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The 22nd Amendment is Ratified
The 22nd Amendment is Ratified

The 22nd Amendment is Ratified

The 22nd amendment to the United States Constitution limits the number of times a person is eligible for election to the office of President of the United States to two, and sets additional eligibility conditions for presidents who succeed to the unexpired terms of their predecessors.[1] Congress approved the Twenty-second Amendment on March 21, 1947, and submitted it to the state legislatures for ratification. That process was completed on February 27, 1951, when the requisite 36 of the 48 states had ratified the amendment (neither Alaska nor Hawaii had yet been admitted as states), and its provisions came into force on that date.

A very kind Democrat in the 30s told us that FDR was attempting to pack the court because of the Great Depression and he was experimenting trying to “manage” capitalism for the “little guy”.  With some hindsight and not being an ideological lefty, it is clear to most of us who aren’t brainwashed socialists, that what FDR was doing was simply a power play.

What was really going on was that the Supreme Court in the mid 30s was striking down many of FDR’s New Deal programs and let’s just say rather than accept our third branch of government and the separation of powers, he did what most REAL tyrants do – he came up with a plan to bypass those rulings by packing the court with his puppets.

In 1936, FDR won reelection in a landslide and made the move to get rid of justices over the age of 70 and pack the court with his “puppets”. The congress and most people saw this for what it was – a massive overreach of executive authority.

Interestingly, FDR’s longevity in office let him pack the court through the legal way – if you think 4 terms is the legal way to do it. But that overreach led to Congress acting AFTER FDR passed. The 22nd Amendment was proposed by Congress in 1947 and ratified by the States in 1951. The “Imperial Presidency” was vanquished by limiting the President to two terms in direct response to FDR’s overreach and especially because of his bungled court packing scheme. It’s sad, however, that the Imperial Congress, has not been vanquished by term limits for Congress. While the Democrat House has shown that it will divert all their energy toward getting rid of a duly elected president by any means necessary: lying to a FISA court to secretly spy on Candidate Trump both during and after his election, Russia Hoax, Ukraine Hoax and Impeachment over a perfectly legal phone call – EVEN during the spread of the Chinese Wuhan Plague – a massive pandemic. It is long past due to limit the terms of Senators and members of the House. As an aside, don’t expect the Congress to propose that amendment, but a Convention of States Could do this if we can gather the political will to fight the forces that want this corrupt status quo.

Today, Globalist RINO Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Big Tech and much of the Billionaire Globalist class are all in for endless wars if it makes them money and keeps them in power. And after decades of brainwashing in state run schools – the C- student media hacks – and their 6 or so Media Crime Families have controlled the news and turned it into Orwellian propaganda. Orwell had the right idea but I doubt if he could even imagine that the masses would so willingly give up their privacy and freedom for an ounce of vanity on Fakebook or Youtube or Instagram. And the notion that not one but two tech giants would have more wealth than all but 16 or so countries on the planet – Amazon and Google – with about a Trillion Dollars of market capitalization EACH. And Google controlling much of the media through its monopolistic Internet search engine – has been shown to censor Conservative discussion and essentially become the biggest influencer of the outcome of this presidential election – and can get away with it because they bought Congress and other necessary politicians to keep their status under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. Another Orwellian phrase. Censorship and limiting free speech are anything but DECENT.

So the Dem nominees for POTUS and VP in 2020 refuse to answer the question about their intention to pack the court. That is the answer, of course – they intend to pack the court. So, Democrat overreach is nothing new. Court packing is nothing new. FDR forcing Japanese Americans into Concertation camps is another example of his tyrannical behavior. Controlling the press during the War. Perhaps some of that was justified as of all of America’s wars, WWII fighting Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany is easily the one most necessary and justifiable, and since many believe that the War – NOT the New Deal – actually helped the economy to recover. As Eisenhower warned us, the war machine is good for business – but at the cost of a Military Industrial Complex.

What else will they do to turn America in the model of dysfunction they created in California? Here’s the reality of California today: A one party state. Unlimited immigration. Wages going down while taxes are going sky high. Cities swimming in urine and feces and needles. Unmanaged forests burning out of control every year simply because it helps sell their big lie of Climate Change – which is nothing more than a justification for more taxes, more power and control by the elites. So what we have seen by the California model is the destruction of the middle class, forcing many to flee to other states, so all that’s left is that perfect mix of wealthy elites and poor dependent serfs. So, what happens when all of America is controlled by one Socialist party like California? Where will you run to then?

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