Taking Back Our Stolen History
Mikhail Gorbachev’s Shocking Blackmail Speech
Mikhail Gorbachev’s Shocking Blackmail Speech

Mikhail Gorbachev’s Shocking Blackmail Speech

What follows is that shocking speech that Mikhail Gorbachev gave on December 10, 2011 at Munich, Germany, where he had been awarded by the conservative Hanns Seidel Foundation the prestigious Franz Josef Strauß Award (first awarded in 1996; Henry Kissinger was given it too at some point). It wasn’t a ceremonial acceptance speech, though, but a thuggish, in-your-face demonstration of unchanged Leninist determination, worse: of most diabolical Leninist triumph and deadly communist “cooperation-blackmail”, perfectly confirming even the worst predictions by Anatoliy Golitsyn.

The grand Perestroika deception, planned under Khrushchev and implemented by Gorbachev, has not been understood  by the West, even to this day, as what it was: the hoax of the millennium. The Warsaw Pact and COMECON were dissolved not factually, but only formally. Also the Soviet Union, along with its Communist Party, was not ‘dismantled’ and truly buried, but simply re-labelled itself and put on a democratic and free-market-economic mask in order to lull the West into suicidal cooperation and, ultimately, convergence, all on the erroneous pretext that ‘the West had won the Cold War’ and ‘Communism was dead’.

However, there was no collapse of communism; not in Eastern Europe, not in the Soviet Union. It was all theatrical ‘political changes’ for display only! Which is why all the talk about a re-Sovietisation of ‘Russia’ under Putin is pure nonsense, because also during the ‘wild Yeltsin years’ the Soviet Union was just as intact as it had been prior to 1991/92 and as it is now! So, the trick worked wonderfully, and as a consequence the West today is indeed caught in exactly that dilemma that Golitsyn had been so tirelessly warning of for years and decades: namely that of being forced to give in to the military and economic blackmail of an overwhelmingly strengthened communist bloc and having to accept – nolens, volens – communist tyranny.

This is where we stand right now: on the very edge of a very bloody communist takeover, both in America and in the remaining free world. And it seems almost as if there is little or nothing left, as societies, that we can still do about it. What we certainly can do, as individuals, is pray and, selfish as it may sound, look after ourselves and our loved ones. It may well be as brutal and elementary as that. Maybe that’s why the event wasn’t broadcast a second time and the content of Gorbachev’s speech was nowhere discussed, whether in the German or international mainstream media: It might have caused panic in the populations of the West.

Also, the speech reveals another crucial point: the dangerous role of Germany in all of this: They too – just as if the downfall of the Nazi Party by the end of WWII had never happened, and despite their long-displayed friendship towards America and the West –  have an agenda, partly in line with the Soviets, but finally opposed to the larger all-communist design. See for this the late Christopher Story’s reference work, The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States: A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution; Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 2002, that bases itself upon Anatoliy Golitsyn’s analytical methodology, but provides priceless additional in-depth information. [First half of the speech from a massively streamlined print version published 3 months after on the Hanns Seidel Foundation’s website; the PDF-file says ‘Manuscript handed out by the author’, and indeed the lousy, KGB-style German indicates that Gorbachev’s staff must have fabricated it; here is the exact link: www.hss.de/fileadmin/media/downloads/Berichte/111210_RM_Gorbatschow.pdf; the English translation of it, from the German, has been thoroughly done by this author. – Second half of the speech translated by this author from the Russian-to-German simultaneous interpretation on Bavarian television; unfortunately there’s only the second half of that broadcast presented on a number of communist-leaning German Youtube channels; the text trailer at the beginning each time deceptively suggests that ‘concerned’, elder statesman Gorbachev warns of the possibility of World War III due to NATO’s aggressiveness and ‘war-mongering’, which is of course pure Kremlin propaganda! Here is one copy with this second half of the original TV-recording (20 minutes long), in case you know Russian or German. Bold print added and indispensable comments & explanations inserted in grey type within square brackets by this author.]

Gorbachev's Speech
[1st part of the speech, translated from the streamlined print version:]

“Most honoured friends from the Government of the Free State of Bavaria, ladies and gentlemen, today is a quite special day for me, a quite special event, after so much good said about me. [He is playing with his nimbus as ‘Gorbachev Superstar’.] And I even could have prided myself, I am already 80 now, but after all I can control myself [in good old ‘communist humility’].

I would like to thank the Hanns Seidel Foundation from the bottom of my heart [Marxists-Leninists have a heart??? This is news indeed!] for this honour, for granting me the Franz Josef Strauß Award. The life’s work of not a few politicians has been honoured with this award. Franz Josef Strauß himself was one of the outstanding political personages in postwar Germany. And like every strong personality, he had many political friends, but at the same time also many political enemies [Very much so, and mainly the Soviet Union, that had him in its deadly crosshairs and obviously had commissioned its allied German terrorist faction RAF with threatening his life. The circumstances of Strauß’s death on October 3, 1988, by the way, were suspicious! And merely a week before, he had been to communist Bulgaria, not to mention a quite adventurous ‘secret’ visit of his to the Soviet Union around Christmas of 1987!]. In the West he was often termed an extreme conservative [There is no such animal as an ‘extreme conservative’. Conservatism and extremism exclude each other!]. You may easily imagine what kind of political grades he got in the Soviet Union: After all, he was the favourite target of our propaganda [not just of propaganda …] in the decades of the Cold War, branded as a reactionary. That’s the way our life works, that’s our history [!!!]. And we keep living it, take lessons and draw conclusions from it [alluding to the Soviet Union’s dialectical way of Marxist-Leninist strategic planning].

In the mid ’80s, serious [rather fictitious, but nevertheless greatly consequential] political restructuring was begun in the Soviet Union, soon known under ‘Perestroika’ and ‘Glasnost’. Already then we had revised much within our own ideas [i.e. within socialism, nothing more]. My first meeting with Ronald Reagan took place in 1985 in Switzerland. We talked for an hour. Afterwards, my delegation asked me about my impression of the dialogue partner. I told them, ”Reagan is a conservative to the core, a political dinosaur.” Later I learnt about Reagan having been asked that same question. His answer was, “Gorbachev is a stubborn Bolshevik.” That time was in no way easy for us [meaning: ‘for us communists to overcome Reagan’s anticommunism’!!!]. We had to grow beyond ourselves, so to speak [i.e. ‘we had to opportunistically acquire the style of our hated class enemy – what a pain, uff …’]. At my first conversation with Margaret Thatcher, already after ten minutes the discussion came to a standstill, and we turned away from each other. After a break, I resumed the talk. I said to Mrs. Thatcher: “You know that I have no order whatsoever from the Politbureau to persuade you to enter the Communist Party.” Mrs. Thatcher smiled. The ice was broken, the situation eased, and we could continue the conversation [he boldly paints himself as the grandiose diplomat and Margaret Thatcher, well, as a boot! The fact o f the matter is, however, that Gorbachev effectively managed to bewitch Margaret Thatcher, not by ‘supreme’ diplomacy but by his dark sexual charisma, as was analysed by Christopher Story]. That’s how it all began.

And then quickened the pace of events that in 1989 sealed the destiny of Germany [indeed, by embarking on this secretive alliance with the Soviets, the Germans have sealed their fate; however, they are convinced they will be able to tame the Russian Bear: German hubris, again and again!]. In June 1989 I came to visit Bonn, where I met with Helmut Kohl. Following the talks, there was a press conference. We were asked whether we had discussed Germany and its reunification. We confirmed to have talked about this. They key points were expressed by each one of us in a different manner, yet in substance we said the same, namely: The reunification would be a question of a distant historical future – three months later, the Berlin Wall fell. This was a historical development determined by millions of people and by their will for reunification [a monstrous lie: the so-called Fall of the Berlin Wall and all the ‘changes’ in the Eastern European communist satellites during the year 1989 were not spontaneous events at all, but had been long planned and were precisely coordinated by Moscow so to open up the chessboard for their new strategic phase, that was to turn out overnight, and has remained to this day, as a 360-degree political offensive against the West]. Our predictions then proved inaccurate, they were corrected by life [one of these cynical Leninist expressions: when communists speak of ‘life’, they mostly mean the communist substitute for true organic developments, namely synthetic, artificial events brought about by meticulous and multi-layered strategic planning; the real life they hate and are afraid of because it constantly threatens their ‘beautifully planned’ framework of communist tyranny]. The people were helping us [by which he admits that the Communist Parties were in charge of events, not the people out of themselves] to look a bit further into the future and to do a step towards that future [when alleged ex-communists still keep speaking of the ‘future’ as Gorbachev is doing here, we know they are still working overtime for their terrible goal of global communist victory].

François Mitterand, an eminently cautious as well as polite man [first of all, Mitterand was a die-hard socialist and very Moscow-friendly!] expressed to me, “I cannot imagine how you and the Germans will come out of this situation. Also I myself do not know what should be said.” I realised he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the perspective of a reunified Germany. With regard to Margaret Thatcher, she openly argued against it. Yet, they all were eminent politicians. History knows no standstill [that’s of course the standpoint of a revolutionary], and at the time its course took a very particular direction [by ‘very particular direction’, if you read between the lines, you can sense that this ‘direction’ was thoroughly premeditated, contrived, and perfectly under control every step of the way!]. We, who were politicians [deception again: Gorbachev and his comrades aren’t ‘politicians’, but communist apparatchiks in the service of the world revolution!], had to recognise and sense this. In the end, all signed the necessary treaties, also those who had initially disagreed [“All’s well that ends well.” – He is constantly taking us for a ride!]. Germany was reunified, and Europe was opening a new chapter in its history [a dangerous new chapter of getting gradually swallowed by communism]. After all, not only the German union was at stake, but the overcoming of the division of Europe, more than that – the division of the whole world [the Soviet Union posing as the harbinger of overall reconciliation and “Worldwide Democratic Peace”: the lie isn’t new. What he doesn’t mention is the strategic rationale in all of this, and what their idea of ‘peace’ really is about: it’s a horrible peace of the grave].

Franz Josef Strauß came to Moscow in December 1987. This was an important meeting. Strauß explained to me his understanding of Germany, of Europe, and the world. There’s many a conversation in which one talks around things without going beyond repeating conventional wisdom. But the talk with Franz Josef Strauß went completely different. I saw in front of me a man who made no secret of his views and knew how to stand up for his positions, but who had also the gift of perceiving the state of the world and of Europe, the role of the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic, in a wider context and with a sense of realism [an indication that Strauß, despite his tough conservatism, was ready to make significant compromises towards the Russians, and he did, which is why already in the year 1983 a fraction of his Christian Social Union broke away and founded a new party that shifted farther to the right]. Strauß had made acquaintance with war at first hand. He was near Stalingrad, and from such experiences man always draws his consequences [smell the sense of triumph?]. We spoke about the danger of war, and about how to forestall it. We asked ourselves whether wars needed to be fought at all [however, Pacifism and naïve disarmament are a Troyan Horse for a global ‘Pax Sovietica’; Franz Josef Strauß knew this!]. At that time, on both sides in Europe many nuclear weapons were being stockpiled. They were also stationed on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. Strauß told me that, after one of his trips to the U.S. and having talked to Secretary of Defense McNamara, he had commissioned the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr to draw up a report on the possible effects for the Federal Republic of Germany of a future war. The report’s main conclusion was: Nobody would survive the use of nuclear weapons [another piece of dangerous disinformation: only the military circles of the West considered nuclear weapons solely as a deterrent, convinced that an actual nuclear war would annihilate both sides. The Soviet military, however, has always held the view that a nuclear (offensive) war is not only leadable, but also winnable! They have for decades been planning for such a scenario, and their civilian population is precisely trained so to know what to do and where to seek shelter in the event of nuclear war].

I already mentioned our first meeting with Ronald Reagan when we commented on each other quite negatively. Nevertheless, after the negotiations, a highly important declaration was made in our joint communiqué: that it was necessary to avoid a nuclear war because in such a war there would be no victors [again: the Western view, not the view of the Soviets!!!]. From this resulted the question for what we’d need an arms race worth billions of dollars in the first place [Gorbachev and his strategists certainly don’t care about the economic situation of the West; they simply want the West to onesidedly disarm; today, Germany no longer has any nuclear deterrent stationed on its territory]. Not to forget the fact that 90% of all nuclear weapons were stationed in the U.S. and in the Soviet Union.

Thus was the contextual frame of our talks with Franz Josef Strauß. As I receive today the award that carries his name, I would like to pay my reverence and respect to this man [not very credible; but the Germans, in their blindness, still keep courting Gorbachev!]. He won great merits for German post-war policy [certainly not so in order to posthumously be ‘lauded’ by an unchanged Soviet Communist Party Secretary: but Gorbachev can say whatever he wants, and Strauß can’t reply from his grave]. I am convinced it would have been so much more difficult for us to achieve the task of German reunification, had the mood among the Germans and Russians at the time been different [there was no ‘mood’ with the Soviet Union’s common man, simply because he has no say in anything; as for the West Germans, they weren’t happy at all about this sudden burden of having to finance the rebuilding of East Germany. By the way, even today, 22 years after the reunification, 20% (!!!) of all West Germans have still never been to former East Germany! Tells a lot!]. We should appropriately acknowledge this fact: Two peoples that had lived through such a dramatic joint history were able to find the way to reconciliation, they were able to comprehend that a confrontation would lead nowhere [according to the late Christopher Story’s The European Union Collective, these two powers form a veritable alliance, with Germany having little problems with the prospect of accepting socialism; in other words: Germany, as well as France, have systematically betrayed their Western allies, right since the days of Adenauer; as a result, the United States and Britain have meanwhile been fooled by Germany and France, since 1945, and by the alleged post-Soviet Russia and its ‘former’ satellites, since 1989/1992!!!]. Obviously, also the passed joint experiences of those centuries were coming to effect when Russians and Germans had been linked through good-neighbourly, friendly relations [what he seems to have in mind, though, is the 24 years of tight German-Soviet cooperation all the way from the Bolshevist Revolution of 1917 till June 1941, when Hitler breached his non-aggression pact with Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union].

[2nd part of the speech, translated from the non-streamlined and very professional Russian-to-German simultaneous interpretation on Bavarian TV:]

And it is good that there are no more walls; but, dividing lines are again emerging. And if one should be worried about something, and what today’s politicians should think about, in Central Europe, also in Eastern Europe etc., what they should think about is: under no circumstances to allow a war, under no circumstances to allow a new confrontation. I know why the politicians in Russia react so sharply to the missile defence in Europe, to its intended stationing.

But now I’m also slowly asking myself: what’s this all about? For, what we can see is that the missile defence is meant as a defence against Russia. Everything else is just talk, or a wall of fog to cover the truth. Yes, and as a result, the Russian government said: We’re going to station means of defence, here and there, and we are ready to use weapons that guarantee our security. What does this mean? WORLD WAR III!

And if Russia and the USA should again be at loggerheads, this IS World War III! This won’t be restricted to a local war! And we need to again clearly remember the lesson, you know: the Cold War was over; our partners were triumphing, and they wouldn’t see the forest for the trees any more [!!!!!], in the West, and especially in the USA. They wanted to build a new empire, with a super-super-super-power [the communists have won, and now they LAUGH at the West, as was predicted by Anatoliy Golitsyn 30 years ago] – to which I say: the Germans are a serious and reflecting nation, and they know well what is being said in the USA; and when they don’t react to it and sometimes nod, it means all this can’t be taken for serious: It’s the attempt to threaten Russia a bit; and there is still in Europe a bit of fear left towards Russia. Yet, we only wish to build and develop: No one has led more wars in the 20th century than us. So much we had to suffer, and, just as a sidenote: We had no plans after WWII to start military action against the USA. I know it. I MUST know it.

And, suddenly, all this starts all over again. This reminds me of those 200 or 300 US bases, spread all over the world, from the Cold War era; and have they been of any use to anybody? I have the impression that the evildoer of the system in which the West lives, and so with the consent of Washington, this radical market philosophy, all this hasn’t turned out positively. [You see: no more respectful words for free market economics like 25 years ago; Gorbachev and the unchanged Soviets now show their true unchanged colours: RED, and nothing but deep red! Now, as they have managed to drive capitalism against the wall, and so by capitalist means, the message couldn’t be any clearer: ‘your capitalist system has failed, and you’d better accept our glorious alternative of communism, OR ELSE …’ If one contemplates about this for a moment, one understands that the communist bloc is now indeed pushing for global communist takeover, no doubt!!!]

London, G-20 protests, April 2, 2009: Take note of the hardcore-communist maxims of the alleged anti-globalists: “Stop WWIII over Iraq!” – “Democracy is an illusion.” – “Capitalism isn’t working.” – “No borders anywhere!” – “One Currency, One Country!”. – This is clearly Moscow’s Fifth Column at work, whether protesting G-20 summits, “fighting Climate Change”, or “occupying Wall Street” … (And so with the ‘blessings’ of the occupant in the White House and the active support of his communist buddy, Bill Ayers) – Note also the scythe to the right: a clear and sinistre threat!!!

What have we got? Bubbles! One bubble after the other, and they all burst. And, one should understand at last that the solution can’t be an arms race, the militarisation of the world and the economy, because we’d keep on throwing money out the window. [Again this false ‘concern’ about his hated ‘class enemy’s’ finances that he otherwise has only bothered about insofar as he sought to extract money for his world revolutionary cause!] And former Finance Minister Waigel [Theo Waigel is sitting in the first row] spoke of 10 billion DM or Dollar, of course it was Mark, Deutschmark, that he didn’t give to Gorbachev at that time. How much money are we simply throwing out the window! [Rather odd that he speaks of himself in the third person!]

Eisenhower is again quoted these days, General and President Eisenhower. Yesterday I had again the idea to watch that movie: “FFF” [sic: FFF equals 666!]. — No. — “JFK”. On the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I like such films [especially if they don’t touch upon the Cuban-Soviet connection …], and one should watch them from time to time just so to remain awake; if possible: wide-awake! [What does he mean by that? Does he try to remind us that everyone who  – like President Kennedy – dares stand up against communism will be killed?] And, Eisenhower, to come back to that, said that the military-industrial complex is a dangerous thing; and one should never lose control over it! [Is he alluding to Soviet infiltration of U.S. structures? Well, the U.S. is now in control of a Bolshevik, anyway!] He said that in a way as had never been said before. And I want to say: the man was right! [Applause. Yet, we do not know how many Russians sat in the auditorium; there must have been quite a number of them as the video shows lots of Russian-looking faces, none of which with head-phones on, so obviously these people knew Russian.] The military-industrial complex in our grand countries, that’s those who set the tone, who exert pressure on politics. I know how our military-industrial complex is doing this, and it is still very critical of Gorbachev because of Perestroika [he is permanently taking us for a ride!] and the freeing of the country from these military expenditures [well, they did receive vast sums from the West!].

But, these people [and now Gorbachev is again speaking of the United States] have been accustomed to always ‘play the first fiddle’, and I think that if an economy cannot provide for its people, it is an ill economy; AND SUCH AN ECONOMY MUST BE CURED, AND SO BY RADICAL MEANS! [Can a central planning bureaucrat, who has no understanding of free market economics other than through his upside-down Marxist ideology and hearsay, get any bolder than that? This is a key passage in the speech as it clearly shows they have even, combined with the Chinese, achieved economic superiority and are now laughing at us. The ‘radical means’ is of course brutal revolutionary takeover and introduction of central planning communism, complete with abolition of private property as well as of the family unit, no question.] This was my idea, this was my approach. [Read Gorbachev’s 1987 propaganda book “Perestroika”, that has by the way in its German edition the subtitle, translated into English: ‘The Second Russian Revolution: New Thinking for Europe and the World’!!!] And I’m still repeating it today. But, no, what are they telling people? They are telling them things that make them afraid. Well, and now they’re arming up [another lie, because Comrade Obama is greatly engaged in bringing down America’s military capabilities even further].

But when one looks at the situation thoroughly, one can easily see that our government is acting correctly and appropriately, because – I just say: the devil [his boss] take it – there is no system for executing global decisions in a world that is already global [their constant theme anyway, across the board, from East to West]. We simply still lack such mechanisms, and I have heard with great interest that [Gorbachev now starts addressing the Germans], as has been said by your Prime Minister [Bavaria’s Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer, CSU], “we are ready to help, but not to throw money into a bottomless pit.” [alluding to the Euro crisis and Greece as the country with the greatest problems of the lot] [And now, coldly:] After all, IT WAS THE GERMANS who initiated the Euro, the European single currency, and therefore Germany carries also great responsibility, and Germany is big and strong, and thus carries an especially great responsibility, from which it cannot just steal away. [The Soviets are now leaving the Germans in their own mess, as the megalomaniac currency union, driven solely by ideology anyway, is about to fall apart; the Germans, in their unrootable tendency to want it all, have overdone it. And Moscow is awaiting its triumph in the face of the failure of the initially German-thought-out EU project, that was, however, hijacked in the mid 1980s by the Left and is now the vehicle for Eurasian and ultimately global ‘convergence’, on communist terms.]

But, this is also about the processes within the countries. Many have entered the EU in an expectation of having things for free [he is talking about the 5 ‘former’ satellites, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia, that joined the EU, along with the 3 ‘former’ Soviet Republics, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, get this: on MAY 1st (Labour DAY!!!), 2004, and about Romania and Bulgaria, that followed in 2007. – But who paid to bring them up somehow: Western Europe; only to get flooded, in return, by a tidal wave of impoverished immigrants as well as KGB-directed organised crime!], I think you know exactly what I mean [?]. Yes, so quickly did they rush to the West and left the Warsaw Pact and COMECON, all up and away towards the West, and the West immediately welcomed them and quickly incoroporated these new countries [Fairy tale! – And again bolder than bold, as the seeming dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and of COMECON was in reality a controlled deception operation orchestrated by Moscow. Thus, the Soviets have even freed themselves from the economic burden deriving from these countries and instead let the West Europeans pay for their recovery, which, to a great extent, has taken place – however, without loosening their political grip on these ‘former’ satellite states from behind the scenes via the unchanged communist nomenklatura: whether ‘nationalist’, ‘conservative’, ‘social democrat’, or ‘liberal democrat’: in reality, it’s nothing more than a bold spectacle known as ‘democratism’, and with everyone of them playing his particular role; same as in the unchanged Soviet Union: Gennadi Syuganov: the ‘Stalinist’; Vladimir Zhirinovsky: the ‘ultra-nationalist madman’; Boris Nemzov, Vladimir Bukovsky, Garri Kasparov, Grigory Yavlinsky etc.: the ‘democratic opposition’, and so forth. – NO GENUINE OPPOSITION whatsoever in the unchanged Soviet Union, 95 long years after the October Revolution of 1917! – Also, by having their ‘former’ satellites now in the EU and in NATO, they have not only ‘peacefully’ entered, along the lines of ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s treatise ‘The Art of War’, the enemy’s camp, but can also use this, and they do, for further anti-Western propaganda: poor betrayed Russia versus evil expansionist West; this extremely hostile pre-WWIII propaganda can be found on English Pravda online, Novosti, or International Affairs], which all entered suit the United Nations [well, as for the 15 republics that ‘once’ formed the USSR, 3 of which are now in the EU and the other 12 are constituting the same old Soviet Union under the new label of ‘Commonwealth of Independent States’, one must recognise that the world is now faced not by 1 Soviet Union, but by 15 ‘Soviet Unions’, which all hold individual seats in the various international organisations, such as the UN, the World Bank etc., take part in international sports events as 15 separate ‘nations’ and so forth. The same trick was applied by doubling former Czechoslovakia into Czechia and Slovakia, and by splitting former socialist Yugoslavia, that had officially been outside the communist bloc but in reality had always been part of it,  into 6: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina; not to mention the Republika Sprska within Bosnia, and Kosovo within Serbia. In other words, what once was 3 states, the USSR, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and the Yugoslav Socialist Republic, has now multiplied into 23!!! This is truly Voodoo ‘nation building’, Leninist-style, along the lines of ‘federation precedes unification’]; and you yourselves [the Germans] have greatly furthered this development; thus: look who is talking! [This shows the internal war going on among these two rivals, Germany and the unchanged Soviet Union.] [And now again extremely cynical:] And, shouldn’t one be grateful to the Greeks for having established the fundaments of our civilisation? [Laughter and applause. – Germany is now trapped in its self-inflicted straightjacket of the Euro, but cannot let go of it, because ‘this would send the wrong signal’. Thus, the EU member states are on a gravy train of “Together we stand. Together we fall!” – As for the ‘fundaments of our civilisation’: Never mind that this European civilisation, until the Renaissance and, later, the so-called Age of Enlightenment, was based not so much on the legacy of ancient Greece but, of course, first and foremost: on Christendom! On the other hand, Gorbachev frequently plays with the false impression he might be a concealed Christian, but by attending Interfaith gatherings at Assisi or elsewhere he again is only furthering the Masonic-Communist agenda – massively supported by the false post-Conciliar Catholic Church – of watering down the individual religions and moulding them into one futurist hybrid, as is so comprehensively shown by Mr. Lee Penn in his reference work, False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World-Religion; Sophia Perennis, 2001.]

But, well [talking still, it seems, to the Germans], I believe we know exactly what we need to think of each other [what an expression of mutual distrust among these two allies and, at the same time, rivals!!!], and we must build a system for executing global decisions in a global world. And for this, NEW systems, NEW models are needed! [i.e. the o-so-successful central-planning ‘model’ of Marxism-Leninism: All-encompassing ‘Friendship’ to the world!] [And now again attacking the Free Market system:] Betting on super-profits, super-consumption, and the like, leads nowhere. That’s of no use! [The following is highly duplicitous and certainly is directed against the United States, both in economic and military respect:] Now, we have a billionaire who owns a submarine. And now he wants to commission a second one. Is this going to give the man happiness? No! One should find a small submarine, torpedo his first one so to prevent the second one from being built [the exact same logic would apply to a surprise preliminary strike, using e.g. high-altitude EMPs, by which all electronic infrastructure and power grid would be knocked out in an instance, disenabling any effective defence]; because no one needs this. Who needs this? [Of course, the Soviets would love to see a Western world that has completely abandoned its ‘unnecessary’ military capabilites, and Comrade Obama will certainly do his ‘best’ get there – the war behind this faux administration and the U.S.military seems already to be on …]

And I ask you, my dear Germans [!!!]: stand you also by your responsibility! [i.e. we won’t bail you out …] You have initiated the Euro-zone, and as soon as the control mechanisms become effective [i.e. as soon as all remaining national sovereignty of the individual member state is fully done away with, as is happening right now], this system will be precisely what Europe and the world need [i.e. a super-imposed unaccountable communist big-brother world authority]! [Applause]

I think we should all really think about, together, how we can prevent a violent solution of the problems at hand, because when someone chooses force, this is the most dangerous thing that there is; and I repeat: we’re again in an arms race! [This is the ‘cooperation-blackmail’ Anatoliy Golitsyn and Christopher Story had warned of: ‘let’s peacefully come together, on our communist terms – OR ELSE …’ – as for the arms race: it was the Soviets, as well as the Chinese, who have been arming up since 1991 like crazy!!!] It’s obviously about re-militarisation, not only militarisation of the economy [sic!], but also of consciousness [How true, Señor, how true!]. WE ARE ILL; WE ALL NEED TO BE TREATED AND CURED! [In the political psychiatry of the upcoming global Soviet State: thank you very much!] [Now follows a bold, in-your-face inversion of reality: he blames the very militaristic euphoria of the Russian armed forces on the American forces!] And Generals again become heroes; Generals who believe they had disarmed too much, one missile of many thousands [which is outright ridiculous!], that’s too much. And here I ask myself: How do the Generals think? If one bets on solving problems militarily, then one commits a mistake [a warning!], and I’d like to say this again, I’ve heard this, we just had in France an annual meeting, the annual Conference of the World Political Forum, that I brought into being several years ago, really a serious organisation; there it was said: to bet on force and strength isn’t efficient. [True: Western defence capability, to them, is certainly ‘not efficient’. – As Christopher Story said in a 1995 recorded conversation with American host William Mc Ilhaney: “We should leave them to stew in their own juice. We should withdraw. Now that we’re so deeply involved, we’ve got to do it subtly, but we should withdraw from cooperation. We needn’t announce it; we should just do it. And stop aiding them; stop cooperating; withdraw whenever we see an opportunity; retrench. AND: We should rearm like crazy! Because the only thing these people understand is that we are determined not to let them prevail.” – Sadly, such change of course has never been tried.] The nations, and most politicians, condemn such an attitude [but welcome it when it is held, not defensively but offensively, by the Soviets???]. And at the end we came to the conclusion that wars do not solve problems [the Soviet monster again posing a peace angel: the perfidious advances in the 1960s and ’70s by false ‘dissident’ Andrey Sakharov come to mind; and in general the international Peace Movement as a whole, that goes back to the early 1900s, having been right from the outset a branch of communism as well as of so-called Theosophy], and in earlier days thinkers said that war is necessary, that war brings about a movement ahead etc. [He indeed points to the Hegelian dialectics that are part and parcel of Marxist-Leninist thought!] – No! War means a giant failure of politics. [By ‘failure’, Gorbachev of course means, in that case, the ‘failure’ of Western politics to submit to communism!]

For what should one take up arms, aeroplanes, extremely destructive weapons [another threat]? And why? [For instance, in order to defend oneself against communism?????] Because the politicians got it wrong, because the politicians still lag behind the fast changes in the world. [By speaking of ‘politicians’, Gorbachev of course is speaking of the West, and of the West only: there is no such animal as a ‘politician’ in the still-communist system, they have only apparatchiks; politicians, whether sincere or corrupt, whether capable or inapt, only exist in the democracies or constitutional monarchies of the West. And he already blames on them a World War that, by now, hasn’t even begun! Also note the theme that (Western) politics lags behind the fast changes in the world, which means: lags behind the communist programme of world revolution! – Below: a completely revolutionary Soviet postage stamp of 1988 saying: “Perestroika prodolzenye dela Oktyabrya”, i.e. “Perestroika CONTINUES the October (Revolution)”!!! – and “Uskorenye – Demokratizatsiya – Glasnosti”, i.e. “Acceleration – Democratisation – Openness”. Perestroika was the launching of an overall revolutionary offensive. In Gorbachev’s 1987 propaganda book, Perestroika, one can read bold and clear that Perestroika was meant to give socialism a second breath, essentially by returning to “a Lenin who is alive”. And the West was caught completely off guard!]

UdSSR, Perestroika, 1988

And, so to speak, the Russians, the Germans, the French [the Russians of course come first; and with the other two, they form the socialist European troika], the Americans, the Japanese, and now also the Chinese, by the way [we know that], these nations are responsible for providing for the world a peaceful, positive perspective. [And we know well what a ‘peaceful, positive perspective’ means from the mouth of a die-hard Marxist-Leninist: it means brutal communist ‘normality’ and lights out forever! – ‘Positive’ holds also a covert meaning, as it implies ‘positivist’, thus: godless.]

And, also [now read very carefully], it’s definitely wrong to believe one could hide away, one could sit out anything. No one can hide any more or sit anything out! [A clear message also on an individual level: ‘Don’t think we won’t get you, because we will!’ Every new passport in almost every country in the world is now an “E-passport”, with a built-in RFID-chip, by which the holder may well one day be tracked and located any time.] Also small countries need contacts [i.e. ALL states of the world must be part of the overall surveillance grid!].

I believe I have now strayed quite far from the Franz-Josef-Strauß Award [cynical laughter], but I’m convinced that the one is closely connected to the other; connected to the legacy passed on to us by smart brains. [This is all coded, conspiratorial language. He alludes here not only to Lenin, but also – as he speaks to his German fellow-strategists – to Bismarck, Hitler, Adenauer, and all the way up to Helmut Kohl.]

I’d like to once again express my heartfelt thanks. You know, I speak at home, here in Germany, in Europe, in the world; I advocate [enforced] cooperation and of course a deepening in the cooperation between Russia and Germany [France is the third cornerstone in this evil geopolitical triangle]. Because, this means very, very much for the overall situation; it stabilises it, develops it towards a positive outcome, and the people who are demonstrating in Wall Street demand social justice and equality [i.e. they demand communism; so, here we have an official endorsement, so to speak, of OWS by a ‘former’ General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!!! As a sidenote, the ‘Occupy’ movement has nothing to do with the alleged ‘mass demonstrations’ that accompanied the Russian Duma Elections in December 2011 and Putin’s ‘re-selection’ in March 2012! These are staged provocations – most likely just as the Dec.-29th-2011 submarine accident at Murmansk – so to project the ‘weak look’ as recommended by Sun Tzu, which in that case would mean that they couldn’t be any closer to go for it and start their desired global military adventure: things have never been more on-the-edge than right now! Also keep in mind that in the last week of October 2012 there will be the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis!!! These communists have their own funny way of celebrating anniversaries. (Update: They indeed used the last week of OCTOBER 2012 to test an improved version of their already highly advanced Topol-M Intercontinental missile!!!) Not to mention that the year 2017, only 5 years away, will mark the centennary of the October Revolution – as well as the tricentennary of the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England. In 2018, then, will be the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, and in 2020 the 150th birthday of their other evil icon, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov alias Lenin. So, it appears, they are going to have a tight celebration schedule in the coming years, and might well have decided to reach communist world hegemony before 2017].

And, as you can see, also in the EU, mistakes were made. But this isn’t yet the essential point I want to make. I have the impression that – of course we aren’t out of the old crisis yet, and there are already signs on the horizon for a new crisis [which international communism, directed by Moscow and Beijing, will certainly make use of for the furtherance and victory of the revolution; via economic manipulations, via Western trade unions, via anarchist and terrorist groups, via sabotage, assassinations if necessary, and so forth], but – as LENIN calmed his comrades-in-arms, this was when the Soviet power came into being, when there was a chaotic situation in the country: “Yes, of course we have chaos, BUT FROM CHAOS SPRING UP NEW FORMS OF LIFE“. [That same logic is known from highgrade Freemasonry, and Gorbachev is also a Mason: ‘Ordo ab Chao’, order out of chaos: it’s an utterly blasphemous claim that man by himself should be entitled to create chaos (by destroying the old, God-given order) so to organise on top of the ruins a new hybrid and sterile, man-made order without God. The phrase ‘New Forms of Life’ also describes the Leninist ‘creativity’ that uses, for a while, even the most contradictory and opportunistic methods to reach their final goal, as well as their idea of an overall synthetic counterfeit of true life. Because they HATE life. – It’s all deeply Satanic!]

And therefore, chaos IS a problem, a crisis IS a problem, all this isn’t easy, but there are always included opportunities that definitely should be made use of. [Pro-communist globalist, if not Soviet agent, Henry Kissinger (who allegedly used to go under the KGB code name “Bor”), made an almost identical statement on January 5, 2009 regarding incoming new President Obama in relation to the economic crisis. Kissinger explained, “His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a New World Order can be created. It’s a great opportunity; it isn’t just a crisis.” ] [And now Gorbachev turns straight diabolical:] And I wish the Germans a healthy New Year. And this time you will still have enough bratwursts and pork-knuckles for New Year’s Eve [laughter; yet, one can be sure not one single German was laughing]. WELL, AND AS FOR THE NEXT NEW YEAR’S EVE [i.e. the turn from 2012 to 2013], WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT, TOGETHER! [One can see on the video, that is bad visual quality, for a brief moment Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer almost certainly with a face DEEP FROZEN in shock!!! This is why they hid away this speech from the German population and from the world – all the critical passages have indeed been removed in the ‘official’ print version that was published three months after the speech, in March 2012. It’s too late to change course; certainly also for the Germans, who once again in history overstretched their capabilities and have indeed thought they could deal with the Soviet monster on equal terms. It’s even too late to inform or prepare the public. It’ll be a hellish attack out of the blue sky. How many will in a second lose their minds and go crazy? And how many will just decide to hang themselves in their houses or apartments?]

And, I tell you quite frankly: it is for me a special, an emotional day. And regarding the accomplishments that I myself associate with my life [you see: communists are very different from Western careerists: they don’t take too much personal pride in their achievements, but, at the most, in their ‘humble’ contribution to the revolutionary cause!!!] – the German question, the destiny of Germany -, these were for me of determining importance. And I’m proud of what I could do. – Thank you very much! I’m wishing you good success!”