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Biden Declares Election Over and Himself President
Biden Declares Election Over and Himself President

Biden Declares Election Over and Himself President

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden delivered a message during a news briefing Monday from Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden declared that the country must unite and that the “election is over.”

The former vice president also urged Americans to wear masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But behind Biden’s posturing about unity, public health and politics was another message.

A banner behind the 77-year-old read “Office of the President-Elect.”

In fact, no such office exists.

The issue is not that Biden isn’t the president-elect — although that remains to be seen, given the recounts and court challenges that must play out before we can be sure that Biden defeated President Donald Trump.

It’s that even if he were the president-elect, there is no office for newly elected presidents to hold while waiting for their inauguration.

“President-elect” is simply a term for someone who has been elected, not an actual position — unless Biden’s Delaware basement is serving as some sort of quasi-official Wilmington White House that is recognized only by shadowy deep-state figures, the media and Corn Pop.

The former vice president holds no power in government, which is a fact that will remain up until he is inaugurated — if indeed he is.

To be fair, Barack Obama and Donald Trump also had “Office of the President-Elect” signs on the podium in their post-election appearances in 2008 and 2016, respectively, but at least in those cases they were the clear winners.

With Biden, votes are still being counted and a court fight is looming.

Source: WesternJournal


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