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Riots Break Out in Lousville and Cities Across the US Following Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision to Not Charge Officers with Murder
Riots Break Out in Lousville and Cities Across the US Following Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision to Not Charge Officers with Murder

Riots Break Out in Lousville and Cities Across the US Following Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision to Not Charge Officers with Murder

Protests erupted across the country Wednesday night after a Kentucky grand jury announced its decision to not bring murder charges against officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. The democrats, the media, including sports coverage, and late night hosts had been pushing a false narrative for weeks following her death. The Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, tweeted the street slogan, “Say Her Name,” amid a wave of raucous and sometimes violent protests from coast to coast.

The media claimed Breonna Taylor was shot during a “no knock” warrant – False.
The media claimed Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed – False.
The media claimed Breonna Taylor was murdered – False.

Everything the media and lawyer Ben Crump claimed about the death of Breonna Taylor and the circumstances around her death was based on lies.

The truth had finally emerged about Breonna Taylor’s death 6 months earlier in March 2020.  It turns out (surprise!) that the Democrat party — in Congress, in the media, and on the streets — had been lying.  Taylor was not a completely innocent woman whom racist police slaughtered in her bed during a no-knock raid.  Instead, she was the victim of her poor choices in men: her friendship with a local drug kingpin justified the raid, and her boyfriend’s decision to open fire on police who had knocked and identified themselves led to her shooting.  That certainly doesn’t mean she deserved to die, but it explains why she did.

The case begins with Breonna’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.  The Louisville Courier-Journal delved deeply into that relationship, while the following is a summary. Glover is an accused drug-trafficker who is believed to be part of a large drug-trafficking and weapons-trafficking ring in Louisville.  According to an affidavit, Glover went to Taylor’s apartment in January, left the apartment holding a package, and went straight to a “known drug house.”

That wasn’t Glover’s only trip to Breonna’s apartment. Police had placed a tracking device on Glover’s car, which showed he made frequent trips to her apartment, leading police to believe that her apartment was a holding place for drugs and money.  Glover was also heard telling someone that Taylor handled his money, although there is no evidence that this statement was true.

Taylor also seemed familiar with Glover’s world of drugs.  When he was arrested in January, he called to ask her to locate an associate who could post bail.  She answered that the associate was “already at the trap,slang for a drug-trafficking house.  On another occasion, Taylor posted a $2,500 bond for Darreal Forest, another man who police suspect was involved in the drug ring.

The Courier-Journal has still more evidence of the close connection between Glover and Taylor.  That’s why the police got a warrant to search Taylor’s house. Whether or not Taylor was involved in the drug and weapons ring, she ran with a bad crowd.  She would have done well to heed Aesop, who warned, “If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself.” Taylor didn’t choose any more wisely when it came to her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.  He was the reason the police shot Breonna.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron held a press conference on September 23rd, explaining all of the grand jury’s findings.  The most important one was that the police did not do a no-knock raid.  That was what everyone was told to justify why Breonna’s boyfriend, Walker, shot at the police when they entered the apartment:

Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartment. The officers’ statements about their announcement are corroborated by an independent witness who was near in a proximity to apartment four. In other words, the warrant was not served as a no-knock warrant.

When Walker and Taylor did not answer the door, the officers broke the door.  Sergeant Mattingly entered, saw Walker with a gun pointed at him, and felt himself get shot.  It happened that quickly.  Walker confirmed that he fired the first shot, and ballistics shows his bullet wounded Mattingly.

At that point, all of the officers opened fire.  As a reminder, they did it because one of their own had taken a bullet, and they all knew that they were in a kill or be killed situation.  Moreover, the barrage of bullets they fired (32 bullets) was appropriate.  The magical single shot that takes out the bad guy in Hollywood movies doesn’t exist.  Once you start shooting, you must shoot to end the threat completely.

Six of the bullets struck Breonna.  It’s telling that none hit Walker.  Had he run away or hidden behind her?  Or was she just very unlucky?  Cameron doesn’t say.

Concerning the fatal shots, Cameron debunks another lie.  The media claimed that Breonna was in bed, implying a passive figure whom the police massacred.  In fact, Taylor was standing at Walker’s side, and she knew or should have known that Walker was armed:

Sergeant Mattingly identified two individuals standing beside one another at the end of the hall, a male and a female. In his statement, he says that the male was holding a gun, arms extended in a shooting stance.

Both Cameron and the grand jury showed real bravery in refusing to indict police officers who did everything by the book, only to find themselves under fire.  Although she did not deserve to die, the fact is that Breonna made terrible choices when it came to the men in her life.  These choices started a chain reaction that ended with her dying almost instantly from one of the six bullets that hit her.

One officer, Brett Hankison, who did not shoot any person, was charged with “wonton endangerment” for haphazardly firing 10 shots that entered the adjacent apartment unit. A week earlier, the city of Louisville said it would pay $12 million to Ms. Taylor’s estate as part of a legal settlement with her family. The agreement also required the city to implement policy changes, including a mandate for police commanders to approve all search warrants in spite of the fact that the officers did everything by the book except one officer had to fire in defense from an angle that endangered an adjacent apartment.

Worse, we have a Marxist media (outside of Tucker Carlson and a few) who have withheld the facts and lied about the situation because they, or the owners of these paid propaganda outlets, want to create race riots to divide America. Divide and conquer. Rebuild, not from the bottom (people) up (elected officials), but from the top (authoritarians), down (slaves). Officials in Kentucky allowed months of false claims to be made surrounding the shooting without correcting the media reporting.

As with the Trayvon Martin case…. and as with the Michael Brown case….. and as with the Freddie Gray case…. everything pushed by the media about the Breonna Taylor case was based on lies.  The media will now refuse to admit the truth and will now spin the narrative to claim they never reported incorrectly.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Violent protests erupted in Louisville, Kentucky in the wake of grand jury’s ruling. Officers in Louisville declared the protests as an unlawful assembly stating, “There will be officers here until you fully disperse. If you do not do so, we will release chemical agents and you may get arrested.

As objects continued to be thrown, someone shouted, “Get em’! Fu*k em’ up!” Rioters took little time to begin targeting local businesses in Louisville. Rioters were seen knocking over umbrellas, chairs and tables over at a local business. During that time someone yelled, “No, no, no, no, don’t vandalize it! No!”

The Louisville police conducted nearly 100 arrests overnight as protests engulfed the city. According to a police statement cited by AP, protesters attempted to wreak havoc in the city, loot local businesses and jump on city vehicles. Several protesters were arrested for curfew violations after refusing orders to disperse, the statement adds. Linda Sarsour was one of the riot organizers.

The police also said that the lives of the two officers shot during the demonstration were not threatened. The BLM violent rioter was arrested the following day. Reuters responded to news of cops being shot by claiming the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots were “mostly peaceful” protests until gunshots “rang out” in the midst of a “skirmish” between “protesters” and “heavily armed police.” One could read such a line and assume it was “heavily armed police” who attacked and shot “peaceful” protesters which would be untrue.

National File reported that an employee of the Bail Project, Holly Zoller, was caught handing out shields and other equipment to potential rioters from a U-Haul truck in Louisville just prior to the announcement to not prosecute the officers for murder.

The organisation that Zoller works for, the Bail Project, opposes cash bail, and claims that paying bail for those in jail is an “act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty.” The Bail Project has been funded by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. In June, Dorsey’s #startsmall intiative teamed up with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, to donate $11 million to organisations that “advance racial equity, with a focus on criminal justice and policing reform.” The Bail Project was a recipient of these funds, along with Black Lives Matter.

Intelwave, the account that exposed Zoller initially, was temporarily suspended from Twitter for identifying her, with Twitter determining one of his tweets violated their rules on “posting private information.”

National File also noted that the group has ties to George Soros:

The Bail Project also has ties to George Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundation. At least two employees of the Bail Project are or were “Soros Justice Fellows.” According to the Open Society Foundation’s website, “the Soros Justice Fellowships fund outstanding individuals to undertake projects that advance reform, spur debate, and catalyze change on a range of issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system.”

Riots also broke out in other major cities that have experienced continued protests. A building started to burn in Portland and a police headquarters entrance was on fire in St. Louis. In Denver, a crowd of rioters swarmed around a car yelling ‘get this mot*erfu*ker out of here!’ and things started to escalate as someone kicked the side of the car and the people inside drive off. A Black police officer was confronted by 2 masked protested in Los Angeles who were pointing in the officers face and taunting him. Calling him a ‘bit*h’ as well as stating, “You nervous, ni**a? You a bit*h!”