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The New Yorker Publishes an Article “Annals Of Sexology – Dr. Yes”
The New Yorker Publishes an Article “Annals Of Sexology – Dr. Yes”

The New Yorker Publishes an Article “Annals Of Sexology – Dr. Yes”

By the 1930s “sexual psychopath” laws were being implemented nationwide to stem what the publicviewed as escalating rates of rape, child sexual abuse and other sex crimes. Communities demanded tougher sex offender laws and an end to probation for rapists and child molesters. The sexual psychopath laws viewed sexual order as preeminent and hence saw masturbation as potentiallyundermining mature marital relations, “infantile,” “self-abuse,” and potentially compulsive and disordered. State laws, therefore, forbade all solicitation or observation of masturbation and public policycensured such conduct. In the 1920s, the Rockefeller Foundation, deeply invested in worldwide eugenicsand birth control, sought a scientist to sexually enlighten society, and in 1941 they funded Alfred C. Kinsey to carry out that charge. Kinsey, a closeted, sadomasochistic, homosexual masturbator, engaged in brutal, self-sexual torture, involving acts of pseudo-castration. His sexually revolutionary novelas, dubbed “science” books were used in courts and legislatures to eliminate sexual psychopath laws, to grant probation to violent sex criminals and to reduce penalties for sex crimes.

On the evidence, Kinsey planned a “Front Marriage” to protect his sadistic homosexual liaisons and his false scientific enterprise. Working under the authority of Indiana University, the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Research Council, Kinsey used tax and public trust funds to prostitute his wife, male staff and their wives, in pornography. Kinsey also solicited and pandered child pornography / prostitution. Exploiting his influential credentials, he crafted phony “sex science” data with which to change media, and then public opinion on all sexual issues from marriage, pregnancy, divorce, masturbation, rape, childsex abuse and incest, thus protecting dozens of his own sex crimes. To date, Kinsey appears to have died of orchitis, a disease commonly resulting from syphilis or gonorrhea. In 1998 the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University celebrates 50 years of Kinsey’s sex studies which began with Sexual Behavior in the Human Mate in 1948, triggering America’s “flower children,” making “love not

" >war,” the current sex crime epidemic and our cataclysmic family disorder; largely a photocopy of Kinsey’s own life. A line – by-line look at a 1997 New Yorker article addressing some of Kinsey’s secret life follows.

CONTEXTING THE KINSEY NEW YORKER ARTICLE several of the cartoons surrounding the Kinsey story appear to be from Playboy or Penthouse magazine with one child pornography “cartoon” showing a little boy of about six years old in bed with a woman, both nude, smoking, he saying he won’t ever forget her as a baby sitter. While Jones ignored the real child sex abuse carried out by the Kinsey team in his article on Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, this issue included (page 9) a photo-ad for “Lolita” with the quotation, “The only convincing love story of our century,” illustrated by a waist-down photograph of a pigeon-toed, saddle shoed adolescent. The ad told  New Yorkers  they could see the [pedophile] “love story” soon as a “major motion picture,” or they might hear the [pedophile] literature broadcast on “Random House AudioBooks,” for which “Free Reading Group Guides” are available. Ads suggesting the excitement of prostitution, lesbianism, sadism, and general perversion dot the rest of The New Yorker’s visual landscape in this special sex and/or love issue.

The above summary is an introduction to Judith Reisman’s critical analysis of the New Yorker article. You can read the analysis in pdf format or Scribd…

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