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Sandy Hook School Shooting or Staged False Flag Event?
Sandy Hook School Shooting or Staged False Flag Event?

Sandy Hook School Shooting or Staged False Flag Event?

According to the official story:

In Newtown, Connecticut, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children aged between 6 and 7 years old, as well as six adult staff members. Prior to driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. As first responders arrived at the scene, Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Read more on Wikipedia.

The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the third-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history. The shooting prompted renewed debate about gun control in the United States, including proposals for making the background-check system universal, and for new federal and state gun legislation banning the sale and manufacture of certain types of semi-automatic firearms and magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition. A November 2013 report issued by the Connecticut State Attorney’s office concluded that Lanza acted alone and planned his actions, but no evidence collected provided any indication as to why he did so, or why he targeted the school. Below are the guns he was said to have had on him.

Following the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre numerous law enforcement officers with intimate knowledge of the event’s investigation either retired or died unexpectedly. These included Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski, who passed on, following “a brief undisclosed illness.” From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. (source)

According to Wolfgang W. Halbig, a humble straight-talking 67-year-old man who has an impressive professional record as a law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who has served as an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings…

Things that don’t make sense” about Sandy Hook:

Being a school safety consultant who has traveled to every state in America to investigate and testify on school shootings, Halbig calls every shooting “a puzzle” that must be pieced together. In the case of the Sandy Hook massacre, however,  the pieces of this puzzle simply “don’t fit.” Fellowship of the Mind has transcribed the missing pieces of the Sandy Hook puzzle from an interview with Dave Gahary of American Free Press. Those pieces include:

  1. When the police arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) that morning, they parked ¼ mile from the school’s front door instead of doing what first responders are supposed to do in an active shooter event, which is to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible so as to save as many lives as possible.
  2. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why were 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shooting?
  3. Paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) were not allowed to enter the school. Instead they were kept waiting in the Sandy Hook fire station nearby, 500 yards down the road from SHES.
  4. Trauma helicopters, which can provide the quickest and best medical services in an emergency, were not sent to Sandy Hook. Life Star, the medical helicopter service at Danbury Hospital’s Trauma Center, told Halbig “we were never called, never asked.”
  5. Where were the ambulances to transport the wounded to hospitals?
  6. Why did police declare 26 people to be dead within the first 11 minutes of the shooting, when according to Connecticut law, only a doctor can declare someone to be legally dead?
  7. Why did the FBI ‘classify’ the Sandy Hook massacre? This has never been done before. Even the Columbine School massacre was not classified information. To this day, the FBI report on Sandy Hook remains classified information, not releasable to the public.
  8. Why did Newtown’s town clerk Debbie Aurelia — with the support of the Connecticut state legislature — refuse to release the death records of those killed in Sandy Hook, despite Freedom of Information requests from the New York Post, the Connecticut Post, the Associated Press, the Hartford Courant, and other media. The ostensible reason is to protect the “feelings” of the parents of the child victims.
  9. Why did the State of Connecticut wait ELEVEN whole months to issue its official final report on the Sandy Hook shootings to the American public? Note that the final report does not include the FBI’s still-classified report.
  10. Police transmissions don’t lie because they are made by sworn and trained law enforcement officers. On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, recorded police transmissions said “We have multiple weapons inside the [SH] classroom — a rifle and a shotgun.” But nobody could find the shotgun in the school. Instead, a shotgun was found in the black Honda parked outside the school.
  11. At 9:45 AM that day, a police officer found a surviving kindergarten-aged girl in the hallway. The officer sent her back into Room 8 — a crime scene with students and teachers shot dead. What police officer would do that?
  12. Why did Lieutenant Paul Vance threaten to prosecute as a crime anyone who reported information that contradicted the official narrative?
  13. Similarly, that morning, two Connecticut state troopers entered Room 10 and found an unharmed boy hiding in the bathroom. The troopers ordered the boy to stay in the room — a room with dead people. “That’s not police protocol.”
  14. Having investigated and given expert testimony on many school shootings, Halbig says “I know what tears look like.” But the parents of slain Sandy Hook children did not cry. (In the now famous case of Robbie Parker, the father of allegedly slain 6-year-old Emilie, he went from laughing and joking to pretending to choke back tears in the blink of an eye.)
  15. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the tax accessor’s website shows the victims’ families got free houses (and others paid off) on Christmas day when all Government offices are closed?
  16. Sandy Hook’s medical examiner Dr. Wayne Carver refused to let the parents see the bodies of their slain children, and instead gave them photos of the bodies, which is “unheard of.” Halbig knows about the inconsolable grief of parents and is himself a parent. Parents whose children had been shot dead “would kick the door down” demanding to see the bodies. There has been no evidence shown of any dead bodies.
  17. Why were all the funerals conducted with closed caskets? Was not one of the 26 capable of being shown?
  18. Youtuber “Jungle Surfer” claims to have found “proof” that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed 5 years before the alleged massacre. Using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, Jungle Surfer says he found no Internet activity from the location of SHES at 12 Dickenson Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. To the right is a of the Wayback Machine showing the school’s lack of Internet activity since the beginning of the year 2008 through 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. You can also see it for yourself by going here.
  19. Why was Sandy Hook Elementary School torn down? This is not the case with  any of the other schools where shootings had taken place, including Columbine School.
  20. Who installed the new security system at SHES? This should be a matter of public record, but is hidden from the public.
  21. Why was there no evidence of blood? A total of 26 fatalities (children and adult) would produce at least at a conservative estimate 20 gallons (75 liters) of blood. Thus would require a concerted blood cleanup (blood is considered a biohazard in this type of situation), yet when Sofia Smallstorm asked who did the cleanup, all the departments were ignorant of it and even claimed that no one did the cleanup. What biohazard company was hired to clean the crime scene?
  22. Why do the records show no social security numbers for the dead students?
  23. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no report of actual shots fired?
  24. Why is there not even one lawsuit by a Sandy Hook parent against SHES for negligence? Halbig has never ever seen a school shooting without parents suing the school for negligence. (Editor’s note: Well, two years after the shooting, there finally were a couple of lawsuits. The first lawsuit was against the manufacturer of the AR-15 assault rifle that Lanza had miraculously used to kill 26 people and himself with just prior to putting it back in the trunk of his vehicle where it was found after the shootings. The second lawsuit was filed by the parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner, who are also the plaintiffs in Lawsuit #1. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town of Newtown and its board of education. Will they file a lawsuit against the city of Peshawar, Pakistan where their son Noah apparently died a second death (see #21 below).
  25. Why are there so many fund-raisers for the Sandy Hook shootings? Halbig: “I’ve never seen so many fund-raisers” in the case of Sandy Hook. One fundraising alone, by United Way, netted $17 million, from which “every [SH] parent got a big chunk of money.”
  26. Many of the facebook “memorials” and donations pages for alleged “victims” were actually created days and weeks PRIOR to the December 14, 2012 date of the “shooting.” For example, the “RIP Facebook” page of “victim” “Victoria Soto” was created on December 10, 2012, four days before she allegedly “died.”
  27. Also, why does the AP library of pictures for the Sandy Hook massacre have dozens of pictures created prior to the event? Why would they be uploading pictures of the victims, or of the event (photo-op appears to have been the day before for many of the iconic crisis situation photos), the day before or weeks before in some instances?
  28. How could they make the mistake of showing a photo of a 6 year old girl for 3 days, claiming she was a victim and dead when her photo had been stolen from her flicker account? After the mom’s complaint they took it down and created another victim that looked similar.
  29. How did the Arlington Red Devils website post the book on Talking With Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting on 12/10/2012 (which was contained in the page url), 4 days before the event occurred? If this were some kind of technical glitch, then how did Google’s bots manage to record a cached page for 12/13/2012, still 1 day before the Sandy Hook shooting happened?
  30. How did John Trentacosta (whose house was next to the Lanzas with a lot of activity occurring there at the time), who was CEO of the local Newton bank, start a victims’ fund on the same day so quickly after the event, after receiving in his words “countless requests” to do so? Is it just a coincidence that Trentacosta was also a member of a new council of the New York Federal Reserve, the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council?
  31. Alleged shooter Adam Lanza, 20, is said to have Asperger syndrome — a high-functioning (in academics) form of austism. Halbig points out, however, that like those with autism, children with Asperger have “very very poor motor skills” and “very poor muscle tone.” How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very poor muscle tone” carry a rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, and bullets? How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very very poor motor skills” shoot 26 people dead — not wounded — in less than five minutes, firing one bullet roughly every two seconds? Lanza had a 100% kill rate with only deaths, no injuries, which is unheard of.
  32. According to Sofia Smallstorm, why were the exact number (26) of Christmas trees for the memorial already sitting outside the fire house before the event occurred?
  33. Then, there’s the curious matter of the Social Security Death Index having Adam’s date-of-death as Dec. 13, 2012. How could Lanza kill 26 people on the 14th if he was dead on the 13th? SSDI changed his death certificate in Feb. 2013., one day before he shot himself after killing 26 people. To this day, despite Freedom of Information Act requests, the State of Connecticut has refused to make public his death certificate, although death certificates are a matter of public record.
  34. Why is this lady mourning over a kid that supposedly died in America 2 years earlier? Noah Poznar’s image was among posters of the victims of a school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan, seen in multiple BBC news. Fellowshipoftheminds.com noted: “Curiously, the BBC seems disinterested in why Noah died a second time, nor is Noah’s dad Lenny Pozner protesting against the inclusion of his son’s image among the Peshawar dead. This is the same Lenny Pozner who is waging a relentless campaign, prevailing on YouTube to take down videos uncovering the Sandy Hook hoax, and harassing bloggers like Timothy Hunter, a college kid, into silence. See also ‘The curious parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner.’” Here is what the BBC had to say about Noah Pozner’s photo:

    Meanwhile, another picture has been circulating online of victims of the Peshawar massacre – but the montage of images includes the photo of a young boy, Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States in 2012.

    For this to be included as a simple footnote in an article is simply criminal. Where is the mainstream media on this? How is it that Pozner’s photo is floating around Pakistan while being represented as the image of another child victim?

  35. On March 3, 2015, at a public hearing of the Public Safety and Security Committee on SB 1011: An Act Concerning the Training of Security Personnel, a private citizen named Maureen Crowley boldly testifies on the Sandy Hook fraud.
  36. FBI records show ZERO deaths in Newtown, CT under the age of 10 for the year 2012. Why does the Sandy Hook shooting crime not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report?
  37. According to local paper The Newtown Bee, nearly 10 months after the shooting on October 5, 2013, a city referendum passed by over 90% authorizing Newtown to move forward with the demolition and rebuilding of Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) with a $49.25 million grant from the State of Connecticut. The Bee says: “Anticipating the referendum would pass, town officials already filed environmental paperwork with the state to move forward with asbestos abatement at the former school, which will dovetail with demolition crews who could be on site by the last week in October.” What this means is that even without the alleged massacre, the school would have been demolished because of asbestos contamination. In fact, a search of Newtown Bee‘s archives shows that the town had known about the school’s environmental problems for many years:
    • On October 2, 2002, The Bee reports that “The Newtown School District could be looking at a $29.5 million price tag to upgrade its mechanical systems and bring them to code at the four elementary schools and middle school over the next five to six years. Consulting Engineering Services (CES) was hired by the district to study the mechanical systems at Hawley School, Head O’ Meadow School, Middle Gate School, Newtown Middle School, and Sandy Hook School to evaluate the heating and ventilating infrastructure, temperature control, and to see what renovations would need to be performed to upgrade ventilation systems to meet indoor air quality codes. Sandy Hook School … is being recommended by CES to be worked on in 2010 over a nine-month period. It is estimated to cost $4.5 million for heating and ventilation and $400,000 for air conditioning.” That comes to about $5 million, which is puny compared to the $49.25 million state grant Newtown received after the alleged shooting massacre for the demolition and rebuilding of the school.
    • On April 7, 2003, the Bee reported that “Some studies suggest that as many as 68 percent of school district’s have ‘sick’ buildings ranging from mold to asbestos, radon, pesticides, and the use of improperly ventilated areas as classroom space. For the past five years, teachers in Connecticut have had the highest rate of occupational asthma when compared to other professions.“
    • On March 26, 2004, the Bee reported that “the Board of Education … received the bad news that there were serious problems with the Sandy Hook elementary school roof.”
    • And then there’s this curious Newtown Bee article of November 7, 2008, 4 years before the alleged shooting massacre: “The asbestos levels in Newtown schools pose no threat to the health or safety of those using the schools, according to Superintendent John Reed. The areas in the schools where there is evidence of asbestos … are also considered acceptable and safe.”
    • On October 12, 2012, two months before the alleged school shooting, there’s this curious letter from reader Charles Hepp to The Newtown Beeabout a plan to close an elementary school due to declining enrollment. Hepp wrote, “Six months ago, in April 2012, our Board of Ed voted unanimously to accept a study which laid out a plan for closing an elementary school … the study found that, should our elementary school population fall below 1,500, the BOE should look towards closing an elementary school. We are currently at approximately 1,650 elementary school students.”
    • But then a year after the alleged massacre and after the school had been completely torn down with the demolition workers sworn to confidentiality, The Bee reported on Dec. 2, 2013 that Public Building & Site Commission Chairman Robert Mitchell issued a report that directly contradicts the earlier 2008 assessment that asbestos levels in Newtown’s schools posed no threat to health. Mitchell’s report said “had the town decided to reoccupy the [Sandy Hook Elementary] school on Dickinson Drive, it would have faced a daunting and possibly insurmountable challenge regarding the presence of hazardous materials” because “PCBs were not only discovered in concrete block, but under terrazzo flooring and in sulfur block used in the foundations and footings. In addition, vinyl asbestos tile was discovered under carpeted areas, along with asbestos in the mastic holding insulation to the subfloor tunnel ductwork.
  38. It is curious, to say the least, that IMDb has a listing for an episode of ABC World News Tonight which has among its “cast” Adam Lanza — the alleged mass murderer of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 — as well as several Sandy Hook teachers and parents. The Cambridge Dictionary defines the noun “cast” as “all the actors in a movie, play, or show.” More curious still, the episode is identified as airing on Dec. 12, 2012, two days before the massacre. Here’s a link to the IMDb page.
  39. On the day of the Sandy Hook school false flag, starting at 9.00 am, a FEMA exercise ‘Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters’ took place in Connecticut not far from Sandy Hook. Some conjecture that this got moved and happened at the school, which would account for the presence of Federal troops there seemingly much too early.
  40. Wolfgang Halbig discovered a video that includes the date and time stamps, which have been removed from most of the others that have been broadcast on the air, showing the staging of an event in the afternoon–around 12:45 PM/ET–which the official police records report as having happened around 9:35 AM/ET instead. We are witnessing the unraveling of a FEMA Capstone National Level Exercise, which had taken years in the planning and involved the whole community and government officials from the local to the state and ultimately the national level, as Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook” has previously observed.
  41. Who is Obsidian, the company that allegedly “wrote the script” for Sandy Hook? In an interview with Alex Jones, school shooting consultant and former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig claims that Obsidian, a company in Washington D.C., “wrote the script” for the fake Sandy Hook school massacre of December 14, 2012. (See “Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig”)
    1. NAME: Obsidian Analysis Inc.
      1. ranks #217 in the 2014 Inc. 500 listing
      2. 5th-fastest growing private company in the District of Columbia
      3. Although Obsidian Analysis Inc. is among the Inc. 500, curiously Wikipedia does not have an entry on this company.
    2. MEANING OF OBSIDIAN: The dictionary says the word “obsidian” has only one meaning. It is a noun for a hard, dark (black or blackish green in color), opaque, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.
    3. LOGO: (Note: the black pyramidal shape in place of the letter A.)
      • Here’s a picture on Obsidian’s website making clear its corporate symbol is a black pyramid. The pyramid has occult Illuminati associations.
    4. ADDRESS
      • 1776 Eye St NW 4th Floor | Washington DC 20006 | p: 202.459.0500 |[email protected]
      • Surely Obsidian Analysis is an Illuminati front company with their pyramid symbolism and writing out ‘Eye’ Street when it is actually ‘I’ Street.
    5. What Obsidian does — “Exercise, Training, and Education“:
      • Obsidian Analysis provides expert, professional, and relevant exercises, training, and education to clients in both the government and the private sector. Obsidian supports and develops high-impact crisis simulations and exercises across a variety of security and resilience challenges: including Cybersecurity, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, as well; as climate adaptation. Obsidian applies a rigorous methodology to help organizations test plans, evaluate capabilities, and assess relationships among key partners and stakeholders. Obsidian has developed, executed, and evaluated 155 crisis simulations and exercises from the local level through the Federal Cabinet, including the President of the United States.
      • Obsidian Analysis plans, directs, and coordinates Training and Education programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of our clients’ workforces. By rigorously assessing training and education needs, Obsidian training and education programs focus resources on building the most relevant and mission-critical knowledge and skills.
  42. Why do so many of those interviewed and involved in Sandy Hook look like grown up versions of the Sandy Hook kids?  (Compelling video removed)
  43. Why does the iconic image of the teacher leading kids out of school contain evidence of photoshop doctoring and fakery? And why does it appear that 2 boys evacuated the school twice?
  44. Why do so many involved have acting backgrounds. It has been established that Adam Lanza had an IMDb profile and was identified as an actor above(#24), but several others have been identified as actors or accused of acting (no tears, smiling, dual roles in other false flag events, etc.). At issue is whether professional “crisis actors” are going beyond mere simulation of mass casualty events (what the Denver-based group VisionBox Crisis Actors say they do) to actually impersonate real-life people caught in the news of recent massacres, notably the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. FellowshipoftheMinds.com notes the following on their website:
    1. Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton, Richard Sexton, & family, who lives in Florida, has a remarkable family because so many members of the Sexton-Greenberg clan are dopplegangers of people associated with the Sandy Hook massacre.

      A website (Star Color) showed pictures of people in the movie industry — actors, actresses, directors — had Jennifer Greenburg-Sexton (the website is no longer up) suggesting Greenberg is an actress, albeit not a famous or even known one:

      NOTE: All of the photos and videos associated with the Greenberg / Sexton family have been removed at the request of their attorney, Lenny Pozner, who also sued investigator Halbig and lost.

" >CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is interviewing a couple, Nick and Laura Phelps, about slain Sandy Hook school principal Dawn Hochsprung. The Phelps are parents of two Sandy Hook students.
  • Nick and Laura Phelps look very much like another couple, Richard and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton! See for yourself. In the composite I made (see below), Richard Sexton is in the top row, Nick Phelps in bottom row:
  • Here’s a composite of pictures of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (top row) and Laura Phelps (bottom row). Dang. The two women even part their hair the same way!
  • Remember the pic of Richard and Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexton and their daughter? Here it is again. Take a good look at the girl’s face:
  • Here’s a pic of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton with two girls. The one on the left looks to be an older version of the young girl in the photo above. The older girl on the right is said to be Samantha Sexton:
  • Here’s a photo of 5 children, said to be the Sexton-Greenberg kids. Do the girls look familiar to you? The girl on the left looks like Samantha Sexton in the photo above. Note the smiling dark-haired boy, the second boy from Samantha. Let’s call him the Greenberg boy.
  • Beginning at the 3:45 mark in This Video, David Wheeler playing 2 roles at Sandy Hook, and Francine Lobis played his wife, a reporter is interviewing the siblings of slain teacher Victoria Soto. Pay special attention to the boy Carlos Matthew Soto (5:00 mark) and the older girl, Carlee Soto (5:28 mark).
  • Does Carlee Soto (l) look like an older version of Samantha Sexton (r)?
  • What are the chances (probability) that so many members of one family in Florida, that of actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, look like members of two other families — the Phelps and Sotos — thousands of miles away in Newtown, Connecticut?
  • David & Francine Wheeler – Sniper / Father of Sandy Hook victim with his wife?… No just another couple of actors in roles to take Americans guns.  Actor David Wheeler with dual roles: FBI sniper & grieving father (Video removed)
    • Francine Wheeler (Lobis) is also a singer/actor and worked as a personal assistant to Maureen White the finance chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Maureen and husband, Steven Ratner are CFR members.
  • Robbie Parker & family: Robbie Parker is infamous for his smiling, then getting into character right before a press conference. Robbie Parker press conference.
    • He can laugh because his daughter, Emilie, didn’t die. They just pasted Emilie into an old family photo to make it look like they had 3 daughters instead of only two.
    • You can see a couple of videos to prove that the photos were photoshopped – (1) the first video Emily Parker photoshop 1 shows her in the exact position and dress as a photo-op with President Obama. and a second video is shown to be a photoshop too, while also Emily’s mom admits to photoshopping it on her personal blog.
  • This crisis actor appears as a witness at Sandy Hook and the Oregon College shooting. (removed)
  • Sandy Hook student Alexis Wasik looks a lot like actress Aubrey Miller, but they may not be the same person. Just something that has been brought up concerning the strange anomolies of Sandy Hook.
  • Witness Gene Rosen has several inconsistent stories regarding that morning. He has also done acting previously. Why did known actor and Sandy Hook witness Gene Rosen keep changing his story about how he encountered the 6 kids who allegedly came to him? In different interviews he variously claims he found the kids just after feeding his cats in the loft, just after going to breakfast and just after coming home from breakfast. His testimony completely conflicts with that of the school bus driver and the official report. There is also video of him near the fire house walking around slowly.
  • This unnamed crisis actor appears to have been at several false flag events:
  • Separated at Birth: Sandy Hook coroner & Pennsylvania school stabbing doctor. On April 9, 2014, a mass stabbing and slashing incident took place at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. At around 7:13 a.m., 16-year-old Alex Hribal, a student at the school, wearing all-black clothing and armed with a pair of 8-inch kitchen knives, stabbed and slashed students in the first-floor science hallway, just minutes before the start of school. All told, 21 people were injured, including Hribal, who was taken into custody by police and charged as an adult with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. In this videoChristoph R. Kaufmann, M.D., Director of the Trauma Center at Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, PA, spoke on the Franklin school stabbings. Dr. Kaufmann has 18 publications, the first of which — a co-authored article in the journal Current Surgery —  was published in 1987.But wait! Where have we seen and heard Dr. Chris Kaufmann before? At Sandy Hook! Here is a video of H. Wayne Carver, M.D., 61, the chief medical examiner of the State of Connecticut, at a press conference on December 15, 2012, a day after alleged lone gunman Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death, first his mom Nancy, then 20 kids and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.Note also the inappropriate smiles and grins of the state trooper with a moustache second to the left of Dr. Carver (or on the far right from our perspective), at the 1:46, 2:18, 3:07, 4:03, 5:15, 6:17, 6:32, 7:15, 7:46 (big grin), 8:41, 8:45, 9:16, 9:18, 9:35, and 11:52 marks in the video above. What was so funny?Psychologists call the trooper’s smiles “micro expressions” — flashes of facial expressions that are very telling. Especially curious is the trooper’s teeth-baring grin at the 8:41 mark. Pamela Meyer, author of the book, LieSpotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, would call that grin “duping delight” — smiling with delight at getting away with a terrible crime. (See How to Spot a Liar” for more.)What’s the statistical probability that two men would look and sound so alike, are of approximately the same age, and are both medical doctors attending to the dead and injured of traumatic mass shooting/stabbing events? I think any statistician would say the probability is infinitesimally small.

    Curiously, on Feb. 25, 2011, about 10 months before the Sandy Hook school massacre, Dr. Carver wrote a letter to the Judiciary Committee of the State of Connecticut’s General Assembly, asking that Connecticut State law be changed to allow the State Medical Examiner’s Office to refuse to release autopsy reports on minors. He threatened to quit if they didn’t do it. The state legislature passed the legislation he requested, Bill 1054, and he withdrew his resignation.

    Bill 1054 prevents the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner “from unilaterally disclosing autopsy reports on pediatric homicides to the general public.” Here are composite of screenshots of Carver’s letter.

    Five months after the Sandy Hook massacre on May 23, 2013, The Courant reported that Dr. Carver, 61, announced his retirement. Carver, who always joked he was aptly named for the job, had worked at Connecticut’s coroner’s office since July 1, 1982, and as the state’s chief medical examiner since March 1989, with a salary of $303,433. Carver officially retired as of May 1 but was still working on a 120-day contract to help with the transition and complete his cases. Carver had already put in for retirement before the Dec. 14 shooting. He said he had been suffering from health issues in 2012 and only returned to work days before the massacre. Carver said the Newtown crime scene was by far the worst of his career.

  • Newtown, CT is the East Coast HQ for The Church of Satan

    From their website you will find the following:

    What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?
    If you would like to receive an official information packet on our Church of Satan outpost in Connecticut, (AKA Church of Tiamat) or if you have questions, write to:

    Curtis M. LeBlanc [[email protected]] PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470



    Resources for article: Fellowshipoftheminds.com, Infowars.com, Wikipedia, VeteransToday, Truthseeker-Archive.blogspot.com, atruthsoldier.com, truthandaction.org, educate-yourself.org, nodisinfo.com

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