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Democrat Blows Whistle On Widespread Orlando Area Ballot-Harvesting Operation In Black Communities
Democrat Blows Whistle On Widespread Orlando Area Ballot-Harvesting Operation In Black Communities

Democrat Blows Whistle On Widespread Orlando Area Ballot-Harvesting Operation In Black Communities

A former Democrat candidate for Orange County, FL Commissioner, has stepped up and is blowing the whistle on a widespread voter fraud operation in the Orlando area. Florida’s no-nonsense Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has asked his new election crimes unit to recommend State Police conduct a full criminal investigation into an affidavit filed by a Democrat whistleblower that outlines a widespread ballot-harvesting operation that’s allegedly been taking place in black communities in Central Florida for years.

In late August, former Orange County Commissioner candidate Cynthia Harris filed an affidavit with the Florida Secretary of State’s office alleging that ballot harvesters showed up at her home attempting to collect her ballot when she shut them down. Harris claims they are part of an illegal ballot-harvesting operation that’s been going on for years in the black community in the Orlando area. According to Harris, ballot harvesters are paid $10 for each ballot they collect.

Just the News reports- Harris described an intricate system funded by liberal-leaning organizations that dispatch ballot brokers into black communities to pressure voters to turn over their ballots. The $10 fee per ballot is divvied up among the parties who help complete the harvesting.

Harris explains:

You the candidate, or any political party, can find out when the absentee ballots are mailed and to whom. What happens is these ballot harvesters—they know which batch has gone out— they go to the door, and they ask you for your absentee ballot. Well, in communities that don’t look like me, no one does this, but in our community, it’s kind of like at accepted practices that the man is coming by to pick up my absentee ballot, or the lady is coming to pick up my absentee ballot.

And you know, it’s just utterly ridiculous that people don’t understand that once that ballot leaves your hand and it’s not placed in the mailbox or is not directly given to the supervisor of elections, you don’t know where it goes.  It’s possible that they throw them away—we’ve seen evidence of that. You see them, they steam open the ballots, and then they mis-mark them so that if it’s not for their candidate then that ballot is spoiled, so when people think that the numbers are low, it’s really not low, it’s just that someone has intercepted before it gets to the proper authorities

Cynthia Harris appeared on Just The News with John Soloman, where she explained what happened when the alleged ballot harvesters came to her door in 2017:

The collection and delivery of ballots by third parties is illegal in Florida.

The newly created Office of Election Crimes and Security made a preliminary inquiry on Harris’ allegations and concluded there was sufficient evidence to warrant a full criminal probe by the state police, the Florida State Department told Just the News on Wednesday.

“Ballot brokers typically work up to a year in advance,” she stated. “Ballot brokers visit individuals in their residences and assists the individual with filling out a request for a mail-in ballot. After the mail-in ballot arrives, the voter is instructed to wait for the ballot broker returns to the individual’s residence. They are asked to not seal the certificate envelope.”

Harris described how, much as in Wisconsin, vulnerable patients in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes in Florida were targeted for ballot trafficking.

“For nursing homes … ballot brokers get the list of residents by cross-referencing the address with the voter registration list,” she explained. “The ballot broker figures out the best way to make contact, usually thru friends and family that may or may not know they are even part of a scheme. They help the resident fill out the mail-in ballot or just take the mail-in ballot from the nursing home and deliver it to the ballot broker.”

The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up worked with MI election integrity group MC4EI to pour through thousands of hours of surveillance video footage from Detroit drop boxes. What we found was astounding. While we cannot prove that these women work in a nursing home, we have more than one video of individuals wearing surgical scrubs commonly worn by workers in nursing homes, dropping off stacks of ballots in Detroit.