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The Tubbs Fire Begins in Napa / Sonoma Region of California
The Tubbs Fire Begins in Napa / Sonoma Region of California

The Tubbs Fire Begins in Napa / Sonoma Region of California

The Tubbs Fire was the second most destructive wildfire in California history, burning parts of Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties in Northern California during October 2017, and affecting the city of Santa Rosa the most. It is now second after the Camp Fire of 2018. It was one of more than a dozen large fires that broke out in early October and were simultaneously burning in eight Northern California counties in what was called the “Northern California firestorm.” By the time of its containment on October 31, the fire was estimated to have burned 36,810 acres (149 km2), and at least 22 people had been killed in Sonoma County by the fire.

The fire incinerated more than 5,643 structures, including more than 2,800 homes in the city of Santa Rosa. In that city, the damage from the Tubbs Fire was estimated at $1.2 billion (2017 USD), with five percent of the city’s housing stock destroyed. The Tubbs Fire also incurred an additional $100 million in fire suppression costs.

The Tubbs Fire started near Tubbs Lane, named after Alfred Tubbs, the owner of a winery in that area in 1882. The Tubbs mansion had burned down in the Hanly Fire in 1964. (Wikipedia)

There were many unusual aspects of this so called wildfire, like many of the other California wildfires of 2017 and 2018, that didn’t add up. The video below exposes many of the anomolies such as how buildings were incinerated while trees were left standing all around the buildings, how metals were melted when they typically only melt at temperatures higher than a forest fire burns, white ash was left rather than the typical black soot, the rapidness in which the fire destroyed so much in so little time, and other such strange things. PG&E was found guilt of the Tubbs fire leading many to point to the connection of Roger Timmel, on the PG&E Board of Directors, as Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc. Could this be another nefarious plan to drive homeowners out of rural areas into future smart cities where every aspect of their lives can be monitored, a progression of the Agenda 21 plans to restrict 90% of the land in the US and decrease the population?

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