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The Occult Symbolic Film “Eyes Wide Shut”, Directed by Stanley Kubrick, is Released
The Occult Symbolic Film “Eyes Wide Shut”, Directed by Stanley Kubrick, is Released

The Occult Symbolic Film “Eyes Wide Shut”, Directed by Stanley Kubrick, is Released

NOTE: The following report contains SPOILERS to Eyes Wide Shut, a 1999 film directed by Stanley Kubrick. If anyone reading these words has NOT seen this film, please go rent a copy of the DVD before reading the rest of this report. Once you have had a chance to see it, then come back and read the rest of what I have written.

If you HAVE already seen Eyes Wide Shut, or have the DVD in your home, you might wish to view it again after reading this report on the occult symbology found in the film.

Here, I have attempted to give an overview of this subject, without going into far too much detail, preferring to stick with the facts, and let them speak for themselves.

There have been certain individuals who have questioned my sources that led to the writing of this investigative report. I can think of no better source than the fact that I have family in the Illuminati, with my cousin’s husband controlling a corporation that is located here in the Buffalo, NY USA area, which had seen sales of $1.3 BILLION in the last fiscal year of 2006, and who are also close associates of the Bush Crime Family, and are also associated with the Rothschild family, both well-known families in the global elite structure.

I have seen this from CLOSE-UP and there is nothing fictional about the things that you are about to read in the following report.

At the end of this essay are the many references that aided me in the writing of this report. The reader is invited to resource these references, which will confirm the assertions and conclusions I make below.

Thank you …

Figure 1 – Publicity for the film Eyes Wide Shut focused exclusively upon the fact that a married couple had been signed as the films’ principal leads, while ignoring the REAL STORY, which was the fact that this film exposed the global cabal known as the Illuminati.

In 1999, an extremely peculiar film was released by legendary film director Stanley Kubrick, which would end up the sixteenth and final film he would direct in his career. In fact, Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick’s first film in twelve years, since 1987’s Full Metal Jacket, and only his fifth film since 1968, when the magnificent 2001: A Space Odyssey was released. Kubrick died under mysterious circumstances only four days after delivering the final print to Warner Brothers. The film, Eyes Wide Shut, was filled with the symbolism that astute researchers have come to recognize as the calling card of the Illuminati, the synarchist group of global rulers, who believe in rule by birthright, and who rule this planet by the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ divide and conquer methodology. Used in the preceding context, synarchy refers to joint rule by those who are under the influence and direction of a fascist government, and the various secret societies to which such politicians belong.

When the film was released, a big deal was made in the Hollywood press about the films’ two stars, Tom Cruise Mapother IV and Nicole Kidman, who were married throughout the three years it took to make the film, but divorced soon after the film was completed and released. Both stars had signed an open-ended contract, in which they made themselves available for however long it took Kubrick to complete the film. In fact, at 15 months, the shoot for Eyes Wide Shut is included in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the ‘longest constant movie shoot’ of any motion picture in the history of Hollywood, which included an unbroken span of 46 weeks. Also, Tom Cruise was filmed 90 times walking through a doorway, which accounts for a second entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for Eyes Wide Shut.

This film makes for a bizarre viewing experience, unless that is, one understands a bit about the symbolism employed by the Illuminati, and EWS is jam-packed with it! Instead of concentrating on plot elements in an attempt to dissect what the author of the original story was trying to get across to his readers, I will concentrate on the symbolism that is found in this film, as there is certainly enough of that to keep both you and I busy for awhile. This symbolism is so important to the understanding of how these people in the Illuminati operate, and since there are questionable aspects to Mr. Kubrick’s sudden tragic death, this a story that needs to be told.

I have shown EWS to various people in my life, and each and every one of them were left scratching their heads, that is, until I explained the symbolism behind the film. Once this symbolism is understood, only then does the film begin to make sense. This film is a fitting metaphor for our times, as we face the reality of those among us who are asleep, and those of us who are awake, as our world has fallen under the influences of very dark and evil forces. This is NOT to say, however, that the Illuminati are only in our collective imagination, as they are a very real group that has been around since before the time of Jesus Christ.

The imaginative cover story was that the Illuminati were a marginal group that was created on May 1, 1776, and disbanded a few years later. This is complete nonsense, as there is plenty of evidence that points to their existence in a much earlier time-frame. Lady Queenborough (aka – Edith Starr Miller), in her 1933 book Occult Theocracy, places the creation of the Illuminati of Spain in the year 1520. The Knights Templar, were incorporated in 1118, and several customs, rituals, and beliefs of the freemasons (Phre-Maison, Sons of the Sun) can be directly traced to Ancient Egypt and Babylon. This places the true beginnings of the Illuminati to 2589 B.C. to 1470 B.C., which is a much earlier time-frame than admitted to by establishment historians.

It is worth noting that Michael Barkun in his decidedly slanted book ‘A Culture of Conspiracy,’ states the usual establishment party-line about the Illuminati:

“The Bavarian Illuminati (formerly, the Order of Illuminists) was established by a Bavarian canon-law professor, Adam Weishaupt, on May 1, 1776. Utilizing organizational models taken from both the Jesuits and the Masons, Weishaupt created a secular organization whose aim was to free the world “from all established religions and political authority.” An elaborate apparatus of secrecy and ritual was designed not only to protect the organization from state penetration but to mold its’ members into an elite capable of achieving Weishaupt’s grandiose objective. By the early 1780’s it had acquired a peak membership of approximately 2,500, most in German-speaking areas. The organization’s aims and its’ clandestine methods (for example, the infiltration of some Masonic lodges) attracted unwelcome government attention, which proved potent enough to bypass even the order’s security measures. By 1787, the Illuminati had been dissolved …”

This is the cover story of the Illuminati; that they once existed, but were quickly disbanded, never to be heard from again. This is what is known in research circles as a ‘limited hang out,’ which is the admission to a small aspect of a crime, such as admitting to incompetence, while denying culpability in the larger aspect of the crime(s). However, the time from 1776 to 1787 was precisely eleven years, a number that is sacred to occult symbolism and magick, and therefore sacred to the Illuminati. However, there are hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation that provide ‘a priori’ evidence of their continued existence beyond the time they claimed to have been disbanded by an irate populus.

Barkun goes on to say that the ‘conspiracy theories’ involving the Illuminati represent thinly-veiled anti-Semitism, simply because some involved were known to have been Jewish. It is hard to take such a claim seriously, because the Illuminati do not believe in the same religious systems as do the general population. Theirs is a religion that has its’ basis in Astrotheology, the worship of the stars, planets, and most especially, the Sun. It does not matter if the reader themselves believe this, because the participants themselves believe in this theological model.

Theirs is a system of solar worship; that is to say, they worship the Sun; the Sun of God.

Eyes Wide Shut – A Curious Phrase:

The phrase Eyes Wide Shut relates to one of the methods the Illuminati employ to hide their crimes and nefarious activities. Eyes Wide Shut describes the behavior they expect from another member who might witness their performance of illegal acts. For instance, if one is called to testify against another, all that needs to be said is the cryptic “Your eyes are wide shut,” and the person hearing this immediately knows what is expected of them. Just as with the freemasonic sign of distress, the EWS phrase is used to insulate one from suffering the penalty of law.

It is but one of many such code phrases used by this group of traitors.

Eyes Wide Shut – The Symbolism Behind The Film:

At a casual glance, EWS appears to be a story about sex and sexual fidelity, monogamy, and sexual fantasy. One of the films more memorable scenes was of Nicole Kidman getting undressed in front of a mirror and a window, her back to the camera. This occurs right at the beginning of the film, and it appears that this film is about sexual infidelity. The films’ sexual themes were reinforced by the song playing on the soundtrack, Chris Isaak performing Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing. The lyrics talk about sexual infidelity, and it provided fitting music for Ms. Kidman’s striptease. Additionally, because this opening scene involves both a window and a mirror, it might be said that EWS could be described as a peek inside the married life of a couple, which is itself, a hall of mirrors. The mirror is a symbol of the human soul …

Near the beginning of the film, Dr. William Harford and his lovely wife Alice attend a Christmas party held by Victor Ziegler and his wife, Illona. The thing that attracted my attention, however, were the strange decorations that hung upon the walls. One of these decorations appeared at first to be an eight-pointed star with a ring of Saturn around its’ mid-section. This is shown in the screenshot below:

A rather peculiar Christmas wreath, which is made up of three separate occult symbols. Can you name them?

As the wreath found in the screenshot above clearly shows, it is what looks at first to be an eight-pointed star. However, upon closer inspection, there are three distinct occult symbols that make up this wreath. As I will show in the diagram below, these three visual components are as follows; the two AS ABOVE and SO BELOW symbols, coupled with a third symbol, which is known as the VESICA PISCES.

Vesica Pisces and “As Above, So Below”

Upon closer inspection, however, this so-called star contains three elements of occult symbolism. If the reader examines the screenshot above closely, they will see the upward and downward arrowheads representing the as above, so below axiom of occult practitioners, which come from the Emerald Tablets of Hermes. The nature of this statement is that the macrocosmos (the Universe) unites with the microcosmos (man) and represents the influence that the heavens have on man himself. Across the mid-section, is the symbol known as the Vesica Pisces, which is a ideogram representing the vagina of the goddess, the vessel from which all human live emanates.

This is the uniting of the macrocosmos of the Universe, with the microcosmos of man himself. It is a way of saying that what is above us in the heavens is the same as what resides within us in the human body; a scientific principle that has been proven to be true all the way down to the level of quantum physics.

The plot of EWS is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella entitled Traumnovelle (Dream Story), and Stanley Kubrick had wanted to make this story into a film way back in 1968, when he first read the novella, while making his magnum opus 2001: A Space Odyssey. The novella wrestles with issues that are germane to today’s world, such as the issue of being spiritually asleep versus being spiritually awake. So, as the viewer watches the film, the audience is left to wonder which parts of the story are real, and which are dreams. It took Kubrick thirty years to make EWS, and throughout all those many years, there was no competing interest in making a film of Dream Story.

Kubrick, in writing the screenplay, employed many fiction devices to drive home his interpretation of the story. For example, the character name Dr. Bill is an obvious pun that should require no further explanation. It has also been said that the last name of the lead characters of Bill and Alice were taken from comments that the character of the doctor should be like a Harrison Ford type — thus, Kubrick came up with the last name of Harford. Using Alice for the wife’s name references the character of Alice In Wonderland. Calling the wife Alice subconsciously reminds the audience of Alice’s strange trip ‘Through The Looking-Glass,’ which is exactly where we find Alice in the following screenshot. Notice in the upper right corner of the screen, that there is a painting of a sunflower, which immediately connects with the Illuminati being worshipers of the SUN.

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