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Neil deGrasse Tyson Says the Earth is ‘Pear-Shaped’?
Neil deGrasse Tyson Says the Earth is ‘Pear-Shaped’?

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says the Earth is ‘Pear-Shaped’?

Earth is not only oblate — wider at the equator than pole-to-pole, but pear shaped — slightly wider just south of the equator.

from NASA Website

So why do our childrens text books still show Earth is a perfect sphere ?  You might argue the cost to reprint text books isn’t feasible for a single image change– but even the online version of Earth Space Science Text shows earth is a 360 degree perfect sphere with no mention of a pear shaped earth or an oblete spheroid.  It wouldn’t cost that much to upload new images would it?  The U.S Department of Education’s budget was 960 Billion dollars annually just a few years ago.  I would bet that has increased since then.   What is the value of our childrens educations if we cannot provide our children with current accurate truthful knowledge?  Why are they even in that class if it is not current, accurate and truthful knowledge?

What about NASA? They get 50 million dollars a day and they keep showing us a perfect sphere while telling us its oblete / pear shaped.  This is unacceptable coming from an agency that uses American Tax Dollars to fund their program and then in return they give the American Tax Payers cartoons? It isn’t just the U.S. space program that does this — all of the space programs do it.  They give us images that are not real images of our real pear shaped earth. WHY?  The U.S. Space Program / Nasa gets 50 Million dollars a day.  This isn’t logical.   What does a high powered digital telescope or camera cost these days that NASA cannot afford to purchase one so they can then take a picture of the real shape of the Earth and teach truth?  Is this an intentional deception? Is it laziness and greed? Perhaps a reasonable explanation exists?

Let’s look at some of the images Nasa has been providing the public as proof their programs deserve funding. Let us also check the authenticity of the images and what is in the images that we have paid NASA to show us.  Images that NASA

Source: https://geocentricworks.com/PROOF_NASA_LIES.html