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Stop the Steal Trump March in Washington, DC takes place with 500,000+ Patriots Attending
Stop the Steal Trump March in Washington, DC takes place with 500,000+ Patriots Attending

Stop the Steal Trump March in Washington, DC takes place with 500,000+ Patriots Attending

Hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving Americans gathered in Washington D.C. to show support for President Trump amid an unprecedented election power-grab by the Democrats and communist forces. But you wouldn’t know it by watching the mainstream media. More than 360,000 joined the “Stop the Steal” organizing group (Women for Trump) on Facebook within 24 hours before it was removed by the tech giant. The fake news even put out false information that the event had been cancelled to discourage attendees. Regardless, hundreds of thousands of people, maybe over a million, showed up to support the President.

The event began at Freedom Plaza with some speeakers, chants, music and other entertainment and then Marched up Capital Hill to the Supreme Court where the steal may end up needing to be stopped so it could end up symbolic. Louie Gohmert said thatsome SCOTUS Justices will stick their finger in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing before making a decision, and the turnout for the Trump March shows them where America stands.

It was a stark contrast to the so-called ‘peaceful protests’ we saw from the left throughout the summer. Trump supporters did not destroy or burn anything. They sang the national anthem and waived American flags. Antifa thugs were there causing chaos, mostly in the evening when the numbers were more in their favor.

Via Newsmax:

Fervent supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Washington on Saturday behind his claim of a stolen election and swarmed his motorcade when he detoured for a drive-by on his way out of town.

Flag-carrying Trump supporters, some chanting “Stop the steal!” and “We are the champions!” streamed into a rallying point at Freedom Plaza near the White House in downtown Washington and were due to head toward the U.S. Supreme Court building.

The crowd was beginning to gather in the morning when cheers rang out as Trump’s limousine neared Freedom Plaza. People lined both sides of the street. Some stood just a few feet away from Trump’s vehicle; others showed their enthusiasm by running along with the caravan.

They chanted “USA, USA” and “four more years,” and many carried American flags and signs to show their displeasure with the vote tally. After making the short detour for the slow drive around the site, the motorcade headed to the president’s Virginia golf club.

Watch Trump supporters sing the national anthem:

The march up the 6-lane Pennsylvania Avenue was filled for the full 1.5 mile walk with many already at the Supreme Court before others left Freedom Plaza. Here’s a video I took and the video doesn’t reflect the amazing eyewitess of seeing as far as you can see in both directions of patriots marching up toward the Supreme Court.

Here’s coverage from Freedom Plaza and the Supreme Court from Right Side Broadcasting:


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