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President Clinton Confirmed that 4000 Human “Experiment[s] Conducted from 1945” Were Covered Up
President Clinton Confirmed that 4000 Human “Experiment[s] Conducted from 1945” Were Covered Up

President Clinton Confirmed that 4000 Human “Experiment[s] Conducted from 1945” Were Covered Up

On October 2, 1995, President Clinton confirmed that 4000 “experiment[s] conducted from 1945” were covered up by officialdom for “fear of embarrassment”. Even in the midst of such an apology, the severity of the crime is trivialized by such language: embarrassment must surely have ranked quite low among the concerns of the men and women involved with inhuman experiments which might, were justice to be served, have qualified them for the death penalty.

Given that violations of the Hippocratic Oath, every standard of medical ethics, Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, even the terms of the Nuremberg Code were apparently happening with complete impunity in “mental hospitals”, it is perfectly possible that the “95 females” used in Alfred Kinsey’s study were lobotomized only for the purpose of providing him with subjects for his investigation of the impact of brain surgery on sexual “frequencies”. These“frequencies” were to be cited in Kinsey’s 1953 book
on Female sexuality and a “detailed report” was promised at some later date.1

The following is an excerpt from former President Clinton’s apology given Oct. 3, 1995.

Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation. Some were unethical, not only by today’s standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity. The United States of America offers a sincere apology to those of our citizens who were subjected to these experiments, to their families, and to their communities. When the government does wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it.

On behalf of the government, Clinton apologized for thousands of experiments on innocent Americans. Many of these experiments were MK Ultra type Mind Control and Mood Control experiments.

It is extremely concerning to know that many Americans are not even aware of President Clinton’s apology regarding human experimentation. The fact that they, the government, dare to use human beings in experiments is unnerving. We are dealing with the unethical, immoral, and illegally acting here.

Recognizing two things is an important part of the whole: That it happens is not a question; it is a matter of fact, and it has been documented through the decades. Second, we have great difficulty looking at it or analyzing it from the opposite side of the spectrum from the offenders (who have human beings in the loop of what they employ).

The victims, those who suffer, cannot be forgotten. Their ordeal and their unwitting sacrifice have to be held at the forefront at all times.

The perpetrators are protected by what the organization has in place for them. They have footholds in places that give a real or perceived position of power. Over time, they will attempt to anchor where they have leveraged these footholds. This enables them to not only engage in this behavior with a degree of confidence, but it also allows them to continually evade accountability–even when the probability of them getting questioned and subsequently caught is extremely high. They are continually engaged in aggressively suppressing the information from the public as well as suppressing us, their victims. Continually, aggressively, and in a very coordinated way, they keep it below the awareness threshold of society and those who would scrutinize their behavior. They are well-greased at suppressing the information as things begin to pressure the threshold of awareness. They are well-equipped to ensure that the victims and society are undermined and do not break that threshold.

The following point can not be made in a strong enough way, as it is the most concerning

Not one victim out of the thousands of human experiments, which are in part represented by President Clinton’s statement, has gotten anything through the barrier to information, which suppresses not only the information, but us, their victims. Most people would logically expect that, with many, many citizens per experiment, someone out of those numbers must have become aware. I am one, and I can testify to the fact that these experiments did take place, and there is a mechanism that ensures it remains below the awareness threshold of society at any cost.

I am aware through my human right activism that thousands who have also experienced the same mechanisms, tactics, and suppression are out there. We share many symptoms, which are commonalities amongst the vast majority of unwitting victims. What we will share is eye-opening, scary, and fearful.

The horrifying part is when someone becomes aware that they are an unwitting victim they not only have the full force of the mechanisms that suppresses, but they are also facing an extreme probability that they are going to have a hardship obtaining independent aid and help, including medical. Those that are employing their technologies, methods, and techniques are burning bridges of support long before we know we need to cross them.

I want to state that it does not matter that there is only a small percentage of professionals who act this unscrupulously, immorally, and illegally within the government or professions. What matters is that they do exist. To remain open minded, it may be less than one percent (we can argue the amount of zeros after the decimal place) that act this way within our professions. The fact that they do exist is scandalous. It has happened thousands of times, and that is just what the government has admitted to.

Victims Have Difficulty Obtaining Medical Aid

First off, what is concerning is not only the lack of awareness of president Clinton’s apology, but the predisposition of professionals and society in general to roll their eyes back in disbelief at the mere mention of human experimentation, especially when the victims try to explain what those experiments entailed, as well as the mechanisms they have in place to suppress the information, and the victims.

It is by no accident that this attitude is in society as a whole. I will briefly get into the level of government that originated many of these programs, technologies, methods, and techniques so you will understand how and why society has become so intentionally misinformed and so desensitized to the reality of human experimentation. It is not a mere fluke that the idea of human experimentation looks ridiculous to society nowadays. This kind of indifferent attitude toward human experimentation was cultivated by the government itself because it makes it much easier for them to go un-scrutinized.

This is not necessarily in the hands of those who developed it, but regardless of whose hands the technologies, methods, and techniques are in, they allow their illegal actions to fly under the proverbial awareness radar unnoticed. This is especially true when professionals within our different professions have the information voiced by a victim looking for help. They do not recognize how accurate and important the information is as well as how biased their views are regarding the authenticity of human experimentation. What is equally alarming as your limited, if any awareness of things such as President Clinton’s statement is, is the fact that both the symptoms and diagnoses are happening right under your nose. This begins to explain their aggression suppressing the information and suppressing us, their victims. Armed with this information, the professional can use this awareness along with their education and experience to see if it is warranted to pursue in one way or another. They also fail to identify how vitally important this information is to their profession, as well their abilities to help those adversely affected.

I will briefly develop the points in an attempt to keep it at a manageable length. I hope that this document will lay an awareness foundation. I will also supply the needed terminology to ensure that information gathering is made much easier. These things will begin to build the groundwork of your awareness so that you will view those who ask for your help in a way that would ensure that they get that urgently needed independent help.

This also ensures an extremely important point–that the victims’ legitimate concerns are equally legitimately addressed. This in itself will put pressure on those who are acting so immorally, illegally, and unethically, making it harder for them to continue and even harder to select new victims.

The highest levels of our government’s time and budgets were not only concerned with the Russians rolling over the plains or grasslands of Europe, but also the known unethical and illegal behavior of using US citizens for human experimentation.

The list of human experiments that US citizens were used for is staggering. It came to light that the CIA director also put out a destruction of document order because of the severity of using US citizens for human experimentation. This was testified to at U.S. Senate level. This type of hearing was demonstrated by the US Senate Church hearings. The Church hearings were named after Senator Frank Church of Idaho.

In these hearings, it came to light, through great investigative work, that the budgetary records, which he didn’t know existed, survived. We can expand on that and include the Rockefeller Commission, named after the Vice President of the United States at the time, and importantly “Cointelpro”. There needs to be a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for using human beings for experimentation, with it stated in the same breath that it is against everything this country stands for, although it is ignored. The reason that I bring it up early is to ensure that you realize the level of government and how they could ensure surreptitiously that it would not come to light. That it commanded their resources and time is unquestioned, and that it dates back through the decades is equally unquestioned.

I will, in this very brief statement, bring it to the turn of the new millennium and beyond. First, it is important to understand how far back the timeline goes. The Russians were beaming and pulsing the American embassy in Moscow in the 1950s and ‘60s to ravage the cognitive abilities of the ambassadors and their staffs. This is known as (Project Pandora American Embassy); which is very Googleable. Moving the timeline toward the new millennium, Lt. Col. Thomas’s piece, “The Mind Has No Firewall,” is one of the better awareness-building pieces and clearly coveys how far these technologies have advanced. Using this terminology is premature, although introducing some to the subject matter is important so it can be expanded on moving forward. Also, what these experiments included more times than not exacerbate how difficult it is to convey what is adversely affecting their victim. When the victim complains, it is designed to sound loopy. The sophistication would be a given. A citizen stands very little chance countering something that has been designed to thwart your efforts long before the point you found out. You wrap this around how it is designed to ensure that it goes down the checklist of the psychiatric manuals doctors study in school.

Also, it is instrumental to understand that many of their well-greased tactics are designed to short circuit the systems we assume are in place to catch or prevent this type of damned behavior. It is a daunting, if not a near impossible task when we find out and seek independent aid and support. Long before an unwitting victim finds out, they have burned bridges of support that we need to cross. We sound like we are loopy simply complaining, and they know that, and that is twice as horrifying. As I have stated, they are aware of how far across the line they are. Things that are near and dear to professionals are mere technicalities for them to short circuit, due to the severity of what they are engaged in. The ethically, morally, and legally acting many times think that they would not dare. Those who act so unscrupulously do, and they are well-prepared for their victims to find out and/or bear witness. When the victim is complaining, aware or unaware, symptoms are in line with many others who have complained, and it is in line with the non-consensual human experiments.

It is also important to realize early that there is a well-greased program in place to counter and undermine a victim if (or when) a victim was to find out. The mechanisms are entrenched in society. As you begin to examine the issue, or become aware, you realize this is what and why they are acting in the way they were, and their behavior and actions begin to fall into place. The more accurate the victim is, the more the program is designed to have it go south and spiral out of control. With a victim becoming more and more aware, they are well-prepared for that moment when the victim complains or begins to become aware. The vast majority of the time, this is surreptitiously exacerbated by direct involvement by those engaged in the organization that enables the use of human beings for experimentation. With the understanding of a larger point, which is that they cause or create long before the victim becomes aware what they can use in the event that the victim becomes aware or bears witness.

The more that the government states that they have backed off or have stopped using US citizens for human experimentation, the less oversight or check and balance there would be for those who have the tendency to act immorally, unethically, and illegally up to that point.

By keeping it under society’s awareness threshold, it ensures that you will not be able to identify the symptoms that are before you, even though there is a high degree of probability that they are staring you in the face. This ensures that the scrutiny (or potential scrutiny) is nullified. When you become aware at a minimum, you become acutely aware of the symptoms that they want to continue to keep under the awareness radar of those who would intentionally or unintentionally put light on their behavior. The latter still would put unwanted scrutiny on their behavior. You may have before you either those of us who have become aware, or those who are unaware and may never become aware. Independently, by evaluating a victim, you will make it harder for them to continue to select unwitting victims of any age.

Here is the GPS example: (I use simplified examples to convey complex points)

A slight injury victim slips in a cornfield. The victim arrives at the hospital, where he is told that he would be getting two stitches. The doctor asks him how it happened.

The patient (victim, however you want to term it) states that he is being triangulated, they know within a foot where the victim is at any time. They know his location at all times. It does not matter if he was off the beaten track and to convey this point he sates he had gone fishing at a remote lake and the satellites still could pinpoint his position hence they still knew. They know anywhere on the planet, within a foot, where he, their victim, is.

The victim states the reason that he was in a cornfield was to deduce if they would pay attention, or expand the resources in the middle of a cornfield in the same way they would in an urban area?

On the way out the door, the doctor has a couple of words with the psychiatrist. He tells the psychiatrist, “He thinks he is being triangulated, they or it know by doing this where he is within a foot at all times, and something about satellites. There is also something about the planet.”

The psychiatrist sits down. The victim has already gotten his two stitches. With the caution, due to the lack of awareness of the technologies, methods, and techniques employed this is one of the ways it is designed to go south and go south quickly when someone attempts to complain. The psychiatrist tells the patient victim that he just came back from getting a nice sandwich at the strip shopping center, he also states that the place always has a little line because the sandwiches are really good. When he goes there including this time as well he has to park several aisles over because of the popularity, although it is worth the little bit of wait. The psychiatrist says,

“Certainly, the satellites, it, or they, would not know that I went to that sandwich shop and that I had to park past the sandwich shop.”

The victim states,

“Oh yes, it would know that you were at that certain shopping mall. They would also know that you passed the sandwich shop in the parking lot.”

On top of that the speaker would inform you that you had gone too far, and you needed to turn around. This would be before people knew what GPS was. This is all it takes, and how easy it is when addressing this type of thing for a person to end up in the psych ward. A legitimate concern deserves an equally legitimate response. Certainly, the poor soul did not belong in the psych ward.

It is also extremely important to understand they are many times driving a misdiagnosis long before their victim becomes aware. Testimonies at the highest levels of government bring this point to light. A cursory look at the “Church Hearings” as well as “Cointelpro” typifies how they underhandedly ensure outcomes.

It is important to understand the tactics they use to ensure that it does not come to light. It is important to very briefly reiterate two basic points. First, they are reckless of what they stated a short time earlier or later when they address what is being scrutinized stating what ever derails the scrutiny. This can only be done if they ensure it is surreptitiously addressed. And of course the suppression of information, and the victim. It is also very important to understand how they are currently employing their technology, methods, and techniques. This exacerbates how their program is designed to go south or spiral out of control in a negative direction. My drive within this point, what I call the “noble cause point,” is simply getting information through the barrier to information. They have years of preparedness building this barrier and these mechanisms. They are extremely aggressive and well-greased at ensuring the suppression of information and us, their victims. It is simply daunting.

This page is geared toward the medical professional.

In an attempt to understand how they keep it below the awareness threshold, it is extremely important to realize their tactic as a whole. They will cause or create ways to discredit any human experimentation stories long before their victim becomes aware. They will devise ways and tactics so that people will immediately question the credibility of the victim in the event that any one of them becomes aware or attempts to bear witness. These points are extremely important in understanding what a victim is up against. They have a program in place from the moment a victim is selected.

In addition to what they want to cause and create, ensuring a misdiagnosis before and after their victim becomes aware. They also want to cause and create what will do the same in a background are criminal way. The vast majority of the time, they want to tarnish the victim long before he even becomes aware, if he ever does become aware. It is also designed around the way police are trained to interact or react to a situation. These programs were originally developed by the highest levels of our government with taxpayer dollars. They are well-prepared if and when someone was to find out or bear witness.

It is adult-driven, and young people are extremely vulnerable to this type of thing. It is done in a very deliberate and coordinated way. They are well-greased at these tactics, making it even harder for the victim to address the issue or find independent help and support. It must be understood how gross the surreptitious involvement is. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the victim’s life. It is coordinated, it is orchestrated, and everything is surreptitious. An adult has a high degree of probability falling prey to their tactics. They would as well have an extremely hard time recognizing that it is part of their well-greased program–something that they have been through thousands of times.

I am especially bothered by this because it is adult-driven and that young people are more susceptible to falling prey to those who are immoral and unethical. It affects the young person’s life in many ways, other than just causing or creating what will call into question their credibility if and when they will find out or bear witness. It is life altering; the muddying and discrediting machine can be life altering unto itself. Being selected as an unwitting victim is catastrophic. An important point that needs to be understood is that the term, “resources,” in a business sense, is inclusive of men hours. They are not going to give that up.

I can testify to this firsthand. This point is a little bit out of the scope of what I am presenting. Due to how aggressive they are in this area, it needs to be mentioned, and it always needs to be remembered. Nothing is left to chance in their victims’ lives.

Getting back on target, whose hand it is in is as concerning as what they have employed–their technologies, methods, and techniques. If you are going to argue its existence, argue it with the Presidents of the United States. Argue it with U.S. Senators, Congress Men / Woman, Generals, colonels, and their counter parts in the world.

One such example is Senator Glenn on the floor of the US Senate 105th Congress first session; he stated that he knew what being a human Guinea pig was he was informed, and had follow up care, as he participated in the space program. Unwitting victims did not know, and there is nothing more un-American.

He also stated that, if you wanted to know the number of hamsters that are in medical experiments, the department of agriculture knows that number. And he stated those numbers. But when it comes to human beings, they do not like to keep those records.

Referencing what I stated about the lack of citizens (victims) who got through their barrier, I know thousands of victims through my human rights activism who are in a similar a situation. Many have fallen prey or gone down the path that I have stated, although not all. There are PhDs, MDs, and many others within the targeted individual (unwitting victim) community. Many have a clean bill of health, psychiatrically and criminally, but many have not seen their way through their well-greased tactics. MDs are up against the same thing non-professionals are, some have published.

Things parallel, the increase in diagnosis and the declassification of these technologies. The correlation is not for me to make. This begins to drive the point of why they are so aggressive and why it is so hard to get information above that awareness threshold. What they are doing is simply utilizing their ability to keep it under the awareness radar of society and preying on those who would identify and scrutinize their behavior.

How is it that you, the reader, are unaware of President Clinton’s statement, the gravity of the experiments, and what those experiments entail?

That such things exist is what is important. If someone is stating they are suffering or they are having symptoms in line with what is known or what has become public, they have legitimate concerns. These legitimate concerns deserve an equally legitimate response, or a way of being addressed. If I name some of these technologies that have been around through the decades, it would be unintentionally discretionary and would play directly into their hands. Such as using the terms “beam” and “pulse,” not to mention the breadth of what has been employed, and the scope and how an unwitting victim is used and affected, including the severity of suppressing the victim and information.

This is due not only to the strangeness of the technologies, methods, and techniques, but also the ethically, morally, and legally acting versus the opposite reading or receiving the information without an awareness foundation. When someone does not have an awareness foundation, it tends to get loose, and then there is no time accorded to have it come back to center (or time to anchor it).

As your eyes stop rolling back in disbelief, and as you start paying attention, you pick up much more information. Symptoms do not go flying under your awareness radar. In your office, you may have victims who may be aware. Although, unlike many of us who become aware, there are those who are unaware and may never become aware. The poor soul that you have in your office needs aid and help.

Is there a higher degree of probability for early dementia? Yes.

Is there a shorter life expectancy? Yes.

This is the cost of doing business for them. Things that are stated or published tend to build on one another, building a fuller and fuller picture. If you started to address some of these things without the person you were presenting it to having an awareness foundation, there would be a high degree of probability that people, professional or non-professional, would think you are loopy. You would also immediately begin to hit the same roadblocks and barriers that are in place. You could end up in that psychiatric ward under evaluation.

They are well-designed and they are well-greased at employing them because they have been in place through the many years. They prey on society and society’s lack of awareness foundation.

Source: UnwittingVictim