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Amtrak Train Crash Featuring Republicans was a False Flag Orchestrated by the Deep State in an Attempt to Avoid the Release of the FISA Abuse Memo
Amtrak Train Crash Featuring Republicans was a False Flag Orchestrated by the Deep State in an Attempt to Avoid the Release of the FISA Abuse Memo

Amtrak Train Crash Featuring Republicans was a False Flag Orchestrated by the Deep State in an Attempt to Avoid the Release of the FISA Abuse Memo

The announcement was made after a specially chartered train for Republican members of Congress was struck by a union-linked dump truck near Charlottesville, Virginia, on Wednesday morning. One person has been confirmed dead.

According to QAnon, the White House staffer who has predicted the future with remarkable accuracy in the last two months, the Deep State is running scared and attempting to cover its tracks. Senior FBI and high-level Obama-era officials are set to be directly implicated in prosecutable offenses.

The timing could not be more auspicious. Trump aide’s have been warning that the Deep State could attempt a False Flag this week, as they desperately try to distract from the release of the FISA Abuse memo. Less than twelve hours after President Trump was caught on a hot mic telling a colleague that the memo would “100%” be released, the Deep State killing machine whirred into life and attempted to cause mass carnage on the Amtrak rails.

But the disaster was averted. The intended victims were mostly unharmed, save for whiplash, treatable injuries, and the shock of surviving an attempt on their life. If they didn’t already know, they now understand that the stakes could not be any higher. There has been an attempt on the lives of the Republican members of Congress who have pushed for the release of the explosive memo that has left those who have read it “shocked to the core.” The memo was released on Friday February 2nd 2018 and the deep state immediately began attempts to minimize and shift blame from their democrat minions via the controlled MSM.

1/31/2018: From Jim Stone

You may wish to go to his website for this: THIS IS EXPLOSIVE!!

Jim Stone: CONFIRMED The Train Wreck WAS An Assassination Attempt On Congress Because Of FISA MEMO—New Details…

VERY INTERESTING Here is the transcript of a discussion about releasing the memo. It is not the memo, but you can get a good idea of what is in it. CONFIRMED: THE CONGRESSMEN ABOARD THE TRAIN WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN SESSION. THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HEADED TO A “RESORT” THAT DOUBLES AS A DOOMSDAY (COG) FACILITY Adding to the credibility of the theory they were fleeing a threat is the fact that they had family members aboard the train, including children that should have been in school. OVERWHELMINGLY PROBABLE: THEY RECEIVED DEATH THREATS OVER THE MEMO, AND WERE HEADING TO A SAFE PLACE WHEN THEY WERE STOPPED BY A STAGED “ACCIDENT” UPDATE: CONFIRMED – They did not turn back, they continued on to the safe facility in buses, including the injured. THAT THERE ALONE SAYS IT ALL. Here’s the story, which is all now 100 percent confirmed.

A majority of Republican congressmen who voted to release the Fisa memo, which exposes an enormous amount of deep state corruption, were on an escorted train when they were supposed to be in session, with all roads closed ahead of the train (for security reasons) and the train receiving helicopter escort.

Despite all the roads being closed, the train hit a garbage truck while going 70 mph. The front wheels of the front engine derailed, but the rear wheels stayed on the tracks. With all the roads closed for security reasons, the only way the garbage truck could have gotten in the way of the train would be if it was done intentionally.

Even some Congressmen are now saying the accident had to have been staged, and that it was an attempt to kill a large number of congressmen who voted to release the memo. Large numbers of deaths would have occurred if the train did derail, (as planned) but with the will of God it mostly stayed on the tracks and none of the cars or engines tipped over. If that had happened at 70 MPH the results would have been devastating. HEADS UP: Rogue factions in the United States government are attempting a violent coup with “plausible deniability. Fortunately only minor injuries happened, but having this end up being minor defies all probability, it was supposed to be a disaster and it was definitely, without question, not an accident. My original coverage of this topic follows: BOOM: BLOCKBUSTER UPDATE: IT IS NOW CONFIRMED THIS WAS AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. ALL THE ROADS WERE SHUT DOWN AHEAD OF THE TRAIN, WHICH HAD HELICOPTER ESCORT. THERE’S NO WAY THE GARBAGE TRUCK COULD HAVE BEEN WHERE IT WAS, ABSENT AN OUTRIGHT ATTEMPT TO GET IT IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN. Uh oh! “Choppers were following the train and the rail road crossings were supposed to be shut down for the senators to have priority per Rachel Campos Duffy, wife of Sean Duffy R-WI on Fox” THIS IS NOW A CONFIRMED HIT ON REPUBLICAN SENATORS WHO VOTED TO RELEASE THE MEMO. The photos of the accident scene are a little misleading, the train in fact hit the dump truck at the prior crossing, and carried it to the next crossing. the train did not just stop on a dime. CHARTERED TRAIN LOAD OF REPUBLICAN SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES HAD AN ACCIDENT EVERYONE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE A FALSE FLAG, AND BOOOOOM! WE JUST HAD IT. BOOM: SESSIONS HAS ANNOUNCED HE THINKS THE COLLISION WAS COORDINATED AND NOT AN ACCIDENT. Most likely the train was sent into a truck that had been hijacked via remote and driven with precision straight into the train’s path. UPDATE: It is now confirmed the train did not hit the brakes, which means they were probably disabled via remote. UPDATE: It now appears that TWO trucks were involved. The initial hit was an 18 wheeler, and the second hit was a dump truck at a different crossing. That is why the dump truck is close to where the train stopped. This still needs confirmation, but it is the only thing that matches reports, senators are saying there were two impacts, and they are reporting the big hit was a semi. Two separate trucks is not yet confirmed. UPDATE: THE PEOPLE ON THE TRAIN WERE THOSE WHO VOTED TO RELEASE THE MEMO. UPDATE: The attack was (SORT OF) a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a 70 MPH derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks.

UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I’d say that is highly plausible. Here’s how that would be done: The train’s location and speed is known. All the garbage trucks have chips in them to let central management know where they are. So the speed of the train and the velocity of the truck was matched (via remote) to create a collision where it looked like the truck driver was trying to beat the train. He’s dead and can’t speak up. Case closed.

UPDATE: NOW CONFIRMED. THE TRAIN WAS GOING 70 MPH AND THE OBVIOUS GOAL WAS TO GET IT TO FLIP AND KILL EVERYONE. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, IT STAYED ON THE TRACKS Everyone was thrown from their seats, and there are mixed reports about injuries, people who were on the train are tweeting that many people got head injuries because the impact was severe, and that one has a broken leg. Rumor that the train engineer is dead. Confirmed the truck driver is dead. That way he can’t talk.

This is an obvious setup. The train hit a very heavy truck. Since it was a fleet vehicle it overwhelmingly probably had a tracking chip, and anything less than 14 years old now can be controlled via remote. OBVIOUS: After Trump’s state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once. They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now.

Folks, this is an obvious setup. There’s no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with “plausible deniability.” UPDATE: THIS WAS A VERY HIGH SPEED COLLISION. I DO NOT KNOW HOW HIGH, BUT OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE WANTED THE TRAIN OFF THE TRACKS FOR AS MUCH CARNAGE AS POSSIBLE. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN AS FAR AS I CAN TELL. BOOM: JEFF SESSIONS HAS ANNOUNCED HE THINKS THE COLLISION WAS COORDINATED AND NOT AN ACCIDENT. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT TRUMP’S LIFE IS IN DANGER. THEY HAD BETTER RELEASE THAT DAMN MEMO, NOW. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO PLAY GAMES WITH. THE DEMS GOT NUKED. State of the union comment: After pondering exactly what happened in the state of the Union address, it is pretty obvious the Democrats are finished if we can prevent the 2018 elections from being rigged. There’s no question they are out, and there is good reason to say that.


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