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Mysterious Venezuela Fire: Almost Fifty Thousand Voting Machines Burned
Mysterious Venezuela Fire: Almost Fifty Thousand Voting Machines Burned

Mysterious Venezuela Fire: Almost Fifty Thousand Voting Machines Burned

A fire allegedly set by an armed commando group seeking the removal of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro destroyed most of the South American nation’s voting machines that were kept at the election council’s main warehouse.

The government-backed National Electoral Council reported that Saturday’s blaze obliterated 49,323 voting machines at the facility in the capital, Caracas.

The fire also destroyed nearly 50,000 fingerprint readers and 600 computers.

‘We have decided to start this offensive against Maduro and his people, because he has plunged our people into hell, now we will take this flame to them,’ declared a masked man, alleging to be a member of the Venezuelan Patriotic Front, in a video that was shared by the opposition group on social media Sunday.

‘On March 7, Operation Sodoma began in the warehouses of the CNE [National Electoral Council], this entity that has violated the rights of the people in fraudulent elections through the CANTV [National Telephone Company of Venezuela], where the data controlled by Cuba’s servers are issued, and that the accomplices of the CNE, like Tibisay Lucena [president of the entity], have allowed. We do accept elections that cannot be manipulated by any program or biased entity.’

Lucena shot back at the Venezuelan Patriotic Front’s claims Monday, and said the latest incident would not prevent a planned vote to replace lawmakers in the last opposition-controlled federal institution.

‘There was little that could be rescued,’ Lucena said in a statement broadcast on state television.

‘If there are small groups (of people) who think that this will end our constitutionally established electoral processes, they are very wrong.’

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This has all of the characteristics of a flase flag operation. The previous election was rigged and stolen by corrupt disctator, then an unknown obscure anti-Maduro group named the ‘Venezuelan Patriotic Front’ takes credit for starting a fire destroying almost all of the evidence (99% of Venezuela’s voting machines destroyed in the fire) of a rigged election where Maduro won? And then post a picture of themselves wearing masks to obscure their identities? The picture is a

" >psyop and they are likely behind this cover up of rigged voting machines.

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