Since we’re a history site, a little history first! How did a structured form of customer referrals come into being? It’s said that the first documented referral program was created by Julius Caesar, who in 55 BC would paid his soldiers 300 sestertii (something like a third of their annual pay) to refer a friend to join the army. And thousands of years later, we still use, plus or minus, the same idea. It seems as though every consumer app has implemented some form of a referral program offers a unique affiliate program with high commission rates that help further educate and/or red pill visitors. The Our affiliate program pays out up to 80% of the subscription payment(s) allowing you to earn up to 45% on direct referrals and an additional 35% from the referrals your subscribers bring in… for as long as they subscribe!

There are 5 levels as an affiliate based on the number of subscribers you have referred:

  1. Little League (1-4 referrals) – Earn 25%
  2. Minor League (5-24 referrals) – Earn 30%
  3. Major League (25-99 referrals) – Earn 35%
  4. All Star (100-499 referrals) – Earn 40%
  5. Hall of Fame (500+ referrals) – Earn 45%

When subscribers you have referred refer additional subscribers, you can earn up to 35% more down 3 multi-levels of referrals:

  1. Level 1: 20%
  2. Level 2: 10%
  3. Level 3: 5%

For a better understanding of how the multi-level marketing (MLM) system works and provides rewards to affiliates, a common scenario is listed below:

John’s MLM Matrix sub-affiliates:

  • Tim – Level 1
  • Bob – Level 2
  • Max – Level 3


Max has Rank “All Star” after – we’ll say 110 referrals – with a reward amount of 40%
Max refers a user that purchases a Lifetime membership for $400
Rank Reward: Max gets a referral of: $160

MLM Rewards:

  • Bob gets: $32 (20% of $160)
  • Tim gets: $16 (10% of $160)
  • John gets: $8 (5% of $160)

With unlimited referrals and lifetime earnings, you can make megabucks for promoting true history!

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