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Did Hitler Really Snub Black Olympic Athelete, Jesse Owens, at the 1936 Olympics?
Did Hitler Really Snub Black Olympic Athelete, Jesse Owens, at the 1936 Olympics?

Did Hitler Really Snub Black Olympic Athelete, Jesse Owens, at the 1936 Olympics?

It has long been regarded as the greatest sporting snub in history – when Adolf Hitler stormed out of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin because Germany had been humiliated by a black man.

The moment was 1936 and an incredible American athlete called Jesse Owens had just run his way to the first of four gold medals in the 100 metres.

Hitler, who had shaken hands the previous day with all the German Olympic winners, left the stadium furious that his Ayran supermen had been beaten by their supposed racial inferior.

Or so the story goes.

But now a veteran sports reporter in Germany has come forward to claim that, though Hitler did indeed leave the stadium after the race, it was not before shaking Owens’ hand.

Siegfried Mischner, 83, claims that Owens carried around a photograph in his wallet of the Fuehrer doing just that.

Owens, who felt the newspapers of the day reported ‘unfairly’ on Hitler’s attitude towards him, tried to get Mischner and his journalist colleagues to change the accepted version of history in the 1960s.

Mischner claimed Owens showed him the photograph and told him: ‘That was one of my most beautiful moments.’

Mischner said: ‘It was taken behind the honour stand and so not captured by the world’s press. But I saw it, I saw him shaking Hitler’s hand.

‘The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored Owens.

‘We therefore decided not to report on the photo. The consensus was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to Owens.’

Mischner, who went on to write a book about the 1936 Olympics, said other journalists were with him on the day that Owens produced the photo and they too did not report on it.

‘Owens was disappointed,’ he said. ‘He shook his head disapprovingly. The press then was very obedient. I can make no excuses, but no one wanted to be the one to make Hitler the monster look good.

‘All my colleagues are dead, Owens is dead. I thought this was the last chance to set the record straight. I have no idea where the photo is or even if it exists still.’

Owens, who died in 1980, was the son of sharecroppers and won four track and field gold medals – the 100m, the long jump, the 200m and the relay race – at Berlin.

He insisted that he had not been snubbed by Hitler but made no reference to meeting him and shaking hands. ‘He was probably made to buy into the myth as much as we were,’ added Mischner.

Owens later said he was treated better in Germany than in America where blacks faced segregation.

In Germany, Owens had been allowed to travel with and stay in the same hotels as whites, at a time when African Americans in many parts of the United States, chiefly in the South, had to stay in segregated hotels that accommodated only blacks. When Owens returned to the U.S., he was greeted in NYC by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. During a Manhattan ticker-tape parade in his honor along Broadway’s Canyon of Heroes, someone handed Owens a paper bag. Owens paid it little mind until the parade concluded. When he opened it up, he found that the bag contained $10,000 in cash. Owens’s wife Ruth later said: “And he [Owens] didn’t know who was good enough to do a thing like that. And with all the excitement around, he didn’t pick it up right away. He didn’t pick it up until he got ready to get out of the car“.

After the parade, Owens was not permitted to enter through the main doors of the Waldorf Astoria New York and instead forced to travel up to the reception honoring him in a freight elevator. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) never invited Jesse Owens to the White House following his triumphs at the Olympic Games. When the Democrats bid for his support, Owens rejected those overtures: as a staunch Republican, he endorsed Alf Landon, Roosevelt’s Republican opponent in the 1936 presidential race.

Owens joined the Republican Party after returning from Europe and campaigned for the Republican presidential nominee Alf Landon in the 1936 presidential election. Speaking at a Republican rally held in Baltimore on October 9, 1936, Owens said:

Some people say Hitler snubbed me. But I tell you, Hitler did not snub me. I am not knocking the President. Remember, I am not a politician, but remember that the President did not send me a message of congratulations because, people said, he was too busy.

In 2014, Eric Brown, British fighter pilot and test pilot, the Fleet Air Arm’s most decorated living pilot, stated in a BBC documentary: “I actually witnessed Hitler shaking hands with Jesse Owens and congratulating him on what he had achieved“. Additionally, an article in The Baltimore Sun in August 1936 reported that Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Later, on October 15, 1936, Owens repeated this allegation when he addressed an audience of African Americans at a Republican rally in Kansas City, remarking:

“Hitler didn’t snub me—it was our president who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”

Those were the words of one of greatest Olympians in American history, James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens, winner of four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

Jesse Owens was a national track and field star in the 1930’s. In high school he broke several world records, and eventually went to Ohio State University, for which he had to pay his own way. To do so, Owens worked as a gas station attendant, a waiter, an all-night elevator operator and a library assistant. Leftists would find it hard to believe that a black man could go to college without government handouts.

While still a student at OSU, Owens was nothing short of amazing.

This excerpt is from Owens’ biography via an article by Lawrence Reed of the Foundation of Economic Freedom:

“Jesse gave the world a preview of things to come in Berlin, while at the Big Ten Championships in Ann Arbor on May 25, 1935, he set three world records and tied a fourth, all in a span of about 45 minutes. Jesse was uncertain as to whether he would be able to participate at all, as he was suffering from a sore back as a result from a fall down a flight of stairs. He convinced his coach to allow him to run the 100-yard dash as a test for his back, and amazingly Jesse recorded an official time of 9.4 seconds, once again tying the world record. Despite the pain, he then went on to participate in three other events, setting a world record in each event. In a span of 45 minutes, Jesse accomplished what many experts still feel is the greatest athletic feat in history…setting 3 world records and tying a fourth in four grueling track and field events.”

Owens went on to dominate the Olympics, ruining Hitler’s idiotic idea of the superior Aryan race. Hitler could do nothing but admire the man who completely destroyed his racist precepts. But it was not Hitler who shunned Owens.

Owens returned home from Berlin to ticker tape parades in New York City and Cleveland, his hometown. People from all over the world sent him congratulations. Jesse Owens had represented America in an event that was equally as important as our war theater. Owens had won the war of ideologies.

America was superior to the Germans and Nazism. However, racist Democrat President FDR never even acknowledged Owens, not a phone call, not a telegram. In fact, all the white Olympians were invited to the White House, but not Owens.

FDR hated black people. His New Deal policies are landmarks for modern Liberalism. He promised economic reform and assistance for the underprivileged; that is, unless you were black.

According to a Cato Institute publication:

“The flagship of the New Deal was the National Industrial Recovery Act, passed in June 1933. It authorized the president to issue executive orders establishing some 700 industrial cartels, which restricted output and forced wages and prices above market levels. The minimum wage regulations made it illegal for employers to hire people who weren’t worth the minimum because they lacked skills. As a result, some 500,000 blacks, particularly in the South, were estimated to have lost their jobs.” {emphasis added}

You will never hear liberals talk about the true history of the Democratic Party. Embarrassing details like their treatment of a black hero like Owens get swept under the carpet. They did the same to boxer Joe Louis, but that’s a whole other article.

You want to know why Democrats want their history eliminated? To forget the past is to repeat it. It’s our duty as Americans to remind everyone of the overt and covert racist history of the Democratic Party.

The truth of what happened at the 1936 Olympic games was witnessed by 4.5 million spectators from all over the world, and it has been related numerous times since then — but never by the controlled news media in the United States, which unvaryingly parrot the same old lie whenever the occasion arises. And it is that lie which the average American, whose greatest single source of information is Jewish-mafia controlled television, believes.1


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