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Georgia State Senate Holds Meeting on 2020 Election, Motion to Examine Ballots, State Tries to Shred… THAT NIGHT!
Georgia State Senate Holds Meeting on 2020 Election, Motion to Examine Ballots, State Tries to Shred… THAT NIGHT!

Georgia State Senate Holds Meeting on 2020 Election, Motion to Examine Ballots, State Tries to Shred… THAT NIGHT!

Members of Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections and members of the Senate Judiciary committee will hold a hearing to study Georgia’s Election laws, and their past and present impact on the current Election cycle. They will also consider the committee report from the December 3rd meeting. The hearing comes after a senate subcommittee held a hearing last week at the capitol to discuss perceived voting irregularities in November’s presidential election.

First to testify (9:00 mark) was Kathy Latham, the under-80,000 caucus chair for the GA GOP over 129 rural counties in GA and the chair for the Republican Party in Coffee County. She testified to the many problems that ocurred on during the June primaries, including scanners that did not work and had to be replaced in the middle of the night. Gabriel Sterling promised new scanners to replace the bad, but no replacements ever came. Her team also discovered that ballots could be manipulated and changed via the adjucation process and had previously created a YouTube video showing this.

Mrs. Latham also testified that they ran a batch of 15,000 ballots several times and the totals were not the same on any occassion. She testified that Raffensperger was most unhelpful in resolving issues. She testified that she talked to 8 counties and of those 6 did not want to certified because of discrepencies, but were told by the Secretary of State Raffensperger that they had to certifiy. She testified that after questioning discrepencies in Coffee County, the county that she chairs, that Raffensperger sent three ARMED officials from his office with badges and handcuffs and 2 Dominion Voting Systems employees to intimidate. Dominion employees ran into the same issues and could not scan the ballots.

Ann Dover, the director of Cherokee County elections office, was next to testify (begins @ 27:47) via Zoom call. She testified that the computer system was over-riding the address entered for some residents who requested absentee ballots where the system was entering a random address. She also testified that some scans of the barcode returned a completely different voter than the one on the ballot.

John Cochran, an automation engineer with extensive experience in data validation, who served as an observer and monitor during Raffensperger’s 3-day risk-limiting audit of an extraction from the 410,000 ballots in Gwinnett County on December 3rd. He testified (34:00 mark) that the process was conducted the exact opposite way that it should have been conducted to validate. He also said that the ARLO system kept no data tallied locally, but was all sent to a cloud system that was connected to the crooked Secretary of State’s office. Basically, this audit, as everyone suspected, was a fraud, but he spelled it out with his professional analysis.

Marcy McCarthey, a successful cybersecurity business owner and expert, testified next. She testified (begins @ 50:30) that the processes and controls for the 2020 Elections were either altered or removed in Dekalb County thus resulting in several inconsistencies and irregularities within the Voter Review Panel (VRP), and that there are no auditing or confirmation processes in place during or following adjucation to assure the integrity of the ballot, assuring it was recorded as it was cast by the voter. She testified that the military ballots did not have any witnesses as required by the Georgia election code. According to McCarthey, there was no oversight in terms of bipartisan for the special election components of the ballot, and that their work could be undone. VRP’s acted independently and consisted of 1 non-partisan pair vs. 5-7 pairs of partisan VRP’s. There was no way to track who did what work due to the changes made in the process.

Next to testify (begins @ 1:13:30 mark) was IT Expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, the inventor of platform known as ‘QR Code‘ which is on about 12 billion devices around the globe. He testified that kinematic artifacts that exist on every ballot that he can analyze and determine where the ballot had been, if it had been folded, scanned, counterfeited, batch fed multiple times, etc. He should immediately be given access to examine every ballot and can examine millions in a day.

Pulitzer demonstrated that the state of Georgia used two different ballots during the election: one for Democrats and another for Republicans, and other anomolies – all signed off on by  the SoS Raffensperger – that made the entire process fraudulent.

Pulitzer explained how he could quickly audit their results using his technique of identifying fraudulent paper ballots and said he will do it for free. Mr. Pulitzer said he has “no regard for the smoke and mirrors of how the machines work.” – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PAPER BALLOTS. “I don’t care about the machine. I don’t even care about the code that was written in the machine. What I care about is that physical artifact [ballot] and that physical artifact has material differences district to district that should not be there.

Pulitzer said it would take him two hours to look at 500,000 ballots. The Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcomittee unanimously passed a motion to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots with the process Pulitzer outlined during today’s hearing.2 Rented Enterprise moving vans pulled up to the warehouse and began loading up at about 10pm that same evening. Patrick Byrne provided pictures and video evidence.

Garland Favorito, (begins @ 2:01:05) Career IT professional and nonpartisan voting integrity organization VOTERGA Co-Founder, who has led the election integrity effort for over 16 years and over 40 years of experince in information technology testified next. He served as an audit and recount monitor, and State Farm Arena and Fulton tabulation observer. As a Fulton tabulation observer, he noticed a 20,000 vote spike for Joe Biden, which he immediately reported to the election director, board and County attorney, and made an ORR for interim results but never got a response. As an Audit Monitor, he (and others) noticed 3 stacks of boxes on tables with 100% Biden ballots. He said there were ballots not creased from being mailed, printed electronically (not by marker), and differences in ballot stock (paper thickness, grade, etc.) Again his ORR filing was ignored on these issues.

He adds that the original election results accumulated results hidden in bar codes that are 100% unverifiable to voters. The recounts, according to State Election Board rules simply rescans the unverifiable barcode and is thus meaningless. The full hand-count audit was also flawed as most counties did not have observers present; the data upload point could not be monitored or it was disallowed (such as in Fulton County); the counties were forced to enter the data into Raffensperger’s system and he then told them what the results were from their own audits in which they had no result totals in their own counties except what they were given by the corrupt SoS. He also mentioned the monitoring obstacles imposed such as the social distancing, etc. that made monitoring meaningless. Many CPGA certified monitors were refused into Fulton and Cobb Counties in violation of GA law.

Favorito also pointed out the triple recount failures in Coffee County where results yielded different results each time. He also verified that 37 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in one small county in spite of denials in which a forensic exam was requested by the county. Raffensperger responded by sending a threatening letter to counties to not allow forensic examinations of the Dominion machines. Exposed the fake USA Today fact check. He called them to explain their mistake in which they agreed to print a rebuttal, but never did. He then exposed the State Farm Arena late night fraud that the left and the Corrupt RINO Sec. of State’s office has tried to claim as debunked:

David Cross was next (begins @ 2:19:00). He owns an financial investment firm. He crunched data from the Edison feed, pointing out that the SoS would not release the actual data for Georgia he requested. He pointed out that, for reasons mentioned previously, monitoring was meaningless. As an observer, he was kicked out for pointing out several bags without secure tabs on them of which he obtained a picture of one before being expelled.

Cross also exposed Bernard Talmadge, a known ballot harvester who was caught and charged in Indiana, although eventually dropped by corrupt judges and politicians there. Talmadge owns The Operations Group, the Ardleigh Group, and they think Block by Block as well. An investigative reporter had discovered that people that worked for these groups were paid $15 per hour to produce ballots (10 per hour quota) and had several check stubbs to verify payment. His corporations have taken in $9.1 million for field operations – enough to produce 6 million ballots. Cross produced a spreadsheet of all of the people who gave him money which included the Maine Democratic Party, United We Can, AB Pac, For Our Future, and DCCC. $3 million came from the Maine Democratic Party which didn’t even take in that amount during the 2019-2020 election.

Sandra Metz (begins @ 2:32:00), a poll watcher, witnessed multiple instances of voter fraud and reported it to the Secretary of State’s office, but never heard back.

Debbie Fisher (begins @ 2:39:00) from Cobb County, was part of the voter review panel and served as a monitor doring the recounts. She reviewed 298 military ballots and noticed many anomolies such as no folds on absentee ballots, perfect bubbles for marked candidates, no signature verification or even verification they were in the military, 90+% for Biden. She notified the Sec. of States office three times and only heard back to thank her for her submission without addressing the fraud.

Susan Knox (begins @ 2:52:00), a Cobb County patriot who was at Jim Miller Park on November 20th when the vote was certified just to see who was there to certify the fraud. While there, she saw an A1 Shredding truck in the process of shredding ballots, produced video and picture evidence of it to the committee. Everyone pointed her to the GBI or Sec. of State which she did contact without any response from either.

Passionate Patriot Sally Grubbs (begins @ 3:01:30) testified next, she also observed fraud, was harassed, and kept at a distance from doing her job. She also showed up when Sally Knox sent out notification that ballots were being shredded and took video and photographic evidence to show ballots being shredded.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani testified (begins @ 3:22:05). He challenged the committee members to act courageously. Georgia had the Zapruder film, the State Farm Arena midnight video of suitcases of ballots being pulled out from a skirted table, hidden from view. He summarizes all of the raud with dead voters, out-of-state voters, felon voters, unregistered voters, etc. He points out the ease of changing votes via the Dominion Voting Machines.Giuliani’s message: Stand up! Have the courage to do what is right. The founding fathers took measures to guard against such fraud. Article 1, Section 2 puts the power in the hands of the state legislatures to select the electors, not the Governor or Secretary of State who have been delegated that authority by the legislatures. Take it back because they exercised it improperly. They can take it back 1 minute before electors are counted on January 6th. They’ll be attacked by the left for doing the right thing, but that decision will allow them to look themselves in the mirror.

Bob Cheely (Sp?), an attorney, (begins @ 3:39:40) went through the State Farm Arena video highlights to show obvious fraud.

Christine McKennel testified to fraud. (begins @ 3:35:35)

 Dana Smith (begins @ 4:09:30), a poll worker and poll watcher, was harassed and attacked in her local newspaper after testifying in the first hearing. She testified about an elderly lady who had no training or qualifications had approved 90+ percent of the ballots in her county. Her point was that the safeguards that had been removed for this election allowed

Susie Voyles (begins @ 4:16:48), who had previously reported on pristine ballots that could not have been filled out nor mailed in (no creases), reported that she was fired after 20 years of service and integrity.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (begins @ 4:22:35) returned to put on the record evidence that a technology team accessed via WiFi (sending and recieving data) at a polling location and that it should not happen and certainly contradicts the testimony of Dominion CEO Poulson who claimed the systems did not have internet capability.

Bobby Piton testified (4:28:30) regarding Fulton County and 6 surrounding counties where the ratios were way off from what they should be (3 to 1 vs. 33 to 1) where unique names (first and last) conclusively shows that these names could have only been made up. Almost half of the people from these counties had unique last names where there was no other person with that last name (so no relatives living near them). This is highly unlikely and indicates the names are fraudulent.

Linda McLaughlin (4:38:30) with the data integrity group, along with 2 members of her team, Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue, provided a presentation of their data analysis – comparing data from the Scytl server and the NY Times Edison data. They show that in Fulton County alone, more than 150 precincts voted at least 90% for Biden, and anything over 75% indicates likely fraud. 90 plus percent is obvious fraud!

According to their analysis, which was published online as early as Dec. 24, time-series election data shows Trump’s votes were decrementing in various counties instead of increasing as they do normally. At least 30,593 votes were allegedly removed from Trump as result, including 17,650 votes in Dougherty County, 7,008 votes in Dodge County, and 5,935 votes in Putnam County. The removals happened at the county level and were hard to observe at the state level because the decrements were offset by accurate data uploaded by other counties.

The Dominion Voting Systems were obviously designed to switch votes as alleged by IT experts and whistleblowers. Linda points out that the Secretary of State has certified the numbers with many negatives and switches – data he has access to and this is the same data the media is assuring us that is legitimate and which they see no fraud. They also anialate the audit process performed by the SoS as it could provide no trail to the original voter, only confirm the manipulated data after the adjudication process which is what happened.

Ray Smith, council for President Trump, closed out (begins @ 5:00:50) pointing to the admission by Ryan Germany that the SoS office sent out 8000 letters to illegal voters in the November 3rd Presidential Election and told them NOT to vote in the Senate runoff.

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