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ANOTHER Young Black Man Dies in Gay Activist and Top Democrat Donor’s Home
ANOTHER Young Black Man Dies in Gay Activist and Top Democrat Donor’s Home

ANOTHER Young Black Man Dies in Gay Activist and Top Democrat Donor’s Home

A top Democrat donor has a strange problem. Young black men keep dying in his apartment.

It’s the second time in 19 months for Ed Buck (shown), a 64-year old prominent homsexual activist and money man for the Democrats.

Last year, a black homosexual prostitute died of a drug overdose in his apartment, a death in which Buck escaped prosecution.

Top Democrats seem unconcerned.

Death No. 2

“Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s West Hollywood station responded to the Laurel Avenue apartment complex at 1:05 a.m. in response to a report of a person not breathing, the department said in a statement,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “At some point, the 911 caller performed CPR, the department said.”

Paramedics declared the fellow dead at the scene, the Times reported, and the cause of death is as yet a mystery.

Buck’s attorney told the newspaper that police haven’t arrested the big man on the gay totem pole, and said the dead black fellow was “an old friend who died of an accidental overdose and unfortunately, we believe that the substance was ingested at some place other than the apartment.”

The attorney claimed the dead man was stoned when he got to Buck’s apartment. “The person came over intoxicated,” he told the Times.

Maybe, but last year police investigated Buck in connection with the fatal drug overdose of another black man in his apartment.

And Buck, the sheriff’s department said, “was present for the deaths of both men.”

Death No. 1

That unfortunate soul, Gemmell Moore, a 26-year-old homeless, black male prostitute, died of a methamphetamine overdose in July 2017.

“Paramedics found Moore naked on a mattress in the living room with a ‘male pornography movie playing on the television,’” the Times reported, citing the coroner’s report.

The meth was injected into Moore’s body.

“Moore had flown from Houston to Los Angeles the day he died, according to coroner’s investigators,” The Times reported in November 2017. “His mother has told The Times that Buck bought his airplane ticket.”

As well, Moore blamed Buck for hooking him on meth, a notebook found at his property showed.

“I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that,” Moore supposedly wrote, the Times reported. “Ed Buck is the one to thank, he gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.”

Moore was afraid he’d die of an overdose: “I just hope the end result isn’t death…. If it didn’t hurt so bad I’d kill myself but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now.”

Citing the coroner’s reports, The Times disclosed that “an investigator found the following items in Buck’s two-bedroom apartment: 24 syringes with brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag with a ‘piece of crystal-like substance.’”

In July, the Times reported that prosecutors rejected charges of murder, voluntary manslaughter, and furnishing and possessing drugs because they couldn’t prove Buck administered the fatal overdose.

Big Donor

Buck’s big splash into politics was a fight in the 1980s against conservative Arizona Governor Evan Mecham. “News reports at the time described Buck as a conservative Republican,” the Times observed, which means that Buck apparently evolved in his politics.

Liberals would say he “matured.”

Now he’s a top donor to Democrats, among them Hillary Clinton, and leftist Representatives Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.). He also donated to open-borders leftist Kevin de León, the president of California’s Senate, The Times reported.

But newly-minted Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a bisexual, “quietly donated $33,800 to charity to erase her ties” with the homosexual activist, the Arizona Republic reported.

Citing records of the Federal Election Commission, the newspaper reported that Buck has donated at least $150,000 to party causes since 2004.

Whether big-time Democrats will disavow Buck or return his contributions is unknown. He appears to be on warm, friendly terms with black men, one of whom was underprivileged, and when they die in his apartment, he’s there with them.

That commitment to diversity and inclusion will go a long way with the party.

Source: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/31141-another-young-black-man-dies-in-top-democrat-donors-home

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