Taking Back Our Stolen History
The Eclipse Foundation Releases Version 2.0.1 with Source Code Containing Substantial Innovations From Leader Technologies. IBM would Claim Copyrights.
The Eclipse Foundation Releases Version 2.0.1 with Source Code Containing Substantial Innovations From Leader Technologies. IBM would Claim Copyrights.

The Eclipse Foundation Releases Version 2.0.1 with Source Code Containing Substantial Innovations From Leader Technologies. IBM would Claim Copyrights.

The Eclipse Foundation (IBM, Xerox, Hoffman La Roche, Bill Fenwick, Fenwick & West LLP) formed November 29, 2001 released Version 2.0.1. of a social networking software. IBM would claim copyrights. The source code contains substantial innovations from Leader Technologies supplied to IBM / Eclipse via James P. Chandler.

James Chandler (also Leader’s patent counsel at this time) met with Montgomery County, Maryland development officers to negotiate office space for his organization, NIPLI (National Intellectual Property Law Institute), the U.S. Patent Office and IBM. (Whistleblower notes of this 8/30/2002 meeting: “IBM – incorporating [Eclipse Foundation] members, Business Model, different from current business model – consider some approach to partnering with IBM”.)

TRANSCRIPT of Kelley Clements' stenographer's notes above:

We have no reluctance to share info. with the County – DO NOT GO PUBLIC w/ this

We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged
-Doug Duncan is aware [Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive]

NIPLI [Chandler’s National Intellectual Property Law Institute] to define space specs
– what we need
– what we don’t need

IBM Incorporating Members
Business Model – different from current business model
-consider some approach to partnering w/ IBM

On Aug. 30, 2002, whistleblower information proved that James P. Chandler was colluding with IBM (David J. Kappos, chief intellectual property counsel) and the U.S. Patent Office were colluding in the formation of The Eclipse Foundation. Doug Duncan was the Montgomery County, Maryland executive (mayor). Kappos was appointed director of the Patent Office by President Obama in a rare recess appointment on Aug. 07, 2009. Soon after, Kappos converted all of his IBM stock to Vanguard stock. IBM’s chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, is now a director of Vanguard. Loughridge wrote the $40 million “donation” check at IBM to fund The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001. Chandler’s whistleblown notes experts here show he is starting to spend the Eclipse cash and recruit IBM partners without disclosing his conflicts of interest to his other client, Leader Technologies, Inc.

On Dec. 04, 2002, Eclipse released Version 1.0.1. The development effort set as its priority to change the Leader SWING design to SWT to conform to IBM preferences. They disclosed everything except Leader’s name in the statement: “Eclipse 2.0 was based primarily on contributions of a single company.”

On Mar. 28, 2003, Eclipse released Version 2.1. By May 28, 2003, the process of switching Leader’s SWING design to IBM’s SWT preference was well under way; Eclipse board admitted no clear vision and “Eclipse is perceived as dominated by IBM.”

Leader Technologies’ Leader2Leader web collaboration platform interface. This interface was divided into section using SWING technology (objects in frames) that IBM Eclipse planned to change to SWT (objects independently). As of this date however, only Leader’s developers, board members and legal counsel had ever seen these designs. Any leak at this stage came from one of them. Hindsight shows that the lead to IBM came from Leader two directors, Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and James P. Chandler, III, both also consultants to the NSA. Freeze was formerly #3 at the NSA. Sources: Leader Technologies; US Courts.

On Mar. 31, 2003, the internal NSA newsletter SIDtoday first published with the announcement of “The Analyst Cockpit.” The “single webpage” portal description sounds uncannily similar to Leader Technologies’ “Leader2Leader” invention (see figure above).

The Intercept first published these SIDtoday back issues. They describe how SIDtoday used descriptors like: portal, one sign-on, profile, news, portlets), results all together, cockpit tools, roles, workspace, mission-driven cockpit, cleanly laid out, email and calendar.

Leader Technologies had already filed for trademarks including Leader Portal, Digital Leaderboard, Digital Projectboard, Leader One-Touch, Leader Tools, Leader Workspace, Leadership Scorecard, Leader Mail, Leader Calendar.

Notice: Leader Technologies filed for trademark protection on these marks. The editors of this page have not researched their current status. These marks should not be used without consulting appropriate authorities.

NSA SIDtoday was merely parroting Leader Technologies’ innovations which were ostensibly being protected by their intellectual property attorney, James P. Chandler, III, who was evidently feeding those ideas straight to his other client, the NSA.

At this point in time the only people who had seen this ground-breaking collaborative web invention were Leader Technologies developers and directors, including Mar. General James E. Freeze (U.S. Army, ret.) and patent counsel James P. Chandler, III. Freeze was former assistant deputy director of the NSA. Chandler was intellectual property counsel to the agency.

The platform appears to have been subsequently named “JOURNEYMAN” (with “CATAPULT” and “SLINGSHOT” application components) by May 07, 2003.

On May 19, 2003, the NSA referred to “Social Network” in their internal SIDtoday newsletter. This supports the premise that the NSA created the social networking industry as a universal means of mass surveillance. By contrast, Mark Zuckerberg was a 19-year old Harvard sophomore who had just agreed to program for Paul Ceglia for “thefacebook.” In reality, the facts point to Zuckerberg as a ringer for the NSA intelligence cartel in search of a Harvard origins narrative. Zuckerberg appeared ready to lie for them.

FBCoverUp.com has an extensive timeline of how Chandler, Leader’s attorney, betrayed them by collaborating with IBM to commit one of the greatest larcenies in history.