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Covid Vaccine
Covid Vaccine

Covid Vaccine

The COVID-19 fast-tracked jabs are not conventional vaccines. The FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization was a crime—according to their own data, comparative numbers reveal that the vaccine was not effective at preventing COVID-19. Emergency authorization of these gene therapies labeled vaccines as long as there was no other effective treatment for COVID-19. There was, but they demonized and covered up the 90-99% cure rates of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin combined with zinc. But a cure is the opposite of what the cabal wants. Their design is aimed at manipulating your very biology, and therefore have the potential to alter the biology of the entire human race. The science behind conventional vaccines is to train your body to recognize and respond to the proteins of a particular virus by injecting a small amount of the actual viral protein into your body, thereby triggering an immune response and the development of antibodies. It destroys the T-cells and immune system (See Cleveland Clinic Study HERE).

Cancer Diagnosis on the Rise

In a video by an Idaho pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole who examines cells from hospitals to determine if they are cancerous or not, says, “I’m seeing a 20 fold increase in endometrial cancers. The vaccines are dropping the T-cell (CD4 and 8 cells) immune cells.” Starting at minute 11 he talks about why cancer rates are rising, with the vaccine depressing T cell response. He is also seeing more shingles, more deadly Melanoma cancers, and all other kinds of rashes that T-cells normally suppress. He is eloquent and fact-based in his analysis, so it’s worth watching the entire 30 min video.

The fact that tumor sizes have become dramatically larger since 2021, patients are younger, and recurrence and metastasis are increasing should be front-page news, but you’re hearing nothing about it. Why is that? A former intelligence officer and strategist believes he knows why. In a series of Twitter posts, The Ethical Skeptic — self-described as a former intelligence officer and strategist — laid out a series of charts illustrating how cancer deaths are being mislabeled as COVID deaths. The suspicion is that this is an effort to hide the fact that the COVID shots have resulted in soaring cancer rates. The Ethical Skeptic also takes a deep dive into the data in “Houston, We Have a Problem, Part 1,” on TheEthicalSkeptic.com.1

As noted in his article, seven out of the 11 International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes tracked by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics — including cancer — saw sharp upticks starting in the first week of April 2021. “This date of inception is no coincidence, in that it also happens to coincide with a key inflection point regarding a specific body-system intervention in most of the U.S. population,” The Ethical Skeptic notes. In other words, April 2021 was when large swaths of the American population were getting their first COVID jabs.

According to The Ethical Skeptic’s analysis of U.S. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) data, the U.S. CDC has been filtering and redesignating cancer deaths as COVID deaths since Week 14 of 2021 to eliminate the cancer signal.4

The following graph, highlighted on Dr. Jennifer Brown’s Substack, illustrates the cyclical wave pattern of cancer diagnoses, from January 2015 and October 1, 2022. As noted in the top-right text box:

“We should be at or near a seasonal nadir. Instead we are at an all-time CA [cancer] excess, and heading up.

Keep in mind there is substantial lag to CA reporting, so this likely under-represents true excess.”

Read more HERE

Uncontrollable turbo-charged cancers the medical establishment had never seen before only started to occur after the rollout of the COVID jabs.8 Data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), exposed by attorney Tom Renz and Sen. Ron Johnson, showed cancer rates among military personnel and their families basically tripled after the rollout of the shots. As you may recall, within days of the DMED data being revealed, the database was taken offline, allegedly to “identify and correct” a supposed data corruption problem, and when it came back, the data had been altered to hide these glaringly obvious safety signals.

In the video above, Swedish pathologist, researcher and senior physician at Lund’s University, Dr. Ute Kruger, describes the changes she has personally observed in the wake of the COVID shots. For example, she’s noticed:11,12

  • Cancer patients are getting younger — The largest increase is among 30- to 50-year-olds
  • Tumor sizes are dramatically larger — Historically, 3-centimeter tumors were commonly found at the time of cancer diagnosis. Now, the tumors they’re finding are regularly 4 to 12 centimeters, which suggests they’re growing at a much faster rate than normal
  • Multiple tumors in multiple organs are becoming more common
  • Recurrence and metastasis are increasing — Kruger points out that many of the cancer patients she’s seeing have been in remission for years, only to suddenly be beset with uncontrollable cancer growth and metastasis shortly after their COVID jab

These “turbo-cancers,” as Kruger calls them, cannot be explained by delayed cancer screenings due to lockdowns and other COVID restrictions, as those days are long gone. Patients, despite having access to medical screenings as in years past, are showing up with grossly exacerbated tumor growths, and she believes this is because the cancers are being “turbo-charged” by the mRNA jabs.

Dr. Ryan Cole has also discussed the explosion of cancer (see video below). He believes the shots are primarily accelerating already existing cancers, by way of immune dysregulation.13 He noticed that cancers that could normally be controlled and kept in check, giving the patient several years of quality life, once they got the COVID jab, the cancer would suddenly grow out of control and rapidly lead to death.

After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a study out of Israel, described by Bloomberg as “the largest real-world analysis comparing natural immunity – gained from an earlier infection – to the protection provided by one of the most potent vaccines currently in use,” proves the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant (13X) than vaccines.

If ever there was any doubt about the evil and rapacious agenda behind the vaccine propaganda and promotion it is the decision by the FDA to allow it to be given to children as young as age 5, and plans to push for 6 mos. to 5 yr old children to be vaccinated. Next it will be newborns. Children are not even at risk, but their developing immune system and less-robust elimination systems, make them highly susceptible to damage from the vaccine. Real doctors warned the FDA panel that the rise in deaths and vaccine damage to teens who are now getting the shot should give them pause about widening the emergency use of this injection to children, but their testimony fell on deaf ears. In the UK, within the first 6 weeks following approval of vaccinating all healthy kids over 12 with the mRNA jab, deaths among children had increased by 62% against the five-year-average?

Robert Kennedy, Jr. explains why they want to vaccinate children in an interview with Dr. Mercola.

Why are they trying to go after our kids? Here’s why. The vaccines can only get liability protection once they are approved. The only way they get liability protection is if they’re on the child’s vaccination schedule. And then, once the CDC votes them onto the child vaccination schedule, then they get liability protection, even for adults.

One lawsuit can bankrupt the company if they didn’t have liability protection. So that’s why they’re going after our kids. They need it to get that liability protection. And we need to stop them from the collateral damage they’re going to cause to an entire generation of children; 26 million children will get a vaccine that’s been tested on 1,300 kids, with catastrophic results.”

Another recent large-scale study out of the UK confirmed once again that children and young people have effectively ZERO risk of death after contracting Covid-19. children and young people are almost 2x more likely – or at the very least, just as likely – to be struck and killed by lightning. In fact, the study also found that the mortality rate for children and young people overall is 125x HIGHER than their chance of dying from Covid-19. In all, excess death among those who are traditionally the healthiest Americans is up by an astonishing 84%. (TGP)

CDC data shows that U.S. millennials, aged 25-44, experienced a record-setting 84% increase in excess mortality during the final four months of 2021, according to an analysis by financial expert and Blackrock whistleblower, Edward Dowd. Dowd, with the assistance of an unnamed “insurance industry expert,” compiled data from the CDC showing that, in just the second half of 2021, the total number of excess deaths for millennials was higher than the number of Americans who died in the entirety of the Vietnam War. Between August and December, there were over 61,000 deaths in this age group, compared to 58,000 over the course of 10 years in Vietnam. This is the result of “no jab, no job” compliance. Trust the government!

Informed Choice Australia made a list of ‘peer-reviewed’ medical papers submitted to various medical journals, showing extensive evidence of adverse events in the COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT and author of Toxic Legacy, stated on an Against the Wind podcast that 93% of the adverse events in VAERS for 2021 are related to the Covid-19 vaccine. Only 7% for all other vaccines (~60 of them in the US).

Follow the money! Pfizer and Moderna will “generate $32 billion in COVID-19 vaccine revenue” in 2021.

Created by DARPA

Prior to the worldwide lockdowns in 2020, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were surreptitiously working on a new mRNA vaccine platform using a new biotech company called Moderna. Their strategic planning began in 2013, when DARPA funds were used by Moderna to invent methods for inducing a short-lived immune response through administration of mRNA vaccines.

The inventor of the mRNA platform, Dr. Robert Malone, reveals that “Moderna was essentially founded by DARPA.” Millions of dollars in DARPA grants built the vaccine program, through patents handed down to Moderna. However, Moderna refuses to disclose these DARPA awards in the patent applications that they filed for the new vaccine technology. DARPA is behind the mRNA spike protein experiment, with help from the NIH. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein contains a DNA sequence identical to a genetic code patented by pharmaceutical company Moderna three years before the COVID pandemic emerged, according to researchers.

As this secretive DARPA project comes to light, it becomes apparent that nefarious forces within the US government were planning to unleash this technology for years prior to a “public health emergency.” To achieve compliance, they only needed to exploit human psychology, suspend the rule of law, and threaten people’s livelihoods to coerce the population to enter into this experiment and alter the natural physiology of their cells and biological functions. A director at the NIH, Dr. Anthony Fauci, made sure of that when he called for a nationwide lock down in March of 2020. Carrying out the plan, Fauci is now calling for mandatory injections of this genocidal operating software.

Watchdog group, Knowledge Ecology International, points out that Moderna received $20 million in DARPA grants several years before the “worldwide pandemic.” The group asserts that these funds “likely” led to the development of this new vaccine technology. This longstanding operation includes 26 patents assigned to “Moderna” or “ModernaTx” as well as 154 patent applications. A closer look at these patents shows that Moderna took part in DARPA’s Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics (ADEPT) program. This funding paved the way for Moderna to develop mRNA vaccine programs for Chikungunya and Zika viruses, and other upcoming respiratory pathogens. DARPA would later, in October 2020, award Moderna with a $56 Million contract.

In response to the inquiry, DARPA says it is “actively researching agency awards to Moderna to identify which patents and pending patents, if any at all, may be associated with DARPA support.” Instead of undergoing an independent audit of their planned mRNA spike protein operation, DARPA is allowed to investigate its own financial trail, which assuredly leads to secretive mRNA experiments being conducted by their operatives at Moderna.

Regardless of the greater conspiracy to experiment on human populations, it is Moderna’s legal obligation to disclose U.S. federal government support in patent applications under the Bayh-Dole Act and regulations issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. DARPA plainly admits they are the brainchild behind this global experiment, declaring on their website: “The first coronavirus vaccine to start human testing is from DARPA investment in the Moderna company.” Even though the mRNA inventions were conceived over the past eight years, Moderna fails to disclose that DARPA was behind the projects all along and denied that federal funds were involved.

Up until 2016, geneticist Daniel Wattendorf was the program manager at DARPA, where he initiated and lead programs that deploy diagnostics, gene transfer drugs, engineered red blood cells and RNA vaccines. He was behind the ADEPT program in 2012, and he advanced the mRNA research through Pfizer and Moderna in 2013. After leading these mRNA vaccines programs, he took a job as the director of Innovate Technology Solutions at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he is tasked with creating diagnostic tests and biotechnology platforms for “global health solutions.”

Bill Gates is the primary funder of the MHRA, the UK’s Medicine Regulator, and a primary funder of mRNA vaccine producer Moderna in which they have an agreement that obligates Moderna to grant Bill Gates a non-exclusive license to their Covid-19 vaccine.

When the Pentagon funds and deploys an experiment onto the entire population, it’s no wonder the US is forced to accept an indefinite public health emergency across every community simultaneously. The US continues to suffer under medical martial law, suspended civil liberties, and the continual threat of totalitarian force, even against the bodies of healthcare workers and the individual members of the military themselves. Perhaps to avoid the massive pushback, big pharma has endeavored on a more clandestine plan: scientists are working on a way to make your leafy green salad a new cutting-edge COVID vaccine delivery system.

Global experiment turns people’s bodies into operating systems, controlled by mRNA vaccine updates. The theory behind these inoculations is that when you inject the mRNA into your cells, it will stimulate your cells to manufacture their own viral protein. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is the first of its kind. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed before. And, to add insult to injury, they’re forgoing all animal safety testing.

In an exclusive interview with The New American magazine’s Senior Editor Alex Newman, world-renown German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and that the COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a global catastrophe and a decimation of the human population. Did you know that a confidentiality agreement shows potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina and signed by Ralph Baric, PhD and 2 others in 2019, nineteen days prior to the official emergence of Covid-19 pandemic? How did they know a pandemic was coming unless it was engineered?

What’s in the ‘Vaccine‘?

Big Pharma has gone to considerable trouble to hide the ingredients of the Covid “vaccine”. Do the Big Pharma companies want to submit the vaccines to independent analysis? They do not! Do the Big Pharma companies want to disclose all the ingredients? They do not! Do the Big Pharma companies have any liability for lying to the public about the proprietary ingredients in their vaccines? They do not.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has published the Ingredients list for the Moderna COVID “Vaccine” and that data sheet confirms it contains a chemical “SM-102.” In that same OSHA filing, the manufacturer declares SM-102  “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.” The SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet describes this chemical as “NOT FOR HUMAN OR VETERINARY USE”1

The Covid-19 vaccines have been forensically examined in the United Kingdom and a laboratory report confirms they contain graphene nanomaterials that can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system, and Graphene Oxide which can damage internal organs, destroy blood health, trigger cancer, and cause changes in gene function among a host of other ill effects. Moderna has a patent (US Patent# 10703789, July 2020) describing it as a main ingredient in their AI gel-forming hydrogel for mRNA vaccines. Graphene Oxide is a great conductor of electromagnetic fields. These nanoparticles can be used to exchange data in the vaccinated person via WiFi. Former Pfizer employee and certified medical investigator Karen Kingston describes it very well in THIS video. More here…

Antidote to the Graphene Oxide/hydrogel in Vaccines: According to the same Spanish research site La Quinta Columna (5th Column) that alerted the world to the presence of graphene oxide in the vaccines, they say that N-acetyl cystein (NAC), and Zinc will break it down and remove it. N-acetyl cystein, or NAC, is the supplement form of the amino acid cysteine, which converts to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Dose: They say, one 600MG capsule of each in the morning, empty stomach. Also See more on nanotechnology later in this article…

The Nano Graphene found by spectroscopy in the vaccines has been described as Graphene Hydroxide, a reduced graphene oxide. Dr. Andreas Noack, who died mysteriously 3 days after he began exhibiting the discovery via podcast, stresses that the monoatomic layers of carbon which it comprises can form chains 50 nanometers long and 0.1 nanometer thick and the jagged edges of this nano carbon layer can cut blood vessels like razor knives. The dangerous, jagged edges of graphene oxide found in the vaccines has previously been remarked as such by Dr. Campra’s team and by Dr. Robert Young in analyzing the findings.

Doctor Campra is affiliated with La Quinta Column, or “The Fifth Column,” a group of dissident researchers who have dedicated themselves to investigating the vaccines the government is trying to force us all to take. Doctor Campra says that through his analysis of vaccines he’s discovered graphene oxide structures within vaccine samples. Another member is Dr. Ricardo Delgado who joined Stew Peters to discuss further research by the group in Jan 2022:

Stating that toxicologists do not yet have the tools to understand the phenomenon he says chemists are better equipped to understand the consequences and that what is happening essentially is that people are hemorrhaging on the inside and athletes dropping dead on the field because of the internal slicing of blood capillaries and hemorrhaging as well as blood clots that is occurring.

Of further alarm is his statement that the rGO is non-decomposing-it will remain in the bloodstream and cannot be removed except by blood transfusion which means its effects will inevitably occur over time if not immediately. The amount of rGO in the batch given to anyone lining up for the shot will determine the Russian roulette of whether death is instant or delayed. The question to ask Pfizer, he says, is why these carbon razor blades have been put in the vaccines.
(Nano graphene has actually now been found in all 4 major vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca.)

Dr. Ariyana Love joined discovered documentation that the “vaccines” contain hydras and parasites, and that they’re being used to “transfect” humans into a “new species”.

On page 46 in table 4 of the Moderna website, is a patent (PATENT US 10,703,789) for something called LuciferaseLuciferase is an enzyme that can produce bioluminescence. (It can make things glow, basically.) That’s why Luciferase is commonly used in the biomedical industry. It’s used to tag very tiny things like cells or proteins so that you can track them.

Was Luciferase listed as an ingredient in the COVID vaccines by Big Pharma? No it was not. (You can check here at the CDC website.) So the next question becomes: why would Big Pharma not disclose that Luciferase is an ingredient in the vaccines – since it’s clearly listed (in at least one patent from one company) as being used?

The reason is rather ominous: Big Pharma has big plans for Luciferase and Big Government has big plans for it too. The U.S. military’s technology arm DARPA is currently fighting with Moderna over the ownership of the COVID vaccine because DARPA has “funded an implantable biochip” that could be used “to deploy” it:

Despite this, however, one obstacle to the deployment of Moderna’s vaccine is the method of delivery. While Moderna is developing its own system, it’s unlikely to get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval any time soon. Enter Profusa, which is developing a nanoscale biochip that can detect symptoms of an infection.

Profusa’s biochip is made using a technology called “hydrogels” that were a product of the “In Vivo Nanoplatforms” (IVN) program that DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO) launched in 2014 to develop implantable nanotechnologies.

These hydrogels are soft, flexible nanomachines that are injected beneath the skin to perform monitoring. This hydrogel includes a specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside the body when it begins to fight infection. This signal can then be detected by a sensor attached to the skin that can then be sent to an app or even to a doctor’s website.

Biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston applied her advanced skillsets to read the COVAX drug patents and federal contracts and she found seven patented poisons in the COVID-19 vaccine. She explains some of these spike proteins cause aggressive cancers, some cause heart disease, others cause autoimmune disease and some even mimic snake venom.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, is an outspoken researcher and doctor who was on 1 of 26 worldwide teams of doctors and scientists who bravely looked into the contents of the covid vaccines. She details their horrifying discoveries in the video below:

Why is the U.S. military working with vaccine companies to create micro-chips (that’s “hydrogels” or “nanotech”!) that will send a “fluorescent signal” (that’s Luciferase!) detectable by an app on your smartphone?

When did DARPA get involved in public health policy exactly?

That strange question leads to other strange questions like: why did the Pentagon fund the Wuhan Lab of Virology to “study” weaponizing bat coronaviruses?

Neither DARPA nor the Pentagon are well known for being leaders in health care, to say the very least.

In fact, Big Pharma and Big Government have big plans for future vaccine shots that have “dissolvable needles” and quantum dot tattoos along with other amazing technology like embedding vaccine records beneath the skin of your children with invisible ink. According to one article: “Along with the vaccine, a child would be injected with a bit of dye that is invisible to the naked eye but easily seen with a special cell-phone filter, combined with an app that shines near-infrared light onto the skin.

That article was written in 2019: that’s just before the COVID crisis.

That leads me to another thought: COVID-19 seems to be a very convenient “accidental lab leak” from China for introducing new technology. [Only “approved” via “emergency authorization” because of a “pandemic”]

Under the cover of vaccinating people, we are really preparing to tag and track people. The once free nations of the West are testing a new authoritarian system of total control under the guise of public health.

Just look at Australia or New Zealand or Canada or Italy to see how basic civil rights have been suspended indefinitely and a pseudo-medical tyranny has been installed.

The Great Reset is being implemented with the lie that it’s all about “protecting your health.”

China has a population of 1.45 billion people. As of August 2021, China had administered 2 billion COVID vaccine shots in the country. But not a single person in China was given a mRNA COVID vaccine! Read the rest here.

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand that such technology will be used to build a global surveillance state. The vaccine mandates have already led to vaccine passports. The vaccine passports are basically QR codes to track you by connecting to your smartphone. This will inevitably lead very soon to biometric ID embedded into your body.

You won’t be able to enter restaurants or buy groceries or go to work without it. As the Bible says: no one will be able to buy or sell anything except those that have the mark. You will know the mark by its name, which is the name of the beast: the enemy of all mankind who, before he fell, was an angel of light named Lucifer. That’s why “Luciferase” should send a chill down your spine.

The vaccine is being forced on everyone because the vaccine and the vaccine passport are the essential tools of a global surveillance system that will end everyone’s basic human freedom. See more here: emeralddb3.substack.com

mRNA Gene Therapy

The SEC filing13 for BioNTech (BioNTech’s mRNA technology is used in the Pfizer vaccine) is equally clear, stating on page 21: “Although we expect to submit BLAs for our mRNA-based product candidates in the United States, and in the European Union, mRNA therapies have been classified as gene therapy medicinal products, other jurisdictions may consider our mRNA-based product candidates to be new drugs, not biologics or gene therapy medicinal products, and require different marketing applications.”

So, in the U.S. and Europe, mRNA therapies, as a group, are classified as “gene therapy medicinal products.” The crux here, again, appears to be the idea that mRNA therapy does not cause permanent DNA alterations. On page 35 of the BioNTech SEC filing, they further clarify the alleged difference between other, irreversible, gene therapies and mRNA gene therapy:

“There have been few approvals of gene therapy products in the United States and other jurisdictions, and there have been well-reported significant adverse events associated with their testing and use.

Gene therapy products have the effect of introducing new DNA and potentially irreversibly changing the DNA in a cell. In contrast, mRNA is highly unlikely to localize to the nucleus, integrate into cell DNA, or otherwise make any permanent changes to cell DNA.

Consequently, we expect that our product candidates will have a different potential side effect profile from gene therapies because they lack risks associated with altering cell DNA irreversibly.”

Despite being a recognized form of gene therapy since its inception, vaccine makers are now frantically trying to deny that this mRNA technology is gene therapy. One reason for this, suggested by David Martin, Ph.D., might be because as long as they’re considered “vaccines,” they will be shielded from liability.

Experimental gene therapies do not have financial liability shielding from the government, but pandemic vaccines do, even in the experimental stage, as long as the emergency use authorization is in effect. Another reason might be because they fear people won’t line up for experimental gene therapy. It has a very different connotation in people’s minds (as it should).

A third possibility is that they know full well that you cannot, ethically, mandate gene therapy in the way you can mandate vaccines (see Jacobson v. Massachusetts). Mandatory public health measure directives are typically based on the idea that it’s acceptable for some individuals to be harmed as long as the measure benefits the collective.

Well, the COVID-19 “vaccines” are only designed to lessen symptoms of COVID-19. They do not prevent infection or spread, and since the vaccinated individual is the only one receiving a potential benefit, “the greater good” argument falls apart.

The pandemic allowed them to sneak mRNA gene therapy under the proverbial radar so that they don’t have to conduct more stringent gene therapy safety testing. Instead, they were handed the global population for the largest testing imaginable, and all without liability when something goes wrong — provided it’s viewed as a “vaccine,” that is.

Dr. Carrie Madej reviews some of the background of certain individuals participating in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, which include Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi, a Harvard researcher who successfully reprogrammed stem cells using modified RNA, thus changing the function of the stem cells. Moderna was founded on this concept of being able to modify human biological function through genetic engineering, Madej says.

COVID-19 Vaccines Likened to ‘Software Updates’ for Your Body

The mRNA vaccine platform is described by Moderna as an “operating system” being installed in your body, upon which “software” in the form of mRNA is deployed and updated to produce “applications” which are proteins. This is all described on Moderna’s own web site.

The goal of installing this operating system in your body, of course, is so that globalist-linked corporations can exercise remote control over your physiology while claiming intellectual property ownership over your body’s cells. In essence, all who take the mRNA vaccine are being branded like cattle and coerced into replicating patented mRNA strands at the cellular level, thus engaging in intellectual property theft, allowing vaccine corporations to claim ownership of your entire body.1

Try as they might, though, they cannot get rid of mRNA’s gene therapy label. For starters, Moderna describes its product as “gene therapy technology” in its SEC filings. On page 70, they also provide the following specifics:2

“Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA-based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA; however, side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanism.”

In other words, it’s a form of gene therapy, but one that doesn’t enter and permanently alter your actual DNA. Instead, the mRNA stays in the cellular fluid where ribosomes read the code and create the protein per the mRNA’s coding.

Company executives and scientists familiar with mRNA technology have, for years, been referring to this new technology as gene therapy. The video above features a TED Talk by Dr. Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, given in 2017, more than two full years before COVID-19.

In it, he points out that they were, at that time, already working on a variety of vaccines, including an mRNA vaccine for influenza and individualized cancer vaccines based on the genetic sequence of the patient’s tumor, stressing that this vaccine would not act like any previous vaccine ever created.

“We’ve been living this phenomenal digital scientific revolution, and I’m here today to tell you that we are actually hacking the software of life, and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease,” Zaks said.

“In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will actually do. So, we think of it as an operating system …

So, if you could change that … if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out that has profound implications for everything, from the flu to cancer …

Imagine if instead of giving [the patient] the protein of a virus, we gave them the instructions on how to make the protein, how the body can make its own vaccine,” he said.

The difference between vaccine mRNA and your natural mRNA is that your natural mRNA resides in the nucleus of the cell where your cellular DNA resides — it can be likened to a reverse photocopy of your DNA — and exits the nucleus when a protein needs to be made. (For clarification, code in your natural mRNA matches your DNA, whereas vaccine mRNA has no equivalence inside your genome since it’s coming from the outside. Vaccine mRNA still carries “genetic code,” though, just not anything found in your body before.)

The mRNA vaccines are designed to instruct your cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, the glycoprotein that attaches to the ACE2 receptor of the cell. This is the first stage of the two-stage process viruses use to gain entry into cells. Research obtained by a group of scientists shows the COVID vaccine spike protein can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph Ontario who was awarded a $230,000 grant by the Canadian government to study Covid vaccine development said,

We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.” (Emphasis added)

Once in circulation, the spike protein can attach to specific ACE2 receptors that are on blood platelets and the cells that line blood vessels, Bridle said. “When that happens it can do one of two things. It can either cause platelets to clump, and that can lead to clotting — that’s exactly why we’ve been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to bleeding,” he added.

The idea is that by creating the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, your immune system will mount a response to it and begin producing antibodies to the virus. However, as reported by The Vaccine Reaction, researchers have pointed out potential weaknesses:

According to researchers at University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, mRNA vaccines have potential safety issues, including local and systemic inflammation and stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies and autoimmunity, as well as development of edema (swelling) and blood clots.

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