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Canadian Arms Inventor / Smuggler, Gerald Bull, Murdered While Entering his Luxury apartment Home in Brussels, Belgium
Canadian Arms Inventor / Smuggler, Gerald Bull, Murdered While Entering his Luxury apartment Home in Brussels, Belgium

Canadian Arms Inventor / Smuggler, Gerald Bull, Murdered While Entering his Luxury apartment Home in Brussels, Belgium

On 22 March 1990 Bull returned from his Rue de Stalle office to his 6th floor luxury apartment home in nearby Avenue Francois Folie. He had been driven their by his secretary Monique Jamine who dropped him off at the entrance to the apartment building. A few minutes later, after exiting the lift on the 6th floor and as he was unlocking his apartment door, he was shot 5 times in the back of his head and neck. He died immediately. Nobody heard any shots. WhistleblowerGerald James (dubbed “The most important and high-level whistleblower in the defence industry”) has claimed that Stephan Kock was involved in his assassination.

Gerald Vincent Bull (9 March 1928 – 22 March 1990) was a Canadian engineer who trained at the Canadian Armament and Research Development Establishment (CARDE) and went on to develop missiles and extremely accurate long-range artillery. It was Gerald Bull’s ambition to launch a satellite using a huge artillery piece, the Supergun, to which end he designed the Project Babylon for the Iraqi government.

It is commonly thought that he was killed by the Israelis, a view promoted with near unanimity in the western commercially-controlled media and which therefore renders it suspect. An alternative theory, based on suppressed evidence, is that his assassination was a covert British intelligence operation. Three weeks after his death, British Customs seized the final eight sections of the Project Babylon gun.

On 2 August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, precipitating the Gulf War which ended Western covert sponsorship of Iraq.

(Source: Wikispooks)

Although the axis of the sex trade, arms sales and pedophilia seem to be as old as the notions of democracy it hides behind, the assassination of Canadian arms inventor Gerald Bull in Brussels on March 22, 1990, was to be the first signpost of an underworld that was steadily gaining strength. Indeed, it revealed not only the extent of government corruption but how cemented all three activities seemed to be, explaining their exponential rise in the last decade. Gerald Bull was an internationally known astro-physicist, arms dealer, genius of military hardware and the inventor of the notorious “Super Gun” under Project Babylon.

The circumstances surrounding Bull’s death is replete with conspiratorial possibilities, where every player in the shadowy world of the Military Industrial Complex and their intelligence agencies seem to be involved. Bull’s friends and associates included major players within the CIA. As such, he was not above using these contacts to secure favours in order to circumnavigate legal problems or to gain the sanction of sales, though clearly this did not always work. (Bull’s long term business dealings with South Africa landed him in jail for smuggling despite CIA attempts to have his sentence quoshed). Although many of Bull’s colleagues and business associates thought his links to the CIA were exaggerated his final end suggests that this was indeed the case.

In actual fact, Bull had contacts with both former CIA directors William E. Colby and Stansfield Turner, the latter dating back to the late 1960s before he became head of the CIA. Colby, Like Bull, died under mysterious circumstances in 1996 while on a solo canoe outing in Maryland. What is even more interesting is that his death followed closely on from his dealings with John Decamp the Nebraska senator who is raising awareness of the paedophile rings within Elite U.S. society dating back thorough successive administrations, up to and including the present.

It is not by coincidence that Bull was based in Brussels long recognized as a hub of corruption and illicit arms deals. Bull’s deal with Iraq had been bankrolled by Societe Generale, the banking arm of the Societe Generale de Belgique, a holding company of the Belgian royal family which owns 40% of the country’s industry. Furthermore, SGB exerts considerable control over the second major arms producer, Fabrique Nationale, which produces the Browning pistol under licence from the United States. The US and Israel have had a special relationship with Belgium using it as a major supplier and broker for weapons sales. (The Belgian Banque Bruxelles Lambert was deeply implicated in one of the early United States-Israeli covert arms programs, Operation Demavand).

While in 1989 Bull was working for Belgium’s premier arms manufacturer Poudrieres Reunies de Belgique (PRB), what is also interesting are the significant business dealings with the late billionaire and leading arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg who had brokered a sale in Gerald Bull’s Space Research Corporation for South Africa’s state owned arms manufacturing company, Armscor. Eisenberg happened to be a high level MOSSAD operative and a key figure in Israel’s nuclear development programs though his primary role had been to securing Israeli interests in China dating back to the Cold War.

A partner of PERMINDEX banker Tibor Rosenbaum in the MOSSAD financial operation known as the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank, Esienberg had enormous financial leverage and covert influence across all global business domains as well as the political arena. His standing was the equivalent of the Bush family in the US, though with even greater global influence. The corporations and companies owned by Esienberg and now under his son Erwin’s control include: Iron Mt Recordkeeping, Iron Mtn mining, Rotron, Wackenhut, Israel Chemicals, Eisenberg Industries of Israel, Permindex, Legacy foundation of Nevada, Eisenberg Satellite and Telecom. and part owner of ATT and Lucent , Nortel , GM/Hughes and others. Most of these companies’ reputation precedes them.

Take for example, Wackenhut, a Monsanto of the security services world with links to the highest levels of power and with the same reputation for incompetence, corruption and dirty deals. In fact, if there is there is the stench of blood money, arms and suffering hot on the heels of a manufactured war, then Wackenhut’s name will be there.

Private security contractors in Iraq have been used extensively by the US and together make up a virtual private army. As Mark Shapiro, a spokesman for Wackenhut stated: “Security officers now outnumber law enforcement by three to one (in the United States),” What should also not be forgotten is MOSSAD’s well known tactic of using front companies within the telecommunications industry for spying and blackmail. Wackenhut’s ease in collecting telephone records for its less than legal investigations from another Eisenberg owned corporation, AT&T, fuels speculation that this is a network of corporate businesses fused with Israeli intelligence interests, a mirror image of Eisenberg himself. From the moment Donald Rumsfeld shook Saddam’s hand in 1980 along with the CIA-led support for his regime, Gerald Bull was being groomed for chemical weaponry work in Iraq by the US while Eisenberg was busy expanding Israel Chemicals now owned by a Canadian company. Furthermore, Societe Generale de Belgique exerts considerable control over the second major arms producer, Fabrique Nationale, which produces the Browning pistol under licence from the United States.

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