Taking Back Our Stolen History
InfoWars is Created by Alex Jones
InfoWars is Created by Alex Jones

InfoWars is Created by Alex Jones

InfoWars has been the voice for hundreds of whistleblowers, activists, and truth warriors throughout its history and has been the victim of a disinformation and COINTELPRO-style propaganda campaign to discredit and silence him and his show since its launching in 1999. Many of the so called conspiracy theories that he said were happening have now been admitted or proven true and any open-minded individual can clearly discern with the help of this history site, that secret societies and criminal cabals have sought to further empower their own positions and are, and have long been, carrying out a large-scale plan of chaos and deception as they implement the elements of their New World Order – something Alex Jones awakened me and tens of thousands of other liberty lovers to since 1999.

Recently, Infowars has been banned from almost every social media platform out of Silicon Valley, but Alex continues to fight for the truth and freedom.  Infowars has been the “tip of the spear” on exposing false flags, coups, psyops, mysterious deaths and plane crashes, as well as other cover ups and the gradual infringement of liberty throughout the world. Infowars has supported and encouraged others to be involved in the information

" >war in whatever way they can. While his passion to defend against tyranny has led to many rants and eruptions throughout the years, Jones is not crazy – just passionate and perhaps sometimes a showman to keep his viewers entertained.

While there are things many don’t see eye-to-eye with Alex Jones or Infowars on, he is right on most accounts and the standard for alternative media organizations.

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