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Chines Communist Party Dissident Predicts Hunter Biden Laptop Leak
Chines Communist Party Dissident Predicts Hunter Biden Laptop Leak

Chines Communist Party Dissident Predicts Hunter Biden Laptop Leak

A dissident Chinese news outlet predicted that content from Hunter Biden’s hard drive would soon be leaked by “Western media“ 3 weeks before the NY Post began publishing the shocking series of stories regarding the laptop contents.

The outlet, Lude Media, is part of the “Whistleblower’s Movement” of Chinese Communist Party dissidents who say the CCP controls “key people” overseas “through sex and seduction,” including “

" >honey traps” and ” drug scandals.”

In the broadcast from Sept. 24, Lude Media told his audience to expect Hunter Biden to be the focus of the last few weeks of the US presidential election.


There are three very important hard drives that have been sent to the DOJ,” Lude Media said. “They gave these to the DOJ, but someone within the DOJ working for Biden held it up.”

But, in God’s will, a fellow fighter of our Whistleblowers’ Movement – we won’t mention the name here – [made sure] in the end it was passed to President Trump.

Lude Media also claimed the content from Hunter Biden’s hard drive was intended as a reminder to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the dirt the CCP has on politicians, and the content included money agreements and “extremely disturbing and extreme” content.

“[It’s] an extremely grand plan, a very big plan… this is really beyond our imagination, this plan to control not only the 1.4 billion Chinese people, [but] also the United Nations and the United States, [including] the US president and any future presidents.”

But, as Lude Media mentioned, “a fellow fighter of the Whistleblower’s Movement” found out and made sure that President Trump’s people also got a copy of the hard drive.

To be clear, this isn’t suggesting that the computer repairman who had Biden’s laptop was the one responsible – the “fellow fighter” could have simply been an unknown actor inside the government who made sure Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was paying attention.

The FBI tried to cover up the Hunter Biden emails in 2019 by confiscating them from a computer repairman and stonewalling him afterwards, according to reports.

Source: Infowars

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