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Gymnast Tells Her Story Of Horrific Abuse And How FBI Falsified Her Report To Silence Her and Protect a Pedophile
Gymnast Tells Her Story Of Horrific Abuse And How FBI Falsified Her Report To Silence Her and Protect a Pedophile

Gymnast Tells Her Story Of Horrific Abuse And How FBI Falsified Her Report To Silence Her and Protect a Pedophile

Larry Nassar was the team doctor for the US women’s gymnastics team and was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on child pornography charges in 2016.

During the testimony on Wednesday, IG Horowitz confirmed to the US Senate Committee that FBI officials deliberately misled the facts during the investigation.  The lead FBI investigator misrepresented the actions he took when the allegations came in and his job-seeking efforts with the US Olympic Committee.  Horowitz said the allegations were handed over to prosecutors in the Justice Department. The DOJ later refused to press charges against the dirty FBI official.

70 young girls were victimized by this scumbag AFTER the FBI was notified.

Mckayla Maroney shared her terrifying story of abuse with the FBI and they silenced her in a cover-up for Larry Nassar.

Maroney testified before the U.S. Senate to tell her story and ask that something is done about this conspiracy to protect a pedophile.

To have my abuse be minimized and disregarded by the people who were supposed to protect me. Just to feel like my abuse was not enough. But the truth is my abuse was enough. And they wanted to cover it up. USA gymnastics in concert with the FBI and the Olympic Committee were working together to conceal that Larry Nasser was a predator. I then proceeded to tell them about London, and how he’d sign me up last on his sheet, so he could molest me for hours twice a day. I told them how he molested me right before I want my team gold medal. How he gave me presents, bought me Carmel macchiatos and bread when I was hungry. I even sent them screenshots of Nassar’s last text to me, “which was Mckayla. I love how you see the world with rose-colored glasses. I hope you continue to do so.”

This was very clear cookie-cutter pedophilia and abuse. And this is important because I told the FBI all of this, and they chose to falsify my report and to not only minimize my views, but silence me yet again. I thought given the severity of this situation, they would quickly for the sake of protecting other girls, but instead, it took them 14 months to report anything when Larry Nasser, in my opinion, should have been in jail, that day. The FBI, USOC, and USAG sat idly by as dozens of girls and women continued to be molested by Larry Nasser. According to the OIG report about 14 months after I disclosed my abuse to the FBI, nearly a year and a half later, the FBI agent who interviewed me in 2015 decided to write down my statement, a statement that the OIG report, determined to be materially false. Let’s be honest, by not taking immediate action from my report, they allowed a child molester to go free for more than a year, and this inaction directly allowed Nasser’s abuse to continue. What is the point of reporting abuse, if our own FBI agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer? They had legal legitimate evidence of child abuse and did nothing. If they’re not going to protect me. I want to know who are they trying to protect. What’s even more upsetting to me is that we know that these FBI agents have committed an obvious crime. They falsified my statement and that is illegal in itself, yet no recourse has been taken against them. The Department of Justice, refused to prosecute these individuals. Why? Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco couldn’t even bring herself to be here today, and it is the Department of Justice his job to hold them accountable. I am tired of waiting for people to do the right thing, because my abuse was enough and we deserve justice. These individuals clearly violated policies and were negligent in executing their duties, and in doing so, more girls were abused by Larry Nasser for over a year. To not indict these agents is a disservice to me and my teammates, it is a disservice to the system which was built to protect all of us from abuse. It was a disservice to every victim who suffered needlessly at the hands of Larry Nasser after I spoke up, why are public servants whose job is to protect getting away with this? This is not justice. Enough is enough. Today, I asked you want to hear my voice. I ask you please do all that is in your power to ensure that these individuals are held responsible and accountable for ignoring my initial report for lying about my initial report, and for covering up for a child molester.

These people covered for a pedophile and ALLOWED him to abuse little girls for years. The FBI colludes with the worst criminals in our society.

As we have seen with the victims of January 6, the FBI does not seek to discover the truth but to cover the truth.

Who do these people really work for?

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/watch-horrifying-gymnast-tells-story-horrific-abuse-fbi-falsified-report-silence-legal-legitimate-evidence-child-abuse-nothing/

Simone Biles testimony:

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