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Steve Bannon Sentenced to 4 Months in Federal Prison by DC Judge for Ignoring J6 Show Trial Subpoena
Steve Bannon Sentenced to 4 Months in Federal Prison by DC Judge for Ignoring J6 Show Trial Subpoena

Steve Bannon Sentenced to 4 Months in Federal Prison by DC Judge for Ignoring J6 Show Trial Subpoena

Judge Carl Nichols lectured Steve Bannon before sentencing him to 4 months in federal prison and fined him $6500 for not speaking with Pelosi-Cheney Moscow Show Trial.


Steve was sentenced to four months in prison.

Steve Bannon will be permitted to “voluntarily surrender” to serve his prison term. If he doesn’t appeal, Bannon will have to report to prison no later than November 15.

In America today you can now be sent to prison for months on end for mocking illegitimate government committees and Democrat lawmakers.

As investigative journalist Julie Kelly pointed out, the Department of Justice extended Steve Bannon’s jail sentence because he mocked the Democrat Party’s January 6 Committee and he mocked Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Fang-Fang Swalwell.

This is no longer allowed in America today.

Here is the DOJ document condemning Steve Bannon for mocking these communists.

Steve Bannon also called the sham January 6 Committee that is filled with Democrats, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger a “Moscow Show Trial.”

Steve Bannon’s sentencing hearing is Friday morning. Steve Bannon is only one of the first political prisoners. He won’t be the last.

Steve seemed unfazed as he was met by shouts of “Traitor!” by the brainwashed leftists outside the court. Steve Bannon responded to their screams with, “Take down the CCP!” This was obviously lost on the crowd of leftists assembled outside the court.

Steve Bannon: I want to say one thing. I respect the judge. The sentence he came down with today is his decision. I fully respect, I’ve been totally respectful of this entire process. On the legal side also want to make one of the before I talk about a broader topic, more than any person in the Trump administration, I testified before the Molar Commission for more hours. I testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee. More than any other person in the Trump administration, I testified in front of the Senate Intelligence. I think more than all about the issues related to Russia, gate to all of that. Okay. The same process every time. I had lawyers that were engaged. They worked through the issues of privilege. And at that time I went and testified. And this thing about I’m above the law is an absolute and total lie. Now, more importantly more importantly, the judge today, he stated for the appeal and we’ll have a very vigorous appeals process. I’ve got a great legal team. There will be multiple areas of appeal.

But as that sign says right there, can we have the vote sign on November 8, there’s going to have judgment on the illegitimate Biden regime. And quite frankly, and quite frankly, Nancy Pelosi and the entire committee, and we know which way that’s going, either they’ve already been turfed out like Liz Cheney or quit like Kinzinger and other the Democrats, or they’re about to be beaten like Luria and others, or they will lose their power and become a minority. And Nancy Pelosi… This is a democracy. This is democracy. The American people are way in measuring what went on with the Justice Department and how they comported themselves. They’re weighing and measuring that right now. And they will vote on November 8. Can I go ahead and finish?

On November 8, the American people will raise judgment and we will broom the Biden administration ends on the 8th evening of eight of November. And let me be some other thing is that the Department of Justice Merrick Garland will end up being the first Attorney General that’s brought up on charges of impeachment and he will be removed from office. Thank you very much.


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