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Discovery of Higgs Boson Particle is Announced by Scientists at CERN. Was it a Fraud?
Discovery of Higgs Boson Particle is Announced by Scientists at CERN. Was it a Fraud?

Discovery of Higgs Boson Particle is Announced by Scientists at CERN. Was it a Fraud?

In a TV Interview [Spotlight, with Al Gurnov, Russian TV (Sky 512) 3rd July 2012] the Director General of

" >CERN, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, stated, quite categorically “the only thing we don’t know about the Higgs Bosun particle is whether or not it exists“. Despite this, just 12 hours later, CERN released a Press statement saying it had “discovered a particle that was consistent with the theoretical Higgs boson” and that the discovery was “the strongest possible evidence yet for the existence of the particle“. Discovery of the Higgs boson, they claim, would support the so-called ‘Standard Model of Particle Physics’ favoured by cul-de-sac Physicists for the past 75 years.

The astute reader will note that nowhere has CERN ever claimed to have ‘discovered the Higgs Boson particle’, only a particle that is ‘consistent with ‘…that ‘looks like it’, or … ‘might be it’. Despite this, within hours of the Press-release, mainstream media broadcast ‘Physicists discover the Higgs Boson particle’—so effectively that it duped the Queen of England into awarding Peter Higgs the ‘Companion of Honour’ in her 2013 Honours List, ‘in recognition of his theory that the particle exists‘;—the award was given for his theory, not for anything to do with the discovery of a particle; the first case in the history of Science that an award has been given for a non-proven theory, following a scam by physicists in collusion with the media.

And the scam continued; on 7th October 2013 The Swedish Royal Academy of Science awarded Higgs the Nobel Prize for Science for ‘predicting the existence of the Higgs boson particle’. Again, to be clear, the award was not for the ‘discovery’ of the Higgs boson particle. As usual, within 4 hours of the announcement, mainstream media, after taking the bait, claimed that Higgs had received the Nobel Prize for his ‘discovery’ of the Higgs boson’, no doubt hoping that a repeat of the lie, often enough, would inspire belief.

But facts, are facts: Not a single researcher at CERN [or anywhere else in the World] nor CERN itself, has ever been given any kind of award for the discovery of the Higgs boson particle. And here’s the smoking gun: Not a single researcher at CERN [or anywhere else in the World] nor CERN itself, has made a statement claiming to have ‘discovered the Higgs boson particle’. So why has Higgs received an award at all? Is it any surprise that he could not be found to comment on his Nobel Prize; the BBC said … ‘he was too shy to comment’.

As for the so-called ‘Standard Model’, of Particle Physics, it cannot explain why objects fall to the ground (how gravity works), or how Electricity works at atomic level—why an electric current produces a magnetic field—or even why a permanent magnet sticks to the ‘fridge door. CERN would soon after, conveniently, shut-down its particle accelerator for a ‘3-year refit’; allowing the fraudulent Physicists time to retire, and disappear. Proof, if proof were needed, that all it takes for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

Dr. Georgi Stankov says this of the supposed discovery:

The current regurgitation of the once failed experiment to find the mysterious Higgs-Boson, the “God-particle“, as it was named by the famous obfuscator of science and Nobel-prize winner in physics, the Zionist scientist Leon Lederman, is the next fraudulent step of the Elite to cover up the true energetic situation on the earth.

The Higgs-Boson, the way it is described in current physics does not exist and this is known to the specialists. It is a fallout product of their failed standard model that is unable to unite gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This failed model embodies the total bankruptcy of this Orion-tainted, anything else but exact, natural science.

The reason for the invention of this virtual particle was the deliberate introduction of the false Anunnaki idea in quantum physics that photons have no mass. This led to a number of fundamental paradoxes in quantum physics and cosmology, such as the assumption for the existence of “dark matter” in modern cosmology, which accounts for 90% of all the mass in the Universe that cannot be attributed to any known particles. Hence the invention of the hypothetical Higgs-Boson, with which the PTB actually wanted to rectify the building of the super collider in Cern for completely different purposes.

Dr. Alexander Unzicker is a German theoretical physicist and son of the famous grandmaster chess player Wolfgang Unzicker. He holds degrees in both physics and law and a PhD in neuroscience. His current field of research is Mach’s principle and tests of gravity. Unzicker became known for his popular science book Vom Urknall zum Durchknall published by Springer, a scientific imprint, which was awarded the “Science Book of the Year” by leading science journalists in Germany.

In his book Bankrupting Physics: How Today’s Top Scientists are Gambling Away Their Credibility, Unzicker criticizes modern physics theories, more particularly the standard model of particle physics and string theory, as lacking experimental verifiability and arguing that they are no longer credible because of their complexity. He along with his co-author call for a return to physics’ experimental roots.

His latest book The Higgs Fake: How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee is a breath of fresh air and a somber look at the methods and interpretations that have fed the collective hysteria centralized at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which eventually lead to the so-called discovery of the Higgs Boson. The Higgs Fake is well written and easy to understand. Unzicker is direct and clear in his opinions with statements such as:

  • “The news given on the 4 July 2012 CERN Press Conference was at best an abuse of language and at worst a lie.”
  • “They declared the discovery of the century and yet did not resolve a single one of the fundamental problems of physics.”
  • “… Particle physics, as practiced since the 1930s, is a futile enterprise in its entirety… It has become a high-tech sport that has little to do with the laws of Nature.”
  • “It annoys me too much to see another generation of physicists deterred by the dumb messy patchwork called the standard model of particle physics, that hides the basic problems physics ought to deal with.”
  • “This book won’t appeal to particle physicists, there is no way to convince an expert that he or she has done nonsense for thirty years.”
  • “This book should provide journalists and people responsible for funding decisions with information they need to challenge the omnipresent propaganda.”

The Resonance Project scientific staff strongly recommends reading Dr. Unzicker’s books to get a clear picture of both the challenges in overcoming the tendency to adopt dogmatic views and the significant issues that must be resolved at the root of physics to obtain a clear and unified view of physical law. Dr. Unzicker was gracious enough to grant us a short written interview with a few questions of our scientific staff. We are grateful for his insights and happy to share them our contributing members prior to publications to the public at large.

For more of Alexander’s work please visit his blog his blog and his website.


Dr. Stankov continues, explaining the theoretical point of view why this whole experiment with the hypothetical Higgs-Boson is a scientific hoax:

The whole dilemma of present-day physics arises from the fact that the Orionite physicists have introduced the concept of “mass-less photons“. This fraudulent idea was first introduced through the theory of relativity by postulating that if a photon would have  a mass when it will be accelerated with the speed of light, its mass will become extremely big and this is not possible. This is the reversal of any human logic, as photon space-time is only the medium which propagates electromagnetic waves, so that there is no net movement of mass in form of particles.

In a second step, these criminal scientists eliminated the existence of photon space-time similar to that of matter and substituted it with the dogmatic concept of “actions at a distance” transmitted by hypothetical “long-range correlations“. This happened  after they  interpreted the famous Michelson – Morley experiment some 120 years ago in a completely wrong manner by rejecting the existence of ether.

Since then, the two and only fundamental forces that humanity directly uses – gravitation and electromagnetism – are considered to be exerted as an action at a distance through long-range correlations in the void (vacuum): This is the most idiotic concept any human being could have ever conceived.

The consequences of this fraud have been huge and most devastating to science and the technological progress of humanity in the last 100 years. In the first place, this scientific dogma prevented the introduction of free photon energy. This was the purpose of the PTB …who wanted to enslave humanity by making the people dependent on expensive centralized electric grid, based essentially on the combustion of organic fossil fuels.

There are many more fraudulent steps that have led to the present deplorable situation in physics, but all of them have one common goal: How to hide the existence of the parental high-frequency dimensions of the souls and the higher realms that create this 3d-reality and are also responsible for the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension this year.

I have extensively discussed these aspects in my physical books on the Universal Law and also in my gnostic books published on this website. The most succinct proof why we do not need to search for the hypothetical Higgs-Boson with a huge mass in order to explain gravitation and the missing mass of “dark matter” in the universe, is given on my homepage – in Table 1.

This table succinctly proves that all the elementary particles that build matter have a mass that is derived from the mass of the basic photon h, which is the famous Planck’s constant and represents the smallest energy package that can be currently measured with material devices. This table not only integrates for the first time gravitation with the other three forces and thus eliminates the standard model, where the Higgs-Boson plays a crucial role in the flawed considerations of the Orion scientists, but also proves that photons have a mass.

In that case we do not need to search for Higgs-Bosons with such a huge mass /energy in the order of 125 GeV. This fact only shows that the Orion scientists have only used the Higgs-Boson as an excuse to build such a big collider in order to induce an artificial black hole on the earth and cause an incomplete ascension of Gaia and humanity and thus hinder their Ascension process to the 5th dimension.

My personal assessment of this latest repetition of the “Higgs-Boson fairy tale” is that the Elite is desperate in these last days and uses any dark option to stop the inevitable – the ID split and their demise from power.

The Resonance Project: Do you think that many scientists, more specifically particle physicists, feel the way you do about the standard model yet are afraid to discuss it publicly due to the repercussions it will have on their career and the potential support of their peers?

Alexander Unzicker: Particle physicists definitely avoid a public debate about the foundations of their field, because they are concerned about their funding. However, they merely believe their fairy tales. Others in more sane fields such as geophysics or quantum optics often agree with my critical views, but don’t want to speak out. They have nothing to gain.

R.P.: Do you think that the standard model of particle physics has become a dogma similar to a religious order?

A.U.: I wouldn’t call it order, but the parallel to religion is obvious. Science is testable, repeatable, transparent and makes predictions. All this is absent in particle physics. Opinions in the community are formed in the exactly same way, by relying on authority, parroting and belief.

R.P.: Do you think that some of the experimental results of the 1950s and 1960s were misinterpreted? And if so, how would you simply describe where this has taken us.

A.U.: It’s a subtle mechanism, the combination of theoretical wishful thinking and the adjustments of experiments on phenomena, which were consistent with those desires. That led to a series of concepts that probably have nothing to do with reality. All this is brilliantly described by Andrew Pickering in his book Constructing Quarks.

R.P.: What is your opinion of the validity and viability of building larger and larger accelerators to confirm various standard model approaches?

A.U.: Fundamental physics has turned into a high-tech sport that has nothing to do with fundamental questions. For decades, there has been no creative idea in particle physics other than to go to higher energies.

R.P.: In your opinion, is there any way to reinterpret the experimental data from particle accelerators, including the Large Hadron Collider, to expose useful alternative theoretical concepts?

A.U.: The problem is that the results are formulated within the standard model, thus at the present stage they are useless. If we talk about reinterpreting, we should repeat the experiments of the 1950s and 1960s and put the raw data on the Internet.

R.P.: What is your opinion of Dirac’s large number hypothesis?

A.U.: Extremely interesting and significant, though it is usually dismissed as “numerology” by people who never predict measurable numbers. But if quantum mechanics is ever unified with general relativity, Dirac’s observation has to play a key role.

R.P.: Why do you think quantum mechanical spin is “apparently” not represented by physical spin?

A.U.: I think that spin is a consequence of the mathematical properties of rotations in three-dimensional space. We are still far from fully understanding its nature.

R.P.: Do you think that there is a more classical solution to particle physics and that Einstein was right in seeking one?

A.U.: He was right in criticizing that quantum theory did provide the ultimate solution, though I would not agree with all his arguments. An ingenious idea he had was the variable speed of light. I think one should carefully study it, there is even an unknown relation to Dirac’s large numbers.

R.P.: What do you think it will take to overcome the dogma of the Higgs mechanism and the Higgs fake discovery?

A.U.: Well, people may gradually realize that it is nonsense as they are starting to realize it with strings, but the structures in institutionalized science are very resilient. We need to reorganize the method of evaluation and adapt it to the 21st century. The raw data of every experiment has to be public and every single step of the analysis has to be open to scrutiny, testable by an unlimited number of researchers. There are some encouraging examples in astrophysics, such as SDSS.

R.P.: Do you think there is any hope that the mainstream community will accept a simpler solution to particle physics and to quantum gravity?

A.U.: It will always be hard to convince people that they have achieved nothing in their career, even if the correct theory of everything should show up. In that case, as Max Planck said, science advances very slowly, from one funeral to the next…

R.P.: What inspired you to pursue this journey of discovery regarding the standard model and being a vocal point for an alternative pursuit of physics?

A.U.: I really love physics, and it really annoyed me how much baloney is being sold under its name. So I felt I had to speak out. Humanity needs reasonable physics if we want to get the respect of civilizations that might follow.

“… In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” (President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961).


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