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Patriup.com and PATRIO.Tv Business Plan

Patriup.com and PATRIO.Tv Business Plan

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Mission & Objectives
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive Advantage / SWOT Analysis
  • Organization and management
  • Services / Products
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Funding
  • Financial projections
  • Appendix

Executive Summary

The Patriot Connection is a group of pre-launch websites for conservatives and alternative media (news, health, history, etc.) based in South Carolina that are solutions to leftist censorship. It combines:

  • PatriUP.com – a social media platform (similar to Facebook), created as a solution to biased censorship, for sharing content with friends, groups, or the entire community. In addition to the profile page (includes personal blog), a news feed or wall (includes images, audio, and video sharing – even livestreaming) includes:
    • a crowdfunding system,
    • a marketplace
    • a store
    • an events calendar
    • a jobs board
    • a forum
  • PATRIO.Tv – a free speech video-sharing platform where content creators can broadcast livestreamed video or upload pre-recorded videos that content creators can offered to viewers either free (earn tips, share ad revenue) or for a cost (PPV, rent, sell, or offer monthly subscriptions). It was created as a solution for censored YouTube, Vimeo and other content creators to share and monetize their content after seeing their content de-monetized, banned, algorithm’d out of searches, and outright de-platformed by big tech.

Deep state-controlled big tech social media platforms can’t be trusted. Their efforts to censor all exposure of corruption, silence voices of truth, and promote propaganda is at a communist level. Patriots are hungry for a solution and PATRIO.Tv and Patriup.com will help fill this current void.


Social Media platforms

Patriup offers a free speech platform where users can share news, thoughts, videos (including livestreaming), music, or almost anything and interact with other users. Users can follow their favorite people and groups, find friends (even by location so find like-minded people near you, if locations shared publicly) create groups, events, job opportunities, their own blog or discuss a particular topic in the forum. Users can also create ‘Stories’ that are deleted after 24 hours. Patriup will offer several services as well as products (in the marketplace).

  • A crowdfunding section allows users to share their needs and stories and ask for donations to fund their cause as well.
  • Users can add and sell their own products on our marketplace as long as it’s legal, of course.
  • See user’s last seen/online status.
  • Receive notification from users who visited your profile.
  • The Home/News Feed displays Posts, Photos, Files, Videos, and Maps posted by friends/followed people, as well as story filters for people/groups you follow, and user activities list.
  • The User Timeline displays users profile with Posts, Photos, Videos posted and shared by each user.
  • User can create pages and invite friends to like the pages.
  • Create groups and invite/add friends to joined groups.
  • Play flash games.
  • Easily share videos from the biggest videos sharing websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music
  • Create unlimited photo albums with nice looking style.
  • Create dynamic cover photos and profile picture
  • Privacy: Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc.
  • Display or hide profile information (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc).
  • Notifications: Receive notification from other users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares .. etc)
  • #Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users.
  • @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages.
  • Publish Status, Sound cloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos and emoticons.
  • Delete and edit your own posts.
  • Save posts to view them later.
  • Choose who can see your posts (Only me, Everyone.. etc)
  • Like or unlike a post. View list of people who like this.
  • Dislike a post. View list of people who dislike this.
  • Comment on a post, Reply to a comment, View all post comments.
  • Search for people, #Hashtags with our filtered search system.
  • Send and receive private messages & share files from other Users.
  • Coming soon: Real-time live chat system, (online, offline) status.
  • Verified Profiles/Pages.
  • Fully responsive for all devices, browsers.
  • Password recovery by email.
  • Emoticons.
  • Also, choose between night or day mode
  • Earn patriot points when you share, like, or post content; manage your privacy options, and more…


  • Make video calls
  • Promote posts and pages
  • Become a featured Member
  • Upload
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Get a Verified User Badge

Store (Coming Soon)

Although the store is currently empty, it will offer dropship products of interest to the user base such as:

  • Nutritional Supplements: Organic vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplemental formulations
  • Reusable Products: Reusable replacements for everyday products that are normally disposed of after one use such as rechargeable batteries, reusable lunch bags, etc.
    • Cloth Diapers
    • Clothing: Organic, ethically made
  • Bedding: Organic made
  • Cleaning Products: Organic and chlorine/chemical free cleaning products like carpet cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, car wash soap, etc.
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Books & Documentaries
  • Personal protection items
  • Prepper products
  • Homesteading products
  • Emergency preparedness and survival items
  • Tech privacy
  • Wifi radiation protective products, etc.