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‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites
‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites

‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites

Below you will find an essay written by the Spell-checker and reviewer of the draft of Icke’s book, Ivan Fraser, and after that an update on Arizona Wilder. Wilder would later recant much of her testimony given in ‘The Biggest Secret‘ claiming most recently that: “Gradually, she realized that the whole lizard thing was just a cover story fed to her by mind manipulators, and distanced herself from that particular branch of the conspiranoid community.”

David Icke, Arizona Wilder and the Biggest Secret
By Ivan Fraser | 10/16-08

The following is a short summary of a minor investigation into aspects of David Icke’s latest book and his star witnesses Arizona Wilder and Credo Mutwa. Wilder claims to have been a mind controlled slave who performed Satanic rituals for the Illuminati at which she witnessed many famous people including the Queen Mother, shapeshift physically from a human to a lizard and consume sacrificial victims. She claims that since her programming broke down she has been able to reveal this information to the wider public.

My own role in the Biggest Secret saga was that I was asked by David to help him check spelling and offer any further information to his initial draft of the book. It was following my input that David was introduced to Arizona and heard her revelations, which subsequently became a focal point within the book and used as ‘evidence’ to support various themes outlined therein.

Having discussed my concerns with David’s wife and having sent David e-mails outlining my concerns over errors in his book and a feeling I have that he has been set up with misinformation and been the target of psychic manipulation, over a period from before publication to very recently (September 1999), and as yet having absolutely no feedback from David about any of the major concerns, I decided to publish my findings at the David Icke website forum. Consequently, I was banned from attending that forum by David Icke.

I wish it to be known that I bear David Icke no malice over this affair and the reason for publishing this information is to seek clarification and also offer information of which most may not be aware. My fears may be unfounded, but I feel that after reading this, you may see they are justified. And if my fears have solid foundation, these issues need urgent clarification, both for the sake of David Icke and his readers.

My suspicions about Arizona Wilder (AW) first manifested the first time I heard of her. Something in me said, ‘something isn’t right here’. A familiar feeling which usually turns out to be trustworthy, as anyone who has read Lifting The Veil knows.

She was not mentioned at all in the draft copy of The Biggest Secret (TBS) which I had read. David had not met her yet. When the book was released people started ringing me with questions like, ‘is it true about the reptiles’, and ‘is this stuff about the royal family true’. At which time I replied that I thought it was, based on the fact that the version I had read stated only the theory of the reptilians and that certain of the Royals were involved in Satanic rituals.

Soon I heard about Arizona Wilder. I reviewed the book again, this time the printed version, and asked Linda Icke (the British manager of Bridge of Love) to send a copy of the video from which AW’s testimony was taken. I was by this time very dubious about AW’s statements. Her statements had already overshadowed those of Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s healer and confidante, which were prominent in the version I read and which were not so sensational. However, Fitzgerald’s account may have been a ‘taster’ for what was to come, to ease the way for the far more incredible information which Wilder had to impart.

David stated that he saw his encounter with AW as an amazing synchronicity which endorsed his work in his latest book. How could she have known all of this stuff which tallied so exactly with TBS? Well, I believe I am not as naïve as David, and I know exactly how she could have known. He was passing copies of the book via post to me and others for editing. It was on computer. Both are simple to access by Intelligence people. We had also spoken over the phone about the reptilian issue. In fact I am shocked that David does not see this as a possibility himself.

This brings in another character who is pivotal to the entire Biggest Secret thesis. It was a contact of David’s named Brian Desborough who introduced Arizona to David. Brian is mentioned as a source for a great deal of information in the book, having supplied most of the material upon which David based his idea that Martians came to Earth and founded the Aryan race which the reptilians used as a vehicle to overtake the planet. Brian is also the source of much of the information David had compiled on the Babylonian world, its myths and how they fed into the sinister secret societies.

It was Brian Desborough, a scientist and researcher who had worked for several aerospace companies, who was also looking at the draft copy of the Biggest Secret at the same time as myself; i.e. before David met Arizona Wilder. Therefore the fact that Brian Desborough may be responsible for fundamentally leading the direction of David’s research, if not planting much of the basis of the book in David’s mind, is obvious. But then to be the same person responsible for giving him a so-called eye-witness to testify to the verity of that information is highly suspicious. Brian also writes articles on mind control and seems very knowledgeable on the subject. Is it possible that he could be directly involved in some way that we are not being told about? Cathy O’Brien testifies to having been taken to military aerospace locations and NASA bases for trauma-based programming.

David met AW and interviewed her for about 2 hours. Some of the questions were quite leading, but her testimony revealed an awful lot if you know what you are looking for. She did indeed endorse a great deal of David’s own theses; that is other people’s theses (again including many of Desborough’s) which David has agreed with. So closely, in fact, you would almost think she had already read the book – or had been given the information beforehand! Or, considering that she claims to be an ex-mind controlled slave, could it be she was pre-programmed? Testimony from Mark Philips and Cathy O’Brien as to how arduous it is to deprogram a CIA slave makes me very suspicious that AW could be considered reliable. She claims that since her programmer died, the programming broke down. I don’t believe this can be accepted as such, and external experts would have to be brought in to convince me that if she was controlled to the highest level, that she could be so deprogrammed now as to be considered reliable.

And don’t forget how much influence her testimony had to the final version of David’s book. It was her and only her who provided all the information about physically shapeshifting royalty, Pindar, the Belgian blood rituals which were allegedly attended by everyone from Laurence Gardner (!!??) to the Queen Mother!

Before I watched the video I dowsed the box with a pendulum and asked questions. I don’t usually use dowsing, but considered it may be useful to evaluate this case from as many angles as I could because if I was correct in my gut feeling then I had stumbled upon some very significant realizations. The basic questions were:

  • Was she going to be telling me the truth? Yes. Wow! I hadn’t expected that.
  • Was she also going to be telling lies? Yes. Ah!

As I thought she was a Multiple Personality, I assumed that she had been set up. So I asked, ‘Is she going to deliberately misinform David?’ Yes. This made me curious because I thought she would be doing it from programming.

I always like to ask questions I know the answers of now and then to check whether I am interpreting the pendulum correctly.

So I asked a question I was sure of the answer to: ‘Is she a programmed multiple?’ No. That was absolutely the last thing I expected. I couldn’t see how she could be lying to deliberately misinform and not been a set-up multiple stooge.

‘Then she isn’t a multiple?’ Yes.

“So has she ever been programmed as a multiple?’ No.

‘She is going to lie deliberately in full awareness?’ Yes.

Now that was only an initial test and I don’t put too much store in my abilities as a dowser. But I tell you my line of inquiry so that you know.

So I watched the video in order to get the full picture.

As I said, her testimony tallied so well with David’s that I can see how he was so impressed. He has always stated that he works on cross-referencing testimonies and ‘synchronicities’ as proof. Well, this time I think the Intelligence people took advantage of that one!

More revealing, however, about AW’s ‘evidence’ was that she demonized the ancient archetypes and occult images throughout. Osiris, Isis, Druids, even Harvest Festival. My own research tells me that there is a very positive side to these things. In fact these things are exactly what the Bible was written to obscure. AW’s testimony was overtly Judeo-Christian in its level of gross and blanket demonization of the occult. Something which I had warned David about doing when I read his draft. Something which he promised to amend for the final version.

But of course, that was before he met AW. And as a consequence of her testimony, it seems, David decided not to balance out his demonization, but instead increased it. If I was going to set David up to make that mistake, that’s exactly how I would have done it!

Then came some obvious bloopers. Having claimed to have been a multiple, she also states she forgets certain names of people. Multiples have photographic memory and perfect recall (see Cathy O’Brien’s testimonies). This memory lapse does not happen in recovered multiples.

Her facts were either regularly wrong, or so full of spin that she was hardly credible. Other information is impossible for anyone to verify, conveniently.

I checked with 2 occultists about her description of the demon raising ritual and both stated she had it wrong. Strange for a top level Satanist!

Then she targeted Sitchin and Gardner and said they take part in blood rituals with the Royals where shapeshifting happens. Considering Gardner’s books are revealing profound insights into the ancient knowledge, I am not surprised they wanted him demonized. I personally do not believe this testimony. I do however, think that Sitchin has been less than honest in his research, but again, the statement that he takes part in murderous rituals is more than I will accept without some pretty firm proof. But proof is offered nowhere in relation to AW’s testimony.

She states the royal lizards change back to lizards when asleep. Considering how many of them were educated in schools where they also lived amongst hundreds of others in dorms, and how many of them were in the armed forces, you would think someone would have noticed this little thing!

She states that the royal lizards can’t stay in human form at the scent of blood and transform and go crazy, ripping into their victims. And in all those years nobody has ever noticed this when they have cut themselves, been around blood, menstruating women etc. Considering they are so public, there is no way they have never been in the vicinity of blood. No signs there though either.

I thought, ‘this is just too ridiculous for words. David how the hell are you allowing this nonsense to influence you?’

She regularly inverts important ideas. The ancient Egyptians were anointed with the fat of the dragon – the sacred crocodile. AW states that the royal lizards anoint themselves with the fat of humans. Head lizard is Pindar. How similar is Pindar to ben Pandir, the Talmudic name for Jesus? Reversal at a deep archetypal and psychological level? I think so. And there are more examples too numerous to go into. I think you get the point.

Then strange things started happening as I watched the video. I kept getting psychic impressions of other people overlaid on her face. The first, Ingrid Pitt, whom I associate with Countess Bathory as she played her in the film Countess Dracula. Bathory is reputed to have been kept young by bathing in the blood of virgins.

Then, of all people, Jimmy Carter. I immediately recall David’s testimony in ‘And The Truth Shall Set You Free’, where he describes being possessed by Carter’s energy from which he needed healing later. Was that a hint that David had been possessed again?

Then Sigourney Weaver. I had been informed by a seer once that she is a predator vehicle, like many others in the Hollywood scene. That is, she is possessed by the reptoid/Luciferic consciousness. I cannot claim to know that to be true, but it did seem to fit very neatly with the scenario I was experiencing.

Then a face I couldn’t put a name to at first. I didn’t know where I had seen her. Then later I realized, it was the face of the head alien reptile in the television series V, called Diana. A reptile in human skin who was conning the world to believe that the reptile aliens were on their side.

Was my higher self telling me something here or what?! Was AW a predator vehicle too, and not a multiple at all, like the dowsing suggested?

Again, I wanted more proof.

As I had been a nurse for 9 years, I am quite aware of body language and communication. What I was seeing with AW was someone who was far too inexpressive with her hands and expressions. She seemed to be deliberately avoiding any kind of body language in case she gave the game away.

I also know a genuine multiple who HAS performed satanic ritual called Patti and whom I had introduced David to years ago, setting him off on the track of this whole Satanic thing. He refers to her in his books ‘I Am Me, I Am Free’ and ‘The Biggest Secret’ as ‘a contact from Darlington’. I know this woman well and am accustomed to her body language and how she flips between personalities and how she displays quite notable body language if you know what you are looking for. I also have interviewed her priest (an exorcist) and her ex-Harley Street therapist and discussed this subject at length. And I have spoken to Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips about this, albeit briefly.

To me, AW was not displaying what I expected in terms of body language. Everything I saw told me she was hiding something.

So I contacted the aforementioned expert; a professional therapist, specializing in multiples and victims of abuse, including those from government level pedophile circles. I had introduced her to David a couple of years ago and he mentions her in TBS. She looked at the video and agreed with my analysis. AW was not a multiple, nor seems to have ever been one. Her body language did not reveal this and suggested that she was deliberately lying and trying to keep from revealing this. She also has grave concerns about David, his health, his reptilian thesis, and that he may be under a great deal of pressure and psychic attack from those trying to pervert his work. She agreed that what I suspected was the more likely case – AW is a deliberate set up and her testimony is absolutely not to be trusted.

I also emailed Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips for a comment from them, but got no response. I later heard from another contact that they were avoiding speaking out about David’s latest book.

I later got calls from some very concerned people telling me that AW tripped their inner warning bells so much that they couldn’t accept her testimony and for that reason were very dubious about the book.

Others contacted me to say they were seeing negative energies around David.

If AW is a Satanist and has the kind of power she claims – and she would have to be one of the world’s most powerful magicians to work for the global elite in their highest rituals – then David is in extreme danger of being infected by her demonic magic if he spends any time with her. If I am wrong, and she is a multiple, but has not recovered, she may be working on David without either his or her knowledge.

She also claims to be part of a church involved in satanic ritual. But she also claims to be out of it. But she also knows enough to warn people about forthcoming rituals. Is she in, or is she out? Who can tell?

How is she still around considering what she is revealing?

How did they let her programming slip?

How come she was performing rituals with the likes of Tony Blair (that means it must be very recent) at a time when her programming was coming apart? I have seen the chaos Patti goes through as she has been regaining coherence over the years. And this is the woman we are expected was performing the highest level rituals in the world? Give me a break!

So I phoned Linda Icke. I told her of my concerns. As well as my concerns over David’s historical inaccuracies, lack of occult understanding, and flaws in his reptilian thesis. I said I was concerned that he had stated on radio that he was unusually drained of energy and had been ill for a while. She agreed I may be right and said that David has to face his own mistakes and defend himself in his own way.

Amazingly, when I told her what had transpired over the video and what I had looked into, she told me that David doesn’t actually trust AW!!!! ‘He’s the first to say “you can’t trust her,”’ she said!!!

So why is he selling a 2-hour interview with the woman?!

Why is he accepting her testimony at all?

Why has he refashioned so much of his work around her claims?

If it hadn’t been for her, the text would be far less sensational, less risible and have a far more balanced analysis of the occult.

This single woman has so overshadowed the real information in TBS that I no longer am able to trust a lot of it simply on David’s say so. I no longer trust David’s previously excellent antenna for getting to the truth.

Has Wilder also done something to David to lower his guard and turn him around? He certainly does not seem to me to be the same man he was. And that is what I am hearing time and time again from other people too.

I then contacted two people whom I know and trust who I consider to be as knowledgeable about the psychic aspects as I believe anybody could be. They both said the video was total nonsense. One (a well known author and Remote Viewing and mind control expert) agreed with my analysis 100%, that she was part of an Intelligence set up.

I showed Patti. She called the video, ‘A piece of shit.’ But granted, she may not be considered the ideal judge.

I had reports of people hosting David’s lectures who were so disturbed by the incredibility of the video that they stated that if it were not for the fact that it was David supporting it, they would never have sold it.

Then consider the Illuminati ritual post on the website, which I refer to in my chapter The Predators (Truth Campaign magazine 14). AW and David warn people about key dates and asked them to send love and light to the reptiles. As I pointed out in the article, this only feeds the problem as they are feeding an illusion – a psychotronic virus. Moreover, on one of the dates mentioned, I attended, but did not partake in, a mass channelling meditation, which was actually a guided meditation which opened the participating crowd up to predator possession.

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