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Russian Hoax: Was Yuri Gagarin the First Man in Space or was it a Provable Fraud?
Russian Hoax: Was Yuri Gagarin the First Man in Space or was it a Provable Fraud?

Russian Hoax: Was Yuri Gagarin the First Man in Space or was it a Provable Fraud?

Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was ‘officially’ the first man into space. But did Gagarin really go into space? Kennedy warmly congratulated Khrushchev for their achievement, but the fact that Kennedy did not contest this exploit was seen by the Russian people, and the whole world, as the confirmation that Gagarin’s exploits was fact.

Yet, some days later, articles appeared in several American newspapers which were describing his so-called space-flight as a hoax, and explaining why it was not credible. Some politicians, for example a representative from Illinois, Roman Pucinski, urged Kennedy not to accept Gagarin’s ‘achievement’ without proof from the Russians (which they have never provided – even to this day.)

Gagarin was systematically announcing his progress on the flight too early, which strongly suggests that his voice was coming from a recording that had been started too early, and which also explains the de-synchronisation between his voice and the corresponding events. Gagarin said that he was flying over South-America only fifteen minutes after he departed, when he needed in fact at least forty-five to get there. He also stated that he could distinctly see the Russian farms and meadows when he was at an altitude of 200 miles, at which altitude this was impossible. Gagarin said he could see the earth through his porthole when the chief of the Russian program said in a meeting that his cabin had no portholes, only tiny slits.

And, instead of landing inside his space cabin, landed by parachute, at the exactly spot where he had done his parachute training, while his ‘space-ship,’ Vostok, was crashing far away and seriously damaged. It appears impossible that Gagarin could have ejected himself from his space cabin, and there is evidence that he was dropped from a plane. There are also many other anomalies, such as the fact that Gagarin was viewed from four angles in his cabin, when it was clearly stated that there only were two cameras present – and the fact that his official photo showed him with a bruise near one eye that he only acquired several months after the flight.

In addition, Gagarin seemed to have a very poor memory about the events. For example, he wrote in his memoirs that he was wearing a blue suit during his exploit… whereas the Russian authorities said he had an orange suit and he is clearly pictured in this orange suit. Up until 1961, the United States had (supposedly) launched 42 satellites, the Soviet Union only 12 and the US had also informed the world that Alan Shepard would be the ‘first man in space’ on 5th May 1961.

The Soviet Union needed to step up the fakery in the space race and would do so by claiming Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin, was launched into space on 7th April 1961. The Americans supposedly intercepted several radio communications between him and the space centre in the Soviet Union.  Ilyushin was said to have crash-landed and been seriously injured, therefore he could not be shown to the public. Perhaps he had moral reservations about deliberate deception of mankind? The Russian TV propaganda documentary ‘Cosmonaut Cover-Up’ (2001) claimed that on the day that Vladimir Ilyushin left for space, he got into trouble during the first orbit and crash-landed in China during the third orbit. Ilyushin was badly injured and was returned to the Soviet Union a year later. Ilyushin was killed in an ‘engineered’ car accident that same year. The Soviet Union did not have a spare capsule at that time, and so it was decided to orchestrate another cosmic lie.

Radio Moscow claimed that Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin had been sent into space on the morning of 12th April 1961 and according to the official announcement, he had already landed and was in fine health. The whole world believed this except for the Western intelligence services. They had not managed to detect any radio communication whatsoever, between Gagarin and the space centre. In fact the hoax was sloppily orchestrated. Polish newspapers had already announced that morning that a Soviet cosmonaut had been into space and newspapers in other countries did not report Gagarin’s flight until the next day. In a book written for western consumption, Soviet propagandists claimed that simple peasants recognised Yuri Gagarin soon after he landed in the field and enthusiastically shouted… “Gagarin, Gagarin!” But at that time Gagarin was unknown to the public, nothing about his exploits had yet been reported at that time, no pictures of him had ever been published and his name had not been mentioned. The message from radio and TV was sent out 35 minutes after the alleged journey. Maybe the peasants were psychics?

At his press conference, Gagarin read from notes when he ‘related’ his voyage but he made several crucial mistakes. Gagarin stated that weightlessness was no problem and everything seemed just normal but we now know that this is not the case. Most American astronauts reported problems with their balance, upon landing. Gagarin then made his most serious mistake, despite the fact that he was constantly assisted by experts, who often spoke about discoveries in space. He said… “…then I saw South America.” This was impossible. At the time it had been night in South America, which meant that it could not be seen at all. A foreign journalist then asked, “When will the space photographs be published?” Gagarin was silent, thought for a moment and answered, “I did not have a camera with me!”

Even unmanned Soviet space probes had photographic equipment on board. It would have been an important propaganda triumph to publish Gagarin’s pictures from space and the Soviet Union would never have missed an opportunity like that. Shepard’s pictures were cabled out immediately and parts of his flight were also shown on TV.

When Gagarin naively expressed his wishes to travel in space ‘for real’ in 1968, he was disposed of, according to Istvin Nemere. His plane exploded on 27th March that same year and the official crash report contained many contradictions and anomalies. The report was classified during the communist period but it claimed that there was not much left of Gagarin’s body after the crash. In that case, how did his flight-suit come to land in the top of a tree?

There are far too many questions surrounding Gagarin’s spaceflight in April 1961 and his subsequent ‘accidental’ death. A British team of researchers who questioned the propaganda surrounding manned journeys to the moon also confirmed this information. But when, if ever, will the truth be admitted officially? Although researchers, politicians, and journalists have all doubted the veracity of the story of Gagarin having conquered space, NASA, strangely to some but obvious to those who know the truth about NASA, was the only authority to vouch for the authenticity of the scam. From what we have learnt so far about the ‘Gagarin Hoax,’ it was thanks to NASA’s sponsorship that the hoax was finally accepted by the US.

And three weeks later, on 5th May 1961, the Americans launched their first man into space, Alan Shepard. So, why did the Americans accept losing out in the prestigious race to put the first man in space, when they had all the cards in their hand to prove the Russian hoax?

Kennedy warmly congratulated Khrushchev on Gagarin’s feat, which allowed the USSR to make huge political capital of it. After the Soviet Union pulled off the hoax of launching the first man into space, its government flaunted this as an evidence that communism was far superior over corrupt capitalism. On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy boldly declared its decision in Houston, TX to put the first man on the moon, which was also a hoax.

On 12 April 2001, the Russian senior engineer Mikhail Rudenko, at the Experimental Design Office 456, in Khimki in the Moscow region, admitted in Pravda that three cosmonauts had died in space before Gagarin was sent up, namely Alexei Ledovskikh (1957), Serenti Zhaborin (February 1958), and Andrei Mitkov (flight attempt January 1959). The Russian journalist and cosmonaut candidate (June 1965) Yaroslav Golovanov (1932-2003) wrote in his book “Cosmonaut One” that on 10 November 1960, another cosmonaut, Byelokonyev, also died on board a space-ship in orbit. Several sources reveal that 7-11 cosmonauts died in orbit before Gagarin. The CIA knew about the Gagarin bluff but said nothing. Instead they have come up with more and more ridiculous lies themselves. (Juri Lina, Architects of Deception. The Concealed History of Freemasonry. Referent Publishing Stockholm, 2004. p. 26-29).

The invisible hands of the New World Order secret societies had used their control of most media outlets and influence by surrounding top government officials with Rothschild agents, that the elaborate hoax was advanced and a foothold was made in scientism. Science fiction, previously only imagined in books, was now a reality in most people’s minds. The evidence of the hoax was covered up and NASA would now have the ammunition needed to con the American tax payers out of billions of dollars in the name of keeping up with the communists in the space race.

NASA was started by men in the occult. Most, if not all, top level astronauts are Freemasons and the Satanic Kabballah is taught at NASA while the name “Jesus” has been banned. You can research this yourself. Clearly these men are not promoting science but a pagan religion and a sinister agenda to create a one world government, or the New World Order, and to hide God, the truth about the world He created for our benefit, our purpose and the purpose of the Savior of all mankind. Satan has been working for over 6,000 years to deceive humanity and he wants to be God on this earth. His ultimate goal is to get the whole world to reject the God of creation and to worship the Beast and his image (see Rev. 13-14)


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