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General Michael Flynn pardoned by President Trump
General Michael Flynn pardoned by President Trump

General Michael Flynn pardoned by President Trump

Justice may not be fully served on those who put General Michael Flynn through the trials and tribulation he’s been put through for four years, but at least he is officially and irrevocably free from his charges. President Trump pardoned his former National Security Advisor, an expected move we reported about yesterday.

According to Just The News:

President Trump on Wednesday pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, bringing to an end a tumultuous four-year criminal case that felled the three-star general before prosecutors admitted they had wrongly pursued his case.

Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about talking with a Russian diplomat during the 2016 Trump administration transition period.

His attorney, Sidney Powell, had asked President Trump to hold off on pardoning him because she wanted to fully exonerate him through the court. But with her attention turned towards helping the President expose the voter fraud that appears to have cost him the election, a pardon was in order.


Now that General Michael Flynn is officially pardoned, it’s time for him and others to continue to pursue the conspiracy that was turned against him for the last four years. But that can come later. For now, it’s time to celebrate.

Source: NOQReport

Flynn attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the much-needed pardon:


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