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Democrats Turn Iowa Caucus Into a Disaster; Buttigieg Declared Winner
Democrats Turn Iowa Caucus Into a Disaster; Buttigieg Declared Winner

Democrats Turn Iowa Caucus Into a Disaster; Buttigieg Declared Winner

The Iowa Democratic Party thought it would be a really swell idea to set the tone of the Democratic primary season by using their first-in-the-nation, widely touted, closely watched caucuses as a testing ground for a new Soros-funded election result reporting app called Shadow created by a shadowy organization called Acronym funded by a Silicon Valley billionaire known for online false flag operations in American elections and staffed by old hands of the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and which “glitched” (because of course) leading to “irregularities” in reporting and an overnight delay as the results were manually re-tabulated (giving the internet peanut gallery a chance to marvel at the Iowa Democrats’ version of a coin toss) and, eventually, to the declaration (in spite of massive lingering inconsistencies in the data) that, in complete opposition to all polling so far, Pete “#MayorCheat” Buttigieg was in fact the Iowan people’s choice for the Democratic presidential nominee . . . at least until they learned basic biographical details about him.

Or, more simply: the Iowa Democratic caucuses was a sh*tshow. It’s almost enough to make one feel sorry for all those credulous souls who still believe in the holy sacrament of voting. . . . Almost.

Although no one—not even the most fluoride-addled, election-participating statist—can deny that the entire caucus week was a failure of epic proportions, we should not lose sight of the fact that this fiasco can also be instructive. After all, it teaches us something about the system that purports to rule over the 300 million+ citizens of the United States. And, more importantly, it teaches us something about the political process itself that, one way or another, defines the world that we all live in.

On Sunday night, the night before the democratic caucus, Iowa Caucus staffers and volunteer canvassers for Democratic Party candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont gathered at a Des Moines dive bar for a pre-caucus party where they vented their hatred for other Democrat presidential candidates. A reporter for Rolling Stone reported that at one point during the party a Sanders canvasser jumped on a table and led the Sanders staffers and supporters in chants of “F*** Biden!”, “F*** Warren!”, “F*** Buttigieg!” and on down the line of candidates including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). Recall, this is the same group that Project Veritas infiltrated and caught Kyle Jurek admitting to wanting to create Russian gulags for re-education for anyone who didn’t want to live under Bernie’s Communist rule. (Corbett)

Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch announced just prior to the caucus that eight Iowa counties had more voter registrations than their eligible voting-age population. According to Judicial Watch’s analysis of data released by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in 2019 and the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey, eight Iowa counties were on the list of 378 counties nationwide that have more voter registrations than citizens living there who are old enough to vote, i.e., counties where registration rates exceed 100%. These 378 counties combined had about 2.5 million registrations over the 100%-registered mark. In Iowa, there are at least 18,658 “extra names” on the voting rolls in the eight counties at issue.

The chart below details the eight Iowa counties’ registration rate percentages:

Reg RateTotal Population
Dallas County114.880,864
Johnson County107.9114,425
Lyon County102.511,475
Madison County102.515,720
Poweshiek County102.118,428
Dickinson County100.917,000
Scott County100.8171,493
Warren County

There were at least 18,658 extra names on the voter rolls in Iowa, Judicial Watch reported.

The caucuses in Iowa were run so poorly that The Associated Press refused to declare a winner. After 48 hours Iowa democrats FINALLY ADMITTED that crazy Bernie won most Votes — But Somehow Lost to Mayor Pete Buttigieg… WTH Iowa?

Sanders – 42,027 – 26.1%
Buttigieg – 40,823 – 25.4%
Warren – 32,788 – 20.4%
Biden – 22,073 – 13.7%
Klobuchar – 19,429 – 12.1%
Yang – 1,722 – 1.1%
Steyer – 371 – 0.2%

After nearly three days of confusion and broken apps the Democrat Party National Chairman Tom Perez called for Iowa Democrats to recanvas the state for the primary caucus with 97% reporting, but it would not happen.

The guy who wouldn’t demand that the Iowa Democratic Party release the full caucus results now demands a recanvass,” one tweet stated.

What happened over the five days after the caucus was a mind-boggling display of fecklessness and ineptitude. Delay after inexplicable delay halted the process, to the point where it began to feel like the caucus had not really taken place. Results were released in chunks, turning what should have been a single news story into many, often with Buttigieg “in the lead.”

The delays and errors cut in many directions, not just against Sanders. Buttigieg, objectively, performed above poll expectations, and might have gotten more momentum even with a close, clear loss, but because of the fiasco he ended up hashtagged as #MayorCheat and lumped in headlines tied to what the Daily Beast called a “Clusterf+#k.”

Though Sanders won the popular vote by a fair margin, both in terms of initial preference (6,000 votes) and final preference (2,000), Mayor Pete’s lead for most of the week with “state delegate equivalents” — the number used to calculate how many national delegates are sent to the Democratic convention — made him the technical winner in the eyes of most. By the end of the week, however, Sanders had regained so much ground, to within 1.5 state delegate equivalents, that news organizations like the AP were despairing at calling a winner. After more than 2 weeks, the IDP finally released the vote count from the February 3 caucuses and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) asked for a recount after the results gave Pete Buttigieg a razor-thin win and 14 delegates to Sanders’ 12.

This wasn’t necessarily incorrect. The awarding of delegates in a state like Iowa is inherently somewhat random. If there’s a tie in votes in a district awarding five delegates, a preposterous system of coin flips is used to break the odd number. The geographical calculation for state delegate equivalents is also uneven, weighted toward the rural. A wide popular-vote winner can surely lose.

Supporters of the socialist Bernie Sanders, who saw the deck stacked against him in 2016 when Hillary stole the nomination, would accuse the DNC of taking votes away from the Iowa caucus ‘winner’ Bernie and redistributing them to less fortunate candidates again in 2016, which cannot be understated, as this is how socialism actually works. This is likely as his initial claim of victory had him up by over 6000 votes before everything was suppressed and chaos ensued. A fair election would be preferred, but is this not poetic justice?

Elizabeth Warren, always quick to pander to minorities to win their vote as if she still thinks she’s part Native American, would thank illegal immigrants who helped her campaign in Iowa. Little Mikey Bloomberg would net 20 popular votes in Iowa after blowing through $200 Million campaign dollars. And Biden, pegged as the frontrunner by mainstream media in spite of his dumpster fire campaign and growing realization that he had used his position as VP to enrich himself and his son through bribery in Ukraine, came in 4th place.

According to Politico, which obtained a copy of an autopsy report from an audit commissioned by the Iowa Democratic Party, the DNC decided mere weeks before the caucuses to demand a conversion tool for the app that the state party planned to use for reporting results so the DNC could view the raw data in real-time to ensure calculations were correct.2

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