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Batman Movie Massacre in Aurora, CO: Was it a False Flag?
Batman Movie Massacre in Aurora, CO: Was it a False Flag?

Batman Movie Massacre in Aurora, CO: Was it a False Flag?

According to Wikipedia and mainstream media:

The patsy? – James Holmes

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. Twelve people were killed and seventy others were injured, which was the largest number of casualties in a shooting in the United States until the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. The sole assailant, James Eagan Holmes, was arrested in his car parked outside the cinema minutes later. It was the deadliest shooting in Colorado since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. Prior to the shooting, Holmes rigged his apartment with homemade explosives, which were defused by a bomb squad one day after the shooting.

The shooting prompted an increase in security at movie theaters across the U.S. that were screening the same film, in fear of copycat crimes. The shooting also led to a spike in gun sales in Colorado as well as political debates about gun control in the United States.

Holmes confessed to the shooting but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Arapahoe County prosecutors sought the death penalty for Holmes. The trial began on April 27, 2015. He was convicted of twenty-four counts of first-degree murder, 140 counts of attempted first-degree murder, and one count of possessing explosives on July 16, 2015. On August 7, 2015, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. On August 26, 2015, he was given 12 life sentences; one for every person he killed in addition to 3,318 years for the attempted murders of those he wounded and for rigging his apartment with explosives.

Could this mass shooting have been a false flag?

I used to hear alternative theories to a case like this and think who would side or defend a guy like this? Unfortunately, I’ve learned too many times since that conspiracies do exist and at the highest levels of our once nearly perfect government. The motives have traditionally been to enter

" >war, but under the Obama administration, there has been several shady events such as Sandy Hook where evidence supports a false flag to brainwash Americans that guns are bad, not good. It’s propagandized in our TV programs and movies, but that’s not enough. These shocker events have a larger effect, thus the motivation to fool the public. Consider the evidence compiled, mostly thanks to perskeptical.blogspot.com, who did an amazing article that I added very little to below, but some info is from additional articles and resources.

Simultaneous Drill. Coincidence?

“The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack. ‘The irony is amazing, just amazing,’ said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin.” (Denver Post, 7/21/12, “Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school”)

Released Court Documents Reveal Startling Accusations of Possible Plot

According to the court documents an individual, whose name has been officially redacted from the documents, came forward to file a “Motion to Intervene” for the right to be reasonably heard under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (a)(4), for the purposes of presenting newly discovered evidence to the court.

Interestingly the newly discovered evidence, thrown out of court by Judge William Sylvester days later, details stunning accusations against billionaire Philip Anschutz, Police Chief Dan Oates, Arapaho County Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers and, according to the alleged victim, the Illuminati as being potential co-conspirators in the crime.

The stunning accusations, dated August 27, reveal a startling story by the claimant as having been visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud, for the purposes of garnering an easy conviction against alleged shooter James Holmes. But not before being shot by the police chief in “non-life-threatening areas” of the body, according to the motion, to appear as having been shot by James Holmes himself. The motion also claims that it is likely some of the victims in the theater were merely paid actors working on behalf of the conspirators and wants multiple individuals involved in the situation to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence.

Claiming that their conscience will not let fraudulent testimony contribute to an improper conviction of James Holmes, the new mystery victim asked that the judge submit the case to the FBI and the US Congress for further investigation into the alleged conspiracy.

The judge, however, instead of taking a closer look, decided to strike down the motion as fraudulent, claiming the motion as likely being forged by an individual or individuals unassociated with the events. The judge also suggested the situation be investigated by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office and those responsible for the motion be taken into custody by the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and “referred to the appropriate mental health agency.”

But it may in fact be the judge that needs the mental attention as all the evidence collected in the case thus far seems to point toward mostly agreeing with the individual who filed the claim, despite the media and the court’s attempts to suppress any evidence that doesn’t support the official story. Multiple and corroborating eyewitness testimony stated what appeared to be multiple individuals involved in the shooting, including supporting dispatch audio. Individuals interviewed by local media immediately after the event also claimed to have seen teargas canisters being deployed in the theater simultaneously from two different directions, in addition to side-by-side images of James Holmes prior to the shootings and the orange haired individual taken into custody as the alleged lone gunmen after the event looks startlingly like two different individuals. There also seems to have been two different gas masks found at the scene, in addition to other damning evidence that doesn’t jive with the official version of the events.

The individual who filed the motion also added that they wanted their portion of the charity to be donated to James Holmes’ prison commissary, after using the money to find Mr. Holmes “real” attorneys who are actually willing to act in the honest defense of James Holmes.

The motion, as certified by the Arapahoe County Dist. Atty. And public defenders offices, was sent via the United States Postal Service, then was quickly denied and subsequently released days ago to the public for reasons yet to be determined.

Perhaps one of the most telling aspects of the circumstances, however, happens to be the creepy dead silence about the motion by the media, especially considering every little detail about a situation like this is normally scrutinized at every angle after being groomed with a fine tooth comb and examined under a microscope.

It was just weeks ago that certain local media outlets were considering suing for access to court records because, according to those outlets, the community had a right to know so the victims and the community could more easily begin the healing process and find some semblance of closure. Perhaps information that may open new wounds, however, regardless of how accurate or important that information may be, may not be the kind of information they were looking for.

Military expert weighs in against the official claims

As reported on the Daily Paul by a highly trained U.S. Marine the shooting of this many people by lone shooter, while also manning tear gas bombs and more, could never be achieved by an amateur and surely not in a few minutes. The Marine’s assessment makes great sense, since nearly 90 people were shot, many of them multiple times. According to the official story, countless rounds from a high-power automatic rifle were fired into the audience, as were shotgun blasts. Yet, people are to believe that the accused Holmes was found wandering about in the back parking lot, or, possibly, locked in his car, meekly surrendering to police, while admitting the crime?

Police Never Addressed Accomplice Evidence, Maintains That Holmes Acted Alone

On February 7th, The Denver Post reported that some victims in the Aurora theater shooting have been harassed by conspiracy theorists since the tragedy in Colorado on July 20th, 2012:

Prosecutors in the Aurora theater-shooting case have re-iterated their request that victims’ names be redacted from court documents, saying that victims and their families continue to suffer harassment from conspiracy theorists… In the filing…prosecutors say victims ‘have expressed concerns for their privacy, and personal safety.’ Some victims are key witnesses in the case, the filing states.

In the wake of recent skepticism surrounding the events of Sandy Hook, many will roll their eyes at the thought of another conspiracy theory, given that the evidence against James Holmes, the lone suspect, has seemed overwhelming from the start.

But when taking the time to examine the case further, as we’ll do here, the truth isn’t so clear-cut. That’s because the official story—that Holmes acted alone in killing 12 and wounding 58 others—is contradicted by the following questions:

  • How could Holmes have acted alone when multiple witnesses in Theater 9 said they saw or perceived more than one attacker, and reported at least two descriptions of said attackers to police?
  • How could Holmes have acted alone when multiple witnesses in adjacent Theater 8 reported the detonation of a gas canister that was coordinated with the attack in Theater 9?
  • How do police account for two gas masks found at the scene that they say didn’t belong to Holmes?

Unusual Secrecy Around the Case

So why hasn’t this accomplice evidence been reported widely since the shooting? For one, the Aurora police’s high level of confidence in the lone-gunman angle effectively cemented the official story. Then, somewhat predictably, the mainstream media backed off from the hard line of questioning.

Moreover, the gag order that Judge William Blair Sylvester issued on the day of the shooting went a long way toward shrouding the court case in secrecy from the beginning. Sylvester has kept court documents and filings secret because he believes that “disclosure of the court records would be ‘contrary to public interest’ and ‘could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.'”

Contrary to public interest? Judging by the viral level of local and national coverage in the case, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sylvester has since denied requests made by a consortium of 21 news organizations to lift the gag order, but did rule last August that he would release some documents in the case. As NBC News indicated, the consortium was “seeking access to a range of records…including affidavits of probable cause, arrest warrants, search warrants, and request for or court orders for production of records—citing the public’s right of access to public records.”

Despite Sylvester’s slight compromise, it’s worth noting The Denver Post‘s incensed reaction a week after the gag order was issued, crying foul on the unprecedented level of secrecy in the case:

The case is proceeding under such sweeping secrecy rules that the public cannot even see the case docket, which is akin to a table of contents. The orders have gone far beyond the typical ‘gag order.’

The secrecy in the case has been disturbing. Mandating that the University of Colorado, for instance, not release any records regarding the shooting suspect, James Eagan Holmes, is a step too far and one that appears unprecedented.

Ordering detectives and evidence technicians who are investigating the case to keep their mouths closed about what they’ve found is one thing. Telling an outside entity that has nothing to do with law enforcement to ignore public records laws is entirely another. It is unclear whether District Judge William Blair Sylvester even has the authority to do that.

But that’s not the only disconcerting element of the shroud of secrecy that has descended on this case. The veil the court system has dropped on routine proceedings is so impenetrable, the public cannot even see the titles of the motions and other actions filed in the case, much less the contents.

That degree of secrecy is very unusual. Typically, a judge will consider such requests individually. If, for instance, the release of a particular document might be considered prejudicial to the defendant, its contents might remain under seal though the public could at least see its title.

Foreword to the Accomplice Theory

While the grander conspiracy theory behind the Aurora shooting entails a staged Manchurian Candidate-like attack with a government endgame of gun control, this post will focus on more direct evidence that contravenes the official lone-wolf narrative, in an attempt to support the probability that Holmes did not act alone.

This writer remains open to the possibility that Holmes may not have participated in the actual attack, but currently believes that in light of all known evidence, it’s more likely that he was involved.

Whatever level of conspiracy that skeptics perceive, they should not be faulted for thinking critically, because true justice is only done when we have all the answers. And after looking objectively at all the evidence in this case, you can’t blame skeptics for trying to resolve a contradictory narrative on their own (short of harassing witnesses). So says Examiner.com’s Jeffrey Phelps:

Perhaps the most startling and glaring aspect of these circumstances…has to do with the fact that, despite multiple eye-witnesses and official police audio, independent investigative journalists have been the ones that have had to piece together what happened at the scenes of each of these shootings….

Before we delve into the accomplice theory, it’s important to acknowledge that until more details become available to the public, we’re working with limited information in a case where more will be forthcoming, according to The Denver Post:

…Holmes’ attorneys countered that ‘there is a great deal of information related to this case that was not presented at the preliminary hearing, and which has not yet been made public.

Therefore, the existence of unanswered questions and circumstantial evidence about the shooting do not inherently disprove the official story. But on the other hand, with much information being muzzled from the public, the fact that there is enough conflicting evidence out there so as to help construct a blog post of this size is a testament to the accomplice theory itself.

Tale of the Tape: What the Security Footage Reveals

It wasn’t officially known until Holmes’ preliminary hearing in January that Century 16 has no cameras in individual theaters or outside the building. However, according to Court Order C-19 from the hearing, 11 of Century 16’s 24 indoor cameras captured Holmes before the shooting occurred. Some of the footage was screened at the hearing, in which the following was revealed [sources amalgamated]:

The prosecution also showed surveillance video of Holmes entering the theater complex just past midnight[1]. Holmes watched intently as one detective showed a surveillance video of him calmly entering the theater lobby, holding the door open for a couple behind him, and printing out tickets to the midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ that he purchased electronically[2] 12 days earlier[3]. The chilling, soundless video shows Holmes redeeming his ticket at a kiosk, giving it to a ticket taker, then lingering near the concession stand for a few minutes before turning toward Theater 9 (see video above), a different theater from the one listed on his ticket[4]. The lone suspect…entered along with the crowd, investigators believe.

Then he walked out of the theater’s emergency door unnoticed, investigators said, propping it open. The suspect, later identified as Holmes, allegedly returned through the same door minutes later, clad in black ballistic gear, and opened fire.[3]

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