Taking Back Our Stolen History
Goldman Sachs Fined $6 billion to Settle Faulty Mortgage Claims from the 2008 Financial Crisis. No Worries! They got $13 Billion in Taxpayer Bailout Funds
Goldman Sachs Fined $6 billion to Settle Faulty Mortgage Claims from the 2008 Financial Crisis. No Worries! They got $13 Billion in Taxpayer Bailout Funds

Goldman Sachs Fined $6 billion to Settle Faulty Mortgage Claims from the 2008 Financial Crisis. No Worries! They got $13 Billion in Taxpayer Bailout Funds

The New York Times reported “Goldman is trying to enter 2016 with a clean slate and put much of its outstanding regulatory issues behind it.” The Times quoted Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs as saying, “We are pleased to have reached an agreement in principle to resolve these matters.”

Not a single Goldman Sachs executive has been fired or prosecuted; they have received bonuses instead. $6 billion is chump change for Goldman Sachs. Goldman alone received over $13 billion in U.S. taxpayer “bailout” funds. JPMorgan (Jamie Dimon) received $25 billion. However, HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani revealed that at least some of these funds were shuffled offshore to money launderers where they were leveraged (e.g., $1 becomes $10 to loan) and came back to the U.S. to prop up client stocks, like Facebook.

Clearly, Goldman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein are central actors in this global public corruption.

1993-2016, Pay to Play Global Organizers — Bill and Hillary Clinton have received $1 million in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs alone. Within a day of Bill Clinton meeting with Kazakhstan’s strongman president, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, on Sep. 03, 2005, Clinton convinced Mazarbayev to give coveted uranium mining rights to Clinton friend, Canadian Frank Giustra. Giustra was a uranium mining novice. Giustra then donated $152 million to the Clinton Foundation over the following months.

1993-2016, U.S. Patent Office Toy Box Director

Intellectual Property law professor James P. Chandler, III looms large over the seminal events in this timeline. He advised then President Clinton on national security and patent law between 1993 and 2001. In the process, he advised the NSA, C.I.A., IBM, Microsoft, Xerox and the technology world on encryption. After learning about Leader Technologies’ social networking invention, he agreed to become their patent counsel in 2000, then he illegally shuffled Leader’s ground breaking invention to IBM’s Eclipse Foundation consortium who planned to exploit perhaps the most important invention since Thomas A. Edison’s light bulb. He advised the Justice Department, FISA Court, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. He advised the Patent Office. He was close to Eric H. Holder, Jr. and David J. Kappos, then got Barack Obama to put his friends in key positions to control the U.S. Patent Office’s treasure trove of patent applications from which to steal the best ideas for this pay-to-play agenda. He was close to Fenwick & West LLP who he urged Leader Technologies to engaged as co-counsel. Fenwick is now Facebook’s lead securities and patent attorney. The pattern of corruption is quite evident in hindsight.

As described in this timeline, Larry Summers has appeared with Goldman Sachs in tow at every point of inflection in this timeline.

Was the 2008 banking crisis orchestrated or accidental?

Lawrence (“Larry”) H. Summers appears to have been greasing the skids for the Deep State in his own pay-to-play scheme. He took in over $2 million in “speaking fees” from financial institutions in 2008 alone—before the so-called 2008 bank crash. The table below tells a different story. Summers appears to have fabricated the entire crisis. The chart even shows the connection to Iceland, where the crash allegedly started. The timeline tells us that for public figures like Summers and the Clintons, they had determined that they could charge exorbitant speaking fees as a pay-to-play system of cronyism. Such a patter of corruption is racketeering and punishable under both civil and criminal RICO laws.

1991-1993, World Bank — Summers mentored Goldman Sachs’ eventual Russian business partner, oligarchs Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov. He pressed a disastrous voucher system called “Big Bangery” and “globalbaloney” by fellow economists on the collapsing Soviet economy. Summers’ recommendations gave birth to the modern, uber corrupt Russian oligarch.

1993-2001, U.S. Treasury Department —Protected by Bill & Hillary, Summers was instrumental in deregulating the banks by repealing Glass-Steagall Act. This removal of historic protections has fueled the corruption shown in this timeline. Summers’ Harvard students, Sheryl K. Sandberg and Marnie L. Levine (Deutch), were at his side during all his time at Treasury. Remarkably, Sandberg now runs Facebook, and Levine runs Instagram.

2001-2006, Harvard University—While Summers was president of Harvard, he oversaw the creation of the Facebook story for Harvard alum, James W. Breyer, and his PayPal Mafia, who had just sold PayPal to eBay and were trolling for “the next big idea.” Mark Zuckerberg agreed to play along in the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. These collaborators teamed up with Harvard Law professor James P. Chandler to use this new communications platform for both commercial and intelligence purposes. Each would feed the other. The spy state agenda was born.

2008-2010, National Economic Council— Summers was appointed by Barack Obama to oversee the 2008 bank bailout. Levine became Summers’ chief of staff. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan alone received over $38 billion in taxpayer funds. The facts show that in Summers’ appointment by Obama, the fox was assigned to guard the hen house.

2013—not, Federal Reserve—Summers was iced out by his fellow economists from becoming chairman of the Federal Reserved. Over three hundred economists signed a petition against Summers running the Fed. This was poetic justice for Summers’ reckless “globalbaloney” foisted on the Russian economy over the objections of most of his colleagues.

Summers’ early 1990’s Russian voucher debacle looms large over his secret tinkering now; even after his colleagues rejected his proposed Fed leadership

2008, Banker Buds—Summers’ 2008 financial disclosure may have inadvertently proved that the 2008 bank “bailout” was contrived to feed cash to the Deep State’s public-private New World Order agenda. In reviewing Summers’ herculean 2008 speaking schedule, hindsight shows that Summers was probably worried about failing again with the U.S. economy the way he did in Russia. What other explanation makes sense for this break-neck speaking schedule to the financial sector?

Summers was clearly a man on a mission, but what mission? Public corruption is illegal. On the heals of this break-neck schedule and the conflicts of interest it created, Barack Obama nevertheless flipped Summers the keys to the National Economic Council.

Separation of powers is undermined by collusion among Harvard alumni
  1. JPMorgan (Jamie Dimon) and Goldman Sachs (Lloyd Blankfein) do their banking.
  2. Professor James P. Chandler crafts judicial decisions to support the agenda.
  3. James W. Breyer and Gilman Louie (CIA) arrange financing and recruiting for the agenda.
  4. Eric H. Holder, Jr. and Loretta E. Lynch at Justice ignore laws unsupportive to the agenda.
  5. Penny S. Pritzker at Commerce enforces only regulations that support the agenda.
  6. Preetinder Bharara plays attack dog as N. Y. U.S. Attorney.
  7. Thomas J. Kim at the SEC bends securities laws to the will of the agenda.
  8. John G. Roberts Jr. defined Obamacare as a tax to empower the agenda.

Can this pattern of public corruption be any more evident?

Spencer Ackerman. (Nov. 17, 2016). James Clapper resigns as US director of national intelligence. The Guardian (UK).

Speaking Fees & Foundations
(The Clinton Foundation, DoD Highlands Forum, The Eclipse Foundation, National Infrastructure Advisory Council) are the “pay to play” schemes for the political ringleaders

Larry Summers’ 2008 Financial Sector Speaking Fees

Is this a man working to prevent similar economic chaos to that which he created in the former Soviet Union with his reckless privatization voucher scheme?

Facebook underwriters / large advertisers in red.

Data Source: Lawrence (“Larry”) H. Summers 2008 OGE Financial Disclosure

Jan.9Skagen Funds (Scandinavia fund manager, including Iceland, where the so called financial crisis is supposed to have begun – Was the “crisis” planned over these three days?)$ 60,300
10Skagen Funds (Scandinavia, London)60,300
11Skagen Funds (Scandinavia, London)59,400
Feb.11JPMorgan Chase87,500$ 27.3 billion
14Price Waterhouse25,000
20Tax Council Policy Institute45,000
Mar.3Citigroup45,000$ 46 billion
28Pension Real Estate Association67,500
Apr3Asociacio de Bancos de Mexico (Mexico)90,000
16Goldman Sachs135,000$ 13 billion
17Lehman Brothers (Barclays) (London)67,500
18State Street Corporation45,000$ 3 billion
May7American Express67,500$ 3.4 billion
12TA Associates67,500
28Hudson Institute10,000
30Citigroup54,000$ 46 billion
Jun.13Investec Bank (London)157,500
18Goldman Sachs87,500$ 13 billion
Jul.30Lehman Brothers (Barclays) (London)87,500
Sep.9Price Waterhouse67,500
21Tata Consultancy Services (India)67,500
Oct.02State Street Corporation112,500$ 3 billion
07American Chamber of Commerce in (Argentina)135,000
19McKinsey and Co135,000
24IESE Business School (Spain)112,500
28Securities Industry & Financial Markets Assoc.33,750
Nov.10Summers appointed to oversee the bank bailout
12Merrill Lynch (Bank of America)45,000$ 46.8 billion
UndatedInstitute for International Economics25,000
TOTAL$ 2,052,750$ 131 billion