Taking Back Our Stolen History
Business Plan

Business Plan

Executive Summary

The Patriot Connection is a group of pre-launch websites for conservatives and alternative media (news, health, history, etc.) based in South Carolina that provides solutions to leftist censorship. It combines:

  • PatriUP.com – a social media platform (similar to Facebook), created as a solution to biased censorship, for sharing content with friends, groups, or the entire community. In addition to the profile page (includes personal blog), a news feed or wall (includes images, audio, and video sharing – even livestreaming) includes:
    • a crowdfunding system,
    • a marketplace
    • a store
    • an events calendar
    • a jobs board
    • a forum
  • HistoryHeist.com – a chronological and categorized history of events (already ~ 3000 added) related to liberty and the war on liberty.
  • Wickedpedia.wiki – a glossary (/w tooltips) of common terms, people, places, etc.
  • PATRIO.Tv – a free speech video-sharing platform where content creators can broadcast livestreamed video or upload pre-recorded videos that can be offered to viewers either free (earn tips, share ad revenue) or for a cost (PPV, rent, sell, or offer subscriptions). It was created as a solution for censored YouTube, Vimeo and other content creators to share and monetize their content after seeing their content demonitized, banned, algorithm’d out of searches, and outright deplatformed elsewhere.

HistoryHeist.com / Wickedpedia.com are solutions to the controlled history and propaganda narratives that exist in all mainstream sources today. Most of the content from the history pages, glossary, and news will be free to view for any visitor so that ThePatriotConnection can maximize ad revenue, however there will be a lot of insider or premium content on the site for various topics which will be exclusive to paying subscribers. This premium content will come from investigative journalists, researchers and historians, authors, former government officials, whistleblowers, alternative news sources, and others able to provide such information as authors and contributors and the ad revenue will be shared with them based on their page views. The platforms will allow free speech without fear of retribution (demonitization, strike, or outright banning) as well as the opportunity to better monetize their content. Content creators with thousands of followers can bring them to any or all of the sites and earn money in a variety of ways and promote their content.

ThePatriotConnection will make the majority (90+ percent) of its money from ads (estimated at ~54%) and premium subscriptions (estimated at ~38%). Additional profit will come from skimming a percentage (mostly 20-25%) from each revenue source with higher margin (~50%) on ads and memberships. Average total margin is expected to be approximately 34% for the first year with revenue at nearly $300K and profits over $100K, increasing to over 35% thereafter. The first full year, 2022, revenue is estimated at over $8 million, with profits estimated at more than $3 million based on obtaining over 50 million page views and 4000 premium subscribers to HistoryHeist, nearly 7 million video views and 5000 Pro Members of Patrio.tv, and over 40 million annual page views for Patriup.

ThePatriotConnection’s unique content sets it apart as there are no other chronological alternative history sites on the worldwide web. There are Wikipedia alternatives, but none offer a built-in tooltip alternative and conservative glossary except ThePatriotConnection, and the terms are integrated with every history and news article, as well as the social media stream. The sites uniqueness will only be enhanced with additional differentiators such as Patriup.com’s social media platform with all of the built-in features of the best social media platforms on the market and then some, backed by a free speech policy; as well as PATRIO.Tv’s free speech video platform built to allow content creators to monetize their videos and livestreams in almost every way possible.

Big tech social media platforms can’t be trusted anymore. Their inability to moderate content efficiently and fairly, protect user privacy and operate with transparency broke the trust with users. Censorship of Christians, conservatives, alternative media, and other voices that the leftist platforms disagree with are buried in search algorithms, demonetization, deplatformed, banned, shadow banned, and given strikes often without explanation or opportunity to defend oneself while liberals are given a pass for far worse offenses. These groups are hungry for a solution and ThePatriotConnection will fill this current void.