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Democrats spread Fake News about President Trump Stealing USPS Mailboxes
Democrats spread Fake News about President Trump Stealing USPS Mailboxes

Democrats spread Fake News about President Trump Stealing USPS Mailboxes

Left-wing conspiracy theorists are heading to the front lines of media claiming that President Trump is stealing mailboxes so lower-income communities will not be able to vote.

Even Joe Biden had the mental capacity to weigh in on the subject:

“I wonder if you’re outside trying to hold down your mailboxes. They’re going around literally with tractor trailers picking up mailboxes. You oughta go online and check out what they’re doing in Oregon. I mean, it’s bizarre!” 

He may have been reading from a script, but Joe Biden said all of those words in order and we should be happy for that.

Nonetheless, Breitbart said it best“Democrats have spent several days flogging the false “mailbox conspiracy” theory that President Donald Trump is deliberately crippling the U.S. Postal Service so that it cannot handle votes by mail in November — even forcing it to remove mailboxes.”

The Fact of the matter is that the US Post Office does regular maintenance on every facet of it’s infrastructure – yes, that includes mailboxes. We feel embarassed that we should also mention that the blue mailboxes seen around the country (all 142,000 of them) are made of steel and painted blue. When left out in the elements for decades at a time, eventually, they begin to rust and must be replaced.

One of the two pictures that went viral over the weekend showed a locking cover over the openings of a bank of mailboxes (above) with the caption “A disgrace and immediate threat to American democracy. Shame on them. Shame on the GOP.” These locks are common in high-crime areas to reduce theft.

With the shipping industry booming the way it has for the last decade, the USPS is slowly downsizing and becoming obsolete. The agency will also be removing hundred of mail-sorting machines – some to be scrapped, others to be sent for routine maintenance. This will not affect mail-in voting as the US Post Office has already explained in detail that it will not be able to handle the volume of “universal mail-in ballots”.

To add some truth to the wild leftist claims, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak writes,

The U.S. Postal Service has been a problem for years, constantly losing money.

In 2009, the postmaster general proposed moving to five-day-per-week mail delivery to cut costs. President Barack Obama criticized the service that year for failing to keep up with private sector competitors. The Obama-Biden administration considered closing nearly 3,700 post office locations, and proposed cutting 12,000 postal jobs.

President Trump tried a different tack, demanding in 2018 that Amazon lower the prices it charged the U.S. Postal Service for delivering its packages to consumers.

One aspect of ongoing cost management is the removal of mailbox from areas where few people deposit mail.

Considering that mail-in voting is supposed to be the 2nd option alternative to in-person voting, democrats and now celebrity virtue-signalers seems suspiciously concerned about the allocation of USPS resources.

Keep in mind that dozens of cases of confirmed mail-in voter fraud have been found throughout the United States in a number of different elections – resulting in hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes. We’ve seen it time and time again where democrats accuse republicans of the very thing they themselves are guilty of.

Finally, The Daily Caller was able to touch base with representatives from the USPS, indicating,

A USPS spokesperson said last week that collections boxes were being removed due to declining mail volume, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic. The postal service said on Friday that it would stop collecting the boxes in 16 Western states because of the allegations that the removals were related to mail-in voting.

The USPS inspector general noted in a blog post on Sept. 21, 2016, during the Obama-Biden administration, that 12,000 underused mailboxes had been removed over the previous five years.

“As part of its efforts to keep its collection infrastructure proportionate to customers’ needs at a reasonable cost, the Postal Service has eliminated underused collection boxes that on average receive fewer than 25 pieces a day; it has also added collection boxes where they are convenient for customers,” the blog post said.

Here at Trending Politics, we support the right for all American citizens to vote how they see fit and that every vote counts.

Source: https://trendingpolitics.com/what-s-really-going-on-with-the-mailboxes-and-why-democrats-are-losing-their-minds/?utm_source=economics

Twitter allowed the conspiracy theory that Post Office mailboxes are being “locked” to prevent Americans mailing in their ballots to spread unchecked on the platform, despite intensifying censorship of conservatives, including President Donald Trump, on dubious grounds of “misinformation” over the past few months.1

On August 21st, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified in a Senate hearing on the supposed USPS operational changes made during Covid. For the previous few weeks the Democrats, with help from their stenographers in the media spread wild conspiracy theories about the post office and Louis DeJoy. Protesters even showed up to DeJoy’s DC home and harassed him with a “noise demonstration.”2

“There has been no changes in any policies with regards to election mail for the 2020 election,” DeJoy said.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on the retirement of blue postal boxes and postal sorting machines:

“It’s a data-driven method…This is a normal process that’s been around for 50 years…

“This has been going on in every election year and every year for that matter.”

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