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DOJ Blocks FBI Investigation of Clinton Foundation’s Swindle of Gates Foundation Cash
DOJ Blocks FBI Investigation of Clinton Foundation’s Swindle of Gates Foundation Cash

DOJ Blocks FBI Investigation of Clinton Foundation’s Swindle of Gates Foundation Cash

When FBI agents working the Clinton Foundation investigation developed intelligence that tech pioneer and philanthropist Bill Gates was beyond angry at Bill and Hillary Clinton for duping his charitable foundation out of as much as $200 million, FBI brass wanted to arrange a sit down with the Microsoft mogul.

Gates, after all, is the second wealthiest man in the United States, running a close second behind Amazon king Jeff Bezos. That is the kind of fact witness FBI agents dream about. Would Gates flip on the Clinton’s and spill the beans on the millions he forked over to their sham foundation? Bad blood between Gates and the Clinton’s would certainly help fortify a criminal case against the Clinton Foundation. But as Thomas Paine revealed on his Moore Paine Show on Patreon Tuesday night as well as the Thomas Paine Podcast on Wednesday — FBI agents never got the chance to pick Gates’ brain. The Justice Department blocked access to Mr. Gates. (Listen to podcast below)

Just how much of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s charity cash did the Clinton’s squander for personal use and luxuries instead of charitable causes? That’s a number the FBI was never truly allowed to develop. The criminal case has since been spiked by Attorney General William Barr. It appears Barr’s Justice Department too was responsible for blocking the FBI from allowing Gates to talk about his reported problems with the Clinton charities. Gates — both directly through his charity foundation and through other charitable proxies he is linked to — provided the Clinton’s with well over $200 million, perhaps much more.

The Clinton Foundation’s financials detail the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated “greater” than $25 million to the Clinton’s charity, though no exact figure was provided. The Clinton Foundation lists contributors by money tiers and “Greater than $25 Million” is the top category where the Gates charity is listed. However, another top-tier contributor is Unitaid — a charity where the Gates’ have pumped over $150 million into which then turned around and donated “greater” than $25 million back to the Clinton Foundation. Similar arrangements tied to the Clinton’s with other global Gates-backed charities likewise exist, netting untold millions in revenue for the Clinton’s. Officially, at least as far as the Clinton’s IRS filings detail, Gates directly donated at least $200 million to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Health Access Initiative through 31 Dec 2018.

Were the Gates’ duped by the Clinton’s? Or does this story go deeper and perhaps the Justice Department doesn’t want folks to know the sordid underbelly of the Gates and Clinton foundations and details of illicit financial practices? But if Bill and Melinda Gates were willing to share their frustration and financials with FBI agents about their soured patronage and experiences with the crooked Clinton foundation — why were they not allowed to speak to the Feds? With $200 million plus on the table, interviewing the benefactors would seem rather elementary. If the second-wealthiest man in the United States can’t get help from the FBI against the Clinton Cartel — then who can? (Listen below)

More details in the below podcast — Warning — the podcast uses some explicit language.