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Fauci, Anthony
Fauci, Anthony

Fauci, Anthony

The highest paid government employee (including POTUS) as the current head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health – plus, he makes major bucks on many patented vaccines and medications. His net worth increased from $7.6 million to $12.6 million dollars during the pandemic. 68% of his $437,000 a year salary comes from bioweapons research. He has held that position since 1983, and has been a federal employee since 1968. He rose to national prominence as the leader of the White House Coronavirus Task Force where he made mistake after mistake. Fauci repeatedly criticized the inexpensive hydroxychloroquine as a treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19, despite numerous studies indicating its possible effectiveness and he helped approve HCQ for treatment of coronaviruses 15 years earlier. Instead, Fauci promoted expensive alternatives lacking in any proven significant benefits. The controlled mainstream media and Wikipedia heap unjustified praise on Fauci. Critics charge that he uses erroneous models that he does not adequately check, and makes recommendations for “forever” lifestyle changes that any individual patient would naturally refuse.

There is overwhelming evidence that Anthony Fauci’s NIAID, through its funding decisions, has contributed directly and significantly to the success of China’s research and development programs and support of a de facto scientific Fifth Column of China-trained scientists working in the United States, who, although being permanent residents or even becoming U.S. citizens, appear to have remained loyal to the Chinese Communist Party. (Source: TGP)

NOTE: Ancestory.com produced this for “Fauci name meaning”: “Southern Italian: metonymic occupational name for a sickle maker or someone who used a sickle, from Sicilian fauci ‘sickle’.”

The Fauci household disclosed that their total net worth increased from roughly $7.6 million on January 1st, 2019 to over $12.6 million by December 31, 2021. The numbers represent a nearly 70 percent increase. Documents also reveal that Fauci continues to be the top-paid federal employee, earning a salary of $456,000 in 2021 and $480,000 in 2022. The release of Fauci’s financial disclosures follows his decision to retire from his role as NIAID Director, which will leave him with an annual retirement package exceeding $350,000.

Fauci famously predicted in a speech from 2017 at Georgetown University: “[…], but also there will be a surprise outbreak […], and the history of the last 32 years that I’ve been the director of NIAID will tell the next administration that there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with” – in a battle with a pandemic of infectious disease.

During an episode of the Thomas Paine Podcast, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blew the lid on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s extensive legacy of fraud and coverups throughout his lengthy medical career in the federal government. Kennedy explained that Fauci has been a problematic character all throughout his more than 50-year tenure in public health, during which he operated as a workplace tyrant and ruined the careers of countless physicians and researchers who, unlike himself, were upstanding and honorable individuals. Fauci’s known among those on the inside as the guy who “poisoned an entire generation of Americans, according to Kennedy.

Kennedy also warned during the program that Fauci has attacked many other good guys who’ve tried to actually serve the public rather than shill for Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the mainstream media and other deep state assets and mouthpieces of deception and lies. The entire Thomas Paine Podcast episode, which is a little more than two-and-a-half hours long, is available at this link.

Dr. Judy Mikovits joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute and began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus and link it to AIDS in 1983. Her NIH boss Anthony Fauci delayed publication of that critical paper for 6 months to let his protégé Robert Gallo replicate, publish and claim credit. The delay in mass HIV testing let AIDS further spread around the globe and helped Fauci win promotion to director NIAID.

Dr Fauci ordered Mikovits to keep her mouth shut. When she refused, he illegally confiscated her work books and hard drives, drove her from government work and blackballed her from receiving NIH grants ending her science career. XMRV remains in American vaccines. Anthony Fauci gave his own career and the vaccine program priority above the health and safety of all Americans. He abused his power and misused his office and continues to do the same… for profit.

In the October 19, 2020, report “Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Treachery,” Dr. Peter Breggin reveals Fauci’s “chilling ties” to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its military. A second, legal, report by Breggin titled “COVID-19 & Public Health Totalitarianism: Untoward Effects on Individuals, Institutions and Society,” was filed in a federal court in Ohio, August 31, 2020, as part of a lawsuit and injunction to put an end to the state’s pandemic measures. According to Breggin, Fauci “has been the major force” behind research activities that enabled the CCP to manufacture lethal SARS coronaviruses, which in turn led to the release — whether accidental or not — of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China.

Breggin claims Fauci has helped the CCP obtain “valuable U.S. patents,” and that he, in collaboration with the CCP and the World Health Organization, initially suppressed the truth about the origins and dangers of the pandemic, thereby enabling the spread of the virus from China to the rest of the world. Fauci has, and continues to, shield the CCP and himself, Breggin says, by “denying the origin of SARS-CoV-2” and “delaying and thwarting worldwide attempts to deal rationally with the pandemic.”

During his tenure as Director at the NIH, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel and brain behind medical death panels, was Fauci’s director of the Department of Bioethics, the ethical oversight board for all of NIH. He was the founding chair of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health and held that position until Dr. Fauci’s wife Christine Grady took over in 2012. His youngest daughter, Alison Fauci, has worked for Twitter as a software engineer since 2014 after she graduated from Stanford University, majoring in computer science. Twitter was among the Big Tech companies who shut down the spread of those arguing against the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Gain-of-Function Research Supported by Fauci

In the executive summary of the report, Breggin documents 15 questionable activities that Fauci has been engaged in, starting with the fact that he funded dangerous gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses, both by individual Chinese researchers and the WIV in collaboration with American researchers. This research, Breggin says, allowed the CCP and its military to create their own bioweapons, including SARS-CoV-2.

He points out that the American-Chinese collaboration was initially detailed in a paper written by two Chinese researchers, Botao Xiao (trained at Northwestern University and Harvard Medical School) and Lei Xiao back in February 2020. According to Breggin, the CCP forced them to recant and the paper was withdrawn.

“The stated purpose [of gain-of-function research] is to learn to prevent and treat future outbreaks; but research labs are the most common source of outbreaks from dangerous pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, as well as two earlier accidental escapes by SARS viruses in 2004 from a research facility in Beijing,” Breggin writes.

Research grant number R01AI098775 “RBD recombinant protein-based SARS vaccine for biodefense” amounting to over $1 million per year was awarded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID to Professor Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine as the Project Leader. One of the two other Principal Investigators on the project is Shibo Jiang, who lists two affiliations related to grant R01AI098775. Shibo Jiang’s connections with China’s People’s Liberation Army have been exhaustively detailed in Gateway Pundit articles, herehere and here.

As reported by Newsweek, the NIAID-funded gain-of-function research into bat coronaviruses was conducted in two parts. The first, which began in 2014 and ended in 2019, focused on “understanding the risk of bat coronavirus emergence.” Initial findings were published in Nature Medicine in 2015.

The program, which had a budget of $3.7 million, was led by Wuhan virologist Shi Zheng-Li and sought to catalogue wild bat coronaviruses. It also involved U.S. scientists such as Ralph Barric from the University of North Carolina and Charles Lieber from Harvard.

The second phase that began in 2019 included additional surveillance of coronaviruses along with gain-of-function research to investigate how bat coronaviruses might mutate to affect humans. This second phase was run by the EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit research group led by Peter Daszak, an expert on disease ecology. According to Newsweek, the project proposal explained the research to be conducted as follows:

“’We will use S protein sequence data, infectious clone technology, in vitro and in vivo infection experiments and analysis of receptor binding to test the hypothesis that % divergence thresholds in S protein sequences predict spillover potential.’

In layman’s terms, ‘spillover potential’ refers to the ability of a virus to jump from animals to humans, which requires that the virus be able to attach to receptors in the cells of humans. SARS-CoV-2, for instance, is adept at binding to the ACE2 receptor in human lungs and other organs.

According to Richard Ebright, an infectious disease expert at Rutgers University, the project description refers to experiments that would enhance the ability of bat coronavirus to infect human cells and laboratory animals using techniques of genetic engineering. In the wake of the pandemic, that is a noteworthy detail.”

SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research

The origins of COVID-19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research. A visual image of this Frankenstein SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein tells the story of exactly how and what was done to turn it into a bioweapon. BILLIONS of these are now being INJECTED INTO EVERYONE on the planet via these COVID-19 Gene Therapy “Vaccines”

Why Did Fauci Continue Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan, China?

While President Trump canceled funding for dangerous gain-of-function research on viruses in April 2020 after the Chinese-American collaborations became publicly known, Fauci has since “unleashed a deluge of new funding that will almost certainly” benefit Chinese scientists with CCP ties who are still working in various U.S. universities and other research facilities.

Part of the funding is again directed to the EcoHealth Alliance, which for years has outsourced its research projects to WIV and other Chinese researchers. That said, recent reports indicate the NIH is now demanding the organization produce records detailing its work with the Wuhan lab before the funding is released.

Fauci also continued outsourcing gain-of-function research to the WIV back in 2014, after then-President Obama ordered a stop to such research. At the time, he also continued to fund collaborations between U.S. and WIV researchers, led by Vineet Menachery, Ph.D., at the University of North Carolina.

“In order to outsource dangerous viral research from the U.S. to China during the Obama moratorium, Fauci prematurely approved the Wuhan Institute as a highest level containment facility (known as BSL-4) capable of safely working with lethal viruses,” Breggin writes.

“He did this while knowing the Institute had a very poor safety record and while also knowing that all such facilities in China are overseen by the military as part of its biowarfare program. Thus, Fauci created two grave worldwide threats, the accidental release of a deadly coronavirus and/or its use as a military weapon.”

Interestingly, while the original moratorium on gain-of-function research was a direct order by the President, when the moratorium was lifted at the end of 2017, it was done so by the National Institutes of Health and the NIAID.

Fauci holds himself out as the ultimate source of objective scientific information and science-based conclusions. In reality, he works with and empowers globalist pharmaceutical firms and globalist organizations … These globalists gained power and influence as their policies and practices, including the shutdowns, continue to worsen conditions throughout the world. ~ Dr. Peter Breggin Fauci also defended and promoted gain-of-function research on bird flu viruses a decade ago, saying such research was worth the risk because it allows scientists to prepare for pandemics.11 However, as noted by Breggin, this kind of research does not appear to have improved governments’ pandemic responses one whit.

FOX News host Steve Hilton discussed the Gain-of-Function research that helps define the fundamental nature of human-pathogen interactions. Hilton reported on Sunday 1/24/2021 that Dr. Anthony Fauci is on record cheering research where potentially dangerous viruses are generated in the lab and Hilton exposes Fauci’s direct funding of the gain-of-function studies that resulted in the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch the ecxcellent and revealing report below:

Sharri Markson from Sky News is coming out with a book that’s a culmination of her efforts studying Anthony Fauci.  She noted the following on Sky News in September 2021:

I found out that his [Fauci’s] agencies had funded 60 projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I found out that he wrote a paper back in 2012 where he argued that gain of function research that’s genetically manipulating coronaviruses to make them even more dangerous and more transmissable, Fauci said that this was worth the risk of a pandemic.

And he even funded research, his agency funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in conjunction with the Chinese military.

Downplaying COVID-19 Risks

Next, Breggin points out Fauci’s connections to and support of Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party whose corrupt past and terrorist ties have been highlighted ever since his controversial nomination.12,13,14 Incidentally, Tedros has also been accused of covering up cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia.

“Together, they initially minimized the dangers of COVID-19. Fauci and Tedros also delayed worldwide preparations for the pandemic while allowing the Chinese to spread the virus with thousands of international passenger flights,” Breggin writes, adding:

“Fauci publicly undermined the President’s criticism of Director-General Tedros and China. Instead, Fauci reassured the world that Tedros was a trustworthy and ‘outstanding’ man — implying that Tedros’s connections in China were similarly reliable and could be trusted.”

Fauci’s Globalist Ties

Interestingly, Fauci published a paper in which he again dismisses the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was created in and released from the WIV, arguing instead for a natural mutation.

“By persistently and unequivocally claiming that SARS-CoV-2 emerged from nature untouched by lab manipulations, Fauci continues to protect himself and China, and their relationship, to the endangerment of America and the rest of the world,” Breggin writes.

“Fauci holds himself out as the ultimate source of objective scientific information and science-based conclusions. In reality, he works with and empowers globalist pharmaceutical firms and globalist organizations such as WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation … These globalists gained power and influence as their policies and practices, including the shutdowns, continue to worsen conditions throughout the world.”

In one email from April 18, 2020, Dr. Peter Daszak thanked Dr. Fauci for insisting the COVID-19 virus was naturally occurring — when both men knew this was a lie.

The globalist, technocratic agenda also shines through Fauci’s call for a political agenda that protects the population from pathogens by limiting or eliminating “aggressive” and manmade interventions into nature. Fauci’s paper, published in the journal Cell in September 2020, reads in part:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is yet another reminder … that in a human-dominated world, in which our human activities represent aggressive, damaging, and unbalanced interactions with nature, we will increasingly provoke new disease emergences.

We remain at risk for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 is among the most vivid wake-up calls in over a century. It should force us to begin to think in earnest and collectively about living in more thoughtful and creative harmony with nature …”

Indeed, this language is straight out of the technocratic handbook, now rebranded as “the Great Reset.” As noted by Breggin:

“Fauci’s utopian scheme, which overlaps with the Green New Deal, would permanently suppress and disrupt the activities and lives of the 7.8 billion people on Earth in the vain hope of reducing future pandemics.

Thus the American official most responsible for the creation of SARS-CoV-2 in a Chinese lab instead blames its origins on human interventions into the environment and nature, thereby completely exonerating himself while holding humanity responsible.

Simultaneously, he is using the pretext of protecting us from viruses to impose a radical totalitarian agenda upon humanity. Indeed, the largest, most aggressive, and most dangerous human interventions into nature must include Fauci-funded gain-of-function research in which viruses are taken out of nature and engineered into pathogens.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is longtime friends with the Joe Biden White House science adviser Eric Lander. The late accused human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein claimed that he funded Lander, and records reveal that Lander met with Epstein after Epstein’s conviction for pedophilia. Epstein, of course, was good friends with Fauci’s ally and vaccine-pushing partner Bill Gates. (READ The Dark Truth About Fauci, Gates, And Medical Tyranny).

In 2000, he met with Bill Gates, who asked to partner with the NIH in an agreement to vaccinate the entire population of the world with a battery of new vaccines. In 2009, this agreement was rebranded as “The Decade of Vaccines,” the objective of which was to implement mandatory vaccinations for every adult and child on the planet by the year 2020. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental activist and attorney turned ultimate freedom fighter, points out in his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,”

“I show how they use the pandemic simulations, working very closely with the intelligence agencies, with the big media companies and the major pharmaceutical companies to make that happen,” Kennedy says.

“Gates calls what he does philanthropy capitalism, [the idea that] you can use philanthropy to make money. He had a foundation where he has sheltered $50 billion in tax-free money. And, he continues to have absolute control over it. He uses that money to gain control of public health agencies in our country and the World Health Organization.

He’s created a lot of his own [organizations] with Dr. Fauci and a lot of these quasi-governmental agencies that people think are governmental. They’re actually front groups of the pharmaceutical industry like GAVI and SEPI …

He uses this battery and this control of the WHO to set pharmaceutical or medical policy, public health policy around the globe, in a way that maximizes the profits from his stakeholding in these big pharmaceutical companies.

I also show he’s simultaneously doing the same thing to control the global food supply … [He’s] really trying to change both public health and food policies in ways that benefit corporations that he’s invested in and that he’s partnered with.”

Fauci Continues to Hype COVID-19 Risks

In the main body of the report (Page 7 onward), Breggin goes on to detail Fauci’s role in the media fearmongering that has allowed pandemic measures to stretch from an initial call for a two-week lockdown to eight months and counting. “Most people have very unrealistic fears about the risk of dying from COVID-19,” Breggin notes, and “This is due in part to the CDC and to Dr. Anthony Fauci who inflate the risk of COVID-19 deaths.”

According to data16 released by the CDC August 26, 2020, only 6% of the total COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death on the death certificate. The remaining 94% had an average of 2.6 health conditions that contributed to their deaths.

“Most people who die while being positive for SARS-CoV-2 are near to or past their average longevity. In addition to being old, the great majority are already ill with heart disease, cancer, or some other chronic illnesses that may in fact have caused them to die.

But even using the CDC’s biased data, the risk of death for most people is too small to require them to sacrifice the quality of their lives as the government demands under the threat of catching COVID-19,” Breggin writes.

COVID-19 Is Less Lethal Than the Flu for Most

According to a September 2, 2020, article in Annals of Internal Medicine, the infection fatality ratio has been overestimated due to the fact that many who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 remain asymptomatic, which makes it difficult to estimate the true infection rate. The researchers found that, when excluding those residing in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, the infection fatality rate for the average person is as follows:

  • Overall (all ages) — 0.26%
  • People younger than 40 — 0.01%
  • People aged 60 or older — 1.71%

The estimated infection fatality rate for seasonal influenza listed in this paper is 0.8%. Other sources put it a little higher. In either case, this means that if you’re under the age of 60, your chance of dying from the flu is greater than your chance of dying from COVID-19. Breggin cites CDC data, noting that the CDC is using inflated numbers, but even at that, the risk of death for people under the age of 70 is lower than that of the flu. According to CDC estimates, the infection fatality ratios are as follows:18

  • 0-19 years — 0.003% (3 in 100,000)
  • 20-49 years — 0.02%
  • 50-69 years — 0.5%
  • 70+ years — 5%

As noted by Breggin, the risk to children and youths is exceedingly small, “Yet Dr. Fauci and other public health officials continue to act as if there is a grave risk of exposing children and young adults to SARS-CoV-2, when there is not,” Breggin writes. Breggin’s 55-page report is well worth reading in its entirety. It contains far more details than I’ve been able to provide in this overview, and is fully referenced.

A March 2020 email Shows Dr. Fauci and the the NIH/NIAID were aware that 99% of covid deaths in Italy had other illnesses, but he chose to ignore this vital information during his hundreds of interviews.

Fauci Continues to Dismiss Hydroxychloroquine

Breggin’s legal report, “COVID-19 & Public Health Totalitarianism: Untoward Effects on Individuals, Institutions and Society,” is also worth reading. It addresses the totalitarian threat posed by the global response to the pandemic, and details the psychological operations behind the fearmongering and the underhanded methods used to discredit hydroxychloroquine, among other things.

Included is an open letter to Fauci about his dismissal of hydroxychloroquine, signed by Drs. George C. Fareed, Michael M. Jacobs and Donald C. Pompan, which reads, in part:

“Dear Dr. Fauci:

You were placed into the most high-profile role regarding America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Americans have relied on your medical expertise concerning the wearing of masks, resuming employment, returning to school, and of course medical treatment.

You are largely unchallenged in terms of your medical opinions … This is unusual in the medical profession in which doctors’ opinions are challenged by other physicians in the form of exchanges between doctors at hospitals, medical conferences, as well as debate in medical journals.

You render your opinions unchallenged, without formal public opposition from physicians who passionately disagree with you. It is incontestable that the public is best served when opinions and policy are based on the prevailing evidence and science, and able to withstand the scrutiny of medical professionals.

As experience accrued in treating COVID-19 infections, physicians worldwide discovered that high-risk patients can be treated successfully as an outpatient, within the first five to seven days of the onset of symptoms, with a ‘cocktail’ consisting of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin (or doxycycline). Multiple scholarly contributions to the literature detail the efficacy of the hydroxychloroquine-based combination treatment.

Dr. Harvey Risch, the renowned Yale epidemiologist, published an article in May 2020 in the American Journal of Epidemiology titled ‘Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to Pandemic Crisis’ …

Dr. Risch is an expert at evaluating research data and study designs, publishing over 300 articles. Dr. Risch’s assessment is that there is unequivocal evidence for the early and safe use of the ‘HCQ cocktail’ …

Yet, you continue to reject the use of hydroxychloroquine, except in a hospital setting in the form of clinical trials, repeatedly emphasizing the lack of evidence supporting its use. Hydroxychloroquine, despite 65 years of use for malaria, and over 40 years for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, with a well-established safety profile, has been deemed by you and the FDA as unsafe for use in the treatment of symptomatic COVID-19 infections.

Your opinions have influenced the thinking of physicians and their patients, medical boards, state and federal agencies, pharmacists, hospitals, and just about everyone involved in medical decision making.

Indeed, your opinions impacted the health of Americans, and many aspects of our day-to-day lives including employment and school. Those of us who prescribe hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin/doxycycline believe fervently that early outpatient use would save tens of thousands of lives and enable our country to dramatically alter the response to COVID-19.

We advocate for an approach that will reduce fear and allow Americans to get their lives back. We hope that our questions compel you to reconsider your current approach to COVID-19 infection.”

Fauci — ‘An Extraordinarily Destructive Force’

In Breggin’s estimation, Fauci “has been and continues to be an extraordinarily destructive force in the world.” Not only did he play a role in China’s ability to create SARS-CoV-2 and other potential biological weapons, he’s also covering up its origin, and initially tried to downplay the threat of the novel virus.

To top it off, “he became the go-to scientist and management czar for the very pandemic that he helped to create, enormously increasing his power and influence, and the wealth of his institute and his global collaborators, including Bill Gates and the international pharmaceutical industry,” Breggin writes, adding, in conclusion:

“In his rise to power, Fauci has done a great deal of additional damage … for example, by suppressing the most effective, safest, and least expensive medication treatment (hydroxychloroquine in varied combinations), while manipulating his clinical research to promote an ineffective, dangerous, and highly expensive drug (remdesivir).

Fauci has also been supporting inflated COVID-19 case counts and reported deaths from the CDC, then using the inflated estimates to justify oppressive public health measures that have no precedent and little or no scientific basis, but add to his influence and power and to the wealth of his globalist associates …

It is time to fire Fauci, to investigate this entire disaster, and to consider what needs to be done to protect the US and the world from future lab-generated pandemic disasters, whether accidental or intentional.”

Fauci, Bill Gates both have ties to COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna

Fauci is connected to Moderna as “a co-reviewer of a vaccine platform” that the company “is working to improve.” Axios and Public Citizen obtained documents suggesting that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns half of the key patent on Moderna’s up-and-coming vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Should the vaccine come to market, the NIH will reportedly collect half of the royalties associated with its distribution. At the same time, four NIH scientists have filed provisional patents on their own claiming to be “co-inventors” of the experimental jab. This discovery by Axios and Public Citizen probably explains why Fauci moved Modern’s vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to the front of the line, despite there being many other candidates vying for a piece of pie.

“NIAID scientists and their collaborators,” it turns out, are directly responsible for the creation of the Moderna jab, its current clinical trials being “an important step” in the eventual release of “a safe and effective vaccine to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2,” according to Fauci. Similarly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has long been a “strategic collaborator” with the project, as it “entered a global health project framework agreement” with Fauci and the NIAID back in 2016. The stated purpose of this partnership, which was formed a full four years before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) came into existence, was “to advance mRNA-based development projects for various infectious diseases” – mRNA being the precise technology that Moderna is using to develop its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

In other words, the whole thing was planned well in advance, hence why we routinely refer to it as a plandemic rather than a pandemic.

As to be expected, USA Today‘s Chelsey Cox, who authored a NY Times fake news article attempting to vindicate Fauci and Gates of all ties to Moderna, doubled down on her article’s lies. She reportedly told Hammond that her headline “reflects the analysis of the claim subject to fact-checking,” meaning it will not be changed or retracted. “The spread of misinformation is a serious problem in our society today,” Hammond concludes. “The reality is that the greatest purveyors of misinformation are the government and mainstream media.”

Amazingly, Fauci allowed Moderna to skip animal trials entirely and move straight to human trials. This was a potentially life-threatening decision that will now put thousands or even millions of human lives at risk. “Every prior coronavirus vaccine has proven problematic and can be lethal to animals due to COVID’s unique penchant for ‘pathogenic priming,’” reports Children’s Health Defense (CHD). “Death occurs only after a vaccinated animal encounters the wild virus.” Many scientists and public health advocates have criticized Fauci over this decision, which they have dubbed as reckless. But this did not stop him from awarding the company a whopping $483 million grant through the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is said to be a sister agency to the NIH.

This massive cash infusion resulted in Moderna CEO Steve Bancel becoming a billionaire, despite the fact that his company has never once brought a product to market, or even gotten a product to receive market approval. Bill Gates also became a little bit richer than he already was because of the deal, seeing as how Gates is a co-investor in the scam. Fauci even went so far as to publicly praise Moderna’s Phase 1 clinical trials, which turned out to be a total disaster. Despite 20 percent of the “high-dose” group and six percent of the “low-dose” group developing “severe or medically significant” reactions after being vaccinated, Fauci announced that he was “encouraged” by the findings.3

“That both Fauci and Gates have close ties to Moderna is no secret,” writes Jeremy R. Hammond on his blog. “Having encountered the headline in a news feed, I knew it was false and so did a quick Google search to document its falsity. It took about ten seconds to fact check USA Today‘s ‘Fact Check.’” Hammond goes on to explain that he was easily able to pull up information on Google showing that Fauci’s NIAID, which is overseen by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is “funding the trial” of Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, which is slated to be part of President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” mass vaccination program.

In truth, Moderna’s experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine has nothing to do with helping people, and everything to do with making Fauci and his buddies rich. This is why the whole operation has been dubbed a pump-and-dump scam for greedy investors.

Fauci Funded Barbaric Research Including Study that Sewed Aborted Baby Parts on Rats

LifeNews.com reported:

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funneled massive amounts of taxpayer funding to unethical experiments, including one that involved implanting aborted babies’ scalps onto mice at the University of Pittsburgh, according to a new report.

David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, told Townhall that Fauci’s agency gave $61 million to the University of Pittsburgh in 2019 for scientific research, and some of that money funded experiments that involved aborted baby body parts being attached to mice and rats.

“Dr. Fauci should be brought in front of Congress again to answer specific questions under oath about what he and his department knew, and when they knew it, about the barbaric experiments on aborted infants at the University of Pittsburgh, and what ‘appropriate oversight’ means to them for experiments on aborted human fetuses,” Daleiden said.

The shocking information first came to light in a study that University of Pittsburgh researchers published in September 2020 in the journal “Scientific Reports.” The study received support from the National Institutes of Health, which Fauci’s agency is under.

This horrible process was likely illegal:

Daleiden told Townhall that the evidence suggests these babies were illegally aborted through the partial-birth abortion method.

“In order to get the intact fetal scalps in the recent Pittsburgh study funded by Fauci’s NIAID, the Planned Parenthood abortion doctors supplying the Pitt tissue bank would have needed to use illegal partial-birth abortions to extract the fetal heads whole enough to yield usable scalps,” he said. “Unless the consent forms told the pregnant patients their babies would be scalped to stitch onto lab rats, the consents are almost certainly invalid through fraudulent omissions.”

He also noted a major conflict of interest at the university because one of its research supervisors also works at Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the U.S.

In yet another segment of the Fauci horror show, new documents emerged in August 2021 that show how the NIAID spent almost half a million in taxpayer dollars to fund abusive experiments on dogs even though the research had already been conducted. The White Coat Waste Project used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover disturbing documents that detailed how Fauci and the NIAID, in an effort to test the effectiveness of drug treatment, drugging beagles and locking their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sandflies so that the insects could eat them alive.

If they endured the cruel tests, and once the researchers had no use for them anymore, the poor dogs were killed. Multiple other scientists have admitted that the experiment was completely unnecessary, pointing to the fact that this research had been extensively performed on other animals.3

Monkey Torture

Another shocking report by the White Coat Waste Project uncovered how the Fauci-led National Institutes of Health (NIH) spent millions in taxpayer funds on despicable experiments where researchers would “cripple monkeys with toxic brain injections” through implanted devices in their skull.

The sickening project has been funded by the NIH since at least 2018 and has received upwards of $16 million in taxpayer funds for their Mengele-Esque research that includes:

  • Locking the monkeys alone in small cages.
  • Drilling holes into the monkey’s skulls.
  • Implanting head restraining devices.
  • Implanting electrodes into the monkey’s brains.
  • Injecting toxins that destroy the monkey’s brains, causing them to lose control of their limbs, mouths, and other body parts.

During their investigation, the WCWP was also able to uncover shocking footage from Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center where some of this research was being conducted. The monkeys were locked in small cages and can be seen with head restraining devices sticking out of their skulls.

The metal structures on the monkey’s skull include an electrode that connects directly into the brain, which is what enables researchers to destroy certain areas with toxic chemicals. According to the video, the wicked tests “cripple the monkey’s limbs and cause tremors.”

But his torture of monkeys didn’t end there. Fauci and his agency awarded grants totaling $478,188 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to research injected male monkeys with female hormones in an effort to turn them transgender so he could understand why transgender women reportedly experience higher rates of HIV. Read more at National Pulse…

As reported by Timcast, approximately 600 monkeys are taken from Morgan Island, SC, per year and shipped to some of the federal government’s most painful and cruel laboratories for animal research.

Dr. Fauci’s NIH was also caught funding experiments on AIDS orphans at a New York City hospital in 2004. The Fauci NIH approved experiments on hundreds of New York City orphans.  Government agencies and pharmaceutical companies used the orphans in deadly AIDS drug trials. The ICC Investigation website offers several documents and interviews with children and childcare workers at the hospital who participated in the research. (TGP)

Fauci’s National Institutes of Health agency also funded research in China tracking Chinese prostitutes as young as 16-years-old. The study sought “to investigate the HIV incidence and its related factors among female sex workers (FSWs) in a high prevalence area where injection drug use is also widely documented.”

Fauci’s Failures

Here is a list of several errors, contradictory statements and dangerous gaffes by NIAID Director Dr. Tony Fauci:

Gain-of-function research; sewing aborted baby parts on rats, using foster children as Guinea pigs, torturing monkeys, and weaponizing bat viruses might sound unethical, but don’t worry, Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is also a National Institutes of Health (NIH) employee, curiously serving as the Chief at the NIH Clinical Center’s Department of Bioethics. Surely she would let him know if anything he was doing was unethical.


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