it was natural causes, it was series of natural causes and we’re standing by our finding at that time.” The fact that they didn’t investigate for poisons specifically – something that the family is focusing on here and the question is going to be: “Ok, what do the authorities do with that now?” I think either officially or unofficially, this will be reopened. Whether they technically call it a reopening of the investigation or not, there’s no question they’re now going to look at this case again. They’re going to take another look. They’re going to say, “Did we dot the I’s and cross the T’s in this case?” That does not mean they’re going to reopen it. But they do want to make sure there’s nothing that they missed. Even back at the time, somebody must have been saying, “Wait a second. You’re talking about him dying, her dying.” There were discussions back at the time of the possibility of mold in the house. They ruled that out. There’s a lot of questions. But poisoning, that’s a crime. You’re talking about a serious possible crime that’s being alleged. And for them to get evidence of that, they have to get more than just the scientific tests.”

In an interview with Fox News, Dr. Damon Raskin examined the findings and found the “results seem very suspicious for foul play,” adding that “Other than lab error, there is no other good medical explanation for these abnormal levels of heavy metals. Therefore, some type of poisoning is clearly a possibility.”

Los Angeles-based physician Dr. Shilpi Agarwal told Fox News that it was extremely unlikely that Brittany Murphy had elevated levels of the heavy metals in her system, without being given supplements or unintentionally ingesting them. “The value that is most striking to me is Barium. At high levels in the body Barium can cause changes in the amount of potassium in our bodies, setting off a deadly cascade that may ultimately lead to an irregular heart rhythm and even death. Additionally, many of the metals can cause severe side effects such as muscle paralysis, confusion and dizziness,” she said. “The fact that her husband later died of the exact ‘pneumonia’ that supposedly led to her untimely demise is incredibly suspect from a medical perspective, given that he, too, had these metals in his body. It is more likely that these individuals suffered from heavy metal poisoning that may have slowly weakened their system, or resulted in a cardiac catastrophe. And pneumonia does not lead to accumulation of these metals in the body.”

California-based trial attorney David Wohl said, “While [Brittany Murphy] could have accidentally ingested insecticide, it’s difficult to imagine that her husband would have met the same demise only months later. This new independent autopsy should be forwarded to prosecutors who can use the results to file criminal charges if indeed the DA can identify a suspect.”

In an attempt to discount valid concerns of Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo (AJ) Bertolotti, the media dismissively refers to him as an “estranged” father. To the contrary, Mr. Bertolotti remained very close with his daughter throughout her entire life.

From childhood and throughout her adult life, Brittany Murphy and her father maintained a close, loving relationship. Contrary to Sharon Murphy’s representations, Brittany never “cut” her Dad out of her life. Unlike Sharon Murphy, Brittany’s father did not sell, give away or auction off any of Brittany’s photos, mementos or belongings. Angelo Bertolotti continues to cherish and hold on to every little bit of his daughter’s precious memory.

Brittany Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, did not step up to defend her daughter’s memory from vicious media misrepresentations, such as anorexia, drug abuse, hoarding, living in squalor and drug-induced paranoia. Brittany Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti defended his daughter’s memory, refuted all of the above-mentioned rumors and made it known that Brittany was poisoned. All of a sudden, Sharon decided to speak up, but only to hurl insults at her ex-husband. Sharon Murphy’s position was that the world “will never know for sure” what really happened to Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack.

While Sharon Murphy is content with the status quo, Brittany Murphy’s father is determined to seek justice for his daughter and son-in-law. Mainstream media’s ongoing misrepresentations are not only willful and malicious, but actively help the authorities to continue obstructing the proper re-investigation of these deaths.

Continued attempts to blame the victims for not going to the doctor (in order to clean up shoddy performance of the L.A. Coroner and the LAPD) expose the spider-web of connections between the government and the media, which make objective reporting nearly obsolete. Thus, informed audiences have to dig deep in order to separate truth from fiction.

 NOTE from Lee (TMS Admin): Thank you Julia Davis! You are a hero as a whistleblower for defending our country against the threat of terrorists, and a defender of what’s true and right, seeking truth and justice for your friend Brittany. God bless you! 

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