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The Ten Island Challenge is formed at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. It’s Not What it Purports to Be.
The Ten Island Challenge is formed at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. It’s Not What it Purports to Be.

The Ten Island Challenge is formed at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. It’s Not What it Purports to Be.

The Rocky Mountain Institute formed the Ten Island Challenge in Rio de Janero at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development from June 20-22 of 2012 with the Christ the Redeemer statue sacrilegiously lit in green atop of Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio. The purported purpose of the Ten Island Challenge was to accelerate the transition of Caribbean island economies from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels to renewable resources. Spearheading the project – Bill Clinton and Richard Branson – locking in every island, forming a perimeter around all their favorite places, such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Kenya, and Tanzania? If one didn’t know better, isn’t that the route drug traffickers and child traffickers utilize? That’s what Corey Lynn asks in her multi-part series of articles titled “Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson.”

For those that are not aware of the Clinton’s connections to illegal drug trafficking, sex trafficking, organ harvesting & trafficking, and weapons trafficking then you need to scroll through the history provided at the links provided. Their criminal cabal has been involved in all of the above as evidenced in the Mena, Arkansas drug trafficking operation, sex trafficking connections such as Jeffery Epstein, John Podesta, and Laura Silsby (among others), and Benghazi and the Uranium One scandals.

Like Epstein’s Little St. James Island, NXIVM leaders Clare Bronfman owns 80% of Wakaya, a private island off the coast of Fiji. Based on court documents, Keith Raniere would appear to own the other 20%. Keith Raniere is in prison awaiting trial on multiple charges of racketeering, child pornography, visa fraud, sexual exploitation of a child. Bronfman is on house arrest awaiting trial on charges as well. This is another case with many arms. Richard Branson knew Clare and Sara Bronfman’s father well, and hosted the NXIVM cult on his island a couple of times.

Corey Lynn points out in her excellently researched articles that:

With most of these islands being in the hurricane beltway, the solar panels and wind farms have a difficult time sustaining strong winds and hurricanes, such is an example of the recently purchased solar farm Richard Branson’s Virgin company, BMR Energy, in St. Croix. Renewable energy sources require ongoing maintenance and being in the path of hurricanes adds for potential damage, all of which means more $$ for the providers of these services.

One island that seldom sees hurricane damage is Aruba. Interestingly, Aruba has always been known to be a major cocaine hub for trans-shipment to the United States. Despite this, in 1999, when Bill Clinton was president, Aruba was removed from the U.S. State Department’s list of major drug producing and transit countries. According to the case study posted on the World Bank’s website, the reason for the decline is “unclear”. Curious.

According to this Case Study: Drug Trafficking and The Netherlands Antilles, they clearly indicate that the Caribbean countries are geographically positioned in the world’s largest drug transit zone.


The Caribbean is not just a drug trafficking hub, it is also a child trafficking and sex trafficking hub.

According to multiple reports, the region contains major sources and transit to destination countries for trafficking victims, especially commercial sexual exploitation of women and children.

Digs points out how Richard Branson was the founding sponsor of ICMEC, a foundation that was launched in April 1999 by then First Lady Hillary Clinton, Lady Catherine Meyer, and Cherie Booth Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Interestingly, the numbers of trafficked victims have significantly increased since its inception in 1999 rather than decreased. Is this a case of the wolves putting themselves in charge of watching the henhouse as evidenced by the State Department cover-up of pedophilia that plagued the MSM when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Corey Lynn offers the question “What is this ‘Ten Island Challenge’ really about?”

  • Are they negotiating for the islands’ natural resources in exchange for providing solar power?
  • Have they placed themselves in the drug and child trafficking beltway intentionally?
  • With Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and numerous other billionaires and celebrities already owning islands, are they equipping the islands for a future plan for all of the ‘elite’ to scoop up an island for themselves?
  • Are there some sort of nefarious actions and agendas taking place on these islands they have swooned into signing contracts with?
  • Are they moving a lot of taxpayer/government money around so as to pocket it and take advantage of the renewable energy credits?
  • How is it the Clinton Foundation is able to proceed with all of this when their foundation is currently under investigation?

What sort of pay-to-play scheme is taking place here? What exactly are their intentions and long-term goal with this agenda? So many questions.

These islands are fraught with drug traffickers, human trafficking, children being used for sex and labor. And, what did these geniuses and so-called saviors do? Swoop in with their greedy pockets to bank money on their smart cities, underwater cable systems with on-going kickbacks, and “sustainable” hotel resorts to entertain all of their pay-to-play guests flying in, much the same as they did in Haiti. All, while painting a picture of creating jobs, connecting local farmers, and converting them to renewable energy. This is their game – this is the “Island PLAYBOOK.” The government leaders are equally complicit in selling out their people – they eat it all up, hook, line, and sinker.

If Hillary Clinton and Richard Branson are so concerned about missing and trafficked children, why is it they are so focused on solar farms, tourism, and resort hotels in the Caribbean where it is rife with human trafficking? MONEY. But why else? Is it a mere coincidence that they are focusing on these specific locations, especially during a time where it’s becoming more and more difficult to traffic humans into the U.S.? These are all very legitimate questions, and let’s face it – they love their money. This is a $150 billion-dollar industry, and this figure doesn’t even include the billions of dollars in the drug industry.

One thing is very clear – while these folks fly off in their private jets to party it up on each other’s islands, children and adults are being sexually and physically abused across the Caribbean – the very place they want to build sustainable infrastructures (hotel resorts) for pay-to-play while making money all day.

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