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Hate Hoax: Probe Finds Black Airman Fabricated Racist Text Messages From Supervisor
Hate Hoax: Probe Finds Black Airman Fabricated Racist Text Messages From Supervisor

Hate Hoax: Probe Finds Black Airman Fabricated Racist Text Messages From Supervisor

Another day, another hate hoax. An investigation revealed that a black airman in Arizona faked racist text messages to make it appear he was being discriminated against by a white tech sergeant.

In May, the unnamed black airman sent screenshots of the racist messages to an Air Force Facebook page claiming he received them from a white supervisor.

Of course the so-called racist messages went viral – even though they were fake.

“We won’t be sending your name up for [redacted] at the squadron,” the screenshot of the text message read, according to the Air Force Times. “You currently have a shaving waiver which isn’t a professional image, and I think the Air Force is looking for somebody of white complexion and with the image that the Air Force needs.”

“This is the third job that has been held over my head due to my looks, and something that’s based on personal preference,” the black airman responded.

Of course this never happened.

The messages were completely fabricated.

After smearing an innocent white man with lies and trying to paint him as a racist, the black airman will face nonjudicial discipline and is still able to appeal.

The Air Force Times reported:

An airman is facing discipline after Air Force officials found that text messages appearing to show job discrimination against a Black airman were fake.

Partially redacted screenshots of the alleged conversation spread on social media in May, prompting leaders of the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to investigate.

Task & Purpose, which first reported on the investigation, had identified the sender as a white technical sergeant and the recipient as a Black senior airman. Both allegedly served in the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, where the technical sergeant was the senior airman’s manager in charge of planning and scheduling maintenance, the publication said.

The senior airman allegedly sought a job to oversee and administer physical fitness tests, Task & Purpose reported.

But the exchange never happened, an Air Force spokesman said.

“The 56th Fighter Wing has concluded its investigation into reports that an airman was denied a special duty assignment by their supervisor based upon their demographic identity,” base spokesman Sean Clements said in an email Tuesday. “Following an exhaustive investigation, authorities determined that the statements published did not occur and the text messages were fake.”

Clements told Task and Purpose that an airman facing nonjudicial punishment for the incident is still able to appeal.

He declined to answer questions from Air Force Times about the person’s identity, what disciplinary action could be taken or whether more than one person was involved in the scheme.

Source: Cristina Laila at TheGatewayPundit