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Gorbachev’s Resignation Marked the end of USSR (The Phony Collapse of the Soviet Union)
Gorbachev’s Resignation Marked the end of USSR (The Phony Collapse of the Soviet Union)

Gorbachev’s Resignation Marked the end of USSR (The Phony Collapse of the Soviet Union)

(written in 2013) A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Thus, in 2013, it came to the mind of this author to put together – beside the lengthy treatises presented on this blog – a collection of irrefutable photographic evidence, along with extensive comments, which totally vindicates premier Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who predicted as early as 1984 a fake collapse of communism soon to come in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, designed to psychologically and militarily disarm the United States and the West and to eventually swing the balance of world power in favour of an unchanged pan-communist bloc. The compilation below has been updated and extended in December 2019.

More than three decades after Gorbachev’s deceptive proclamation of “perestroika” and “glasnost”, the theatrical fall of the Berlin Wall and the taking down of the Red Banner from the Kremlin’s rooftop, the course of events hasn’t precisely worked out as expected by the naïve economic and political elites of the West, but has proven Anatoliy Golitsyn’s analyses and predictions entirely accurate, which had warned of a giant disinformation programme, of a deceptive “reform” in the communist bloc, meant to put the West to sleep. Thirty years later, the non-communist world indeed finds itself faced with renewed hostility, even blackmail, all too reminiscent of the days of the Cold War and is being lectured about the free market as its system of economic and societal organisation to have allegedly failed. The supposed Sino-Soviet split of earlier decades has given way to an overt military alliance, with the two powers now working in a geostrategic division of labour to gain control over the remaining non-communist world. The communistic UN is getting ever more aggressive in overruling the national sovereignty of individual countries by pushing its fictitious sustainable-development-agenda. And the EU is showing ever more clearly its true, deep-red colours, and has long since been in the process of being swallowed by the perfectly intact communist bloc via its continuing eastward-enlargement, that slowly but surely turns out to have been a Soviet westward-enlargement instead, fulfilling Gorbachev’s and Shevardnadze’s maxim of 1990 of a “Common European home from the Atlantic to Vladivostok”, in other words a united communist Eurasia! With the United States herself, already quite driven apart from her European and increasingly all other allies, under the rule, for eight years under Obama, of a plain-Marxist gang, and now facing potential civil war as a completely radicalised Democratic Party cannot accept an anti-communist such as Donald J. Trump in the White House any longer. There’s no doubt we have reached at the end point of the communist longrange deception strategy launched around 1960 under the auspices of Khrushchev and Mao. The communists have nearly won, if only by deception, with their final act of a worldwide bloodbath waiting, it seems, already around the corner.

Take your time for reflecting on what you will see and read below and be ready for having your mind blown: The so-called “Russian Federation” (formerly, RSFSR), along with the whole of the “Commonwealth of Independent States” (formerly, USSR), are in reality the same old Marxist-Leninist revolutionary entity as they had been prior to the Soviet Union’s deceptive breakup in late 1991! There has been no change. None, other than cosmetic!

UdSSR, Perestroika, 1988

This is the left half of a truly revolutionary Soviet post stamp of 1988. It brags, “Perestroika prodolzenye Oktyabrya”, i.e. “Perestroika continues the October (Revolution)”. The right half of the stamp reads, “Uskorenye. Demokratisatsiya. Glasnosty”, i.e. “ACCELERATION. Democratisation. Openness.” What a frank admission confirming that perestroika was a well-planned 360°-offensive designed to overwhelm a Western world unable to grasp what was really going on and to set the stage for ultimate communist World October! Gorbachev’s so-called “reforms” merely marked a new, much more dangerous phase in the Revolution! (Click on image to see the post stamp in its entirety!)

Another puzzling case in point is their programmatic book, Perestroika, published in 1987 under the authorship of Mikhail Gorbachev. The book was translated into dozens of languages and sold in some 5 million copies worldwide: so, this was certainly no minor initiative on the part of the Soviet apparat, but an important move to laying out to the “interested” in the West what perestroika was ultimately about. It appears that the Soviets, who have always been thoroughly studying the Western mentality, must have counted on a general laziness and unwillingness to read so widespread nowadays in the societies of the free world. But, left-wing circles in Europe and America will definitely have studied the book; so did a handful of truly dedicated analysts – such as, e.g., the late Christopher Story. It seems, Perestroika wasn’t published in exactly identical versions, as the quite differing titles suggest. The English version’s full title went: “Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World”; the French: “Perestroïka: Vues Neuves sur Notre Pays et le Monde” (thus, not “New Thinking”, but “New Vistas …”); the Spanish, coyly: “Perestroika: Nuevas Ideas para Nuestra País y el Mundo” (i.e. “New Ideas …”). But by far the boldest title was that of the German version (left) – and Germany, of course, at the time and even now was and is in the immediate focus of the Soviet strategists, as they viewed a German reunification not as a loss of their geopolitical influence in Europe but, on the contrary, as an opportunity for them to firmly gain access to once-Western Europe, using a unified Germany, as they did, as a jumping-board; three decades later, 11 out of 28 member states of the meanwhile greatly enlarged as well as utterly centralised, if not to say: Sovietised, European Union are “former” socialist countries!!! So, here’s the German title (as can be read in the picture above): “Perestroika: Die Zweite Russische Revolution – Eine Neue Politik für Europa und die Welt”, i.e. “Perestroika: The Second Russian Revolution – A New Policy (or: New Politics) for Europe and the World”. Shouldn’t that odd title alone have raised sufficient suspicion in Western policy circles in order to really have a proper look into that book? And mind that it doesn’t say, “New Policy for the USSR”, but “New Policy for Europe and the World”, thus revealing beyond doubt the true nature of perestroika, namely that of a political offensive, worse: a deadly programme for the fundamental restructuring, transformation, and ultimately communisation of the Western world. As for the book’s content, one is immediately reminded of another highly consequential book that should have been read but wasn’t: Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Had the people of Germany, and the peoples of the world, carefully studied Hitler’s programmatic book, they would have precisely known what the Nazis were up to. Same with Gorbachev’s Perestroika. Here are some quotes taken from the German edition and translated, including emphases in bold-print and brief notes in square brackets, by this author (the English version can be read, as a free PDF, here):

“In the West, including the U.S., Perestroika is being interpreted in a variety of ways. There is the view that Perestroika has been recognised as inevitable due to the catastrophic state of the Soviet economy; it would mirror the frustration over socialism and a crisis of its ideals and highest goals. Nothing could be further from the truth than such interpretations, whatever motives may be behind them. Of course, the discontent about how things have developed in our country in recent years has been a major reason for us to launch Perestroika. However, to a far greater extent, it was the realisation that the potential of socialism had been made use of insufficiently. Now, as we are celebrating the 70th birthday of our revolution, we are becoming very much aware of this. We have at our disposal a sound material basis, rich experience [an allusion, definitely, to Lenin’s deceptive ‘New Economic Policy’ of the 1920s, after which the alleged reforms of the 1980s were modelled], and a clear worldview [meaning, that of Marxism-Leninism!!!]. With that foundation, we are able to focussedly and continuously improve our society and work on making ever greater use of all our activities, qualitatively and quantitatively [in other words, Perestroika represents the total mobilisation of all resources, be they economic, political, diplomatic, military, or intelligence].”

“Despite all contradictions in today’s world, despite the variety of societal and political systems, and despite the different paths nations have taken in history, this world remains an undividable whole. We are all passengers on board of Ship Earth, and we must not allow it to be destroyed. There won’t be a second Noah’s Ark.” [This is the exact language of the so-called environmental movement, that is simply being used as a vehicle for the implementation of brutal, merciless communism worldwide. Gorbachev himself was deeply involved in the Earth Summit of 1993 and also set up in the ’90s an alleged environmental organisation by name of Green Cross International.]

“We openly confess that we refuse the hegemonial endeavours and globalist claims of the United States. We are not pleased by some aspects of American policy and of the American Way of Life [!!!]. But we respect the right of the American people, just as the right of all other peoples, to live along its own rules and laws, its own morals and inclinations [!!!!!!!!].

“We do not hold any evil intent towards the American people [an outright lie!]. We are ready and willing to cooperate with them in all fields [of course, but only where it serves the communists; at the same time, the old Soviet ‘anti-bourgeois’ contempt remains unchanged]. Yet, we want cooperation on the basis of equality, reciprocity, and mutual understanding. Sometimes we are more than disappointed, and even have serious doubts, when our country is termed by the United States [accurately so] an aggressor and ‘evil empire’. The most unbelievable stories and lies about us are being disseminated, mistrust and enmity are being shown towards our people, limitations are being used against us, and uncivilised behaviour blamed upon us. This proofs of intolerable shortsightedness [a clear threat!].”

Moskau, Universität für Völkerfreundschaft

The function of Patrice-Lumumba-University for Peoples’ Friendship, named in 1961 after the Congolese communist “martyr”, was for thirty years, till the “end of the Soviet Union” in late 1991, to “help developing nations” by training students from those countries as engineers, medical doctors, scientists, agricultural experts, economists (read: economic planners!), and certainly Russian speakers, so as to supposedly assist those countries in their effort to develop. Allegedly, courses were being kept fairly non-ideological. However, this endeavour, that was overseen by the Party and KGB, was in no way selfless, but constituted a grand influence-building operation. At the same time, there was intense recruiting going on, as the following selection of the institution’s “alumni” illustrates. We find here such charming leftwing celebrities as Palestinian Fattah leader Mahmud Abbas (a Marxist); Venezuelan communist terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal; Nicaraguan Sandinista-communist and today “social democrat” Daniel Ortega; leader of the communist, narco-terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Timoleón Jiménez (a.k.a. “Timochenko”) alias Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri; South-West-African People’s Organisation (SWAPO) “politician” and Namibian President from 2005 till 2015, Hifikepunye Pohamba; the late Sri Lankan Marxist revolutionary, Rohana Wijeweera; Guyana’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) “politician” and from 1999 till 2011 Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo; Bolivian communist and comrade-in-arms of Che Guevara, Osvaldo Peredo; and, as rumour has it: Iran’s current Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei! Now, along with the overall “changes” in the Soviet Union in 1991/1992 (by which the Soviet Union strangely abolished itself), also Patrice Lumumba University for People’s Friendship changed: It changed its name. Henceforth, it was the “Russian University for People’s Friendship“. In other words, communist “people’s friendship” was still on the agenda. It’s still operating today, along the exact same lines as in the days of the official Soviet Union. And, just so every foreign student understands where he is actually studying, there is an unchanged Soviet coat of arms, complete with “CCCP”, meaning USSR, right on the front over the main entrance (for which one has to enlarge the photograph).

2004-11-17, Putin ehrt Dmitrij Jasow

Regarding the melodramatic fake “hardliners’ coup” of August 1991, that directly led to the “prohibition” of the CPSU and the “dissolution” of the USSR, these hardliners allegedly were put into prison (only one, Minister of the Interior Boris Pugo, along with his wife, supposedly committed “suicide” so as to give the whole operetta greater credibility), never to be heard of again in the West. The truth, however, is quite amazing: Just as premier defector Anatoliy Golitsyn had analysed in real-time and predicted that the protagonists of this provocation would soon be rehabilitated and would continue their former careers, exactly that came to pass (and, as for Boris Pugo, Golitsyn made clear that Russia is a vast country with many places to hide even privileged nomenklaturists for a whole lifetime). Here, for one example, we have former Defence Minister and “plotter” of 1991, Marshal Dmitriy Yasov (born 1924 and still alive today), being decorated on November 17, 2004 by President Vladimir Putin. Note the expression and overall posture of Yasov, showing him, as the man of the “old” Soviet Union that he is, obviously very much pleased by how things are going for “new, post-Soviet” Russia. In this picture you have the full continuity of the Soviet Union documented, and it even doesn’t need a single comment. Strong proof of the continuity is also the fact that Yasov in 1998 (still under Yeltsin!) returned into a prominent position as advisor at the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation!

Another prominent example: Here’s former Deputy Defence Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Land Forces, as well as “plotter” of 1991, General Valentin Varennikov (1923 – 2009), together with President Vladimir Putin on April 11, 2002. Varennikov was from 1995 a member of the state Duma for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and co-founded in 2003 a new “socialist-nationalist” party named “Rodina” (i.e. “Motherland”). Also, do carefully watch the body language of the two men, who are both military men, as Putin isn’t merely KGB, but, even by his own admission, GRU, which is Soviet and now-Russian military intelligence: The image shows them as part of a collective Soviet leadership and destroys the myth popular in the West of Putin, the “lonely Tsar”.

Lomonosov Moscow State University’s main building, the largest of the so-called Seven Sisters, i.e. Stalin’s seven bizarre socialist-classicist secular “cathedrals”. What is interesting about the front of this monstrosity is that even today one can clearly identify high up a perfect Soviet coat of arms, along with “CCCP”(meaning, USSR)!

Leningrader Bahnhof

In case you travel to Moscow (free and independent travel is practically impossible in “Russia” due to a plethora of bureaucratic obstacles they deliberately put in front of you) and look for a St. Petersburg Railway Station, you’ll only find an officially so-named “Leningrad Railway Station” instead (it’s written, in cyrillic letters, on the rooftop: Leningradsky Vokzal), though former Leningrad was supposedly renamed into St. Petersburg after the “collapse” of the USSR in 1991! Also, the Oblast, i.e. the administrative area, around St. Petersburg is still officially named Leningrad Oblast. Look it up! Mind as well the Red Star on top of the station building; it is visibly lighted from within, in good old Soviet fashion, like the Red Stars on top of the five main Kremlin towers.

Belorussky Vokzal

Moscow’s Belorussky Railway Station: It was built from 1910 to 1912, thus well before the Communist takeover in 1917. So, historical conservation can hardly be the reason why there is still, as a “leftover” from the Soviet era, a large and prominent Soviet coat of arms right on top of the main entrance; mind: in today’s allegedly no-more-communist, democratic Russia

Jaroslawer Bahnhof

Same with Moscow’s Yaroslavsky Railway Station, the starting point of the Trans-Siberian Railway (that leads more than 9,000 km all the way to Vladivostok on the shores of the Pacific), a building from 1902-04, designed in the style of Neorussian Revival. Yet, there is prominently displayed on the rooftop a Hammer & Sickle, along with the Soviet Union’s cyrillic acronym, “CCCP”.

Kazaner Bahnhof

Also in the case of Moscow’s Kazan Railway Station, built between 1913 and 1940 by Art-Nouveau- and later on Stalinist architect Alexey Shchusev, there is an unchanged Hammer & Sickle, along with a communist five-pointed star, right above the main entrance. This is the real “Russia Today”: An unchanged Soviet Union!

Bahnhof Kursk

This is the Main Railway Station of the industrial city of Kursk, some 500 km south of Moscow. As everywhere in the country, allegedly “post-Soviet Russia” has kept its fondness of Soviet-Bolshevist symbols. The inevitable question is: Why? – Coat of arms of the Soviet Union up high on the front of the station building!

The giant communist Red Stars on top of the five main Kremlin towers have not been taken down after the Soviet Union was supposedly abolished in 1991. They are still there, still lighted from within, 24/7, by thousands of Watts. In a “post-communistRussia???

Also, they still proudly keep their beloved Satanic Lenin Mausoleum, and only hide it once a year, for Western consumption, during their revived annual Victory Day Parade on May 9th. What was it that alleged reformer Gorbachev wrote, among other things, in 1987: “We need a Lenin who is alive!” – The USSR might just as well be perfectly intact. And it is!

Young Pioneers – you read correctly, they still have their communist mass organisations, overt and covert – solemnly concluding their induction ceremony with a visit to communism’s holy of holies: the Lenin Mausoleum. The children in this picture belong to the Young Pioneers of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, led by Gennady Zyuganov, who is at excellent, even comradely terms with Vladimir Putin (as in fact they are all still Communist Party Soviet Union).

Inside the Mausoleum: Lenin’s dreadful corpse, periodically refurbished over a time span of meanwhile a century and apparently as fresh as a daisy. It still hasn’t been buried, and it won’t be, for obvious reasons. After all, Lenin is the founder of the Soviet state and godfather of the whole of communist world revolution! This devilish tomb, built in the 1920s and reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian or Babylonian temple, is a perfect illustration of communism being a religious cult, a religion allegedly without God, yet at its core a religion deliberately against God (which explains the insane communist hatred of religion, first and foremost of Christendom).

The “necropolis” alongside the Kremlin Wall is still in place, too. Among Dzerzhinsky, Suslov, Brezhnev, Andropov and others, is also the bust of Joseph Stalin, whose remains were removed from the mausoleum in 1961.

Also in the supposedly independent former Soviet republic of Georgia, Stalin’s birth place at Gori is still a well-kept museum. Not even “democrat” Mikhail Saakashvili, when he was President of Georgia from 2004 till 2013, did away with it. There was some confusing back and forth, but eventually everything has stayed the same.

Even in the case of this much more official statue of Stalin, once placed right in front of the Gori town hall (the whole square was still named after Stalin), it took the Saakashvili era unbelievable six years to remove it as an act of “de-Stalinisation”. The whole of the “former” USSR was neither deleninised after 1991, nor had it been genuinely destalinised during the Khrushchev years. With the alleged “pro-Western” position of present-day Georgia being the same kind of illusion that was the so-called “Orange Revolution” of 2004 in Ukraine. As for the Ukrainian 2013/2014 Maidan Revolution, it eventually gave Ukraine first a chocolate oligarch (Poroshenko), followed by a comedian (Zelensky) who is said to have oligarch connections.

Jelzin, Boris 2

And here is “Post-Soviet” Russia’s first “democratic” president Boris Yeltsin’s grave: What a suitable design! His job was to extract even more money from the Western countries and put them fully to sleep! What’s underneath this Russian flag? Obviously, an unchanged Soviet reality! After all, the father of democratic Russia so called (who had himself been a member of the Soviet Politbureau), passed on power to a lifelong career officer of the KGB. Very logical indeed. In his resignation speech, Yeltsin actually “apologised” for not having accomplished the intended transition “from the grey, stagnating, totalitarian past to a civilised future.” The Russian police state simply couldn’t be reformed in one sweep. Prime Minister Putin would now be the man of the hour. But Putin’s mission was definitely not to continue with “democratisation”, but initiate yet another totalitarian contraction reminiscent of Stalinism and prepare for war. The world watched and once again couldn’t see through the farce…

Ever since the 1930s, Moscow has had a giant sort of socialist theme park, named since 1959 “Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy” (only from 1992 till 2014 it was more coyly named the “All-Russia Exhibition Centre” and then renamed to its former title). It’s basically the Soviet counterpart to Disneyland, however meant not for “decadent bourgeois” distractions, but for decent socialist recreation and, first of all, “learning” (the exhibition has not been altered after the so-called collapse of the USSR), learning about the Soviet motherland’s technological progress, about the various republics and regions of the communist empire, and of course about Soviet history. So, the visitor is going to dive into a bombastic Soviet parallel universe, that for those who are bound to live in it, is tragically real nonetheless. It’s ugly to the point of revolting, also quite hilarious by its style, and it’s living proof of the monstrous totalitarianism not only of the allegedly defunkt Soviet Union, but also of the present-day “Russian Federation” – which tells us all we need to know about the seamless Soviet continuity over into “post-Soviet Russia”. The object to the left is a 1937 sculpture named “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”. It’s of course a typical example of brutal Socialist Realism. The monstrosity was presented at the 1937 world exhibition in Paris and was then brought back to Moscow and placed at the northern entrance to the exhibition area. It was obviously meant to be a Soviet-communist perversion of America’s Statue of Liberty. And it’s still there. Even equipped with a much higher pedestal than before (now of a hundred feet and complete with a Soviet coat of arms) and perfectly refurbished under Putin over a period of six years, for the bagatelle of allegedly 90-plus million US dollars! It was solemnly again unveiled on December 4, 2009, amidst splendid fireworks. Would a genuinely post-communist, democratic Russia do such a thing? Of course not.

On top of an elevation overlooking what for 300-plus years had been known as Tsaritsyn and from 1925 till 1961 was Stalingrad (then renamed to Volgograd) stands the tallest of all Soviet monuments (280 ft. in height). The 8000-ton structure “The Motherland Calls!”, that is part of a wider monument ensemble, was commissioned in the late 1950s, still under Nikita Khrushchev’s watch, and completed in 1967. It was here, in Stalingrad, that the German Wehrmacht and the Soviet Red Army in 1942/43 were at each others’ throats like nowhere else in WWII. The battle, that killed possibly a million souls, ended with the German 6th Army completely encircled and defeated. Around 100,000 German soldiers went into Soviet captivity, of whom only 5,000 were to return after the end of the war. Khrushchev at the time had been Chief Political Commissar of the Stalingrad Front and thus personally involved. So, here we have an absolutely colossal celebration of victory, unknown in its gigantism anywhere outside the sphere of totalitarianism. And the monument is still there, still celebrated and now even undergoing urgent renovation to forestall collapse. Any distancing by the “democratic” government of Russia from the Soviet-communist-Stalinist past? Nope. They are thoroughly preserving their iconic monuments from the Soviet past and are even, bit by bit, re-Stalinising the country!

Lenin, Archangelsk

As a matter of unchanged Bolshevist course, every city and town throughout still-Soviet Russia (including many of the “former” Soviet republics) has its obligatory Lenin monuments – still! – and so well-kept and honoured as ever. Mind the Hammer and Sickle and communist star on the façade of this administrative building in far-northern Arkhangelsk that one can see in the background!

Here you have a Lenin monument in nearby Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The writing on the building in the background says: “Palace of Culture of the Leninist Komsomol” (Komsomol was the communist youth organisation that, like the Communist Party, pervaded Soviet society). But today? The answer is, and there is plenty of evidence for this: the Komsomol still exists, albeit under a variety of new names! They are still indoctrinating their youth with the same old revolutionary vigour!

And here they are, to be seen in a mass turnout on December 17, 2006 in the streets of Moscow, a picture reminiscent of the “old days” of the official USSR: one of the many “post-Komsomol” youth organisations (all of them as ever socialist/communist to the core), the so-called Nashi movement, meaning “Ours!”, prior to 2005 named “Walking Together”, in fact a kind of Putin Youth, tightly organised, rigid, ideological. But, firmly within the coordinates of Marxism-Leninism, there are plenty of “alternatives”: There is the Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth created by “social democrat” Mikhail Gorbachev (!), that is also a member of the International Union of Socialist Youth; there is the aggressively anti-Western Young Russia; a network-type organisation named Oborona (meaning, defense); the hardcore-communist Vanguard of Red Youth; the Young Guard of United Russia; the anarchical National Bolsheviks (“Nazbol”) of Eduard Limonov; the All-Union (meaning Soviet Union!) Young Guard Bolsheviks; and finally the Leninist Komsomol of the Russian Federation, that is the youth organisation of Gennady Zyuganov’s Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Welcome, everybody, to an unchanged Soviet communist reality: Many labels, one identical content!

Even the bizarre architectural style of infamous “Stalin Gothic” is being revived: On December 20, 2003 (two days after Stalin’s 125th birthday, and precisely on “sacred” Cheka Day) there was officially opened in Moscow a so-named “Triumph Palace”. Triumph? What triumph?!!! You see: they are getting ready to force the whole world under their communist military boot!

Three years later, in 2006, also in the new hybrid capital of Kazakhstan, Astana (meanwhile renamed into “Nursultan” after long-term dictator Nazarbayev’s first name), was dedicated a Stalinist highriser similarly named “Triumph Astana”. Does anybody in the West wonder why this is happening?

At the same time, the duplicitous “New Russia” has built a splendid financial district in the centre of Moscow called “Moscow City”, akin to those of the City of London or of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It’s obvious they intend to become the political and economic ruling power in the world; yet, there won’t be any free markets in this coming communist world federation, but central planning and overall enslavement only!

Although Russian-Orthodox churches and monasteries have been impressively renovated since the days of Gorbachev’s perestroika, and despite the Putin regime’s purported Russian-orthodox nationalism, genuine Russian Christendom was certainly not restored! The tactical deception here reminds of the one launched by Stalin during WWII when he allowed temporary religious relaxation. By the end of the day however, when communism will officially take over worldwide, all Christianity – all religion, one should say – will be crushed mercilessly! By 2019, we can already see signs of a Stalinistic cult of personality around Putin. Already, Putin statues and -busts have appeared; school children are taught to pay quasi-religious reverence to President Putin. Russia’s “god” is still the totalitarian communist state, not God Almighty!

Vladimir Putin and the late Patriarch Alexy II, eye to eye. This is a much more accurate reflection of the true relationship between church and state in the unchanged USSR, indeed a picture worth a thousand words: the post-1917 Russian church has never been more than a secret-service-controlled puppet church. As the late Fr. Malachi Martin used to cite a Russian priest: “We have been servants of the devil for so long we have forgotten what we are.”

The height of Leninist boldness certainly is the “New Russia’s” coat of arms: A monarchical doubleheaded eagle reminiscent of Tsarist days, complete with St. George killing the dragon. This truly is reality upside down as it is precisely the unchanged Soviet Union that unchangedly represents the ultimate beast threatening to annihilate the whole of mankind. But, if one looks closely, there is a hidden continuity from Soviet times: the yellow on red ground from the former Soviet flag!l

Unchanged Aeroflot logo with Hammer & Sickle; this is a present-day Airbus-320! (Airbus, as we know, is a West-European manufacturer; but why invest in expensive research & development when one can either extract Western know-how via espionage, the old way, or simply buy the readymade product as a “civilised” customer, the new way.)

After the “fall” of the Soviet Union in December of 1991 it was determined that the “new” Russia also needed a new national anthem. And so a quite traditional tune by Russian composer Mikhail Glinka was chosen as the new anthem. In hindsight, however, this was only a temporary tactical ploy within the overall deception strategy, and sure enough the anthem that hardly anybody learnt by heart was again abandoned in 2000 when “Russia” entered a new, much more militaristic phase with Vladimir Putin & friends at the helm, only to be replaced again by the old Soviet anthem of 1944 composed by Alexandrov, albeit with altered lyrics – for the moment. And, guess what: those new lyrics for the 2000 version of the old Soviet anthem were written by the same Sergey Mikhalkov (1913 – 2008) who had already provided the lyrics for the original 1944 Stalin version and for the 1977 “de-Stalinised” version! What additional symbol of unbroken Soviet continuity!  The two anthems (the delusional Glinka anthem of 1992 to 2000, and the old and new Soviet anthem) can be listened to on a little YouTube presentation by this author entitled, “The ‘New Russia’ Is an Illusion!”.

2001-09-11, New York, Beide Twin Towers stehen in Brand b

9-11 is the birthday of the founder of the Cheka, the initial Soviet secret police, Felix Dzerzhinsky, as well as the deathday of Nikita Khrushchev, the father of the new pan-communist long-range deception strategy. An interesting fact! – Also, according to Ex-FSB-agent Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated with Polonium-210 back in 2006, the no. 2 of Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri, was/is an old KGB/FSB agent. In other words: The Kremlin was behind 9/11, as it has always been the sole originator of terrorism worldwide! Thus it is fair to say that 9/11 opened the prelude that will ultimately lead to a communist-launched Third World War! (Also, Mohammed Atta, the lead figure of the 19 hijackers, had had close ties with the Czech intelligence servie StB, all the way back to the official communist era prior to 1989.)

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