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Rancher Levoy Finicum Murdered by FBI and Oregon State Troopers
Rancher Levoy Finicum Murdered by FBI and Oregon State Troopers

Rancher Levoy Finicum Murdered by FBI and Oregon State Troopers

Patriot and American hero, Levoy Finicum, who stood up to the fed’s for their massive land grabbing and bullying of small ranchers, was murdered by FBI and Oregon state troopers who tried to cover up the murder. The Hammond’s unknowingly reside on Uranium, metal, and mineral rich land according to a recent study by renowned terra firma researcher Dutchsinse, land that was promised to Russia by the Clinton’s in exchange for big donations to the corrupt Bill & Hillary Foundation that has been a pay-to-play slush fund for their first class travels, paying off Bill’s rape victims, paying large salaries to their corrupt friends, and of course, trading favors such as the aforementioned. Finicum was a friend of Cliven Bundy, who resisted being pushed off of his land which, as it turns out is also very mineral rich and land that perhaps Nevada Senator Harry Reid needed to secure adjacent to 93 acres he owns to make a deal with a Chinese Solar company that his son represented at the time.

The U.S. Federal Government is no stranger to adding insult to injury.  In fact, doing so has become their signature MO in practically everything they touch.  Such is the case with first carrying out the assassination of patriot LaVoy Finicum, and then covering up the cowardly murder.

There is no question that the FBI, working in tandem with the Oregon State Police, fastidiously planned out the execution of Finicum.  All of the highest integrity evidence indicates that his killing was a calculated hit on one of the greatest heroes of the American patriot movement.  The FEDs truly felt they had no choice but to snuff out a powerful voice of the coming 2nd American Revolution.

A typical propaganda piece published by the WashPo (posted below) has predictably towed the government’s line on what is now well known as the premeditated execution of LaVoy Finicum.  The following two articles offer photographic and video proof of this cold-blooded killing of an innocent and unarmed man.

Article 1: Analysis of LaVoy Finicum’s Murder – Each Shooter Numbered and Magnified
Article 2: FBI Releases Video Of Shooting Death Of LaVoy Finicum

The two articles linked below provide additional facts which are conveniently left out of the government’s patently false narrative about the planned assassination.  One presents personal testimony of the murder by witnesses who were at the scene of the crime; the second post offers closely held information that indicts the government co-conspirators.

Article 1: LaVoy Finicum Murder Witness Refutes Government Narrative
Article 2: Shocking New Secrets on the FBI-Sanctioned Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (Video)

When FBI agents fail to report the number of shots fired at a murder scene, something is very wrong.  The witnesses in the vehicle have asserted that there were many shots fired at the truck alone.  Hence, the many news reports which have stated only one bullet hole are clearly the result of deliberate FBI false statements.  Let’s face it, whenever the System is engaged in a full-blown coverup, they will lie about everything and refuse to tell the truth to CYA.


Normally SOTN would not post such a blatant piece of MSM propaganda; however, the WashPo article below ought to be studied in order to understand just how far the mainstream media (MSM) is willing to carry water for the Obama Administration.  Put simply, the MSM has demonstrated repeatedly that it will cover up any crime and collude beforehand with government agents, no matter what the crime.  The false flag terror attacks of 9/11 conducted by the U.S. Government are another perfect example of their joint perfidy.

The following video records the last minutes of LaVoy Finicum’s life.  It clearly documents the truth of what led up to his murder, and the many falsehoods that the FBI have strung together to justify it.  At no time did LaVoy pose a threat to law enforcement during this entire government setup to assassinate an all-American hero.

March 9, 2016
LaVoy Finicum: Shot 9 times by the FBI during staged assassination
LaVoy Finicum: ‘Shot down like a dog with his hands in the air … after he fell, they pumped up to 6 more rounds into him”
An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum In Oregon

Police shooting of Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum deemed justified; FBI agents being investigated

By Mark Berman

Officials in Oregon said on Tuesday that state troopers were justified in fatally shooting LaVoy Finicum, who was part of an armed group that had occupied a wildlife refuge, because they feared for their lives.
However, authorities also said that FBI agents involved in the encounter were being investigated for firing shots and never reporting them.
Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson said two bullets believed to be fired by FBI agents did not strike Finicum, who was hit by three rounds fired by state troopers. But Nelson announced at a news conference Tuesday that because the FBI agents “did not disclose their shots to investigators, nor did they disclose specific actions they took after the shooting,” his office and the Justice Department would both investigate.

Michael E. Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, said in a statement Tuesday that his office was investigating the FBI agents’ actions.

[The final, frantic hours of the Oregon occupation]

This news came six weeks after Finicum was fatally shot when FBI agents and Oregon state troopers moved to arrest the leadership of an armed group that had seized a federal wildlife refuge.

Nelson said the FBI agents who fired the shots were part of the bureau’s Hostage Rescue Team, an elite group participating in the law enforcement effort to arrest the Ammon Bundy, the occupation’s leader, and others while they traveled on a highway outside the refuge on Jan. 26. The FBI agents were interviewed the day of the shooting and again the following week, Nelson said.

While local investigators believe the FBI agents fired these shots, there did not appear to be any direct evidence so far that FBI agents fired shots, such as shell casings at the scene, according to U.S. law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation. Ammunition from these agents would have been distinct from other shell casings at the scene, officials said.

Nelson said investigators found a bullet hole on the roof of the car that could not be accounted for based on the shots taken by troopers, and said they came to believe that an FBI agent was responsible for it.

These new details came as supporters of Finicum were already enraged by his death. The FBI had taken the unusual step of releasing video of Finicum’s death two days after it happened in response to what they said were inaccurate and inflammatory reports about the incident. This footage did not have audio.

[After Finicum’s killing, protesters were re-energized]

“The public deserved to have the video, with audio and sound, released immediately after the shooting,” Mike Arnold, Bundy’s attorney, said in a statement Tuesday. “Now we know why it wasn’t released: the public would have heard the shots that the government didn’t want it to hear.”
During brief remarks on Tuesday, Greg Bretzing, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Oregon division, said the question of who fired shots during the situation “has not been resolved.”

Bretzing did not specify if he was questioning whether the FBI agents actually fired any shots or saying that he was not sure which specific FBI agent or agents fired shots. Nelson said Tuesday that authorities “don’t know the identity of who fired those rounds,” but he repeatedly said two shots were fired by FBI agents.

A spokeswoman for the FBI did not respond to a quest for comment.

The six shots fired by state troopers — three of which hit Finicum — “were justified and, in fact, necessary” because these troopers feared for their lives, Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris said at the news conference Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials had stopped a pair of vehicles on Jan. 26 when Finicum, a grandfather and Arizona rancher who acted as the occupiers’ spokesman, tried to drive away at a high speed.

Armed officers shouted commands at the people inside both vehicles when they initially stopped. On Tuesday, authorities released new video footage captured from a passenger inside Finicum’s truck. Finicum can be heard yelling “shoot me” at the agents before eventually taking off down the road.

“It was not the outcome that any of us wanted, but one that he alone was responsible for,” Tim Colahan, the Harney County district attorney, said Tuesday.

Finicum swerved at one point to avoid a law enforcement roadblock, nearly hitting an agent, before eventually veering off the road and into a snowy bank, authorities said.

After Finicum got out of the car and walked toward an officer, he appeared to twice reach toward his jacket, where officials said they later found a loaded 9mm handgun.

There was one state trooper in front of Finicum with a Taser who intended to use the device to subdue him, but two troopers behind Finicum told investigators that they opened fire at him because they believed he was reaching for a gun, Nelson said. All three shots hit Finicum in the back, according to the autopsy conducted by the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office.

Finicum’s widow, Jeanette, told reporters that her family did not agree with the findings announced Tuesday. She said that her husband had his hands in the air as a symbol of surrender and was ambushed.

“I can hardly believe that a team of qualified law officers could look at the facts in this case and say that no criminal laws were violated,” Jeanette Finicum said, according to the Oregonian.

FBI officials had previously said they had deliberately allowed the occupation to continue without challenge for weeks, spurred by the memories of backlashes after bloody sieges in Waco, Tex., and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

During a news conference two days after the shooting, FBI officials released footage of Finicum’s death, evoking what has become common across the country in recent years: law enforcement agents offering a narrative behind a fatal shooting involving a police officer to dispel different accounts of the shooting and avoid possible unrest.
“Prosecutor: Shooting of LaVoy Finicum ‘justified’”

But this video did not quell the anger of some anti-government activists and others who decried Finicum’s death as an assassination and an ambush. A “rolling rally” was held in Burns, Ore., a small town near the wildlife refuge, to show support for Finicum and argue that he was murdered. After the shooting and the Bundy’s arrest, the occupation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge dwindled to four holdouts who remained at the refuge until Feb. 11, when they peacefully surrendered after an hours-long, fraught negotiation live-streamed to an audience on YouTube.
Finicum, in his death, had become a martyr for some. One of the last occupiers posted a video before he turned himself in to authorities, calling the refuge “Camp Finicum.” A group gathered at the Utah capitol over the weekend to rally in Finicum’s name.

Authorities have indicted two dozen people for the refuge occupation and say that more charges are likely. People charged with seizing the facility — an occupation that began Jan. 2 after protests supporting two local ranchers (wrongly) convicted of arson — have pleaded not guilty.

Adam Goldman contributed to this report.

Investigation into LaVoy Finicum’s killing raises questions of FBI cover-up

Evidence that federal agents failed to disclose their actions, and queries about whether critical evidence was removed, have lent credence to ‘cover-up’ claims.

Jeanette Finicum, widow of rancher LaVoy Finicum who was killed by FBI agents on 26 January, says she rejects that the shooting was justified. “There’s been a lack of honesty from the very beginning.”

Wednesday 16 March 2016 19.34 EDT Last modified on Thursday 17 March 201610.38 EDT

An official investigation into the fatal shooting of Oregon militia leader LaVoy Finicum has raised questions about whether federal agents lied about their actions and removed bullet casings from the scene, adding to accusations that the FBI engaged in a cover-up.

Evidence that FBI agents failed to disclose that they had fired shots at Finicum and queries about whether critical evidence was removed comes from the local Deschutes County sheriff’s office investigation, lending credence to claims previously dismissed as conspiracy theories.

‘We want Cliven free!’: protesters make noise at scene of Bundy court hearing

Finicum, a 54-year-old Arizona rancher and one of the leaders of the rightwing militia that occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge, was shot and killed by state troopers on a remote highway on 26 January. The confrontation also resulted in the arrests of key protesters and marked the beginning of the end of the 41-day standoff.

Further bolstering theories of evidence removal, law enforcement sources told the Oregonian this week that they had seen an FBI video that showed an agent appear to bend over twice and pick up something near where the two shots likely occurred.

The sheriff’s office, responsible for investigating the shooting, recently determined the shooting was justified and released close-up footage of the final moments before Finicum exited his vehicle and was killed.

From the start of the investigation, Finicum’s supporters across the west have hailed him as a martyr for the conservative land-use rights movement, arguing that the FBI planned and executed a coordinated assassination of a non-threatening activist, and then worked to cover its tracks by making it look like the shooting was a case of self defense.

While many brushed aside the claims of Finicum’s backers as fringe conspiracy theories, hundreds of pages of documents newly released by the Deschutes sheriff investigation have raised significant concerns about the FBI’s actions during and after the shooting.

“We are seeing a massive cover-up,” said Jeanette Finicum, Lavoy’s widow. “There’s been a lack of integrity and honesty from the very beginning … They can’t be trusted to investigate each other.”

Sheriff Shane Nelson of Deschutes County, who led the investigation into the shooting in nearby Harney County, revealed last week that Oregon state troopers fired six shots and that the FBI on scene fired two shots “as Mr Finicum exited the truck”.
But, Nelson told reporters, after the incident, FBI operators “did not disclose their shots to our investigators nor did they disclose specific actions they took after the shooting” – a “failure” now under investigation by the US inspector general.

New police documents reveal that the sheriff’s office also repeatedly asked state troopers whether they saw bullet casings on the ground and if they witnessed anyone removing them – raising questions about whether the FBI may have actively eliminated evidence that would prove they fired shots.

After inquiring about the casings, an investigator interviewing an individual identified as “Officer 5”, asked: “Did you happen to see anybody, um, picking anything up? Like, specifically the rifle brass or anything else from the scene?” The officer did at one point, however, see at least two rifle casings by the FBI trucks, according to the interview transcript.

Detectives collecting evidence never found the casings, according to the police reports.

“They’ve been caught lying several times,” said Angie Bundy, wife of Ryan Bundy, one of the militiamen in the car with Finicum who is now behind bars and facing charges of conspiring against the government. “We can’t have a fair trial if they’re just going to lie … And this goes way beyond lies. They murdered somebody and they tried to murder more innocent people, my husband being one of them.”

Mike Arnold, lawyer of Ammon Bundy, another jailed militia leader and Ryan’s brother, said the latest disclosures have forced him to rethink his initial dismissal of various cover-up allegations raised by Finicum supporters. “I’m definitely no longer discounting any theories put forward,” he said. “I just want the truth.”

Utah state representative Michael Noel, a close friend of Finicum’s relatives, added, “I want to see a full investigation of those agents … Personally, I thought it was an unjustified homicide.”

The revelation that officers fired shots while Finicum was leaving his car also sheds light on the FBI’s intentions, said Jeanette. “It was an ambush … They were looking for a particular outcome, and I think that they got it.”

A former FBI agent was indicted Wednesday, June 28, 2017, for allegedly lying about firing two shots at Oregon occupation spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum as he emerged from his truck at a roadblock on Jan. 26, 2016. The shots didn’t hit Finicum, who was killed moments later by state police. Investigators claimed Finicium was reaching for a loaded gun in his jacket pocket.


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On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, author LaVoy Finicum was killed by federal and/or state “authorities” after a three week occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Reserve in Burn, OR. Details of the shooting are in dispute and full details have not been released by the FBI or state officials. Eye-witnesses insist that LaVoy was murdered. His family is devastated at the loss of their beloved father, grandfather and husband. As publisher, we here at Legends Library have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of LaVoy’s book to the support of his wife and family. Story overview, tells of one family’s struggle to come together and survive in the midst of national crisis. A stirring, fast-paced novel about what matters most in the face of devastating end-times chaos. Filled with gripping action and relatable characters, readers are drawn into the heart-rending dilemmas each member of the Bonham family faces. You may even find yourself stopping to ask, “What would I have done in that situation?” LaVoy Finicum is a real life Northern Arizona Rancher who loves nothing more in life than God, freedom, and family. His spine tingling storytelling conveys in graphic detail just how fragile and precious freedom truly is and leaves his readers with an increased desire to stand for freedom wherever possible. Reader Comments: “From the opening scene I was captured, I could scarcely put the book down until I had devoured the whole thing” (Reader) “A book you do not want to read, but must…” Cliven Bundy “Last Rancher Standing” written by Shawna Cox. Read the other reviews below, but beware that trolls have been hoovering around ever since LaVoy became a public figure in early Jan 2016.

the-road-to-burns“Someone call Michele Fiore,” pleaded one of the final four protesters at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. A week earlier Mike Arnold and Lissa Casey pleaded, on behalf of their client Ammon Bundy, for the protesters to “please stand down.” Lissa, Mike, and Michele Fiore give a play by play of how they ended up at the Refuge during the final standoff. An interview first heard on the Law Is War Podcast with Mike Arnold. Bonus story at the end of the eBook and paperback.