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‘Catastrophic Contagion’: Gates, Johns Hopkins, WHO Simulated Deadly Pandemic to Cover Up Children Covid Vaccine Deaths & Adverse Events
‘Catastrophic Contagion’: Gates, Johns Hopkins, WHO Simulated Deadly Pandemic to Cover Up Children Covid Vaccine Deaths & Adverse Events

‘Catastrophic Contagion’: Gates, Johns Hopkins, WHO Simulated Deadly Pandemic to Cover Up Children Covid Vaccine Deaths & Adverse Events

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022.

Culling children is believed to be the next best effort in the depopulation agenda given the CoVid nonvax vaccine is still busily taking out the over 60 crowd.   It isn’t the first time a ‘zoonotic’ virus has targeted children.   In fact, this winter has seen an unprecedented uptick in various childhood ‘viruses’ including; RSV, Liver Disease, Myocarditis, Polio, and Hepatitis.   The uptick is written off as a result of climate change leaving esteemed doctors and virologists ‘baffled’!     Given there is no cure for any of these viruses, pediatricians simply attempt to moderate the symptoms and hope for the best outcome…

Oddly, the viruses are not occurring when they normally would peak – with worst case scenario peaks of polio hitting roughly 210 cases in 2018.   But Catastrophic would have to be greater than the CoVid algorithm numbers claiming 650 million cases and 6.6 million deaths.   Despite the US having some of the most draconian CoVid measures, including economic collapse, we had the greatest number of deaths followed by Brazil and India.   The death rate was 1% – 2% of cases.

Hospitals have claimed that the vast majority of hospitalization and death are from the vaccinated. While a UK analyst claims that excess deaths are 400% of normal!

Despite all the data being released that the CoVid jab was not a vaccine, not designed to prevent anything, and not a source of protection, the CDC, Johns Hopkins and WHO are playing dumb, dumber, and dumbest with spokespeople such as Jim Carey and Elton John.

The Question – where are they creating this next childhood catastrophic Contagion?

The newest Level 4 Bio Lab is set for completion early part of 2023.    Located in Kansas, the lab will become the largest in the world overtaking Wuhan.    This Manhattan, Kansas lab will phase out the Plum Island lab that purportedly tortured and killed thousands of Macau’s.   However, the torture and killing will now include cattle and other ‘livestock’.   Amidst the Gates and WEF agenda of phasing out meat, pork and chicken, it would seem that finding a potential virus that will kill or make harmful to humans the vast majority of our food protein sources is underway.

The Kansas facility is owned and managed by the USDA with cooperation of DHS, ARS, APHIS.

Nearly all zoonotic viruses in cows can only be transmitted with direct contact with an infected animal.   Ranchers wear gloves and slaughterhouses wear protective gear, so the bio4 lab extension is obviously for the purpose of creating a possible linked combo-cocktail-infection so as to cause the USDA to call for the mass culling of cattle – just as they do with the ‘bird flu’.

And it would appear the tee-time for the game is 2025.

There are 59 zoonotic bio4 labs across 23 countries, but that would appear insufficient to meet the needs according to Johns Hopkins and WHO.   According to Pfizer, the vaccine trials now being assessed for children include:   CoVid, Pneumonia, Meningococcal, Lyme disease, Flu, Strep and RSV.    By contrast, GSK is undergoing clinical trials for: liver and lung disease in children, neoplasms in children, organ damage, and malaria in children using RNA editing.  These are the diseases that the Contagion Pandemic will create.

The Media claim that CoVid is causing multi-organ damage in children.   CoVid has been called out as a result of climate change. CoVid has escalated the ‘excess’ death rates…   ALL despite a 70% CoVid vax rate in the US.

In February 2022, the Washington Post claimed that excess deaths in the US were over 1 million.   NIH claims it was 940,000.   Globally, The Economist claims the excess deaths ranged from 16.8 million to 28.1 million – a deviation of nearly 10 million or 60%!   The EU claims as much as 25% excess deaths, while WHO claims the global number to be 15million. OBVIOUSLY the numbers are ridiculously skewed – because NONE of them are actualities, and are instead fear mongering algorithms.

We do know that the surge in illegal immigration is likely pursued to either fill the void of employees who have died or are now disabled – or to further genocide of Hispanics via vaccine targeting.   Given Hispanics coming to the US had the highest case and death rates among all nationalities, the employment void is the lesser rule.

In order to prepare for the Catastrophic Contagion expected during 2025 after the emergence of a new administration in 2024, there are two BASIC things to do NOW:   1.   Follow the Big Pharma focus to learn where their trials are prominent.  They told us the CoVid Pandemic would be a SARS derivative two years ahead,   and 2.   Boost immunity through diet and vitamins.


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