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Obama Gives Farewell Address: What is His Legacy?
Obama Gives Farewell Address: What is His Legacy?

Obama Gives Farewell Address: What is His Legacy?

President Barrack Hussein Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, the 10th of January 2017.

Joachim Hagopian (GlobalResearch.ca) dissects the propaganda and breaks down the speech below:

Honesty is not an Obama Virtue

Obama wasted no time uttering his trademark lies. In his third sentence he stated that his “conversations” with the American people “are what have kept me honest.” Honest? Are you kidding? This guy’s the most deceitful pathological lying president in US history. Two of his biggest whoppers out of the gate numbering in the thousands will go down in infamy:

After the damage inflicted on the world by the Bush-Cheney regime, Obama came to power preying on America’s desperate need for change and hope. But he only delivered more damage to our nation and world, faithfully carrying out the very same malevolent policies both foreign and domestic as his

" >war criminal predecessors. And the transformational change he promised turned into a nightmare gone from bad to worse that we’ll be stuck with for years to come. That a Democrat or a Republican occupying the White House doesn’t matter points to the same actual power controlling the figurehead in Washington.

After two stolen terms in office by the Bush-Cheney duo, and nonstop war in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama campaigned on a promise to end those senseless conflicts but instead only prolonged them. At the expense of American taxpayers, Obama continued waging those costly wars to the tune of $6 trillion (or more) and near 14,000 American lives (military and civilian), most of which were lost on his watch. Obama ensured that the neocons’ “endless war on terror,” now over 15 years and counting, remain endless. With Afghanistan going down in American history as our nation’s longest running war, Obama’s legacy in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Syria and Libya, and indirectly in Yemen, are the Obama regime’s “ENDLESS WAR OF TERROR.” On top of that despicable fact, President Obama is the first two term president in US history to have America at war throughout his entire presidency. The peace candidate turned out to be the most warring president of them all.

As a case in point of his legacy, earlier this week on the same day of Obama’s speech, three bombs blasted three separate cities in Afghanistan killing 50 and wounding 100 Afghan citizens. All these bloodbaths in the Middle East and North Africa stand as a glaring and disastrous outcome to the US façade of “bringing democracy” and “nation-building” to the world – 4 million dead Muslims later. In actuality the ruling elite’s systematic plan is to misuse the US Empire and NATO to militarize and destabilize the entire planet, then misuse millions of war refugees to destroy Western nations by inciting religious, race and class wars utilizing its always effective divide and conquer strategy, all for the nefarious purpose of creating a one world government tyranny. And as the destroyer of America, the CIA bred and groomed puppet, followed his marching orders to the T.

After Bush presidential candidate Obama boldly promised to be the most transparent and open president in US history, but then Pinocchio nose just kept telling whopper after whopper for the next eight years. Obama has a track record of being the most dishonest, secretive, vindictive, least open and least transparent president in US history. He’s been at war with a free press and indicted more journalists and whistleblowers than any other president.

Obama’s “Yes We Can” Chicago Roots

In the next paragraph of Obama’s farewell speech, he begins patting himself on the back, nostalgically using his Chicago days in his early twenties as a supposed community organizer working for “positive” change. Obama must be referring to learning to be a future nation destroyer still under the tutelage of a close friend of his CIA white grandpa who happened to be Obama’s secret real father – card carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis, in addition to confirmed terrorist mentor Bill Ayers who once proclaimed that 25 million Americans may need to be exterminated in concentration camps for refusing to go along with the radical left’s reprogramming agenda.

Then in the same breath Obama goes on to claim that his youthful belief in grassroots level change still resides in “the beating heart of our American ideal – our bold experiment in self-government.” What planet is this guy living on? The ‘self-government’ he refers to, the one that’s supposed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people” simply doesn’t exist anymore, killed decades ago by oligarchic special interest bribes that buy and control elected spineless puppet politicians like himself to faithfully do their dirty bidding, waging violent conflicts around the world while invasively at home unconstitutionally spying on citizens to deny their liberties and freedoms, of course all justified under the pretense of national security.

Obama says when trust in government is low (and it is, presently only 19% of Americans trust their government):

We should reduce the corrosive influence of money in our politics, and insist on the principles of transparency and ethics in public service.

Yet it was Barack’s Supreme Court that gave license for the wealthiest to buy off politicians through unlimited legal bribery. Obama did not lift a finger to oppose it. Again hypocrisy runneth over when the least transparent and perhaps most corrupt and unethical president in US history calls for virtues he so sorely lacks.

Orwellian Doublespeak Obama-style

And then Obama has the audacity to actually quote our Founding Fathers’ “conviction that we are all created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Though these are sentimentally empowering ideals to strive for, the bottom line is they’ve never been practiced in real life. The majority of the creators of our Bill of Rights and Constitution owned slaves and 9 of our first 11 presidents were slave-owners, engaged in a policy of genocide against the First Americans, and to a man failed to extend these “certain inalienable rights” even to their own wives. But then the arrogant hubris and over-the-top hypocrisy that’s come to infamously characterize the Obama presidency wouldn’t have it any other way, because the man’s a fraud, an imposter who right to the end in his farewell address repeats lie after lie in his best polished Orwellian doublespeak.

“Embrace all, and not just some”

Obama then goes into a wannabe “Grapes of Wrath” diatribe about patriots choosing “republic over tyranny,” again what republic? Tyrannical fascism in the Obama totalitarian dictatorship reigns supreme now. He cites America’s “call for citizenship,” that pulls “immigrants and refugees across the Rio Grande.” It was Obama’s and DHS’ stand down order to maintain eight straight years of unprotected wide open border policy, not unlike his manufactured wars that led directly to the flooding of millions of Muslim refugees by manufactured design to destroy both Europe and America using the lie of “humanitarian multiculturalism” intended to create strife, chaos and tension leading to race wars, religious wars, class wars, civil wars.

Later in the speech the departing lame duck refers to America’s “founding creed to embrace all, and not just some.” This of course is his feeble attempt to justify his open border policy that welcomes a constant flow of unvetted refugees from his Middle Eastern and North African wars as well as drug cartel gangs from south of the border. Recall it was the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gun running operation and attempted cover-up that bestowed preferential treatment to the Sinaloa cartel in exchange for intel to eliminate Sinaloa competition. International drug smuggling under Obama’s watch has been a boom.

The Obama speech threw in that same “call for citizenship” “powers workers to organize.” Under his watch, the rights of “workers to organize” has taken a hit. In 1983 American workers belonging to labor unions stood at 20.1%. In 2015 the percentage has nearly been cut in half at just 11.1%. Since 1983 when 42 of 50 states maintained at least 10% of its private sector workforce as union members, five years ago that number dropped to just 8 states. Whatever’s left now of labor unions and their bargaining power to protect workers has largely gone the same route of every other American institution, becoming corrosively corrupt, co-opted and no longer truly representing the best interests of America’s working population. Of course similarly, pension plans have virtually dried up across the nation, with the exception being those generous lifetime retirement salaries for former presidents and Congress members.

Obama’s American Exceptionalism

As the historical name dropper darts from the Rio Grande to Iwo Jima to Afghanistan to Selma and Stonewall in one breath, in the next he states:

So that’s what we mean when we say America is exceptional… and make life better for those who follow.

It wouldn’t be an Obama speech without his spouting off on America’s exceptionalism that automatically grants US Empire the right to remain the endgame’s sole world superpower hegemon even if it wipes out the human race. The fact that Obama has dutifully followed the neocons’ homicidal tradition to an OCD degree, embarking on a renewed nuclear arms race costing up to $1 trillion while encircling two fully emerged world powers Russia and China, vilifying them both, is pure madness!

The choice to consistently and willfully push America into a forced West versus East confrontation in his rush to World War IIIObama’s exceptionalism has been his calling card trademark to justify his every aggressive, war-provoking move calculatingly misplayed, promoting his masters’ agenda to destabilize the entire world through increasing conflict, war and economic instability and destruction. Throughout Obama’s race to WWIII, his co-opted mainstream media is nothing less than a deployed front that’s faithfully protected him and Hillary as their propaganda ministry intended to brainwash and con the American public into acquiescence, acceptance and complicit submission. Non-Americans must think that Obama’s America is exceptionally grandiose in its hyper-inflated self-importance, and perhaps only exceptional in its arrogance and destructive tendencies to tamper, interfere and ruthlessly attempt to control the rest of the world.

Our Bright Future

Obama touts a record of “making life better for those who follow.” Again, he’s nowhere near living in the same galaxy as the rest of us who have sadly witnessed under his watch America and the world in a state of freefall chaos and destruction. Under his watch college students with their record high loan debts now over $1.2 trillion have become lifetime indentured servants, with America’s job security nowhere in sight for decades now, after graduation fighting over job scraps competing for minimum waged part-time dead-end employment. Under Obama’s watch for the first time in American history, the current coming of age generation can no longer expect to live better or longer than the preceding generation, in either holding down jobs (lost to an age of AI and robotic automation), or actualizing the American dream of owning their own homes, or even enjoying life as an independent adult. For the first time in 130 years, more adult Americans aged 18-34 are currently living with their parents than living with a spouse or partner. 40% of Americans under 30 live with their parents. Upward mobility and the American dream are long since dead now. Obama’s lasting legacy is the certainty of an extreme and bleak future for America that he destroyed while dutifully complying with his puppet masters’ marching orders.

My Wonderful Legacy in a Nutshell

Obama then goes on to actually claim his so called victories:

If I had told you eight years ago that America would reverse a great recession, reboot our auto industry, and unleash the longest stretch of job creation in our history…if I had told you that we would open up a new chapter with the Cuban people, shut down As Iran’s economy teeters on the brink of collapse under the tough sanctions regime imposed by the Trump administration, the Islamic Republic’s authoritarian leadership has spent its limited cash reserves to bolster terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as militant terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Iran has spent more than $16 billion during the past several years to fund militant terrorists across the Middle East, cash that was repatriated to the Islamic Republic under(...)

" >Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a shot, and take out the mastermind of 9/11…if I had told you that we would win marriage equality, and secure the right to health insurance for another 20 million of our fellow citizens – you might have said our sights were set a little too high.

And later claims:

After all, we remain the wealthiest, most powerful, and most respected nation on Earth.

Again, this man is totally delusional if he believes “a great recession” has been reversed and that “the economy is growing again.” Additionally, Obama makes the bodacious statement that today “wages, incomes, home values, and retirement accounts are rising again; poverty is falling again.” When cost of living and inflation are accounted for, wages have either fallen or remained stagnant for decades now. Yet Obama stated:

Last year, incomes rose for all races, all age groups, for men and for women.

Reality shows that nothing could be further from the truth. Perched from his ivory tower White House, when not teeing up on multimillion dollar tax paid vacations (totaling near $100 million), Obama’s “facts” just never seem to add up.

For instance, in 2007 the year before Obama was elected, Pew Research found that 50% of Americans rated the US economy as good. Last August after near eight years in office, only 44% of Americans shared that same optimistic outlook. During Obama’s first five years as president, Census Bureau data showed that fulltime workers’ salaries for men dropped by nearly 3% and women by 1%. Wages for black men sank even lower by near 6% and over 3% for black women. A little over two years ago government income reports demonstrated that over the last quarter century the US household median income remained stagnated and unchanged at just under $52,000. Yet the value of the dollar drastically shrank. But from 2000 to 2014, nearly half with Obama as president, the average American median income dropped significantly by 8%.

The so called recession economy has progressively slid from the 2008-09 housing market crisis (with the banking industry’s grotesque tax paid bailout after which Obama protected the banksters from prosecution for fraud and no jail time) to an all-out major economic depression (that Obama and his minions still deny) that will inevitably and tragically surpass the 1930’s Great Depression in human suffering. Obama and the Feds managed to kick the can down the road just long enough for Trump to step into the Oval Office. Likewise, the entire global economy is anemic and faltering, including even China’s.

Obama states that “the unemployment rate is near a 10-year low.”

The truth is Obama’s job numbers are methodically crunched and cooked every month to deceive the public into not realizing that up to 40% of America’s working age population is not fulltime employed. If those working part time hours but desiring fulltime jobs along with those whose unemployment compensation has run out, and those chronically unemployed who’ve become so discouraged they’ve given up, that percentage of Americans would be nearing half our population.

Virtually every honest economist has for months been warning that we are teetering closer to the edge of a complete economic collapse. Obama’s assertion that we’re in “the longest stretch of job creation in our history” is pure fantasy. Since the recession virtually the only jobs Obama created are part time, seasonal or temporary, minimum wage positions that no one could actually live on. The boastful lie that Obama created 15 million new jobs is just the opposite from the truth. First, Obama artificially counts part-time employment in his artificial job creation boost. Secondly, his actual number of jobs created (including part-time) in his time in office amounts to 5.6 million. However, with his open border policy, the number of entrants into the US has soared to over 20 million, so his actual record has arguably added 14.4 million to the unemployed ranks.

During the Reagan years America went from the largest creditor nation on earth to the largest debtor nation on earth, digging its deepest hole under Obama who has nearly doubled the national debt from $10 trillion to near $20. During that same post-WWII period, the US has gone from owning half the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product as the indicator tool measuring nations’ purchasing power parity) to now just 15%. Three years ago China overtook the US as the number one economic superpower in the world. As of last year China now has more billionaires than America – 594 to 535. And the margin is widening.

Obama mentions that currently “the stock market shatters records.” That has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with Trump. So for Obama to try and take a bow due to Trump’s honeymoon post-election swoon is a case of intentionally distorting reality. But then deception is Obama’s signature. Also, in a troubled, unstable economy, the stock market fluctuates widely from one day to the next. Record highs one day are as apt to be followed the next day with record lows. And market volatility ain’t a good thing.

Returning to Obama’s lie that “poverty is falling again,” unfortunately the pathological liar is oh so wrong. Poverty in America has risen from 11% in 2000 up to 15% of Americans in 2014. As mentioned earlier, blacks under Obama are suffering the most with 26.2% of African Americans living in poverty. But near 1 in 4 (23.6%) Hispanic Americans are also poverty-stricken. 10.1% of whites fall under the poverty level. The South and California are the worst hit areas although the largest drops in middle class were in West Virginia, Michigan and Indiana. Just to make ends meet, more Americans are working two or three jobs than ever before.

During the Obama years the poverty rates have been climbing beyond America’s inner cities to its suburbs as well. Add the decimated, fast disappearing US middle class that as of 2015 is no longer the vibrant majority that has always characterized America, and the rich-poor disparity gap is soaring to unprecedented levels. Income inequality lies at the heart of the problem. As productivity increased, wages didn’t for the lower and middle classes. When the richest 20 Americans own more than the poorest half of all Americans, you know something is dreadfully wrong. Three years ago income inequality in this country reached an all-time high not seen since the eve of the Great Depression in 1928. But now the gap between the rich and the poor in America is at its all-time worst disparity ever, and the highest in the developed world. Despite what Obama claims, today’s economy is in dire straits. And as a result, Americans either have no money to spend or worried over their uncertain future, are holding onto what little they have. An incredible 76 % of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, just one away from homelessness.

Hence, all across America shopping malls are becoming extinct. Their demise is accelerated by record number of closures of major retail outlet stores. 14 of the biggest – Target, Kmart, Macys, Office Depot and Sears among them, are all closing at least 100 of their stores.

Eleven other industrialized nations have more startup businesses per capita than America as entrepreneurship has fallen. According to the Annual Prosperity Index, the US dropped out of the top ten most prosperous nations for the first time in 2015. Also as of 2015, over five years after the recession, small businesses are still hurting as only 21% have recovered. Again 2015 was a very pivotal year for the US as it was the year that China eclipsed America as the number one economic power on earth according to IMF’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) computations. The GDP margin between China and the US is .6 of a percentage point ahead and growing.

So you can see that clearly Obama is wrong, as he leaves office in 2017, the United States of America is no longer the wealthiest nation on earth. And the primary reason is that President Obama dutifully followed his rulers’ orders, padding the coffers of Wall Street and the military industrial security prison complex rather than investing in his own nation’s sorely needed infrastructure and the well-being of his own fellow citizens. The US military has been and is still misused as the elite’s corporate body guard to rape and pillage the earth, gobbling up and stealing precious energy, mineral and other natural resources. And the affluence of North America and Western Europe was viewed an obstacle that had to be eliminated prior to implementing a one world government.

Obamacare Plug

In his farewell speech Obama dared to sneak in a plug for his abominable Obamacare, at the end of his braggadocio repeating the boldface lie that 20 million more Americans are benefiting from his “right to health insurance,” the same right that gives you no right to opt for no insurance without incurring increasing fines for refusing to buy his corrupt brand of snake oil that has rates obscenely skyrocketing by 24% this year on average. Obama’s fuzzy math must be referring to those same 20 million new immigrants he allowed into the country complete with insurance entitlement. In any event, even Obama’s main claim to fame – that the least number of Americans in history are uninsured – is bound to start rising again with his now Unaffordable Care Act. Yet despite this reality, Obama insists that “health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in fifty years.” The man’s delusional. His boldface lie glosses over the truth that in August last year alone healthcare costs rose higher than at any time prior to 1984.

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