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Dunblane Primary School Shootings near Stirling, Scotland: A False Flag used to Further Gun Control in the UK
Dunblane Primary School Shootings near Stirling, Scotland: A False Flag used to Further Gun Control in the UK

Dunblane Primary School Shootings near Stirling, Scotland: A False Flag used to Further Gun Control in the UK

The official story is that a mad loner called Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland. The unofficial story is that Thomas Hamilton was supplying pornography, and possibly young boys, to top people including policemen and politicians; and Thomas Hamilton may have been murdered, to shut him up. More than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder have been sealed from public sight for 100 years. When the Dunblane Inquiry ended, citizens who owned handguns were given three months to turn them over to local authorities. The few who didn’t were visited by police and threatened with ten-year prison sentences if they didn’t comply. Police later bragged that they’d taken nearly 200,000 handguns from private citizens. All of the guns had been registered and licensed so they knew where they were.

Tennis star Andy Murray was a student at the Dunblane Primary School when the massacre occurred.

Sandra Uttley, author of ‘Dunblane Unburied’ has the following statement on her website:

When the Dunblane massacre happened in March 1996, I was in the most stable settled part of my life. I’d lived on the outskirts of Dunblane since the early 1980s, but in April 1995 I bought a small flat in the town itself, not far from the imposing 13th century Cathedral.

In August 1995 I joined the Scottish Ambulance Service and began work at the station just 9 miles north of Dunblane. I am ashamed to say that during my training I didn’t pay much attention to dealing with gunshot injuries as to my mind that was a ‘city’ problem and not something I was likely to encounter in the little backwater where I lived and worked.

Fortunately I wasn’t due back on duty on 13 March till 8pm. My colleagues Alison and Les received THAT dreadful call and were the first ambulance personnel to arrive at the school, declaring it a Major Incident.

I was called in a few hours later to relieve them from duty. Having collected the ambulance from Stirling, myself and another colleague Russell went back to station to clean out the ambulance that had transported 5 year old Mhairi MacBeath to hospital. She was declared dead on arrival, from a single gunshot wound to the head. Mhairi’s father had been my philosophy lecturer at university in the early ‘80s. He had tragically died six months before Mhairi’s murder, from a brain haemorrhage. He hadn’t lived to see his second daughter, Katherine, born. And on the day of Mhairi’s murder, a memorial service was being held in his memory. His wife Isabel had thought about keeping Mhairi off school that day, but decided it was for her own selfish reasons and besides, Mhairi didn’t want to miss gym. Within an hour, her daughter was dead.

I bring in such personal detail, because to my mind it is too easy for people to forget the enormous loss of life on 13 March 1996 and the individual tragic stories involved in each death.

Back at my ambulance station, I waited with dread for Alison and Les to return after their debriefing. I didn’t know what I could possibly say to them. They were deeply shocked and traumatised. Alison simply said, “that is not a job you would have wanted so early in your career”. I was so incredibly relieved it hadn’t been me. Les could barely speak. He kept on making a gun trigger gesture to his head and said that is how the children had died. They had been disabled and then shot through the head as they lay injured on the gym floor. For some reason very little has been said about this aspect of the massacre – that 11 girls were shot through the head. I am not certain how many of the 5 boys who were killed died from head injuries. The gunman didn’t seem to have the boys as his target as clearly as he did the girls. One boy who was lying injured was shot in the back, not the head, giving him more chance of survival (and indeed this boy, Matthew Birnie, did survive).

A head shot virtually guarantees death and the gunman was clearly intent on making this a true massacre, in every sense of the word.

Just how had this obscenity happened?

It has taken all of ten years for me to finally understand why Dunblane happened. I remember being very surprised when the bereaved parents called for a ban on handguns, as to my mind this was an obvious failure of policing. Thomas Hamilton should NEVER have been allowed to own guns. Britain had no noticeable ‘gun culture’ as in the States. I would imagine that the majority of people, like me, had no idea that target shooting as a sport existed. The very rare gun crime we heard about was part of the criminal underworld. We did not have a problem with legally held weapons in this country.

But, waiting in the wings was Gill Marshall-Andrews, wife of British MP Bob Marshall-Andrews, with her embryonic Gun Control Network (GCN). In Australia and New Zealand, Rebecca Peters and Philip Alpers too were waiting to pounce. After the massacre at Port Arthur, Peters and Alpers were in action.

In preparation for the Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane massacre, the solicitor representing the bereaved and injured children’s families, invited each family to express their concerns about – amongst other matters – gun control. Those who expressed the strongest views, in particular, Mick North, who lost his only child in the massacre, were then co-opted into the gun control movement. Mick has remained there ever since.

I began a relationship with Mick a few months after Sophie’s death (his wife had died a few years earlier) and after our relationship ended, I worked for him for the next 7 years as his Personal Assistant. By then Mick was travelling the world on his gun control ‘mission’ and I held the fort back in Scotland whilst he was away on his endless trips.

It was only in 1999 that I discovered that all the Dunblane Inquiry documents had been locked away for an astonishing 100 years (a closure order that has since been declared illegal). Whilst for the previous 3 years I’d thought in terms of police incompetence re Thomas Hamilton, NOW I realised that something much more sinister was going on. Still, I had nothing to work on – or so I thought.

At the end of 2002, I accidently stumbled across some information on the internet about Dunblane that was to set me off on this path – searching for the truth. Once you find yourself on this road, it is impossible to get off. That said, I never expected to be battling on nearly 4 years later. I naively thought that once the parents and the media discovered about all the lies told at the Dunblane Inquiry, there would be an uproar. There has been nothing of the sort.

For the first 6 years after the massacre, I hadn’t doubted for one minute that Thomas Hamilton had killed himself immediately after his shooting spree. But once I began studying all the evidence from the transcript of the Inquiry, there were such glaring inconsistencies and blatant lies about the scene of crime in the gym, that it soon became clear to me that Hamilton had been shot and killed and hadn’t committed suicide at all.

Now if that was the case, why? Surely after what Hamilton had just done, this person would have been hailed a hero? But there was a difficulty though. The massacre was said to have taken just 3 minutes. If Hamilton was killed, how did his assassin get there so quick? I don’t need to go into any more detail now about that, as this is all in my book.

But when you look at all the evidence coming to light now about the Port Arthur massacre in Australia and the Columbine massacre in the States, Dunblane would seem to not be alone in terms of inconsistent evidence, disappearing vital witnesses, a refusal of the mainstream media to print anything about that, the ridiculing and hounding of those campaigners like myself who fight to be heard, AND the total silence of both GCN and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) of which Mick is closely involved.

On 2 October 2005, Mick saturated the British press with his claims that there had been no cover-up of the truth about the massacre in which his beloved only child had been killed. All the articles were full of inaccuracies and, in all honesty, downright untruths. No newspaper would print a right of reply from me, the main campaigner for the truth about the Dunblane massacre. I had – at last – been silenced.

Why would a parent do this? Mick has, without a doubt, been brainwashed by the international gun control movement. There can be no other explanation for why a father would so blatantly stamp the truth about his daughter’s murder into the ground ……… and to my mind, this left the door wide open for further gun massacres. It is a tragic irony that exactly one year later, on 2 October 2006, in a small backwater in Pennsylvania, a place where, like Dunblane, these things just do not happen, five schoolgirls were executed, Dunblane-style.

These gun massacres are always said to be the work of the lone nut gunman. I don’t know enough about the details of all the other school massacres we have witnessed around the western world these last two decades. Andrew MacGregor has done much work in that area and will be speaking about this in a couple of days.

But I do know enough about Dunblane now to know that Thomas Hamilton more than likely did not commit the Dunblane massacre. Hamilton was – no other word for it – the patsy. He was set up that day and he paid with his life. And because the truth about the Dunblane atrocity has been buried, you can be sure that we will see more and more of this kind of modern warfare, where children are sacrificed for some supposed greater good that ‘the planners’ would wish for.

According to journalist Marcello Mega, in The News of the World, 28 December 2003:

  1. A top Scottish Freemason, Former Grand Master Lord Burton, has said that Lord Cullen’s inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a cover-up. Lord Burton says Cullen’s inquiry suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures.
  2. These high-profile legal figures may belong to a secretive ‘Super-Mason’ group called The Speculative Society. Lord Burton said: ” “I was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland at the time and I’m aware that most of the conspiracy theories around Dunblane revolve around allegations of a Masonic conspiracy.”I do have some difficulty with that, but I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society.”The society was formed at Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route. But Hamilton was never a Mason. His grandfather was.” Reportedly, members of the Speculative Society have included Lord Cullen and a number of other judges, sheriffs and advocates.
  3. Some of these high-profile people had links to the Queen Victoria School ‘where gunman Thomas Hamilton was allowed to roam free before the 1996 atrocity’.
  4. Reportedly the police are investigating claims that pupils at Queen Victoria School were regularly taken away and sexually abused.
  5. Former housemaster Glenn Harrison told the News of the World how he even found Hamilton, 43, creeping around the dormitories at night. He said Hamilton had close links to a top policeman. Glenn was never called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry.
  6. Lord Burton said: “I tried repeatedly to raise concerns about the inquiry during my time in the Lords, and I was bullied and threatened by powerful peers loyal to the Conservative Government of the day, who warned me of dire consequences if I continued to embarrass them.”
  7. According to ‘Malcolm Rifkind’s friend and his then Chairman of his constituency party at Edinburgh Pentlands, Robert Bell, according to the front page lead of the Edinburgh Evening News on 23 March 1996, sold guns and ammunition to Thomas Hamilton only a few weeks before the Dunblane massacre, and it was reported he said he would sell him guns again.’)
  8. Glenn Harrison had kept dozens of files from pupils alleging bullying and abuse while he was at the Queen Victoria School and wrote to parents warning of the dangers in 1991. It led to him being ousted from the school and just days before he left, police raided his home and confiscated the files.
  9. Glenn states that Hamilton had been a friend of Ben Philip, the senior housemaster at QVS. Mr Philip died in December 1993, aged 46, when he fell from a ladder while hanging decorations.“

(Lord Burtons statements should illustrate to people that not all Masons are in on the whole conspiracy at all as there are secret societies within secret societies so not all Masons are bad and are involved in Satanic paedophile rings. Quite the opposite actually. Burton was subjected to the usual dismissal, condemnation and threats for demanding action.)

According to information that came to light after the Cullen Inquiry, Thomas Hamilton died from two bullet wounds fired into the roof of his mouth, one bullet exiting above the left ear, and another through the top of his head. There were two bullet holes in the wall behind Thomas Hamilton’s body in line with where such two bullets would have traveled if Thomas Hamilton had been shot whilst being held down. There were also witness’s in the form of a teacher and some children who were locked in a storeroom heard somebody enter the gymnasium and thought the shooter was being talked down. Who was speaking to the shooter and who else was at the scene? They also heard Hamilton scream before he allegedly shot himself which seems potentially suspicious to me.

Constable Grant McCutcheon, the off-duty policeman who was the first policeman to enter the school gymnasium gave us some vital clues to the Dunblane massacre. McCutcheon stated: “I also saw, at the same time as all this, that the gunman was gurgling and breathing heavily.” What this means is that Constable Grant McCutcheon had entered the gymnasium before Hamilton’s body had completed its death sequences, or in other words within under a minute of Thomas Hamilton being murdered. McCutcheon also saw the school janitor John Currie (32 years of age and supposedly disappeared after the event) at the body of Thomas Hamilton, and saw Currie moved one of the two pistols that were near the body. Why wasn’t Constable Grant McCutcheon called in front of the Cullen Inquiry???? Then there was the student teacher, David Scott who in his witness statement said that he saw Thomas Hamilton put a handgun up near his mouth. I believe we now have sufficient evidence to question just exactly what involvement in the murder of Thomas Hamilton that the witnesses John Currie and David Scott played. During the investigation, it was claimed that student teacher David Scott witnessed Hamilton kill himself. However, Scott did not himself give evidence, and when asked if he did see the killer commit suicide, he refused to make any comment at all.

Former paramedic Sandra Uttley who was meant to be working that day but instead had to cater for her traumatized colleagues who attended the scene. Uttley said: “There are glaring anomalies in the inquiry, inconsistencies in witness testimony, incorrect information given on oath and the absence of vital witnesses.”It is also blatantly obvious that Central Scotland Police, who were chosen to investigate the background to the murders, should never have been involved in a so-called independent inquiry.”They were implicated in the events under scrutiny and continually provided Hamilton with renewals of his gun licence despite long-term and repeated warnings that this should not happen.”It was known that Hamilton had friends in the police force, including one highly placed officer.”I believe that Hamilton was a major provider of pornographic photographs and videos to a ring of men prominent in Central Scotland, including police officers who protected him from numerous allegations of physical abuse at boys’ camps and clubs he ran.”They protected themselves after the massacre which conveniently ended in his suicide”. In her recent book Dunblane Unburied, Uttley revealed: “A policeman said CCTV cameras picked up Hamilton’s van leaving Stirling on the morning of March 13, 1996 at 8.44 and 8.46.“The journey to Dunblane school would normally take just 15 minutes.“Yet Hamilton did not arrive there until 9.30. Where did he go in the half hour that’s unaccounted for?” Whilst writing her book she went on an American radio show talking about her book and she was hacked and 7 months of her work was deleted.

  • WHO did killer Thomas Hamilton meet and talk to on the way to Dunblane primary school?
  • WHO was the off-duty police officer at the scene and why has his identity been concealed?
  • WHY have Hamilton’s post mortem results been kept secret?
  • WHY ambulance service records are not being made public for the next 100 years, and WHY was there confusion over the number of guns Hamilton had at the school?

Frank Cook a Labour MP called for an inquiry into allegations that Thomas Hamilton, had links with the Freemasons. Cook, member for Stockton North, said he had tabled a Commons motion claiming that Hamilton may have been allowed to build up an arsenal of high-powered weapons because of links with the ultra-secret society. Mr Cook claimed Hamilton was granted a firearms certificate in 1979, two years after joining Lodge number 1417 of the Masonic Order at Garrow Hill, Glasgow. Mr Cook said he got his information from a senior police source.

The allegations in this case are of a much wider conspiracy than Hamilton alone as he allegedly provided services to a much wider ring of establishment paedophiles who were protected from investigation. One of the the people who gave references for Hamilton’s firearm license for example was George Robertson, the ex UK Defence Secretary and Secretary General of Nato. Similar accusations have been raised in the case of the Belgian “snuff movie” director Marc Detroux, who has alleged that he was part of an establishment paedophile ring whom the police refuse to investigate.

Public access campaigner and retired businessman William Scott, 72, of Edinburgh, said: ‘It is important there is no cover-up, particularly in relation to prominent figures and the role they may have played. ‘There is a strong feeling that decisions were taken within the police, by the procurator fiscal and Crown Office, and it looks like names have been protected other than those of children.’ Tamzin Lewis Mail on Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 said “Among documents banned from public view until 2096 are copies of police reports regarding complaints against Hamilton and his running of sports clubs and of a summer camp at Millarochy Bay, Loch Lomond in July 1991.”

Lord Cullen, an establishment insider, also omitted and censored references to the documents in his final report. Parents and teachers were advised to concentrate their efforts on a campaign to outlaw handguns instead of focusing on how the mentally unstable Freemason, already known by the police to be a paedophile, had obtained a firearms license for six handguns. Hamilton allegedly enjoyed good relations with both local Labour luminary George Robertson and Michael Forsyth, the then Scottish Secretary of State and MP for Stirling. Forsyth congratulated and encouraged Hamilton for running a boy’s club. Hamilton was also found to have exchanged letters with the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth. Although the letters exchanged may have been innocent who is to know what the true content was but hearing this did not actually surprise me with what ive learnt about what the Royals have been involved in. There are over 70,000 files on Dunblane not available to the public until 2097.

So what did the British government do to cover this up? They hide behind the draconian British policy of issuing “D-Notices,” government orders that prohibit the British media from reporting on certain “national security” cases, so the public would not know the truth about what happened and who was really involved. The public were told that the reason for the 100 year blockade of truth was for the protection of the families but Neil Mackay stated in his March 2003 Sunday Hearld article that there were only a handful of documents that related to children or named alleged abused victims. But this is not the only time we have seen Blair use D-Notices like this. In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and pedophiles run by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed “under caution” by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair’s government including one of his most important aides, Phillip Lyon. However, Blair issued a D-Notice, resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing any details of the investigation. Blair cited the impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice. Police also discovered links between British Labor government pedophile suspects and the trafficking of children for purposes of prostitution from Belgium and Portugal.

The direct result of the Dunblane Massacre was the removal of handguns from ordinary law abiding citizens. Following the incident, the government passed legislation banning ownership of all handguns in the UK. All parties in parliament demonized the inanimate object, the handgun and legislation, Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 was passed. If you look at the stats now crime involving supposedly banned handguns has quadrupled yet the decent and law abiding citizens are not allowed to defend themselves with them. I think that these accusations warrant an inquiry into Hamilton, the shootings and the investigations conducted by the authorities. The families of the victims deserve to know the truth and have public access to all of the information concerning Hamilton as the truth will help people understand what really happened. This horrible event allowed for the agenda of the shadow governments to be fulfilled in relation to disarming the public which fit in to what they have spelled out for us in their UN Agenda 21. This event was very similar to the Port Arthur shootings which happened 6 weeks later in Tasmania in Australia which I will write about soon. I will also like to illustrate that everything is not just all a coincidence and people need to start understanding that these illuminati scum do not think the same way as good people like you or me so be more objective when looking at incidents like the Aurora Batman shooting and the sandy hook shooting which both also fit the PSYOP bill.

Just a parting thought but if the assassination of JFK in 1963 led to a D-Notice preventing release of information to the public for some 50 years, one wonders what on earth lies beneath the murky waters of the Blair administration and the Cullen Inquiry that resulted in a 100 year ban on release of information relating to this horrendous crime. I am under the impression that no such similar length of ban has been imposed in British legal history. Ever.

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