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AZ (Yuma County) Election Fraud Whistleblower Comes Forward
AZ (Yuma County) Election Fraud Whistleblower Comes Forward

AZ (Yuma County) Election Fraud Whistleblower Comes Forward

100 Percent Fed Up – Yesterday, during a public meeting in front of the AZ Senate, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips testified about their findings in a massive, multi-state ballot harvesting and illegal ballot casting operation via drop boxes.

During their testimony, they released a bombshell video featuring fellow investigator Gregg Phillips interviewing another whistleblower in Yuma, Co., Arizona, who revealed how the elections were stolen in her community.

In the video, an unidentified female whistleblower outlines how elections are determined by a group of criminals who inflict fear upon their community. She explains how they use fear and intimidation tactics to coerce individuals to vote a certain way and how they’ve ruined the lives of individuals and their families who dare to run for an elected office in their community.

Whistleblower: “Because, where I live—you can’t have a voice. If you stand up or if you want to even run against them, you will be shot.

And even, I know people who have tried to run via council or major (mayor), or just anything, and they have been even—they have lost their houses, their lives, everything. They have just run away from them people.”

She asks, “They have been afraid?” then answers her question, “Yes, of course!”

“If you work for the city or if you work for the—um—school board—because we have the Gadsen District— um, School Board, if you’re an employee over there, you have to give your ballot opened to them, so they can see who you are voting for or who you supposedly have to vote for.”

Gregg Phillips: “So, do they just know that, or does someone tell them that?”

Thanks to the incredible hard work and courage of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the house of cards is about to collapse on a massive multi-state voter fraud organization, starting with Arizona.