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LAX Airport TSA False Flag Shooting
LAX Airport TSA False Flag Shooting

LAX Airport TSA False Flag Shooting

Official Story (from Wikipedia):

On the morning of Friday, November 1, 2013, Paul Anthony Ciancia (an unemployed car mechanic living in Sun Valley, CA) entered Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport after being dropped off there by a roommate. He was carrying a bag filled with a semiautomatic, .223-caliber Smith & Wesson M&P-15 rifle, five 30-round magazines, and hundreds of additional rounds of ammunition contained in boxes. Walking up to a TSA checkpoint, he pulled the rifle out of the bag and opened fire, shooting TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez in the chest “at point-blank range”. He then went up an escalator, but returned to the checkpoint and shot Hernandez again, apparently after seeing him move.

Ciancia then allegedly moved up the escalator into the TSA screening area, passed the checkpoint area, and moved farther into the secure airside area of the terminal. At the time, many people fled by going into the concourse area or through doors leading into the airfield. Entering the concourse area, the gunman continued firing, wounding two TSA agents and a passenger. People hiding in the concourse area then fled the terminal through street exits. One witness, interviewed on CNN, said the gunman was walking, not running, down the terminal’s concourse, and actor Tim Daly reported hearing shooting while in the Virgin America first-class lounge. According to several witnesses, the gunman repeatedly asked passersby if they were TSA agents and then moved on without shooting when they said no. At 9:20 a.m., the first calls to 9-1-1 were made, followed by the arrival of the first LAX officers two minutes later.

Ciancia made it as far as the end of the terminal in the food court, where LAX police officers confronted him and shot at him in a gunfight. He was wounded four times by gunshots and captured before being transported via ambulance to a nearby trauma hospital. Witnesses saw a rifle with three magazines nearby on the floor of the waiting area near gates 35 and 36. Police were unsure whether the terminal was safe for paramedics to enter, and as a result Hernandez lay wounded about 20 feet from an exit without medical attention for 33 minutes. He bled out from his gunshot wounds before being put in a wheelchair and escorted out of the terminal. He was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

After the shooting ended, Ciancia was found to be carrying a note stating that he “wanted to kill TSA” and describing them as “pigs”. It also mentioned “fiat currency” and “NWO”, the latter likely being a reference to the New World Order conspiracy theory.

Ciancia was charged with murder where the death penalty was sought. The trial was set to begin on February 23, 2016 according to the latest update.

In the wake of the shooting, ongoing debates over the effectiveness of airport security were reignited, with several suggestions being made about arming TSA officers with guns.

Lone Crazed Gunman & Inconsistencies

The alleged LAX airport shooting at a TSA security checkpoint by Paul Ciancia has a number of questions surrounding the official story.  In fact the official story has changed several times which has further ruined its credibility.  At first the shooter was identified as a disgruntled TSA worker by law enforcement sources.  That story has since been revised with the shooter now identified as an angry patriot who wanted to kill as many TSA agents and cops as possible.

According to initial reports, “Law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times that the gunman was a Transportation Security Administration employee at LAX,” the media reported shortly before noon on Friday. “The gunman was killed by authorities after he opened fire Friday morning. He allegedly shot and killed a fellow TSA employee.”

BREAKING. Law enforcement source tells @CBSNews the LAX shooter was an off-duty TSA agent. — Charlie Kaye (@CharlieKayeCBS) November 1, 2013

Less than an hour later, it was reported that a “federal law enforcement official said that the gunman was a ticketed passenger entering the airport. Officials don’t believe the gunman has ever worked for TSA. Law enforcement sources had earlier told The Times the gunman was a TSA employee.”

The New York Post carried a bizarre graphic photo allegedly showing a wounded suspect at the airport. The photo contradicts a news report stating the “triggerman wore dark clothes and a bulletproof vest.” Other eyewitnesses on the scene of the shooting reported that the gunman was “dressed like a TSA agent,” although this narrative was quickly amended as the portrait of Ciancia as an anti-government lunatic began to emerge.

The individual in the photo is wearing a brown shirt and light-colored pants, not dark clothing or a TSA uniform. He is certainly not wearing a bullet proof vest. The photo below of the alleged shooter is either outright propaganda or shoddy journalism. The blood looks very fake in the photo.

Then came the expected story turnaround to pave over previous incongruities. Enter Paul Ciancia, a reportedly mentally ill individual who turned out to be a perfect fit for the violent and dangerous anti-government loner meme pushed by the Department of Homeland Security, the establishment media, and various organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The now common domestic terrorist stereotype exemplified by Ciancia also produces fodder for a number of liberal bloggers and others who amplify a hysterical propaganda message about rightwing terrorists in our midst who must be ultimately dealt with by the government.

By mid-day Friday it was claimed that Ciancia carried a “manifesto” with him and that he “wanted to kill TSA and pigs.” According to the Daily Mail and others, government sources said the note was signed with the letters “NWO,” short for “New World Order.”

 “Ciancia’s views appear to be in line with the anti-government Patriot movement, whose members subscribe to the theory that a powerful secret alliance of international elites is plotting to form a one-world government, also known as a New World Order,” the British newspaper reported on Sunday.

“In addition to the note found at the scene, investigators are using some other writings of Ciancia’s to help build a case for what drove him to kill a TSA agent on Friday morning,” the Daily Mail reported.

— Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) November 2, 2013
According to the SPLC, Ciancia’s note characterized former Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano as a “bull dyke” and dismissed her with an obscenity.

These alleged “writings” will undoubtedly be used to expand the rightwing meme and underscore the supposed need to deal with violent anti-government radicals, i.e., anybody who voices displeasure with big government and the growth of a police state apparatus used against political enemies of the establishment. The murder of a frontline TSA hireling will inject the needed degree of urgency to deal with the problem of Americans growing increasingly angry and restless over TSA molestation and wholesale violations of the Fourth Amendment.

Anybody who criticizes the government and its Gestapo operations in airports and on the streets of America is a terrorist who will shoot to kill government workers. This is the primary objective of the incident at LAX. Its end game is to portray activists opposed to the New World order agenda as mentally deranged cop killers.

If the LAX shooting by Ciancia was a false Flag, there were probably federal agents dressed as TSA to oversee the operation. They probably fired some blanks and real bullets to create false terror as well as real terror and injuries that are justified in their eyes to achieve the ‘greater good’ of gun control, or demonizing anyone critical of the dark side of government as crazed conspiracy theorists. If there were real bullets fired by a federal agent dressed up as a TSA agent, then this would answer why witnesses said the shooter was dressed as a TSA agent, or why others said he wore a bulletproof vest. So maybe there were real injuries, but was a dummy injured during the operation? Check the gif below…

See the full video below where youtube user FreeRadioRevolution Classics! shows zoomed footage of the dummy as it approaches the ambulance as both feet drag the ground and then being loaded into


Were LAPD Cops Told to Stand Down Minutes before the Incident?

Infowars reported that: LAPD officers assigned to the area where Paul Ciancia began his shooting spree targeting TSA agents at LAX Airport stood down minutes before the attack began, leaving for breaks without informing their dispatcher as required.

That didn’t happen in the moments before Ciancia began his rampage, with one of the officers on a bathroom break and the other outside on a vehicle traveling to a meal break.“Departmental procedures require that officers notify a dispatcher before going on break and leaving their patrol area in order to ensure supervisors are aware of their absence and, if necessary, a relief unit can be brought in to cover their area,” reports the Associated Press.

The lack of armed officers allowed Ciancia to begin the shooting unopposed, with TSA agents fleeing the screening area without hitting the panic button or using a land line phone to call for help.

The stand down ensured a one and a half minute lag before police were even alerted about the shooting. Before officers arrived at the scene, Ciancia had fatally wounded TSA worker Gerardo Hernandez as well as shooting two more TSA agents and a traveler. Hernandez did not receive medical attention until 33 minutes after he was shot.

Airport police union chief Marshall McClain claimed that the officers would have alerted their dispatcher once they had arrived at the location of their break but didn’t do so “in order to maximize their lunch break so they don’t lose time while traveling.”

We Talkin’ About Practice, Man!

LAPD spokesman bragging that “Not more than 3 weeks ago… we practiced the exact scenario that played out today – we played out today.” Yes, practice makes perfect.

Anonymous LAPD Informant Confirms LAX Shooting was a Staged Event. Credible? You decide.