HistoryHeist.com offers a unique affiliate program with high commission rates that help further educate and/or red pill visitors. The Our affiliate program pays out up to 80% of the subscription payment(s) allowing you to earn up to 45% on direct referrals and an additional 35% from the referrals your subscribers bring in… for as long as they subscribe!

There are 5 levels as an affiliate based on the number of subscribers you have referred:

  1. Little League (1-4 referrals) – Earn 25%
  2. Minor League (5-24 referrals) – Earn 30%
  3. Major League (25-99 referrals) – Earn 35%
  4. All Star (100-499 referrals) – Earn 40%
  5. Hall of Fame (500+ referrals) – Earn 45%

When subscribers you have referred refer additional subscribers, you can earn up to 35% more down 3 multi-levels of referrals:

  1. Level 1: 20%
  2. Level 2: 10%
  3. Level 3: 5%

For a better understanding of how the multi-level marketing (MLM) system works and provides rewards to affiliates, a common scenario is listed below:

John’s MLM Matrix sub-affiliates:

  • Tim – Level 1
  • Bob – Level 2
  • Max – Level 3


Max has Rank “All Star” after – we’ll say 110 referrals – with a reward amount of 40%
Max refers a user that purchases a Lifetime membership for $400
Rank Reward: Max gets a referral of: $160

MLM Rewards:

  • Bob gets: $32 (20% of $160)
  • Tim gets: $16 (10% of $160)
  • John gets: $8 (5% of $160)

With unlimited referrals and lifetime earnings, you can make megabucks for promoting true history!

When you sign up as a member of HistoryHeist.com, you automatically become an affiliate. You will find dozens of creative ads that can be linked from your website or you will have a unique link available from your profile page that you can past below your videos.

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