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Paul Wilcher, Attorney and Government Corruption Investigator, Found Dead
Paul Wilcher, Attorney and Government Corruption Investigator, Found Dead

Paul Wilcher, Attorney and Government Corruption Investigator, Found Dead

Paul Wilcher – Washington DC Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise”, BCCI, and INSLAW. He was found dead on a toilet in his Washington DC apartment of unknown causes. At the time of his death, he was investigating drug and gun-running out of Mena, Arkansas, as well as the BATF assault on the Waco, Texas Branch Davidians. He was planning on producing a television documentary on his findings. He had delivered a 105-page affidavit to Attorney General Janet Reno detailing the evidence he had collected regarding the drug operation at Mena, just three weeks before his death.

Sarah McClendon, his trusted friend, writes on the death of Paul Wilcher below:

The Death of my Friend and Government Corruption Investigator

Wilcher, who felt his family had been beaten out of their estate by corrupt judicial processes in Chicago, came here to Washington, to find a new life. Then he heard about a man whom he believed to be. a political prisoner, Gunther Russbacher, the man who says he is being persecuted because he flew former President George HW Bush to Paris to meet with leading Iranians and make a deal to supply Iran with weapons in exchange for that government keeping the 52 American hostages until after the November election so that former President Jimmy Carter would not get a boost by bringing home the American citizens held there. Instead the deal was they were to be delivered to Candidate Ronald Reagan. That agreement was kept as soon as Reagan inaugurated in 1981.

Wilcher was working daily for Russbacher. He also was working on the connection between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Waco annihilation of a religious community, on the death of Danny Casolaro in West Virginia, a writer who felt that he almost had the link to the greedy rich clique who were really ruling the world, the Inslaw case whereby a system of computer intelligence could unseal secrets of governments, and the BCCI case, the Pakistan bank that was disrupting financial empires in may countries, including the United States.

Wilcher wanted to ask the new Attorney General Janet Reno to grant immunity from prosecution to Russbacher so that he might testify to the government about the goings on inside the CIA. These are covert activities that include bizarre interference with other governments, sale of arms around the world to inspire more wars, mysterious deaths, indimidation of Congressmen by blackmail about their own personal escapades, misuse of billions of U.S. taxpayers money yearly that ought to go for other purposes.

Somehow Wilcher got it into his head that he ought to talk to Janet Reno – the new attorney general; I could not believe that he really thought he had an appointment with her. He went to keep it. The officials who insulate her against others would not let him in.

They demanded to know what he wanted to talk to Miss Reno about. He would not say as he did not trust the Bush employees still in the department. He felt she alone could provide immunity from prosecution. He was interviewed by her public relations man, Carl Stern, formerly of NBC, and building guards who thought Paul was emotionally overwrought. I would say yes. But not a psychiatric case. Upset with the manipulations and the crime inside government, yes!

Paul recently told a friend, Miss Marion Kindig, that he felt his life might be in danger because he had obtained much more information on the Casolaro probings that the victim himself had acquired. This and other information he had obtained caused him to feel his life might be in danger.

I had to beg the police for 24 hours to go in to see where the missing man was. They found he had been dead for several days. There so far has been nothing in the autopsy to indicate the case of death. There was no bodily signs of strong handling. Like Casolaro, in West Virginia, Wilcher’s body was found in the bathroom. They cannot tell if it was natural or induced. A government operative was in the apartment next to the one Wilcher rented. About the same time both telephones had been disconnected.

I believe Wilcher to be a causality of good citizenship and patriotism. I tried to get possession of the papers and tapes he left behind, but his family, who did not know how to assess these things, took them away.