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FOIA Doc: CIA “Investigate… Utilization of (Flying Saucer Problem) for Psychological Warfare Purposes”
FOIA Doc: CIA “Investigate… Utilization of (Flying Saucer Problem) for Psychological Warfare Purposes”

FOIA Doc: CIA “Investigate… Utilization of (Flying Saucer Problem) for Psychological Warfare Purposes”

Curiously, the origin of the modern UFO story seems to correspond with the establishment of the CIA. The government itself supposedly conducted investigations and studies, many which were inconclusive. However CIA documents dwelled on the usefulness and utilization of “the phenomena”.

It is recommended that: a. The Director of Central Intelligence advise the National Security Council of the security implications inherent in the flying saucer problem. b. CIA, under its assigned responsibilities, and in cooperation with the psychological strategy board, immediately investigate possible offensive or defensive utilization of the phenomena for psychological warfare purposes both for and against the United States.” — From a CIA declassified document titled “Flying Saucers,” dated Sept. 7, 1952

We (Winterwatch.net) would suggest the agenda behind the emergence of the UFO and alien narratives is a multi-faceted and long-term PSYOP

  1. strategy of tension – funding sci-fi movies and video games in order to prepare us for war.
  2. the development of magical thinking and hysteria or what Winter Watch calls the “cartoon world”.
  3. a tool to be used in the promotion of New Ageism, which often loops into UFOlogy.
  4. neuro-linguistic programming to lump “conspiracy theorists” into a convenient contrived basket for discrediting purposes.
  5. distraction or misdirection- In 1973, a survey found that 95 percent of the public reported having heard of UFOs.
  6. laying the long term ground work for an ultra-false flag called Project Blue Beam.

Prior to the 1980s alien abduction reports were rare. Causation for claims of alien abduction can sometimes be explained by a condition called sleep paralysis. Add New Age beliefs, susceptibility to hypnosis and suggestion, and a familiarity with the cultural narrative of alien abduction. The best of these candidates are then actually drugged and kidnapped to be run through a mock alien encounter experience with a cocktail of drugs and mind control techniques thrown in. Then the experience is covered up by claiming the subject suffers from false memory syndrome.

The most commonly found identified sources of UFO reports are:

Fata Morgana
Lenticular cloud

Disinformation: The Majestic Documents

Readers are referred to this site and video for further understanding of this higher profile disinfo PSYOP.

In quick summary, “majestic documents” refers to thousands of pages of purportedly classified government documents that are alleged to prove the existence of a Top Secret group of scientists and military personnel—Majestic 12—formed in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and charged with investigating crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants. These allegedly classified documents were leaked from 1981 to the present day by unidentified sources.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser and Dr. Carol Chaski applied cutting-edge computational methods on authorship attribution to a range of Majestic Documents which included a signature (a named author). They determined that the authorship of the documents tested were not written by the persons attributed to the article – in other words a forgery.

Zecharia Sitchin DEBUNKED Fake Ancient Aliens

Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) was a Jew from Azerbaijan who posed as a Sumerian scholar and launched the bogus ancient alien scam. The fake scholarship derived from his propaganda have sucked millions into a cult-like following, promoted by all the New Age usual suspects.

He was on Coast to Coast AM radio ten times between 1996 and 2010. His 1996 book the Twelfth Planet (Nibiru) has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon, with hundreds of fake disinformation reviews. Sitchin’s and other alien theorists were funded by Laurence Rockefeller.

Sitchin holds that aliens from outer space called Anunnakis showed up from planet Nibiru 450,000 years ago and passed on genetic material to select humans. Surprise, surprise right up the controller’s alley, the human product was created as slave material, in particular to mine gold. He claims falsely that the Sumerian recorded this on cuneiforms.

The scam was inserted into the pop culture via the Hollyweird Stargate movie series. The History Channel jumped on the bandwagon with the Ancient Aliens series.  Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo have given momentum to the scam. After running Sitchin’s concepts for four years in 2010-2014, Rogan shifted to more of a skeptic in 2016.  Debunkers are generally censored, ignored and kept off the air. Jimmy Kimmel runs a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tease with every President who comes on his show.

Ancient Aliens Debunked gives a fuller debunking and is available as a full three hour documentary. It is astonishing to the degree that the deceptive ancient alien promoters just concocted and made thngs up.

Developing the Lore and Momentum for Project Blue Beam?

What types of superstitious appeals will be best adapted to the various audiences to be propagandised?… A study of local supserstitions as relected in popular folk lore might be profitable in providing answers to these questions.’ – 1950 paper, The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare, Rand Corp – (PDF here).

The narrative would regularly be given a boost a couple of times a year. In between his celebfest of stars, Larry King would host UFOlogists who regale the talk show kingpin with an endless parade of blurry photographs, grainy videos. Yes, here we go again, blurry and grainy. Winter Watch “hostile attribution bias? Guilty again!! Do you trust blurry and grainy? We don’t.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell claimed that he knew of senior government employees who had been involved in “close encounters” and because of this he has no doubt that aliens have visited Earth. A side show revealed by Wikileaks were emails between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta about the Vatican holding “evidence” of ETI. Here, Hillary Clinton is seen commiserating with Laurence Rockefeller about his UFO Initiative. In the campaign Hillary promised to “open the Area 51 files.”

President Reagan’s PSYOP — speaking about how “unifying” an alien threat would be.

Others with sketchy but superficially credible backgrounds have been rolled out to feed the narrative such as Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (the first CIA director), Lord Hill-Norton (former British Chief of Defense Staff and NATO head.)

AI computer-generated imagery (CGI), dense holograms and tiny drones are available for smaller-scale trickery and staged deceptions. One thing Winter Watch knows for a fact: The Crime Syndicate (CS) has not only an interest in relentlessly hoaxing the general population- but the means as well. See 2017 aerial drone test display over Sacramento.

The theory holds that they use dense hologram, drone imagery combined with voice-to-skull technology [see “Voice of God Mind Control“] and possibly a good dose of suggestibility via drug aerosols in the air or put into drinking water.  Neurotech/Cellphonetech can be used to make ‘voices’ or simulate schizophrenia, as well as suppressing portions of brain to create erratic behavior.

Of late we hold that this Mind Kontrol technology is being used for creating a Zombie Apocalypse where numerous men charge an AR-15, and torch wide areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Another variation —  would be some type of religious Messiah or prophecy hocus pocus and PSYOP overlapped with New Age UFOlogy- aimed at evangelical Rapture and New Age types. Perhaps this would be tied into Jerusalem. No doubt the Crime Syndicate has the data to determine just how gullible and controllable the population, or segments of the population, are and what would be required.

This last video goes through the aspects of a larger-scale religious/ETI Blue Beam event. We have seen in recent years more of this alien threat theme in entertainment. When the big show is put on, the God figure or Messiah will speak in every language. Artificial talk or voice to skull is personalized to each individual based on his beliefs and make up. The ETI or alien threat could be run concurrent with this. Supernatural and spooky visions could be conjured up to severely traumatize the population, perhaps driving a mass suicide. Then a contrived salvation is offered by the Crime Syndicate.

Source: WinterWatch

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